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University of District of Columbia William Lethaby Architecture Nature and Magic Essay

University of District of Columbia William Lethaby Architecture Nature and Magic Essay.

I’m working on a history writing question and need support to help me learn.

I have attached the draft that I wrote on Lethapy book but I focused on both books, I would like you to rewrite my draft and add to it. Lehtaby’s book architecture nature and magic. here are my professor’s comments please read them and follow his explanation. 10 Page paperThere are two very different editions of Lethaby’s book. The earlier one is Architecture, Mysticism and Myth and the later one is Architecture, Nature and Magic. You’ll want to be clear in identifying which text you are using in your writing. I think you were using the second edition. The first paragraph of your abstract identifies the basic strategy of Lethaby in how he approaches the topic. that is very good, but you could elaborate on it further. What is his conception of “nature” when he uses that word? How is modern architecture to put these ideas to use? There are some good ideas regarding that in Trevor Garnham’s essay in his book Melsetter House: William Richard lethaby (Phaidon, 1993).Your second paragraph identifies a single example – the tope – and discusses it. You could add how he thought it was meaningful. In the first edition of the book, he discusses it in the chapter titled Microcosmos, where he identifies buildings that are created as small versions of the universe. This is relevant both to the form and the materials that are identified (7 shining materials – 7 planets, for example). You could also add more information about the tope from architectural history – what were one or two significant examples and what makes them unique? Do they relate to Lethaby’s larger message?Your final paragraph returns to the larger theme where he distinguishes building for physical human needs vs. building for psychological human needs. These in ancient times were magic, etc. but he sees it as a relevant message even for modern times. Why is that? I do, however, really enjoy your ending with ‘a bit of magic’. How do you reflect upon Lethaby’s argument? Is there still a place for “magic” in today’s architecture when we no longer believe in magic?
University of District of Columbia William Lethaby Architecture Nature and Magic Essay

City University of Hong Kong HK and the United States Juvenile Sex Offence Essay.

Integrating knowledge and skills learnt in class and write up the final term paper. Each student has to submit an individual essay of around 2,500 words.The work will be uploaded to turnitin, academic honest is very important. Describe the statistics about juvenile sex offence in HK & Introduce the juvenile justice system in HKDescribe Statistics about juvenile sex offence in US & Introduce the juvenile justice system in USWhat results or punishments that juvenile will face if he committed sex crime in HK and US. Compared them. Compare the laws about child sexual offence Acts in HK and USChallenges and solutions about juvenile sex offence & ConclusionThe work should include introduction, discussion, conclusion, reference and citation.
City University of Hong Kong HK and the United States Juvenile Sex Offence Essay

