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University of Maryland Global Campus Digital Forensic Discussion Reply

University of Maryland Global Campus Digital Forensic Discussion Reply.

What do you think are the two top ethical concerns in digital forensic investigations and why are these such important concerns? In addition to sharing your two top ethical concerns, discuss two ethical guidelines you think should be in place regarding recovery and investigation and why.Respond to this post (Rob): What do you think are the two top ethical concerns in digital forensic investigations and why are these such important concerns? In addition to sharing your two top ethical concerns, discuss two ethical guidelines you think should be in place regarding recovery and investigation and why.I believe it is important that digital forensic experts remain unbiased during an investigation. Confirmation bias can be misleading and result in the wrong conclusions. In the case of Michael Fiola he was accused of having indecent images of children on his work laptop and then terminated immediately as well as arrested. After farther examination it was discovered that the laptop had been improperly configured allowing multiple viruses and trojans to infest the computer which were responsible for the images that were downloaded (Koman, 2008). Another concern would be if there was any conflict of interest the investigator should immediately remove themselves from the case.As far as recovery and investigation goes, I believe it is important to have credible and vetted forensic experts. In the case of Chester Kwitowski he appeared to be knowledgeable in the subject area and had influence in several court cases. However, he lied on multiple occasions about his education, work, and certifications in the field. This would bring into question his motives for making such false claims, you have to wonder if he had some kind of an agenda and has this happened before with others claiming to be experts in other cases (Marrero & Sullivan, 2019).Koman, R. (2008, June 18). A life destroyed: State employee acquitted of child porn charges. Retrieved February 15, 2021, from, T., & Sullivan, D. (2019, August 24). Tampa man charged with faking CREDENTIALS, testifying for the accused in child sex cases. Retrieved February 15, 2021, from…
University of Maryland Global Campus Digital Forensic Discussion Reply

Instructions: Homework 12 needs to be completed using RMarkdown please read through the other materials to help you answer the questions for the homework. Pls save the RMarkdown file as a pdf when you are done! The second part of the homework is a journal. Journals are to encourage responsible consumption of statistics “in the wild” and understand how methodologies might be used in various settings, we will be reading or viewing news articles, podcasts, videos, etc. This content comes from a variety of nationally recognized and credible news outlets and will be posted on Moodle. Your journal entries should be written in response to this content.Journal entries will be worth 15 points each. I will post questions to help guide your responses. To receive full points for your journal, you must engage with the material beyond simply answering the questions–for instance, how does the article clarify topics we’ve learned in class? How did it affect you? Do you have personal connections to any of the material? Did this article make you rethink your own position or habits? I have chosen to do option 2 for the journal please follow the instructions mentioned aboved for the journal entry i also have attached the article for option 2 that you will need to read in order to do the assignment. Please send the homework assignment as a pdf from RMarkdown and the journal entry as a word document these should not be saved all in one document thanks! There is also a small quiz i need you to do this consists of 5 questions and the last questions is where you need to ask a question about something that confuses you about the class notes please read all the material for Week 10’s notes and only then i can send u the quiz question as once i start the quiz it gets timed! 🙂 pls make sure you follow all the instructions!
CRJU 412 California State University Wk 12 The Burglary Incident Case Analysis.

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Analyze each of the burglary cases listed below and have them indicate what actions they would take.a. A 35-year-old male has been arrested by patrol officers. He was caught breaking into a place of business that appeared to be deserted. However, the owner happened to be in the back office, where he had fallen asleep going over the accounts after work. The owner took a baseball bat to the suspect, knocking him out. The suspect had glass cutters, wore gloves and carrieda briefcase. What type of burglar is this suspect? What actions should be taken?b. A 54-year-old female was arrested outside of a business when a silent alarm went off, alerting an officer in the area. He found her prying at a side doorusing a crowbar. While it is unusual that a female rather than a male has been arrested for this crime, should the investigators handle this case any differently? What actions should be taken?c. A 19-year-old male was arrested during a response to a home burglary inan upper-income area of the community. The youth is from a neighboring community but attends college in the town. The officers have to chase the suspect on foot and wrestle him to the ground to arrest him. He is defiant, has asked for an attorney and claims that the officers beat him up when they arrested him. There have been a series of burglaries in the area, but each with a slightly different MO. What actions should the investigators take with this individual and the case?
CRJU 412 California State University Wk 12 The Burglary Incident Case Analysis

ECON 201 Saudi Electronic University Macro Economics Question.

