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University of Louisiana at Monroe Public Management Discussion

University of Louisiana at Monroe Public Management Discussion.

I have two readings: Reading one comes from the following: Rosenbloom, D.H. (2015). Administrative Law for Public Managers. 2
nd Edition. Boulder, CO:
Westview Press. ISBN-13: 9780813348810.. I have rented the book but it hasnt came in yet. With that being said, you can start on the second reading which will be attached. Once the book comes in, I will upload the book. If I haven’t upload by Friday, please remind me to do so. Additional Instructions:The memo should be
approximately 5 to 6 pages long, and must include a summary of the main points of the
reading, your thoughts about the reading, and 4 discussion questions.
Please note that this assignment also requires you to lead the online discussion for the
week. As the discussion leader, you should respond to questions from your group mates,
add additional commentary to keep the discussion going, etc.All assignments for this class will require APA formatting for submission. Additionally, the same format will be utilized across all
assignments: ▪ Times New Roman Font – Size 12 ▪ Double Spaced ▪ 1” Margins ▪ Cover Sheet containing:
o Assignment Title
o Your Name
o Due Date of Assignment
o Course Name (POLS) o Instructor Name ▪ In-text citations and Reference Page listings using proper APA format. Discussion Leader Memo, which contains at least four questions for group discussion at the end of the memo, are due by Sunday at 5pm. Questions should not be questions out of the book. You should create your own question. If the answers to the question can be found in the book please provide the page, answer, and which book where you got the answer. If the questions are authentically created, please provide me with the question and answer for the assignment. From a content stand point, while it will be important for you to summarize the key concepts and ideas conveyed in the articles, it is perhaps more important (I can’t stress this enough…more important) to discuss what is not contained within the readings or where further explanation is needed to drive home the concepts contained in the readings. A summary is a summary no matter how you slice it, but dedicating a page or two towards critical analysis, insight, and potential avenues of exploration concerning the topic are what makes a sufficient memo stand apart from an exceptional memo! The memo and questions are due by 5pm Sunday, however, I will have the time extended so that I can provide you with any question the class or instructor may ask me. When they respond to the writing, I will send the response to you so that you can provide me with the information to give back to them.
University of Louisiana at Monroe Public Management Discussion

UOTC Wk 7 Business Risk Analysis Research Paper.

Research Paper: This is a graduate course and students will be expected to research and write papers summarizing in their own words what they have found on current topics from the weekly readings. Research is a theoretical review of relevant literature and application of findings in the literature to a topic related to a specific industry, field, or business problem.The research must be conducted using peer-reviewed trade or academic journals. While Blogs, Wikipedia, encyclopedias, course textbooks, popular magazines, newspaper articles, online websites, etc. are helpful for providing background information, these resources are NOT suitable resources for this research assignment.Assignment Requirements:Choose a research topic from the chapter readings or from the list provided by your professor.Research/find a minimum at least four (4), preferably five (5) or more, different peer-reviewed articles on your topic from the University of the Cumberlands Library online business database. The article(s) must be relevant and from a peer-reviewed source. While you may use relevant articles from any time frame, current/published within the last five (5) years are preferred. Using literature that is irrelevant or unrelated to the chosen topic will result in a point reduction.Write a four (4) to five (5) page double spaced paper in APA format discussing the findings on your specific topic in your own words. Note – paper length does not include cover page, abstract, or references page(s).Structure your paper as follows:Cover pageOverview describing the importance of the research topic to current business and professional practice in your own words.Purpose of Research should reflect the potential benefit of the topic to the current business and professional practice and the larger body of research.Review of the Literature summarized in your own words. Note that this should not be a “copy and paste” of literature content, nor should this section be substantially filled with direct quotes from the article. A literature review is a summary of the major points and findings of each of the selected articles (with appropriate citations). Direct quotations should be used sparingly. Normally, this will be the largest section of your paper (this is not a requirement; just a general observation).Practical Application of the literature. Describe how your findings from the relevant research literature can shape, inform, and improve current business and professional practice related to your chosen topic.Conclusion in your own wordsReferences formatted according to APA style requirementsAttach your paper to the Discussion board by the Thursday due date.Read and respond to at least four (4) other student postings by the Sunday due date.Grading Criteria:Content Knowledge & Structure (15 points): All of the requested components are completed as assigned; content is on topic and related to managerial finance, critical thinking is clearly demonstrated (few, if any, direct quotations from the source in the paper); scholarly research is demonstrated; topics and concepts gained from the assigned reading and/or from research is evident.Critical Thinking (15 points): Demonstrates substantial critical thinking about topics and solid interpretation of materials and reflection.Clarity & Effective Communication (15 points): Communication is clear, concise, and well presented; scholarly writing is demonstrated; grammar, sentence structure, writing in third person, and word choice is used correctly.Integration of Knowledge & Articles (15 points): Articles used are current and relevant (preferably published within last five (5) years and MUST be from peer-reviewed journal article publications. At least four (4) peer-reviewed journal articles are examined and analyzed in the paper.Presentation & Writing Mechanics (30 points): Cover page, headings, in-text citations, page citations (page number citations required for specific information such as dates, years, list of items from article, names, numbers, statistics, and other specific information), and references are properly formatted.Responses to Other Students (10 points): Substantive responses provided to a minimum of four (4) other students. Responses must provide substantive and meaningful discussion of the content of the other student’s paper and provide comments on the topic; responses must be one (1) to two (2) paragraphs long with a minimum of three sentences per paragraph.Please Note: Plagiarism will not be tolerated. The paper must be written in your own words.
UOTC Wk 7 Business Risk Analysis Research Paper