Natrol Biotin Supplements: Uses and Effects. Natrol biotin Natrol Biotin is a supplement that is taken to increase Vitamin B7 in the body. Biotin and vitamin H are other terms used to identify this vitamin. Biotin is sourced from different foods and is needed in small amounts in the body. This is one reason why vitamin B7 deficiency is rare. The supplement is administered to prevent as well as treat a vitamin B7 deficiency. The deficiency can be brought on by pregnancy, malnutrition, long term tube feeding as well as rapid weight loss. It is also used to treat hair loss, weak nails, mild cases of depression, type two diabetes and skin rash in infants. Biotin is part of a large group of vitamins that fall under thee B complex classification (Ehrlich, 2011). Such vitamins aid the body to break down carbohydrates into energy that the body then uses as fuel. They also help the body to burn fats and protein. Without adequate biotin, the body is unable to metabolize amino acids, fats, carbohydrates as well as the building blocks of protein (Ehrlich, 2011). The supplement is included in many cosmetic products for hair and skin as it is believed to strengthen nails and hair. Vitamin B is generally not stored in the body as it is water soluble. However, there are bacteria in the digestive tract that can reconstitute it. The vitamin is also considered as a key nutrient for normal development of the fetus. As such, it is considered as a key nutrient for expectant mothers (Ehrlich, 2011). Similar to any nutritional supplement, there are guidelines on how it should be administered as well as notable side effects that can arise from the use or abuse of the supplements. Studies have been conducted to understand how this vitamin reacts with other substances when ingested and a number of effects have been noted. Similar to other modes of treatment, it is clear that this supplement has numerous benefits when administered in the right way. However, that not withstanding, cases do arise when these same supplements do more harm than good to a person. However, this is very rare. As such, it is necessary that one ensures that they seek professional medical advice should they feel that they need to use Natrol Biotin to combat hair loss, brittle nails or any other condition that the supplement is known to offer relief. Purported use and health claims A question that begs to be answered in here is why people take Biotin. From the introduction, it is clear that biotin plays an important role in the body. Vitamin B7 helps the skin maintain a healthy glow, strengthens nails, and prevents hair loss. It also supports health of the nerves, cells, metabolism and digestive tract (Karriem-Norwood, 2013). It has also been found to be an effective treatment on some types of nerve illnesses that arise from diabetes and kidney failure (Karriem-Norwood, 2013). Supplements such as Natrol Biotin have been subjected to controlled clinical studies to determine how effective they are for certain health conditions. Early clinical research has indicated that the supplement helps to decrease insulin resistance in people suffering from type two diabetes (Karriem-Norwood, 2013). However, additional research needs to be done as no conclusive position has been reached on its use for treatment. Other uses for biotin that lack support in terms of adequate clinical research include treatment of conditions such as hair loss, hepatitis, depression and cradle cap (Karriem-Norwood, 2013). The supplement is however known to help strengthen brittle nails. Biotin is crucial for normal embryonic growth and as such is considered as a key nutrient for expectant mothers. As earlier highlighted, Biotin is a nutrient that is naturally available in food. As such, most people do not need the supplements. In addition, the human body recycles biotin that has already been used. As such, a deficiency in vitamin B7 is rare (Karriem-Norwood, 2013). Why use biotin supplements The rationale for the use of biotin supplements is to treat and prevent a deficiency. However, considering that this is a rare deficiency to have, in most cases, the supplement is used to treat conditions such as lethargy, mild cases of depression, nerve disorders and delusions. Some evidence exists that mild biotin deficiency can be caused by cigarette smoking. As the supplement is known to react with other drugs, it is advised that one seeks medical advice before they choose to take biotin supplements. He Institute of Medicine provides a table that indicates the appropriate dosage for different categories. Infants ranging from zero to 6 months need five micrograms (mcgs) per day (WebMD, 2015). Those aged between seven and twelve months need six mcgs per day. Children between ages one and eight require eight mcgs daily. Those aged between nine and thirteen require twenty micrograms daily while those aged between fourteen and eighteen years need twenty-five micrograms per day (WebMD, 2015). Adults generally require thirty micrograms per day. However, for breastfeeding women, the advisable intake is thirty-five micrograms (WebMD, 2015). While it is clear that the body requires very few doses of biotin per day, no research evidence suggests that a high intake poses a health risk. However, cases have arisen where natrol biotin users have reported experiencing negative side effects such as a skin rash. Some of the signs of a biotin overdose include lower levels of certain vitamins in the body, slower release of insulin and high blood sugar levels (Oliver, 2015). Very few studies have been done to evaluate biotin largely because a deficiency is extremely rare. As such, many of the studies that have been carried out are based on case reports or weak evidence. There is inconclusive evidence to suggest that biotin supplements such as natrol biotin improve hair loss as well as strengthen the toe and fingernails. The vitamin supplement has however been paired up with topical clobetasol and zinc to treat alopecia areata (WebMD, 2015). This is largely attributed to its role as part of the building blocks of protein. The patient given biotin supplements that are to be administered orally as well as a cream containing clobetasol propionate which is applied to the skin (WebMD, 2015). Though the evidence available is to some degree insufficient, cases have shown that biotin, on its own alters blood sugar levels in people suffering from type two diabetes. It has also been noted to reduce diabetic nerve pain (WebMD, 2015). Some evidence also shows that when it is combined with Chromium, it helps to reduce blood sugar levels in people suffering from type 2 diabetes. Earlier evidence has also shown that the same combination helps reduce high cholesterol for such patients (WebMD, 2015). Biotin might also increase the thickness of nails. It is used in cosmetic products for hair and skin at varying concentrations that range up to as high as 0.6% (Fiume, 2001). The vitamin is also known to absorb some ultra violet radiation. Its high solubility in water results in it being metabolized and expelled in urine. No known side effects have been found based on tests conducted. The tests that have been carried out include intradermal injection of the vitamin in guinea pig skin, with the biotin being at a pH of 7.3 failed to produce transient ocular irritation when it was given to rabbits. Oral administration of the vitamin to mice did not result in any differences between control and treatment groups (Fiume, 2001). However, in one study, where individuals were exposed to a biotin every day, evidence of urticarial reaction was found (Fiume, 2001). However, no parallel appearance of reaction was noted or the appearance of irritation as well as any other adverse reactions. As such, it has been concluded that biotin is safe to use in cosmetic products (Fiume, 2001). Summary and Conclusion Natrola Biotin is not a drug but a nutritional supplement for vitamin B7 which is otherwise known as Biotin. Biotin is an important nutrient as it contributes to the healthy appearance of skin and hair. As such, it is one of the ingredients in cosmetic products. The human body does not need this nutrient in large doses which is why cases of deficiency are extremely rare. The man reasons why people take the supplement is to treat hair loss and brittle nails. It is also used together with other products to treat some diseases such as type 2 diabetes and kidney failure. Expectant mothers are the only category of people that require the highest supply of the nutrient per day. It has also been known to be used to treat skin rash that at times occurs in children. So far, evidence is insufficient concerning its use for treatment of a number of diseases that it apparently helps to alleviate. However, from the role the nutrient plays in the body of breaking down carbohydrates into energy that the body then uses as fuel, and in aiding in the break-down of fats and protein, it is clear that it is a vital component in the human body. It is also known to aid the body to metabolize amino acids, fats, carbohydrates as well as the building blocks of protein (Ehrlich, 2011). References Ehrlich, S. D. (2011, June 26). Vitamin H (Biotin). Retrieved from Fiume, M. (2001). Final Report on the Safety Assessment of Biotin. International Journal of Toxicology, 45-61. Karriem-Norwood, V. (2013, June 5). Biotin. Retrieved from Oliver, D. (2015, February 8). Why You Should Be Cautious Of Taking Biotin For Your Hair, SkinNatrol Biotin Supplements: Uses and Effects

