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University of Central Florida Knowledge on Nutrition & Medical Conditions Essay

University of Central Florida Knowledge on Nutrition & Medical Conditions Essay.

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Here’s the question: “Do we know all the essential nutrients and the amounts required by humans for good nutrition?”  What do you think? What is the evidence? If you were a research scientist how would you prove your hypothesis?  Remember, we are not talking about “foods” but rather “nutrients” – there’s a difference!.  We are not talking about “therapeutic nutrition” but rather “normal nutrition”   “Science doesn’t know everything” is not a good answer. “New foods will be discovered” is not a good answer.  (Your answer should not include herbal medications or drugs or answers like “who knows what we may discover in the future?” or anything about possible discoveries in the Amazonian rain forest!).  You may want to look up “Total Parenteral Nutrition” and see what is currently being done based on current knowledge – does that help you answer the question? For example:  (Links to an external site.)   
University of Central Florida Knowledge on Nutrition & Medical Conditions Essay

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The object of this paper is to write a thoughtful paper using only 2 sources: Madeleine Albright’s Fascism: A Warning and Chapter 10 of Edmund Morgan’s George Washington and the Use of Power. In Chapter Nine of Fascism: A Warning, Madeleine Albright quotes Cicero in describing democracy as “a difficult art.” In Chapter One, Albright describes fascism as “a means of seizing and holding power.” She devotes the rest of her book to case studies of leaders who either fully or partially transformed their nations into fascist states: Mussolini in Italy, Hitler in Germany, Chavez in Venezuela, Erdogan in Turkey, Putin in Russia, Orban in Hungary, Kim in North Korea, and Trump in the United States. In Chapter Ten of his George Washington and the Use of Power, Edmund Morgan provides a counter example: a successful general who championed democracy and declined to seize control for himself. Based on your reading of Albright and Morgan, write a 5-paragraph 1500-word essay regarding the danger that a democratic government can be changed into a fascist state. Organize your essay as follows: What is fascism? In what sense can we describe it as a state of government that comes after a democracy has failed? What leader, as described by Albright, most successfully (or most interestingly to you) changed his government (or partially changed his government) from a democracy to a fascist state? Briefly tell the story. Do not discuss Donald Trump in this paragraph. To what degree, according to Albright, is the America of Donald Trump moving in the direction of fascism? How did George Washington, as described by Morgan, work consistently to create democracy in America and to prevent its erosion into a government led by one man? In your own opinion, what must the citizens of a democratic nation do to prevent their government from transitioning into fascism?
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Excel Help

Excel Help.

1Start Excel. Download and open the file named Exp19_Excel_Ch06_Cap_DirectMarketing.xlsx. Grader has automatically added your last name to the beginning of the filename.02On the Direct Marketing worksheet, create appropriate range names for Design_Fee (cell B8), Cost_Per_Ad (cell B9), Total_Clicks (cell B10), Profit_Per_Click (B11), and Gross_Profit (cell B12).53Edit the existing name range Design_Fee to Design_Fee2021 to reflect the current year. 44Use the newly created range names to create a formula to calculate Gross Profit (cell B12) and Net Profit (cell B13).65Create a new worksheet named Range Names, paste the newly created range name information in cell A1, and resize the columns as needed for proper display. Mac users, use the Insert menu to insert a new worksheet and paste the range names.56On the Direct Marketing worksheet, use Goal Seek to determine the optimal click rate in order to earn a $5,000 net profit.67Starting in cell E4. Complete the series of substitution values ranging from 2% to 6.5% at increments of .50% vertically down column E.58Enter references to the Gross Profit and Net Profit in the correct location for a one-variable data table.39Complete the one-variable data table, and then format the results with Accounting Number Format with two decimal places.610Apply custom number formats to display Gross Profit in cell F3 and Net Profit in cell G3.411Copy the response rate substitution values from the one-variable data table, and then paste the values starting in cell I4.412Type 10000 in cell J3. Complete the series of substitution values from 10000 to 40000 at 5000 increments.313Enter the reference to net profit formula in the correct location for a two-variable data table.414Complete the two-variable data table and format the results with Accounting Number Format with two decimal places.715Apply a custom number format to make the formula reference appear as Net Profit. 316Make the Direct Marketing 2 worksheet active. Create a scenario named Best Case, using Number of Ads and Click Rate. Enter these values for the scenario: 40000, and 6.5%.417Create a second scenario named Worst Case, using the same changing cells. Enter these values for the scenario: 10000, and 1%.418Create a third scenario named Most Likely, using the same changing cells. Enter these values for the scenario: 10000, and 6.83%.419Generate a scenario summary report using Gross Profit and Net Income.420Return to the Direct Marketing 2 worksheet. Load the Solver add-in if it is not already loaded. Launch Solver and set the objective to calculate a net profit of $20,000.421Use Number of Ads and Click Rate (B4:B5) as changing variable cells.422Set a constraint to ensure Number of Ads purchased is less than or equal to 40,000.223Set a constraint to ensure Click Rate is less than or equal to 7%. (Mac users should enter the value in decimal form. Example .07)224Solve the problem. Generate the Answer Report. 325Create a footer on all worksheets with your name on the left side, the sheet name code in the center, and the file name code on the right side.426Save and close Exp19_Excel_Ch06_CAP_DirectMarketing.xlsx. Exit Excel. Submit the file as directed.
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Return on Investment Essay

