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University of Houston Female Role in The Gaming Industry Essay

University of Houston Female Role in The Gaming Industry Essay.

(Source: (Links to an external site.)); (Links to an external site.)) You must answer these questions:What role does an individual video game company have in helping to increase the number of female game developers? Should it be the responsibility of the women who want to work in gaming, individual companies, video game associations, universities, or other organizations?What holds companies back from increasing their gender diversity for this job? You may consider organizational culture, external environment, or other factors in your response.What ideas do you have for increasing gender diversity in video game development? Describe one or two ideas and explain why it would help increase the number of women in video game development.
University of Houston Female Role in The Gaming Industry Essay

NUR 1055 Scope of Nursing Practice and Professional Identity Discussion.

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Prepare a two to three page written assignment that includes the following:Content:Prepare a two to three page written assignment that includes the following:Introduction to the assignment (sections of the assignment)Describe the importance of the code of ethics in nursingIdentify the American Nurses Association Standards of Practice for the licensure you are obtaining (LPN or RN)Conclusion (reflect on the criteria of the assignment)Use at least two credible resources to support your findings. For example, one of the resources could be the ANA Standards of Practice, and another resource could be the ANA Code of Ethics. These resources must be integrated into the body of your paper using at least two in-text citations. Be sure to use proper APA format and style.Format:Two to three page written assignmentStandard American English (correct grammar, punctuation, etc.)Logical, original and insightfulProfessional organization, style, and mechanics in APA formatThe document linked below contains the project rubric as well as helpful resources
NUR 1055 Scope of Nursing Practice and Professional Identity Discussion

African Institute of Computer Science Business Law Question

African Institute of Computer Science Business Law Question.

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Paul filed a lawsuit for false imprisonment against Dan’s Bookstore. During a visit to Dan’s
Bookstore, Dan stopped Paul as he left the store. Dan accused Paul of stealing a book from the
store. After briefly looking into Paul’s shopping bag, Dan determined that Paul did not shoplift.
He apologized to Paul and released him. On these facts, Dan will likely:
a. win the case, because the shopkeepers’ privilege statute gives store merchants unconditional
immunity (protection) from such lawsuits.
b. lose the case, because Paul did not shoplift.
c. win the case, but only if a court or trier of fact concludes that Dan had reasonable cause to
believe Paul may have shoplifted, detained him for a reasonable time, and in a reasonable
d. lose the case, because Dan did not have a warrant.
African Institute of Computer Science Business Law Question