IS 4600 Indiana Institute of Technology Risk Management Presentation.

I’m working on a risk management question and need support to help me study.

1) Research and document a response strategy for each risk item on the Risk Register you created for Module 3.1a) There are some sample resources to get you started, but you should expect to do extensive research on your own. If you get stuck, you are encouraged to email me questions, but if you do, you should include notes regarding what research you have done up to that point.2) Your strategies should include activities to be performed before, during, and after the event.2a) Remember that you are developing a response strategy, so you only need a moderate level of detail. You do not need to create a click by click guides.2b) There is a list of sample response strategies below.
IS 4600 Indiana Institute of Technology Risk Management Presentation

Texas University Vaccination and Immunity Discussion.

I’m working on a health & medical discussion question and need support to help me understand better.

Book: Black and Black Microbiology Principles and Explorations Chapters 25,26 &27Description:Discuss the process of vaccination and how it confers immunity to the person being vaccinated. Apply this knowledge to the clinical setting to define the effectiveness and safety of vaccines. Objectives:Describe the concept of vaccination and how it produces immunity.Instructions:Step 1: Respond to the following prompts.A patient presents in your office to get their child vaccinated, and you as the healthcare provider are tasked with administering the vaccine. Before allowing their child to be vaccinated, they relay to you that they have been researching vaccination online and have concerns with regards to vaccine effectiveness and safety. What would be your response to this concerned parent? How would you support the safety and effectiveness of vaccines using statistically significant evidence?
Texas University Vaccination and Immunity Discussion

Read Chapter 1: Entrepreneurship. Evolutionary Development–Revolutionary Impact.

Read Chapter 1: Entrepreneurship. Evolutionary Development–Revolutionary Impact.. I need help with a Management question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

Read Chapter 1: Entrepreneurship. Evolutionary Development–Revolutionary Impact.
Reflect on the assigned readings chapter 1 and then type a two page paper regarding what you thought was the most important concept(s), method(s), term(s), and/or any other thing that you felt was worthy of your understanding. Define and describe what you thought was worthy of your understanding in half a page, and then explain why you felt it was important, how you will use it, and/or how important it is in entrepreneurial strategy.
go to, navigate to my bookshelf, there you will find out the textbook ” Entrepreneurship: Theory, process, practice. (11th ed.) Boston, MA. Cengage”
Read Chapter 1: Entrepreneurship. Evolutionary Development–Revolutionary Impact.