The Assignment must be submitted on Blackboard (WORD format only) via allocated folder.Assignments submitted through email will not be accepted.Students are advised to make their work clear and well presented, marks may be reduced for poor presentation. This includes filling your information on the cover page.Students must mention question number clearly in their answer.Late submission will NOT be accepted.Avoid plagiarism, the work should be in your own words, copying from students or other resources without proper referencing will result in ZERO marks. No exceptions.All answered must be typed using Times New Roman (size 12, double-spaced) font. No pictures containing text will be accepted and will be considered plagiarism).Submissions without this cover page will NOT be accepted.
ECON 201 Saudi Electronic University Macro Economics Question

Role of the Innateness Hypothesis in explaining Language Acquisition Essay

Table of Contents Introduction Role of innateness hypothesis in explaining language acquisition Conclusion Reference List Introduction The innateness hypothesis plays a critical role in explaining how human beings acquire language. According to this theory, human beings possess language knowledge at birth (1). The innate hypothesis therefore helps to explain the rapidity and uniformity experienced when a child is learning a language. The innateness hypothesis was popularized by Noam Chomsky who argued that the universal ability of humans to acquire language is innate, as opposed to learned (Chomsky 1977). Chomsky hypothesizes that even at birth children already possess a device called Language Acquisition Device (LAD) and it helps them to absorb any language that they could be exposed to. This is an innate faculty that human beings are endowed with biologically and it enables them to develop a language. Role of innateness hypothesis in explaining language acquisition In an attempt to support his claim that language acquisition is an innate process, Chomsky gives the example children living in a similar linguistic community and who lack an overabundance of varying experiences but still, they end up with similar grammars. As such, Chomsky contends that all children, regardless of their cultural background share similar internal challenges which differentiate slightly the grammar that they end up constructing (Chomsky, 1977, p. 98). Seeing that ours is a biological world, Chomsky opines that there is no need to assume that the mental world is any different. Moreover, Chomsky opines that even as there is a crucial age when the human body attains its overall development, the same could be said of learning a language. Lenneberg talks of the six key elements of an innate behavior and by exploring them, we can be able to gain an insight into how language acquisition is an innate behavior, as opposed to a learned behavior (Lenneberg 1967). Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More To start with, Lenneberg contends that language materializes before it is even required. For example, among children, the emergence of language takes place when they are between 12 and 24 months of age. At this point, the child relies entirely on its parents for survival. As such, language cannot be said to be a vital survival tool for the child but as he/she grows up, they will start to rely more on language as a survival tool. Lenneberg has also argued that learning a language among children does not come about as a conscious decision. We are yet to hear of any hard evidence that supports the claim that at one point in their lives, children make a decision that they would want to learn a language. Learning a language early in life is a spontaneous process that usually takes place between a baby and those who are taking care of him/her. In addition, we also need to note that external events do not trigger language acquisition whatsoever. The emergence of language among children happens spontaneously (Lenneberg 1967). Children from diverse context and backgrounds start to play with language and sound at an early age and although learning of a language usually demands a lot of input from the child, the amazing thing is that even those children who rarely interact with their fellow children or adults for that matter, starts the phases of language acquisition like every other child. In the absence of external input, it would be almost impossible for children to acquire language; nonetheless, such children go ahead and begin to manifest similar behaviors of acquiring a language as that which is manifested by isolated children. Because language is an innate process, practice and teaching will not affect the process of acquiring a language in a child. For example, we are yet to encounter parents who provide their children with lessons on how to acquire language. We will write a custom Essay on Role of the Innateness Hypothesis in explaining Language Acquisition specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More At the same time, correction and praise have been shown to have little effect on the ability of a child to acquire language (Fromkin, Rodman

The answer to this assignment was given previously but I would like a new answer with a different film.

assignment writing services The answer to this assignment was given previously but I would like a new answer with a different film.. I need support with this Writing question so I can learn better.