Philosophy of Practice for dental hygienist

Philosophy of Practice for dental hygienist. I’m studying for my Philosophy class and need an explanation.

i need at least 3 pages double spaced

please refer the file uploaded files for more information needed
Philosophy of Practice Checklist
Incorporate as many of the following areas as appropriate for your own Philosophy of Practice – you may also add to this list – see below. app
Highlight these words in your paper; At least 25 of these or other appropriate words, identified below

Ethics terminologyJustice VeracityBeneficence AutonomyNonmaleficence Informed Consent

Tally of words

Code of EthicsPrivacy Confidentiality Recordkeeping

Standard of Care

New technologies

6 roles of DH

Strengths Mutual respectStress mgmt FlexibleCommunication Attention to detailOrganized FriendlyDependable EmpathyFlexible ProfessionalismChallenges Self-motivated


Team player Active listeningAttitude CollaborativeOffice policiesConstructive feedback

Help others

Cont Ed / lifelong learner

Evidence-based practice/scientific evidence


DH process of care

Volunteer/communitycultural competency


Individualized care

You may add other words/topics; indicate them here:

Tips for Success:

Tenses: if using “ing”, it indicates it is currently occurring; if in the past, typically use “ed”. Paragraphs should be written in the same tense throughout the paper. This paper is written as though you are already doing these things (Clinic III) – do not use “I will…” instead use I am, or I (add present tense verb here)

Run-on sentences occur when listing more than 3 items in a sentence. Example: My work ethic includes justice, beneficience, autonomy, nonmaleficence and veracity. A better choice: I demonstrate beneficience and nonmaleficence while providing dental hygiene services which puts the patients’ comfort and needs first.
No more than one “I” per paragraph.
Visit the SWC Writing Center to review your work. Also available online! They typically will help you with one specific concern at a time, not all aspects of the document at once, so see them early & frequently!
Philosophy of Practice for dental hygienist

