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University of Central Florida Cause of Algal Blooms in Coastal Areas Essay

University of Central Florida Cause of Algal Blooms in Coastal Areas Essay.

Several coastal areas of Florida has been impacted by major algae blooms in recent years. Some of these blooms are caused by various kinds of freshwater cyanobacteria, often referred to as blue-green algae. In addition, several coastal areas of southwest Florida, the panhandle, and, most recently, southwest Florida have been impacted by “red tides”, which in Florida area usually associated with a marine dinoflagellate called Karenia brevis.While the two types of algae blooms are quite different in how and where they form, both cause significant environmental harm – including large fish kills. Toxins from Karenia brevis and certain kinds of freshwater cyanobacteria, particularly Microcystis and Anabaena species, can also have adverse impacts on human health. Media and public discussions about these algal blooms have often been quite contentious, confusing, and, in some cases, outright wrong. Leading scientists have therefore attempted to communicate scientific knowledge directly to the public. For this discussion board exercise, you will think carefully about the (somewhat different!) thoughts of two well-respected scientific researchers: – Dr. Michael Crosby, President of Mote Marine Laboratory –…- Dr. Karl Havens, former Director of the Florida Sea Grant Program –… After reading both of these articles, answer the following three questions:1) Based on what you have learned so far about the typical limiting nutrient in freshwater ecosystems (and, yes, Lake Okeechobee is freshwater), what nutrient would you generally expect to be the most likely limiting resource for Lake Okeechobee? 2) How do Crosby and Havens each describe the role of nutrient contamination, particularly phosphorus and nitrogen, in initiating freshwater cyanobacteria (aka, blue-green algae blooms) blooms in Lake Okeechobee? What other factors do either of these researchers cite as a potential “trigger” for the cyanobacteria blooms to form in Lake Okeechobee? 3) Based on your reading of both Crosby and Havens (as well as any materials from lecture or other sources), describe why and how severe freshwater cyanobacteria blooms frequently occur in normally brackish ecosystems like the St. Lucie River estuary (on the east coast) and Caloosahatchee River estuary (on the west coast). (Hint – freshwater cyanobacteria normally would not survive in a saltwater estuary environment.)
University of Central Florida Cause of Algal Blooms in Coastal Areas Essay

Rhetorical Analysis and Response.

InstructionsYou are to demonstrate your understanding of critical reasoning and writing by composing a rhetorical analysis and response. You have to read the selection, which is a little over 2000 words, and to write the essay. Make sure you are in a good working space and have the full three hours to tackle this. Late essays will not be accepted. To prepare, you will want to review all of the modules in the course. To help you focus your studying, I am pasting the actual prompt below, without the reading selection (which is from Psychology Today).Part II: Essay PromptAfter reading the assigned text, construct a cohesive essay in which you do each of the following (you may group them as you see fit):introduce and provide a brief explanation of the author’s argument, including the rhetorical situation, major claim, and intended audience (look at where his argument is published);identify and analyze the type of reasoning employed: deductive or inductive. identify and analyze the strategies the author employs to appeal to credibility (ethos), reasoning (logos), and emotion (pathos); discuss the assumption(s) on which the argument is based (assumptions are the principles, propositions, beliefs, and values upon which arguments or parts of arguments rest. Assumptions can be explicitly stated or implicit (merely implied or suggested) in an argument. They are effective to the extent they come to be shared by the reader and writer, thus forming “common ground”;identify and analyze the effects of any informal logical fallacies the author may make;evaluate the extent to which his intended audience would find the argument convincing;finally, briefly respond to his argument with your own position. Be sure to follow these directions carefully, rather than simply agreeing or disagreeing or writing an extensive summary of the article.Requirements:The essay should:illustrate close and critical reading of the assigned text;fully respond to the prompt and demonstrate comprehensive knowlege of rhetoric;be well organized with smooth transitions between paragraphs and ideas;work directly with the text in the form of summary, paraphrase, and direct quotes to illustrate analysis and support assertions;not drop quotes in, but introduce and integrate them smoothly with sufficient commentary; be in MLA format and style, including a Works Cited page;be written in the Literary Present Tense;be as long as it needs to be, given the time constraints, to cover the prompt.
Rhetorical Analysis and Response