Inflation In The South African Economy Economics Essay

professional essay writers Inflation is one on the most important features of the South African economy. Basically, if price levels are not kept within control, a whole economy can be destabilized. That’s why most governments favor a low-steady rate of inflation. In May 2010, a strike led by two trade unions of Transnet over poor working conditions led to a sudden increase in wages which was well above the inflation rate of 5.1%. Transnet being South Africa’s largest freight chain that delivers goods all around the country stopped most of the activities due to absence of workers. This strike had some effects on the economy which shall be explained using the AS-AD framework to show that the increase in wages and the impact of the strike will definitely lead to an increase in general price levels. The initial impact of the strike was a loss of production because workers stopped all activities throughout the country. Transport services were not running during the strike period and as Transnet is ‘the largest and most crucial part of the freight logistics chain that delivers goods to each and every South African’ (Transnet, 2010); coal exports, shipping and fuel distribution all over the country were affected. The main challenge that the South African leading petroleum companies had to face was the distribution of the fuel. Also, the activities of the refineries and depots of petroleum products had been stopped due to the absence of workers to drive the trucks. ‘If prolonged, the strike will create bottlenecks in the industry, with refineries likely to experience an oversupply of petroleum products. Tshifularo said SA’s refineries, which are in Durban, Cape Town and Sasolburg, could be forced to scale down their production.’ (Njobeni, 24 May 2010) Since aggregate supply is dependent on quantity of labour, the result of the strike caused the Short Run Aggregate Supply curve (SRAS) to shift to the left. A decrease in number of workers means that production levels decreases hence firms have to increase their output costs. While Transnet agreed on a wage rise of 11%, the workers were demanding a 15% wage increase which is well above the current inflation rate of 5.1%. An increase in wages for the workers would mean an increase in spending power. That would surely allow them to have a more comfortable life but in turns, the company has to provide for this new expense. This additional cost has to either be absorbed by the company itself or be passed on to consumers in the form of higher prices in terms of output goods and services. General price levels will be raised if input prices have been raised, firms will cut back production to their own benefit and this will cause the aggregate supply curve to shift to the left indicating for a given price level, a lower quantity will be allocated. This phenomenon is called cost-push inflation. ‘Cost-push inflation develops because the higher cost of production factors decreases in aggregate supply (the amount of total production) in the economy. Because there are fewer goods being produced (supply weakens) and demand for these goods remains consistent, the prices of finished goods increase (inflation).’ Cost-push inflation can be shown using the AS-AD framework. In this case the aggregate demand does not change; it is the aggregate supply curve that shifts to the left, as in the diagram below. C:UsersRohanDesktopc_push.gif The aggregate supply in an economy is the total supply of final goods and services in a given time. In other words the AS refers to the GDP of an economy in a given time period. Here, the leftward shift of the AS curve causes the macroeconomic equilibrium to shift hence increasing the general price levels and decreasing GDP. The trade unions responsible for demanding the wage increase argued for days with Transnet before the latter had to revise their offer. It can be clearly seen that the trade unions have a lot of power in their hands but are they using abusing that power? Trade unions are organisations that look after worker’s right and ensure that employees stick to the law or respectful working conditions. Throughout the strike, there was a decrease in productivity for firms as the workers could not reach their work places or at least get there on time. Increase in wages is very important as if the household’s income remains constant and the price levels increase then the worker’s purchasing power will definitely decrease. This is a wage-price spiral – general price rises will lead to higher wage demands as workers will always try to maintain a real and appropriate standard of living. Firms will have to increase their unit labour costs because of higher wages being paid over any gains in productivity. So for the firms to keep a decent profit margin, they will have to increase the prices of their final goods. This process could repeat itself over and again and cause inflation.