Azerbaijan Economic Development Term Paper

essay writer Problem Identification The Azerbaijan economy has developed significantly since the Soviet Union collapsed, but its GPD has fluctuated in past two decades. This means that the overall economy is unstable. Azerbaijan is among the East European countries that have rich natural resources, but have failed to use this wealth to move toward modernization. Azerbaijan’s economic development faces massive problems related to the limits of its resources (United Nations., and Economic Commission for Europe. 2003). The economy is one-sided, because it depends heavily on petroleum production and oil prices, and these are obstacles to its long-term development process. To achieve stability and improve this process, it is necessary to develop a broader economy with more diverse resources (Cornell, 2011). Brief Topic Description Sufficient resources are the primary asset for economic development of countries. Countries are endowed differently with the resources; some have many resources whereas others limited capacity. In addition, some of the resources are underutilized/ignored with respect to others. This research focuses on the economic development issues in Azerbaijan. Specifically, the limitation of resources in stabilizing the economy and achieving modernization has been examined. The research also employs some of the theories of comparative politics such as the modernization and independence theories. Finally, the study uses several levels of analysis to gain a better understanding of the situation. Significance of the Research Study of this topic is of much significance in shedding light about the potential of diversifying resources to achieve economic stability and modernization. Resources diversification is important and an essential component of development. Therefore, this study unveils its influence in the economic development of Azerbaijan. Research Question This research will be guided by the following research question: Should the Azerbaijan government to diversify the country’s economy resources to achieve stability and move forward with modernization? Hypothesis Diversifying Azerbaijan’s economic resources is a positive mechanism towards stabilizing the economy as well as modernizing it. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Definition of Terms The following terms will be utilized in this research; Diversification: This is a technique of investing in a wide variety of sectors to minimize the risk involved in specializing with one sector. Economic Stability: This is terminology describing a financial system that is experiencing very minor fluctuations in its output growth as well as maintaining a consistently lower rate of inflation. Modernization: This is a transformational process that begins from underdevelopment status to development status. Detailed topic description After the break of the Soviet Union, Azerbaijan started on a transition journey from communism to market economy to enhance its stability and survival economically and politically. Azerbaijan primarily relied on its hydrocarbon resources particularly oil to achieve this goal. Development of oil resources spearheaded the country with a sustainable middle level economy. This helped Azerbaijan to combat the high poverty levels and achieve some of its development goals (Leeuw, 1998). This was short lived because this hydrocarbon resource Azerbaijan over-relied on being limited. This posed great challenges to Azerbaijan that hindered it in realizing its objectives. Therefore, a systemic transition to market economy was required coupled with effective measures. However, this systemic transition was complex as it encompassed transitions in the political, economic and social aspects respectively (Baranick, and Salayeva, 2004). The political transition involves creation of states as well as establishing their identities, formulation of policies both local and foreign, and establishing of democratic institutions and their governance. Relative to economic transition, it incorporates price liberalization, expenditure stabilization, privatization of enterprises and globalization of the economy. Further to social transition, this mainly concentrates on societal development (Leeuw, 1998). We will write a custom Term Paper on Azerbaijan Economic Development specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Political Transition The first few years of Azerbaijan independence were marred by inevitable chaos and uncertainties (Cornell, 2010). This political turmoil led loss of territories, damage of the infrastructure and the influx of refugees. This had a destructive impact on Azerbaijan economy making the lives of Azerbaijan citizens very difficult. On the contrary to this, Azerbaijan witnessed significant development in democracy and other related governance issues that had not been experienced since the reign of Muslim Orient. Amongst them was an exercise of voting rights in a free and fair election where Aliyev Abulfaz Elchibey was elected the first president with a popular vote. In addition to this, Parliament, Milli Majlis, comprised of 50 members was formed to replace the Soviet supreme legislative body. The reign of Elchibey did not last long as he was divested due to failure of bringing the much awaited economic reforms. This portrayed the country’s commitment to economic development (Baranick, and Salayeva, 2004). Heydar Aliyev succeeded Elchibey and during his reign he managed to enhance political stability, economic recovery as well as to prevent state fragmentation. By initiating good foreign investment policies the Azerbaijan oil sector experienced massive growth enhancing economic stability and modernization. However, most critics argued that this progress was achieved at the expense of democracy and other political liberties. This is because the reign of Aliyev was characterized more of an authoritarian than democratic. In the 1995 referendum, the Azerbaijan government centralized the all powers to the executive branch, President. The reason for this was to prevent political unrest emanating from the ethnicity based conflicts which would endanger or hinder economic development (King, 2005). To worsen the situation, the executive branch initiated a plot to alter the constitution in order to secure more power. This was a big blow to democracy and its consequences had great damage to Azerbaijan smaller parties at the same time endangering their political existence and influence in nation building. This attracted outright pressure from international organizations such as the Council of Europe asking for restoration of democracy. To date, the organization has been monitoring progress of Azerbaijan in developing democratic institutions that are effective and functional. For instance, in 