Table of Contents Introduction Personal Insights from the Assessments Part II: Insights from the Course Course Concepts, which are Significant to Me Conclusion Reference List Introduction Innovation can be said to be the backbone of today’s market economy. Different companies are always trying to outdo each other by launching better and more efficient products and services. Innovativeness keeps entrepreneurs in business. Entrepreneurs who do not possess the skill are easily driven out of the market or overshadowed by the more aggressive counterparts. Innovator’s DNA (2011) reveals, “the power of innovative ideas to revolutionize industries and generate wealth is evident from history: Apple iPod out plays Sony Walkman” (para.1). therefore, innovation helps entrepreneurs to gain a competitive advantage and sustainability. This paper will present my personal insights from the assessment of the iDNA course on innovation, indicating my strengths and weaknesses as an innovator. Additionally, the paper will demonstrate how innovation can benefit an organization. Personal Insights from the Assessments Innovator’s DNA (iDNA) is a course assessment that generates profiles of individuals to determine their personal strengths as innovators. The information is backed by years of in-depth research on business innovation. I have found the insights quite helpful in shaping my skills as a young innovator. My first lesson from DNA was that innovators are not much different from the ordinary leader. However, they possess five key traits that enable them to stay ahead in business: questioning, observing, networking, associating, and experimenting (Innovator’s DNA, 2013). In this section, I offer insights gained from reading the innovation assessment presented by DNA. An overarching trait of innovators is the ability to question anything. This spirit of interrogation comes from an inborn curiosity to understand how things are done. Innovators ask questions such as, “why not?” and “what if” to help them in envisioning different ways of doing things. The innovator’s mind is programmed to devise solutions, whether the process involves coming up with a very new idea or improving an existing one. In their book, The Innovator’s DNA, Dyer, Gregersen, and Christensen (2011) argue that innovators demonstrate an insatiable quest for knowledge by asking questions that challenge the status quo. I remember in junior high school I used to bombard my math teacher with endless questions about how some formulas used in calculation hadbeen arrived at. In my mind, I dreamed about inventing formulas that would be easier to follow. Neither my classmates nor my teacher understood me. In fact, they must have thought that I was annoying. Looking back, though, I feel that my endless questions were pointing to a valuable skill I possessed as a potential entrepreneur: questioning. Over the years, I have interacted with some notable entrepreneurs. One common behavior about them is that they ask questions. One summer, I was working for a medium-sized bakery in Manhattan. What struck me about my boss, the innovator, was his tendency to ask questions to customers, suppliers, and even employees. He seemed always to be on the lookout for an elusive piece of information. He asked questions about competitors’ businesses, including whether employees liked working in the place. I never gave his behavior much thought until after college when I was attempting a start-up in the technology business. I developed a deep interest in obtaining information through asking questions, reading, and even watching online tutorial videos. With time, I discovered that the questioning spirit was a reflection of what goes on in the mind of an entrepreneur. I cannot count the number of times I have fallen out with people for asking “too many” questions. I consider myself a strict observer. It pays in my current line of business when I can spot even the faintest stain on a table in my rival’s restaurant. Many non-innovators overlook the importance of being able to pay keen attention to details. I always tell myself that it took Charles Darwin enormous efforts at paying attention to discover evolution. Darwin himself admitted in his writings to have spent long hours observing plants and animals on the islands of South Pacific. It is no wonder that scholars today view Darwin as a great experimental innovator (Galenson

