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I guided and took charge of place selection, dance rehearsal and the design of the final stage effect. When we selected the place where the performance would be given, the most difficult problem we encountered was that the money we had for the activity was too little to satisfy the expenses of the party. Therefore, we combined it with the budget of the evening party. I proposed that tickets be sold to get more money rather than have it performed free. In addition, the hosts were chosen from the associations and we undertook undertake stage decoration rather than hire.

After negotiating with the assembly hall manager, they accepted advance rent payment in part, and the rest after the event. After rehearsing the performance many times, it was time for rehearsal. However, the problem about lighting coordination and synchronization ensued. In case of a little negligence, the effect would be adverse. I had to require the lighting of each program to be as accurate as possible to match with each second of music. Therefore, I wrote a detailed guideline for the lighting engineer to practice. With coordination, we succeeded finishing the performance of the evening party.

The evening party was presided by all leaders, teachers, and students of our school. However, the activity led me to understand the importance of teamwork. It made me understand that through proper coordination teams can achieve great success. If there was no encouragement from school leaders, other associations’ support, group members’ hard work, we could not have had such a successful party. If I have a chance to attend GWU, I will be an important member of the cheering squad and participate in welcoming new students to the school. Topic #5

Write your own question and respond to it. Please be sure to tell us why you think this essay represent you well. (Maximum 300 words) My Question: Who has had the most impact on your life? My parents have had the greatest impact on my life and growth. Both of my parents practice in the field of accounting and finance; my mother is involved in accounting at a bank and my father works in the finance department. As such, I have been sensitive to numbers since I was young. Due to this, my mathematics study has been the focus of their attention all the time.

There exemplary capability and love for mathematics earned them good performance in mathematics when they were students, and they always personally coach me to do mathematics homework. They inspire and guide me in solving mathematical problems. This led me to applying for training lessons about Olympics Math Competition, insisting on learning it for six years. On my 12th birthday, my father sent me an extremely delicate notebook whose title page had a sentence: ‘Record the money that you obtain and spend every day’.

At the very beginning, I thought they aimed at checking my accounts monthly, so I recorded some income and expenses. Later, I gradually found that they did not check my account book at all. The wanted me to establish a stronger character on money so that a culture of proper management of money matters could be cultivated. In addition, my father’s persistent struggle in business has made me appreciate the value of hard work and persistence in all that I do. There was a period in my middle school when my parents were not with me, this was a hard time away from them. After my father sharing his story with me, I regained courage of study and confidence of myself. People who want to learn financial economy must have splendid ability of Mathematics and excellent personality trait in business. Nevertheless, the later is more important for businesspersons. Thus, I hope I can learn financial economy and get some development in business like my father. Short Answers 1. In addition to my major, my academic interests include (Characters available 160) Economics, Business, and Mathematics 2. I felt like a mentor when Characters available 160) I felt like a mentor when I took part in dance lessons and activity planning. I felt that my suggestions and activity schemes were helpful to others and my activity plans always produced good results. 3. My favorite thing about last Tuesday was (Characters available 160) Use the latest and the simplest way to answer a common IMO question. 4. My career goals are (Characters available 160) Have a job related to finance and economy and eventually either a global business or a multinational finance corporation. . My favorite place I have visited is (Characters available 160) Wall Street 6. When I hear about the environment I think (Characters available 160) I want to affect more people to have the sense of environmental protection by my hard work, hoping I can protect the environment by my practical actions. 7. One time I led a (Characters available 160) … dancing party of my school. I developed my team skills. Every team member contributed to our success, but I felt that my leadership unified the group. 8.

The most interesting fact I ever learned from research was (Characters available 160) … that a one-day weather forecast requires about 10 billion mathematical calculations. 9. The one thing I never expected to gain from doing community service was (Characters available 160) Pleasure that resulted from help I offer for others. According to community service, I learn more about our community environment and people in the community. 10. I am unstoppable when (Characters available 160) …I answer questions about mathematics; I cannot help finding answers to such questions.

Diet and Sleep Loss

Diet and Sleep Loss. 2) Review the article and do a web search for supporting or non supporting information. 3) Write a three paragraph summary of the article and your findings including: a) What is your opinion of the research done? Do you think it is worthwhile? b) Were you able to find supporting or non supporting literature or articles on the WEB? Were those sources reliable? c) Is there a specific nutrition research trend you are following? Why or why not? d) Before taking this course, did you know how much disease and infirmity is affected by diet? What are your thoughts on that premise? Be sure to cite any sources you use and list them on a work cited page.

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