First, do an analysis of Lara Adair’s speech. Do you agree with what she says? Does it match what you read about in the Memoir chapter? Can you think of a memoir (whether book or movie) that aligns with or diverges from what she says? Remember to analyze and not just summarize.
Second, after reading the review chapter on pages 93-104 and “The Lego Movie” review on pages 105-106, do a review of one of your favorite books, movies, video games, or TV shows. DO NOT JUST SUMMARIZE. Make sure you apply the information from the chapter as you analyze.
Your analysis should be organized, use transitions, and have a thesis.
Submission: Your response must be a minimum of 250 words. Although I suggest you write and edit the post in Word, copy your response directly into your discussion reply so fellow students can easily read it without needing to open an attachment.
The answer to this assignment was given previously but I would like a new answer with a different film.

artificial intelligence

artificial intelligence.

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This project reinforces the idea that knowledge, reasoning, and planning are useful procedures in AI and may be specialized for different kinds of use cases. These areas are especially of interest in the development of intelligent agents, game theory and autonomous robots.This assignment also gives students a taste of the complexity of human behavior and encourages them to study real life examples and engage in self-reflection, both common practices by researchers developing new AI techniques.Select a problem using knowledge, reasoning, and/or planning that may arise in the real world.Examples include expert system, automatic theorem proving, knowledge and reasoning applications, etc).Alternatively, you may select a development in AI where these are utilized.______ out of 10 pointsDescribe the knowledge, reasoning, and/or planning problem used (based on methods discussed in class, including logical agents, first-order logic, classical planning, scheduling, knowledge representation, etc) ______ out of 10 pointsDesign and describe the algorithm and approach of your implementation. You may create visual representations and include a description.You may also implement your own code or pseudocode if you feel that may help demonstrate your understanding______ out of 20 pointsPlease include references for your sources. Explain why you selected your chosen method(s). ______ out of 20 pointsExplain how your chosen method would help solve your chosen problem. Think about the how the problem/application is formulated, model representations used, logics, languages for representing problems, algorithms, etc.Your project could also comprise of integration of various AI approaches (probabilistic logic, planning, reasoning, etc).Describe the strengths and limitations.______ out of 10 pointsDescribe what may have been some alternative methods.______ out of 10 pointsDescribe what methods may not have been appropriate ______ out of 10 pointsDescribe what you learned from this assignment, what could be improved, and what could be some future extensions of your work ______ out of 10 pointsDeliverables: For this project, you should prepare written report (2 to 3 pages) describing your work, and summarize your work in a short presentation in PowerPoint format (approximately 10-15 sides). If you include any code or figures, you should include those as well.Grading will be based upon the points as described in the Grading Rubric, with regards to originality, reasoning behind your approach, and organization.Good luck and have fun!Helpful links:
artificial intelligence

UCF Scientific Report on Biodiversity on Different Sites Discussion

UCF Scientific Report on Biodiversity on Different Sites Discussion.

Lab report I’ll explain what I have done in this lab for the methods section First of all in the first week on 22nd of septemmber we were asked to collect data from a specific basin. We had a measuring tool ,land digger , a gallon of water and tube. we dug 3 holes in 3 different areas in the same basin with the depth of 10cm for each hole, then we put the water in the tube that has 50ml and then spilled it in the three holes twice so that is 100ml, after that we measured the time that the hole take to suck the water in ground 100%, then we measured the whole basin, that’s for the first week.The weather was dry and sunny The second week on 29th of september we were in the sane basin doing another activity, we were asked to take the land digger to get the soil that located in the 10cm depth, then we tested it in three different nutritions, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium . The weather was cloudy The location that we were testing the study was in Miami, Barry university, N Miami Ave.use the hogan and wallbrdige article as a reference.there is a lot of information that is located in the excel file that you need to know to write the report. you can find the guild and grading rubric to write the report in the lab22 word file
UCF Scientific Report on Biodiversity on Different Sites Discussion

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