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University of Massachusetts Boston Total Sale Columns Excel Worksheet

University of Massachusetts Boston Total Sale Columns Excel Worksheet.

Open the start file EX2019-ChallengeYourself-5-3. The file will be renamed automatically to include your name. Change the project file name if directed to do so by your instructor, and save it. If the workbook opens in Protected View, click the Enable Editing button in the Message Bar at the top of the workbook so you can modify the workbook.Convert the shoe sales data in the Sales worksheet into a table. Use the Orange, Table Style Medium 3 table style. It is the third option in the Medium section of the gallery. Add a Total row to the table to display the total for the Total Sale column. In the Total row, display the average for the # of Pairs and the Price Per Pair columns. Delete any rows in the table that have duplicate data in all the columns. There are four. Filter to show just the sales for the Washington region. Sort the table by order date with the newest orders first.Insert a line chart to show the total sale amount for each order by order date. Create the line chart using just the data from the Order Date and Total Sale columns. Be sure to include the header row when selecting the data for the chart. There was an ordering glitch on August 31 that caused a spike in sales. Apply a filter to the table to hide orders from that date. Notice the effect on the chart. If necessary, move the chart so it does not cover the table data. Add a slicer to the table so you can filter by shoe name. Use the slicer to display data for the Sperry shoe only. Notice the effect on the chart.Create a PivotTable from the data in the Sales worksheet. Use recommended PivotTable. Replace Sum of Tolal Sales field with the Price Per Pair field and modify it so that the data is averaged, not totaled. Add the Shoe field to the Rows section. Delete the Sales Person field, then move the Region field to the Rows Section. Format all the values in the PivotTable using the Accounting Number Format.Create a clustered column PivotChart based on the PivotTable data. Hide the chart title and legend. If necessary, move the PivotChart on the worksheet so it does not cover the PivotChart data. Go to the By Region worksheet and add Column Sparklines in F3:F7 for data in columns B3:E7.On the By Region worksheet, create a pie chart to display the sales by region for the Sperry shoe. Display the data labels as data callouts. Hide the chart legend. If necessary, move the chart so it does not cover the table data. You have been told that you will receive a commission between 5 and 10 percent. On the Commission sheet, make a one-variable data table using cells A4:B14 to determine how much that commission may be based on $17,000 in sales. The column input cell is A4. You owe $9,000 in student loans and would like to pay it all off with your commissions. Use Goal Seek to determine the amount you must sell (cell G5) in order for cell G3 (your commission) to equal $9,000 so you can fully pay off your student loans. Accept the Goal Seek solution. Save and close the workbook. Upload and save your project file. Submit project for grading.
University of Massachusetts Boston Total Sale Columns Excel Worksheet

Identification Key Terms.

A good answer to a test identification of a key term should include answers to these basic questions: who, what, where, when and why important. It is especially important to focus on why the key term is important. Thank YOU!!!Unit 8 NationalismRealpolitikCharles DarwinOtto von BismarckCamillo Benso, Count of CavourUnit 9 ImperialismOpium WarsScramble for AfricaSpanish-American WarImperialismUnit 10 The Great WarArchduke Franz FerdinandErich Maria RemarqueEntente CordialeTrench WarfareUnit 11 Russian RevolutionLeninStalinNicholas IIBolsheviksUnit 12 World War IIBenito MussoliniAdolf HitlerOperation BarbarossaFinal SolutionUnit 13 Cold WarIron CurtainYalta ConferenceVietnam WarCuban Missile CrisisUnit 14 DecolonizationMohandas GandhiArab-Israeli ConflictApartheidUnited NationsUnit 15 Final ExamNelson MandelaRwandaHezbollahGlobalizationUnit 16 Twenty-First Century WorldTechnological RevolutionHuman Rights
Identification Key Terms

Diffie-hellman key exchange

Diffie-hellman key exchange.

I’m working on a cyber security report and need support to help me understand better.