The Similarities And Differences Between Dantes Inferno Religion Essay

Sharon Portnoff depicts both the similarities and differences between Dante’s Inferno and Levi’s If This is Man, and emphasizes the reasons Levi uses Dante’s poem in order to convey his experience. She claims that “both Dante and Levi try to put into words what is not normative human experience- Dante’s journey to the afterlife, Levi’s sojourn in a death camp” and these allusions help deepen our understanding of the fundamental aspects of their experiences. Levi cannot find his own words to describe his experience and therefore he uses a work of literature to dramatize his experience. Dante’s inferno was well-suited because Dante travels to a Hell that lacks human companionship; just as Levi travels to a Hell just the same. Portnoff points out “Levi’s use of Dante’s poem serves not only to compare the experiences of prisoner and pilgrim, but also to suggest their utter incommensurability”. Dante has the guidance of what is” beyond Hell”, because he is aware of God’s grace and Beatrice’s love, and this is what serves as his “connection to the human”. Levi, on the other hand, had no link to the “human” life and therefore had no way to travel beyond the scope of Hell. Furthermore; in Dante’s Hell the punishments are in unity with the “right order of things” while Levi experiences a Hell that is unfair and not in junction with the “right order of things”. Levi, in turn, was forsaken by not only the world, but also the “humanity of the world” that is depicted by Dante’s journey. Portnoff explains, “Dante survived his journey through Hell in order to teach others about the afterlife, the Nazi’s created a kingdom in which even those who survived cannot write”. Portnoff, in a way, believes it is better that we reveal these inhumane events so that “human” life can carry on. Because Levi encountered experiences beyond the scope of humanity; he depicted the resemblance to Dante’s journey to hell, which ultimately helped deepen the reader’s understanding of his experiences. Bremrose, Stephen. “Intellections of Immortality in Dante”. Medium Aevum; (2005): 86-108. Academic Search Elite. EBSCOHost. Lindenwood University, St. Charles, MO, Butler Library, 1 November 2010 (23 pages: cumulative pages-36) Dante did not just merely believe in the afterlife, but he felt very strongly about the human soul’s immortality. Stephen Bremrose claims that the “true message, promise, and power of Christianity is focused for Dante on the afterlife and is the very essence of his religion” which had so much influence on his works. The question of the souls’ “post mortem” existence is a matter of deep conviction; enough to influence his treatment of heresy found in the sixth circle of hell in the Inferno. The question of immortality was so crucial that those who deny it were selected to represent the sin of heresy and focuses only on those who believe that the soul dies with the body. According to Bremrose, Dante argues that our “dreams provide us with continual evidence of our immortality because of their divinatory properties” and the source of this “prophesy” must be outside the dreaming mind, and that something must be immortal. “Proportional similarity” does not exist between the mortal and immortal, and therefore souls, because they receive “prophetic illumination in dreams from an immortal source, must themselves be immortal”. Dante also believed that “nature” has implanted the hope of an afterlife in the human mind- and the human mind alone, and “nature does nothing in vain”. Bremrose explains that “animals live throughout their lives without hope of anything to come; but humans, being the most perfect of all earthly creatures, can become immortal through their souls. Yet if our hope in immortality were in vain, then our “highest part; our reason, would be the source of our greatest defect, and the most perfect creatures would be, paradoxically, the most faulty”. Bremrose argues that humans alone can attain immortality through our souls; and this is depicted through our dreams and reason; and the importance of our post-motem survival was shown by Dante by depicting the sin of heresy as believing the soul dies with the body. Wetzel, James. “A Meditation on Hell: Lessons From Dante”. Modern Theology; (2002): 375- 394. Academic Search Elite. EBSCOHost. Lindenwood University, St. Charles, MO, Butler Library, 1 November 2010. (20 pages: cumulative pages- 56) James Wetzel makes an argument that “it is illusionary to think that we can live by a distinction between who is redeemable and who is not and not fall into the very despair that makes a soul hell-bound”. Persons who do not believe in hell are susceptible to wish others there; while those who do believe often wish they did not have to; therefore making hell a concept that is just as hard to live with as it is do without. Conforming Hell to a model of “retributive justice” makes Wetzel suspicious because he claims that all sin is not against people, but rather sin is against God. According to Wetzel; God, “by the logic of retribution, would have to be vulnerable to irredeemable harm” and because of this there would only be two kinds of hell- “the hell of having to hate others and the hell of having to hate oneself”. Wetzel reasons against the libertarian view which suggests that self-determination, when carried out apart from God’s will, is how a human can end up in hell. These “defenders of the doctrine of hell” believe souls are in hell because it was ultimately their choice to be there. This, to Wetzel, is a way to take attention away from the contradictory natures of God, one of “gratuitous mercy and the other of strict justice” and instead believes that “human beings cannot be persons unless they have some power to determine the persons they become.” Wetzel discusses his alternative theology of hell and voiced his suspicions of conforming hell to a model of “retributive justice”; clarifying that in order to not fall into the hopelessness that makes a soul go to hell, one must not accept the illusion that we can live by a distinction between who is redeemable and who is not. Taylor, Karla. “A Text and Its Afterlife: Dante and Chaucer”. Comparative Literature; (1983) 1- 20. Academic Search Premiere. EBSCOHost. Lindenwood University. St. Charles, MO, Butler Library. 