The Future of Able Corporation Argumentative Essay

Table of Contents Discussion on Strategic Management Two paradigms Needs assessment covers these important functions of HRM The People Employee Appraisal Conclusion References Able Corporation is a diversified corporation which has production establishments in several states that are either horizontally or vertically integrated. Able is now one of the leading innovators of power tools and other home equipment. When Able Corporation started its vision, everything then referred to technology. But its founders realised it has to be more than just technology: Apple has to survive as an organisation to meet the needs of its customers not just in technical ways. The truth about Able Corporation may have already been laid open to the public, that it is not as successful as it used to be. Able’s fate lies somewhere not in the balance, and may be in the hands of the wrong people if things won’t go out how it should be. The question now is, “Is there still a future for Able Corporation?” Will the company thrive under a new strategy and management? Let’s see how the company made its humble beginning. Able Corporation sought to “change the way people behave” versus just competing in the market-place for traditional products. In doing so, it has been able to establish first mover advantages through radical concepts of power tools, and relatively perfect market timing to establish its advantage. Others seem to compete in commodity businesses with incremental innovations, while Able Corporation created a new concept in the consumer’s mind. It is most likely for this reason that other executives see Able Corporation as a strong innovator in power tools using battery. Able’s mission statement is to provide the best of power tools and other home equipment. This information can be sourced from the internet, provided by the website Business

violence in workplace

online dissertation writing violence in workplace. I’m studying for my Nursing class and need an explanation.

Teaching Violence in the Workplace
Create a teaching PowerPoint presentation that addresses each of the following points/questions. Be sure to completely answer all the questions for each bullet point. Use clear headings that allow your professor to know which bullet you are addressing on the slides in your presentation. Support your content with at least three (3) sources using APA citations throughout your presentation. Make sure to cite the sources using the APA writing style for the presentation. Include a slide for your references at the end. Follow best practices for PowerPoint presentations related to text size, color, images, effects, wordiness, and multimedia enhancements. Review the rubric criteria for this assignment.
This week you are to create a PowerPoint as if you are teaching this information to your colleagues.

Guns in the Workplace: prepare for an active shooter (what is the protocol and preparations your workplace has taken – if none have been developed describe what should be taken). What is the responsibility as a nurse caring for patients in an active shooter scenario?
Bullying in Nursing: Bullying in the nursing workforce has become an increasing topic of concern. Research this topic and describe reasons why bullying is a problem in nursing. Provide suggestions for a new nurse who is being bullied by coworkers. What is your responsibility if you see a fellow nurse being bullied?

Title Slide (1 slide)
Objective Slide (1 slide)
Preparing for an active shooter (2-3 slides)
Responsibility for patients in an active shooter scenario? (1-2 slides).
Why bullying is a problem in nursing (2-3 slides)
Suggestions for a new nurse being bullied (2-3 slides)
Your responsibility (1-2 slides)
References (1 slide)

violence in workplace

Creating a Project Balance Sheet

Creating a Project Balance Sheet. I need support with this Computer Science question so I can learn better.

As mentioned in this week’s lecture, a project balance sheet is a tool used for balancing a project’s business requirements with the capabilities and risks associated with fulfilling those requirements.
For this discussion, select a business problem or an opportunity scenario that is of interest to you, and develop a project balance sheet that describes it. Your project balance sheet should clearly identify each business case item, as well as its business requirements and project capabilities to meet these requirements. Your initial post must be a minimum of 300 words.
Creating a Project Balance Sheet

STA 2023 PBSC Statistics Student and Music Anova Analysis

STA 2023 PBSC Statistics Student and Music Anova Analysis.

I’m working on a statistics multi-part question and need guidance to help me understand better.

Statistics subject area it is on the One Way ANOVA AnalysisNo source requiredUse the following information to MAKE A DECISION and a CONCLUSION
based on the decision that was made. Test the claim that most students will
learn most effectively with constant background music. Use = . . Use
the F-Distribution Table that was provided on blackboard in the Tables
Folder. To do this extra assignment, you will have to take the initiative to
learn material that is required in order to solve it correctly. No help will be
provided to you by the instructor
STA 2023 PBSC Statistics Student and Music Anova Analysis