best essay writers Return on Investment (ROI) refers to a well-known financial metric commonly used to analyze the financial results which arise from personal investments as well as deeds. A number of varying metrics are basically known by the same definition. However, the most popular refers to a metric that I seek to discuss in this paper known as ROI. Normally used as a cash flow metric, the Return on Investment particularly makes a comparison of the scale as well as scheduling of investment gains which are matched directly to the scale and scheduling of costs involved. In any situation where the ROI is seen to post a high rate, it implies that the gains which have been made compare well with the costs that had been incurred (Saleemi, 2006). Return on Investment has grown into a well-known concept within the past few decades mostly as an all-purpose metric for analyzing capital attainments, business initiatives, and conservative fiscal investments. These investments are directed into stock shares or into venture capital use. The issue of popularity however is not much important since the metric is commonly used by people without really understanding the merits and demerits that are associated with it. Return on Investments is used to measure how profitable a transaction is at times. This definition is very accurate as well as very important. There are business men who make use of different metrics in economics instead of ROI to imply one and the same thing. Such use is potentially wrong and lacks knowledge since efficiency is a word that is similarly used to define a measure that is arrived at by using very few varying financial metrics such as Internal Rate of Return (IRR), Return on Capital Employed among others. The inherent meaning in the metric, Return on Investment, is somewhat implied in how its naming is done. Return on Investment seeks to answer questions such as, what is that is attained for that which is spent, do the returns anticipated surpass the costs involved, and do the returns attained perfectly justify the costs used? Many types of ROI measure what is gained from a certain cost through a calculation. Ratio is also used sometimes. Normally, an outcome which is more than 0.00 implies that returns overweigh costs while a Return on Investment which is low implies that costs that are involved greatly surpass the returns. Where certain probable actions are actively competing for finances and when other carrying elements between the alternative options are realistically the same, the investment or action carried out having a greater level of ROI is the best choice to arrive at (Scotch, 2005). Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The use of ROI is very important as I seek to elaborate below. It is quite helpful for the decision makers. In fact, decision makers must recall that an ROI measure on its own is not an adequate ground for resorting to a certain action over a different one. A Return on Investment which has been calculated for an anticipated action fails to say anything concerning the chances that anticipated returns as well as costs really occur as anticipated. This implies, the Return on Investment on its own does not mention anything concerning uncertainty or risk. It only depicts how the returns can be measured against the costs if the anticipated outcomes actually come about. Owing to this very fact, a good analyst will endeavor to assess the chances of varying ROI results and wiser people charged with making decisions will make a consideration of both the scale and risks associated with this metric at all times. In addition, the decision makers will anticipate realistic proposals from an analyst as well concerning how ROI may be improved upon by decreasing the costs, adding gains or speeding up gains (Moloney, 2009). When analyzing a financial statement, analysts mostly measure the financial health of a business as well as the nature of operations that go on. With this in mind, there are several measures that are involved and normally called ROI as well. They are Return on Capital Employed, Return on Total Assets, Return on Equity, and Return on Net Worth. Similarly, in other scenarios where the emphasis is mostly on the evaluation of cash flow, ROI at times is used to point at the aggregate cash flow outcomes for a given time frame. In addition, there are people who insist other cash metrics are ROI. Average rate of return is the first metric. Internal rate of return is the second metric. By simply analyzing how the terms are used, a different type of ROI which measures the bundles of cash used for greater investments is sometimes referred to as the cash on cash evaluation or simply the return on invested capital. In conclusion, there are many Returns on Investment measures that are commonly used and the terminology lacks a single definition on its own that is universally known. This means that when making a review of the measures of ROI, or when even told to come up with one, it is very pertinent that care is employed to ascertain that all the people involved are able to describe the measure in the same manner. References Moloney, T. (2009). Business Finance. New York: Sage Publications. We will write a custom Essay on Return on Investment specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Saleemi, N. (2006). Economics in Practice. New York: Rout ledge Publishers. Scotch, B. (2005). Business Management. London: Prentice Hall.

Virtual and Augmented Reality as Medical Equipment Research Paper

Scenario Innovation is essential to the delivery of high-quality, professional, and adequate medical services. With the rise of opportunities for improving care due to more accurate medical equipment, as well as the devices that have opened new possibilities for addressing patients’ needs, the demand for innovative medical equipment has risen exponentially (Di Sivo

Indiana University Bloomington Evaluating Research Sources Discussion

Indiana University Bloomington Evaluating Research Sources Discussion.

According to Anderson (2018), the following questions should be considered for evaluating research sources:Is it relevant to my readers’ needs?Will it be credible in my readers’ eyes?Is it accurate?Is it complete?Is it current and up-to-date?Is it unbiased?Using the Ivy Tech Library, locate an academic or technical article of interest about your future career field. Evaluate the article based on the aforementioned list. In your evaluation, address a minimum of three (3) of the bullet points from the list to evaluate the article you chose. Be sure to include in-text citations, as appropriate, and format this document in APA (with a title page, headers, a References page). This document should be a minimum of 250 polished, edited words (not including front or end matter).
Indiana University Bloomington Evaluating Research Sources Discussion