Pick a partner in class.Negotiate p and n (Diffie Hellman)Come up with a secretCompute the Public Key and send it to your partnerSUBMIT YOUR NAMES, YOUR PUBLIC KEY and THE SHARED SECRET in a Word Document (each of you must sumbit)and now why did you think it worked? Think about a simple property of exponentiationI would like you to do for both me and my partner Explanation My VersionUserA needs to talk to UserBThey start out by agreeing on a Prime Number and an Integer –> (p and n)Let’s use 13 and 6 (You can pick your own)I FORGOT TO SET SOME RULES FOR OUR LITTLE COMPUTATION:1. p has to be greater than 22. n has to be less than p3. The SECRET S has to be less than p-1Without these rules the algorithm will not work.Note that the negotiation of 13 and 6 can be on a public network. A hacker can eavesdrop and find 13 and 6. It has no significance on the SECRETNow UserA has to come up with a RANDOM SECRET and the same thing for USERB. Note these are SECRET.UserA picks 3 and UserB picks 10 (So far…so good)Let STOP for a second and catch our breath!!!!!!!WHAT DOES UserA know?13 <- the prime6 <- the integer3 <- the secretUserA now computes the following:6^3 MOD 13 -> 8 (Try it ) GUESS WHAT –> 8 IS THE PUBLICK KEY AND IT IS SENT TO UserB. NOW what does UserB know?Well the agree upon Prime -> 13The Integer -> 6and the Secret -> 10AND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!….the Public KEY of UserA which is 8Now UserB computes6^10 MOD 13 (Just like user A did earlier) -> 44 IS THE PUBLIC KEY of UserB and is sent to UserAAT THIS STAGE WE HAVE BEEN ABLE TO GENERATE THE PUBLIC KEYS OF UserA and UserB and share them. NO BIG DEAL IF A HACKER WERE TO GET HOLD OF THEM.User A has the following now:13 <- the prime6 <- the integer3 <- the secret4 <- Public Key of UserBUser B has the following now:13 <- the prime6 <- the integer10 <- the secret8 <- Public Key of UserAUserA computes the following:4^3 MOD 13 = 12————-> THIS IS THE SECRET KEY FOR UserAUserB computes the following:8^10 MOD 13 = 12 ———–> THIS IS THE SECRET KEY FOR UserBWOWO –> THIS IS AMAZINGHere are two links to help you understand the task:
Diffie-hellman key exchange

Efficiency and Effectiveness for Nike, McDonalds and Body Shop Evaluation Essay

java assignment help Efficiency and Effectiveness for Nike, McDonalds and Body Shop Evaluation Essay. Nike, McDonalds and Body Shop are the world known brands. Each of these brands has become popular because of many reasons, however, the main of them are human resource management, marketing and distribution, accounting and finance, operations, information management, and cross-functional issues. The correct organization of these basic processes in economics leads to the successful business running. Speaking about efficiency and effectiveness for Nike, McDonalds and Body Shop, these specific aspects of business are going to be discussed with the stress on how the companies should behave in each of these processes. Human resource management is one of the most important aspects of company running and a guarantee of successful company performance. Each of the companies mentioned above have specific approaches to the human resources. Nike is sure that having become a part of their company each person is going to change due to the challenges offered by the corporation. McDonalds has the strategy of so-called achievement. People have an opportunity to achieve the highest positions only having come through the whole career ladder. Being a simple salesman, people can become managers and even top managers. Training and other supportive practices are guaranteed. Body Shop offers people specific working places. The specifics with in working with human resources in Body Shop is that the first several days people do not work but get used to the new environment. Marketing and distribution are important as well. Nike offers their products in pair with connecting software of the well-known producers. McDonalds is famous for its fast and tasty products with McDrive and other convenient options. Body Shop sells its products on the internet that increases the rate of customers who are ready to buy their products. Accounting and finance in the companies is based on the latest innovative technologies and companies are sure to maintain order in these processes. The efficiency and effectiveness of the mentioned companies depends on their financial operations. The opportunity to pay online, create personal account in Nike and Body Shop are important as customers may return to these stores. McDonalds also tries to improve its financial situation and accounting using electronic money, etc. Selling products online, companies deliver those throughout the country. The delivery is based on various express services which guarantee fast and quality delivery. It is essential to understand that the effectiveness and the efficiency of Nike, McDonalds and Body Shop depend not only on the products but also on the quality of services offered. Information management is an important stage in companies’ functioning as the knowledge about the rate of sale in the industry, about the lack or excess of the products and about other strategic issues is crucial for company efficiency. The inability to get necessary information on time may create a number of difficulties and lead to substantial financial loses. Nike, Body Shop and McDonalds are successful because they do not consider each process of business separately but do all possible to dwell upon a combination of processes, etc. These world known brands managed to be successful only because they collaborated all the processes implementing each new process in combination with many other processes. The efficiency and effectiveness of the companies is based on successful business running and other particular aspects which guaranteed effective work. Efficiency and Effectiveness for Nike, McDonalds and Body Shop Evaluation Essay

Information Security

Information Security. I need support with this Tech Support question so I can learn better.

Read the case studies (Attached Below)

Making Ethical Decisions

Answer the following Questions:

What are the ethical dilemmas and challenges faced by information security professionals?
Are professional organizations’ ethical codes of conduct beneficial as an information security professional?
How does a corporate ethical policy help information security professionals with ethical decision making?

Writing Requirements

The Essay must be 3 pages long. Double Space
Must have an introduction with a clear thesis statement, a body discussing the three main points, an ethics section discussing the documents ethical ramifications, and a conclusion
Use at least 2 academic books and 3 scholarly articles from a library database

Information Security

please help me to do all three tasks from the attachments

please help me to do all three tasks from the attachments.

It has three parts, first part needs to be deliver today and rest next weekTask 11. Access the PCAP data using NetWitness Investigator.2. Identify hosts within the Corporation Techs’ network.3. Identify protocols in use within the Corporation Techs’ network.4. Develop a list of hosts and services provided by each.5. Create a professional report detailing the information above as the initial document fordevelopment of the network security plan. Write the network survey results as detailed in the instructions above.We need only this one to be completedtoday and task 2 and 3 next week
please help me to do all three tasks from the attachments