1 November 2010. ( 20 pages: cumulative pages- 76) Literature is a major source of inspiration for literature. Karla Taylor examined how many readers reject authorial intent in order to determine moral worth and a way of making classical myths “useful” in Christianity. Pagan stories were often taken from their original context because the authors had no access to “Christian truth”. Virgil is the most famous poet whose poems have been reinterpreted. Taylor looks at the “afterlife” of Virgil’s Fourth Eclogue in which is said to be a “veiled version” of Christian beliefs in prophesizing Christ’s birth in which was not his intent, but the allegories transformed into Christian text. Furthermore, an important element in Dante’s Divina Commedia is the influence of texts and their afterlives. Dante’s relationship to Virgil is itself a textual encounter as well as in a major influence in the spiritual influence that lies behind the Commedia. According to Taylor, Dante’s characters Paolo and Francesca “created an afterlife for the Lancelot romance by repeating it, and so won eternal damnation”; however, Paolo and Francesca themselves have had a significant textual afterlife. The fame of these characters is tied to how thoroughly their love was provoked by what they had read, and how they were in fact “victims” of the book of Lancelot and Guinevere. This can be compared to the character Tristan who argues that “love’s irresistibility absolves her of blame” just as Francesca tries to evade responsibility by claiming “love was conditioned by what she read”. As Gallehault had mediated between Lancelot and Guinevere, the Lancelot romance mediated between Paolo and Francesco; and just as Virgil had his Dido, Dante had his Francesca. Text transcends down through generations and is often taken out of the authorial intent, but the influence works have on future works can be seen through famous poets such as Virgil, Chaucer, and Dante. Tolbot, Christian. “Infandum: Oral-Sadistic Imagery in Dante’s Inferno, Canto XXXIII”. Modern Psychoanalysis; (2005) 107-128. Academic Search Elite. EBSCOHost. Lindenwood University. St. Charles, MO, Butler Library. 1 November 2010. (22 pages: cumulative- 98) According to Christian Tolbot, “symbolic communications, parapraxis, a dream, and an enactment bring to light the unconscious origins and meanings of the cannibalistic behaviour of the main character, Count Ugolino”. One analysis of Ugolino’s cannibalism is a reference to the Eucharist; a symbol of cannibalism remade into Christian salvation. According to Christianity, the voice of God says to Augustine, “..Thou shalt feed upon me, like the food of thy flesh into thee, but thou shalt be converted into me'”. This idea is not only consistent with the episode that suggests the Eucharist; but it also explains the meaning behind Ugolino’s treatment of his children upon their deaths: the cannibalism serves as a mourning ritual. Tolbot suggests that by “incorporating the good embodied in his children it overpowers the intense feelings of grief” and also preserves their goodness; almost as if digesting an antidote. Tolbot claims that Ugolino’s dream is actually the key to his “oral-sadistic character” as he fails to recognize the possibility that he may indeed be the “lord and master” from his dream; who sends his own hounds to hunt down and tear apart the family of wolves. The dream, as Tolbot suggests, may also shed light on Ugolino’s unconscious wish to attack the symbols of innocence and weakness-in both his sons and himself-which are the causes of this feeling of helplessness. Killing his children, and the weak version of himself in his mind, helps him escape the burden of responsibility. By doing so, Ugolino loses his human qualities which gives way to his “dehumanization”. By cannibalizing his children, Ugolino guarantees that he will forever be forced to repeat his desire in the lowest circle of Hell. There, he is literally frozen in place, unable to make new choices; symbolizing his inner torture. His punishment also reflect the other sinners in the Inferno: who fail to understand the “unconscious dynamics” driving them to sin which, in turn, result in their eternal damnation. Symbolism, dreams, and an enactment explain the unconscious origins of the cannibalistic behavior shown by Count Ogolino in the Inferno. Chevigny, Paul. “From Betrayal to Violence: Dante’s Inferno and the Social Construction of Crime”. Law

MMW 15 University of California San Diego Chinas Economic Growth from 1978 Paper

MMW 15 University of California San Diego Chinas Economic Growth from 1978 Paper.

My research topic is about the rapid development of China’s economy since 1978. As we know, China used to be pretty rural and pool. However, after a series of successful reforms and policies on economy, China managed to develop very fast and till now, China has become the world largest Economy. In my paper, I will analyze on what successful reforms did China implement to achieve such great leap in the economy. I have some resources that needs to be implemented and cited in the paper. However, I failed to find the counterargument and rescources for counterargument so I am gonna have to request you to help me find a good one and use it. And I think I need more resouces since I have 4 resouces right now and the requirement for the paper is no less than 6. You may not choose to use all my resources but you have to use at least two because I already submitted my topic proposal and the TA approved. The length of this paper is 6-8 pages excluding the reference page. I have attached the requirements, my previous proposal as well as my resources below. My thesis is also in my proposal but you can modify my thesis if it’s not so good or appropriate. ONE MORE IMPORTANT THING, after finishing the paper, please send me over all the resources you used and if you could, please also send me the screenshot of the specific paragraph you used in paper. Thanks in advance for the help.
MMW 15 University of California San Diego Chinas Economic Growth from 1978 Paper

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