2004, the council ordered the Azerbaijan government to initiate constitutional changes that would allow the separation of power upon which parliament was to retain more power than the executive to oversee running of government activities. A country’s successful transition to democracy and stability depend solely on the efforts of lawmakers. Lawmakers during Heydar Aliyev reign mainly concentrated on maintaining political and economic stability at any cost including sacrificing democracy to achieve these objectives. The following government under President Ilham Aliyev, aimed to achieve political and economic stability by balancing democracy and the rule of law. Not sure if you can write a paper on Azerbaijan Economic Development by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The lawmakers of this period were divided between reformers majority who are foreign trained and conservatives. These two groups conflicted about the control of distribution structure to be used in handling substantial funds from the oil business. The Azerbaijan government operated on a pyramidal structure based on patronage, nepotism and corruption strongly influenced by regional or clan. This is one and most significant challenge facing reform process in Azerbaijan. The Azerbaijan government launched a program in 2005, the National Anti-Corruption Program to fight corruption because of the severe impact corruption has on the destabilizing economy (Baranick, and Salayeva, 2004). Economic Transition Similarly to other former USSR nations, economic transition in Azerbaijan involved transforming the USSR communism economic system based on heavy subsidies, state owned industries and state market domination in resource allocation and price determination into a capitalist system controlled by the market economy and privatization. This transition was formally launched in 1991 under the Basic Economic Development Law. However, the transition period under Elchibey was marred with various challenges, the most disheartening being hyperinflation which hit the 1.664% mark by 1994. This was attributed to the price liberalization reforms employed in 1992. As a result the national income declined terribly from $35,006 million to $1.031 million, gross national product per capita also declined, industrial outputs decreased and the unemployment rate was acute. Above all the factors that contributed to the downfall and challenges in the economy in these first years of independence was over-reliance on specialized economy instead of the diversified economy. The Azerbaijan economy solely depended on energy resources mostly petroleum oil (Baranick, and Salayeva, 2004). Besides over-reliance on energy resources, poor economic reforms worsened the situation. As of 1995, implementation of improved economic reforms started with the government introducing a stabilized program, Systemic Transformation Facility with the assistance of the International Monetary Fund (IMF). This enhanced recovery of the economy which persisted in the following years with continued reinforcement of stabilization policies from Azerbaijan government and its National Bank, for example, stabilization of Azerbaijan’s national currency (Manat) in1995-1996 to curb the high rising inflation. Alongside the technical support from various financial institutions like IMF, World Bank, Asian Development Bank (ADB) and so forth, oil sector was strengthened in foreign investments. This contributed to high revenues which enhanced economic growth and stabilization. In 2003, oil accounted for 40% of Azerbaijan budget revenue and 90% exports. To date, the energy sector still accounts for the largest share of Azerbaijan’s revenue and exports (United Nations 2003). Additionally, the government initiated an energy fund, State Oil Fund of Azerbaijan (SOFAZ) managed by a team of experts. This aimed at enhancing effective management of energy (oil) assets through exploration, development and production. As of October 2003, the fund had accumulated $800 million. However, this faced a major downfall due to lack of transparency and accountability. High cases of institutionalized corruption were reported. The ruling elites piled up oil revenues as well as mismanaged the resource. Likewise in political transition, corruption remains the hindrance to economic development destroying the industrial base and job creation. Despite the oil sector primarily steering economic development in Azerbaijan, relying on the one-sided economy is dangerous and may hinder development of other economic sectors like agriculture. Agriculture in Azerbaijan constituted 14.1 per cent of the total country’s gross domestic product by 2003. Azerbaijan has a favorable climate which would ensure production of many types of crops. Of the 11 climatic zones for agriculture, Azerbaijan has 9 of them. Agriculture has also experienced a big blow by poor and inadequate infrastructure which fell into disrepair during the Soviet era. Therefore. Azerbaijan farmers cannot export their products and they lack proper storage facilities for the products like refrigerators. On the other hand, brokers and wholesalers are scared of the poor infrastructure system. This forces farmers to sell their produce soon after production and for lower prices. However, there are some smaller plants for food processing emerging but the power problem is a major threat. This requires a steady supply of power and good infrastructure to ensure easy access to resources and supplies. In regards to tourism, Azerbaijan has a diverse geography stretching from its broad coastline to major mountain ski resorts. Likewise in agriculture, poor infrastructure and lack of consistent power challenges tourism. Only its capital city, Baku, has better infrastructure ranging from transportation to other sectors like health care. This also plays a part in limiting diversification of resources to other areas since all investors and companies concentrate entirely on Baku. Developing non-oil sectors and formulating favorable policies to enhance foreign investment, good infrastructure and so forth in these sectors can be a big boost in stabilizing the economy in Azerbaijan. In this respect, Azerbaijan government in 2003 initiated policies to develop non-oil sectors to stabilize the economy by creating more jobs, improving economic conditions, enhancing transparency and effective spending. In regards to privatization, effective private sector enhances economic development. In Azerbaijan, privatization begun as early as 1993 and is still continuing to date. By 2001, Azerbaijan government had accomplished privatization of over 29000 small enterprises but lagged behind in privatizing the big enterprises. This portrays the high commitment government has with big enterprises which mostly were related to energy (Megginson