PowerPoint that shows tips for working in new software

python assignment help PowerPoint that shows tips for working in new software. I’m studying for my Business class and need an explanation.

Your manager at work is extremely impressed with your computer skills since you took a computer course. The company is installing computers in its production facility, and she has asked you to create a brief PowerPoint presentation that shows tips for working in the new software. Specifically, she wants the layout and topics for the presentation to be organized as shown below.

Slide 1: Include a title slide.
Slide 2: Describe the basics of computer software and what software does.
Slides 3–4: Describe basic functions and techniques that will be used when creating and editing documents in Microsoft Word.
Slides 5–6: Provide what you think are the top tips for creating aesthetically pleasing PowerPoint presentations.
Slide 7: Outline the basics of opening a blank workbook and using Formulas to work with data in Microsoft Excel.
Slide 8: Discuss some basic features of Microsoft Access (e.g., tables, queries, forms) and how employees might utilize this software to track production.
Slide 9: Include a reference slide.

Not all of your information will be presented on the slides. You are required to use the Notes function to add information to further explain the material on your slides. Your presentation must use at least one outside resource. Be sure to cite any sources used in the slides, and include a reference slide using proper APA formatting.
PowerPoint that shows tips for working in new software

Cooper Corporation: Investment, Revenue, and Profit Case Study

Overview Cooper Corporation is a meat processing investment in Michigan. The company offers its products to retailers and foodservice merchants. The organization generates profit based on its target market. The industry generates revenue through the retail and foodservice channels of product distribution. To maximize profits, the organization must determine the profitable channel of product distribution. Cooper’s financial sheets show an increase in marketing and logistics cost. The cost of marketing and the product delivery is $40,000,000. The breakdown shows the firm’s personal selling cost is $5,000,000 while sales promotion is $8,000,000. The cost of packaging and order processing is $10,000,000 and $5,000,000 respectively. Based on the firm’s financial auditing, total sales revenue was $100,000,000. The accountant revealed that operating expenses rose to $55,000,000. The distribution of sales of each the channel of supply can be calculated using ratio percentage. However, the margin of return can be used to calculate the most profitable channel. The case study shows that total sales = 100,000,000 However, the percentages of sales for both channels of distribution are 60% and 40% respectively. Retail distribution channel = 60% Foodservice distribution channel = 40% Gross margin for retail market = 70% Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Gross margin for foodservice = 45% The cost of purchasing and distribution costs for both supply targets varied significantly. Cost of purchase (retail) = 70% Distribution costs (retail) = 80% Cost of purchase (foodservice) =30% Distribution costs (foodservice) = 20% Profitability of Each Channel of Distribution Expenditures Cost Retail cost Foodservice cost Sales Promotions $5,000,000 5,000.000 0 Personal Selling $8,000,000 6,400,000 1,600,000 Order Processing $10,000,000 7,000,000 3,000,000 Packaging $5,000,000 Labeling $2,000,000 Delivery $10,000,000 Retail Market Supply Using the assumptions above, the percentage of sales (retail) = 70% We will write a custom Case Study on Cooper Corporation: Investment, Revenue, and Profit specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Total sales = 100,000,000 Therefore, gross margin = 60,000,000 x (70/100) = 42,000,000 Foodservice Market Supply Using the assumptions above, the percentage of sales (foodservice) = 45% Gross margin = 40,000,000 x 0.45 = $180,000,000. Based on the net expenditures, the sales promotions were reported in retail supply logistics. Sales promotions = $8,000,000. Personal selling expenses = $8,000,000. The company employed 50 salespersons for product distribution. Forty salespersons were employed to handle the retail supply logistics while ten salespersons were assigned to manage the foodservice distribution. Not sure if you can write a paper on Cooper Corporation: Investment, Revenue, and Profit by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Thus, personal selling expenditures for each channel of distribution (retail) = 40/50 x 8,000,000 = 