MGMT 310 American Public University Recognition at the Workplace Essay

MGMT 310 American Public University Recognition at the Workplace Essay.

In need of a 250 words Initial Discussion Forum post. MGMT310 Principles and Theory of Management Topic: Motivation View the following YouTube videos and respond to the discussion question. “The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us” This is a YouTube video running a bit over ten minutes but well worth your time. Have you ever worked at a company where you have received recognition for your contributions? Was the recognition one that you appreciated or did if fall flat? ***I have attached the textbook for this course for this week’s lesson it goes over Chapters 2 and 14. *** Rubrics Content Valid connections to course content are made. Posts are complete with analysis and insight. Critical thinking is evident. Original ideas are presented. All aspects of the discussion question are completely answered. Participation in Learning Community Responses are substantive and encourage discussion by proposing a different point of view supported by an attribution to a source, personal example, or personal application. All responses include related follow up questions to promote continued discussion.
MGMT 310 American Public University Recognition at the Workplace Essay

BIS 320 Indiana Wesleyan University Managerial Relational Database System Essay

BIS 320 Indiana Wesleyan University Managerial Relational Database System Essay.

I’m working on a databases case study and need an explanation to help me learn.

I’m working on a databases case study and need an explanation to help me understand better.

BIS-320: Managerial Relational Database System
Your document should include a brief history of JDBC and a high-level explanation of JDBC components.
Include an example of establishing and using a JDBC connection to read data from a database.
Submit a properly formatted document of 500 to 1000 words containing the output of the above activities.

The document may be in a list, table, or paragraph format.
It can be developed in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, or Microsoft PowerPoint.

BIS 320 Indiana Wesleyan University Managerial Relational Database System Essay