6,400,000. Personal selling (foodservice) = 8,000,000 – 6,400,000 = 1,600,000. For order processing expenditures, the retail distribution channel = 10,000,000 x 0.7 = 7,000,000. For delivery expenses, the retail distribution channel = 10,000,000 x 0.8 = 8, 000, 000. Thus, order processing costs for foodservice channel = 3,000,000. Delivery expenses for foodservice distribution = 2,000,000. The values are computed from the total expenses of each variable. The cost allocation is a fair assessment of each distribution channel. Therefore, the cost accountant must allocate an individual cost per channel. Based on the traditional cost allocation, the retail distribution channel generated more revenue and also incurred expenses. Return on Assets for Each Channel of Distribution The return on assets (ROA) measures cash inflow generated by a firm’s assets. The value describes how efficient managers can maximize profit using their assets. The ROA = Net income / Average total assets = profit margin x total asset turnover. A higher ROA value means that assets are controlled efficiently to generate income. However, a low ROA will drive away investors because it indicates poor asset management. Total asset for each department can be computed against its net income. Total asset (retail) machinery = 10,000,000 Account receivable = 3,000,000 Inventory = 4,000,000 Thus, total assets = 10,000,000 4,000,000 3,000,000 = 17, 000,000 Net income (retail) = 340,000 ROA (retail) = 340,000/17,000,000 x 100 = 2%. Total asset (foodservice) = 6,000,000 1,000,000 = 7,000,000 Net income (foodservice) = 4,660,000 Return on assets (foodservice) = 4,660,000/7,000,000 x 100 = 67%. The foodservice distribution channel has a higher ROA than the retail chain. As a result, the assets of the foodservice channel are efficiently controlled to maximize profit. Recommendations Based on the estimation above, the cost of production of each channel of distribution is lower than the net income. However, it is difficult to determine the most productive chain in output based on its expenditures. The low patronage by foodservice merchants may be influenced by different factors such as poor asset management, poor sales promotions, and weak delivery chain. The cost of sales promotions was incurred in the retail distribution channel. The information shows a different marketing strategy for the supply channels. Auditors of Cooper Corporation should adopt the activity-based costing method. The ABC method encourages effective asset management. The ABC assists managers assign unmeasured variables in its operating costs and transactions (Huang 2018). Thus, managers can determine cost pools, allocation bases, cost objects, cost control, decision support, and the hierarchy of costs. The approach will support activities that enhance product supply, quality, and performance. Based on limited details on the case study, I will recommend the ABC technique to provide product costing in each channel of distribution, analyze the processes of delivery, evaluate sales performance, and calculate the profitability of each channel of distribution. Reference List Huang, Q 2018, ‘Traditional cost system vs. activity-based cost system: a managerial accounting case study’, Applied Finance and Accounting, vol. 4, no. 2, pp. 55-65.

PSY 102 Identify Anxiety Disorders & Glossophobia Discussion

PSY 102 Identify Anxiety Disorders & Glossophobia Discussion.

S02 Introduction to Psychology II Objectives:(1) Identify anxiety disorders. (2) Describe the origin of emotional and psychological issues. Part A Susan, a college student, is anxious whenever she must speak. Her anxiety motivates her to prepare meticulously and rehearse material again and again. Is Susan’s reaction normal, or does she have an anxiety disorder? Explain two (2) criteria you used in arriving at your answer. Part B In recent years, several best-selling books have argued that most emotional problems can be traced to an unhappy or traumatic childhood (an abusive or dysfunctional family, “toxic” parents, and suppression of the “inner child”). What are two (2) possible benefits of focusing on childhood as the time when emotional problems originate, and what are two (2) possible drawbacks? Part C Suppose a member of your family has become increasingly depressed in recent months, and it’s apparent that the person needs treatment. You’re chosen to look into the options and to make decisions about the treatment. Based on information in Chapter 16, how might you proceed? Provide two (2) supporting facts to justify your plan of action.
PSY 102 Identify Anxiety Disorders & Glossophobia Discussion

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