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University of California Scarface Film Directed by Howard Hawks Discussion

University of California Scarface Film Directed by Howard Hawks Discussion.

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Your Journal entries should include a brief (300-500 words) reflection on the week’s screening in relationship to the course readings. You will be able to read your fellow students’ journal entries once you have submitted your own. Journal entries will be graded Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory. Your grade for the journal entries will be based on the number of satisfactory journals you submit. Satisfactory entries will demonstrate that you have screened the film and thought about it in relationship to the week’s reading and PowerPoint slides.…Some questions to think about for your journal entry (don’t try to answer them all!):What were your expectations before you watched the film? Did anything in the film or readings surprise you?Can you make any connections between this film and films or concepts you’ve encountered outside this class or from previous modules in this course?Did anything from this module inspire you as a filmmaker?Did anything from this film challenge you? What made it difficult or boring? How did you go about making sense of the film?
University of California Scarface Film Directed by Howard Hawks Discussion

EDU 7120 Ashford University Lewin Three Original Field Conditions Essay.

Cronshaw and McCulloch (2008) contend that instead of using Lewin’s three original field conditions (facilitating, constraining, and blocking), most organizations have only looked at conditions that facilitate and constrain when conducting a force field analysis. Do you believe this is true in higher education? Why or why not? What comprise the three field conditions facing educational institutions in your view? 500 words or more This assignment is worth 3 points of the total course grade.This assignment aligns with the following weekly outcomes: 2.This assignment aligns with the following course outcomes: 1, 2, 3.Required ReferencesCronshaw, S.F. & McCulloch, A.N.A. (2008). Reinstating the Lewinian vision: From force field analysis to organization field assessment.Organization Development Journal, 26(4), Winter 2008, 89-103. Ooro, S. (2013). Creativity within the higher education system: An analysis of the new higher education professionals. Interdisciplinary Studies, 2(3), 47-60.YouTube video: Force Field Analysis: This short video is a very informative review of what force field analysis is and how it can be used and will help students create and conduct their own force field analysis. YouTube video: Changing Education Paradigms: An interesting video done with graphic facilitation that reviews the issues facing higher ed and offers a paradigm for looking at and dealing with them.Recommended ReferencesWheatley, M.J. (2006). Leadership and the new science: Discovering order in a chaotic world (3rd Edition). San Francisco: Berrett-Koehler.Learning OutcomesUpon successful completion of this week, students will be able to:Evaluate the impact of technology on higher education. (Aligns with CLOs 1,2,3)Identify emerging technologies and how they are shaping the future of education. (Aligns with CLOs 1,2,3)Analyze the various technological developments in technology, such as MOOCs, social networking, and mobile technologies and how they are shaping education today. (Aligns with CLOs 1,2,3,4)Analyze the effectiveness of the flipped classroom approach to learning. (Aligns with CLOs 1,2,3,4)
EDU 7120 Ashford University Lewin Three Original Field Conditions Essay

Table of Contents Introduction Comparison of the three pyramids Conclusion References Introduction The current population of a country is a product of the past trends in the population of the county under investigation. Consequently, this population will determine how the future population of the country will be. This has been demonstrated by a comparison of the population pyramids of the United Kingdom, Indonesia and Ethiopia. A part from the past population trends in a country, other factors determining the current population of a country include the economic level of the country, influence from other countries and the effects of globalization. This paper will discuss the effects of the current population in the United Kingdom, Indonesia and Ethiopia. This will be achieved by comparing the population current population pyramids of these countries. From the population pyramid, the paper will give an insight on the future expectations of the population in the countries under investigation. Comparison of the three pyramids The current United Kingdom population pyramid indicates a fare distribution of people across the ages. The number of people in each age group in the United Kingdom is almost the same. From the pyramid, it is clear that this population is made up of more middle aged people than young people. It is, therefore, possible to conclude that the United Kingdom has an old population. This can be attributed to the effects of civilization and modernization which brought about the issues of family planning. The pyramid indicates that most of the people in the unite kingdom are in their fertile age, yet the number of children is less compared to older people. With this population trend, the population risks a drastic decline in future. The small percentage of young people as indicated by the pyramid will not be able to maintain the population after the current people in their fertile age bracket will be aged (Ehrlich, 2001). From this population pyramid, it is clear that life expectancy n the United Kingdom is high. This can be attributed to the good health care of the people living in the United Kingdom. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Unlike in the United Kingdom, there are more young people in Ethiopia as indicated by the pyramid. A close analysis of the Ethiopian population clearly indicates that majority of the people in the country are young people. The pyramid presents Ethiopia as having a young population. This can be attributed to the fact that Ethiopia is a third world country. In its efforts to develop, the Ethiopian government has been able to provide adequate medical services to its people. The people of Ethiopia have started applying modern farming techniques and this has in turn resulted into more food being produced to feed the population (Connelly, 2010). The presence of few old people in Ethiopia indicates that life expectancy in the country is low. Many scholars attribute this to the many tropical diseases in Africa. With adequate medical services, the motility rates in Ethiopia has reduced significantly and this has been reflected by the population having many young people. In addition, the introduction of science and technology in food production has ensured adequate food in Ethiopia. Consequently, the availability of food in Ethiopia has raised the fertility of the people, thus high birth rates as indicated by the pyramid. Going by this population trend, one can conclude that the population of Ethiopia has a very high potential of growing in future. Many people in Ethiopia are below the fertility age as indicated by the pyramid. This means that by the time these young people reach their fertility age, the population is bound to grow tremendously (Weeks, 2011). In Indonesia, the population pyramid indicates a gradually increasing population. From the pyramid, the difference between the young people and the middle aged people is not big. This indicates a stable population. We will write a custom Essay on Population Pyramids specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More This stability can be attributed to the fact that Indonesia is a developing country that is affected by the effects of modernization and development. For instance, the people of Indonesia have started to embrace scientific methods of birth control. Indonesians are also affected by polices adapted by other nations to check its population. The effect of this to this is that the population of Indonesia will grow gradually despite having a large number of young people (Pearce, 2011). A close analysis of the population pyramid of Indonesia indicates a higher life expectancy as compared to that of Ethiopia. This shows that there is a better lifestyle in Indonesia than in Ethiopia. Conclusion In conclusion, the above is a discussion of the current population of three countries. From the discussion, it is clear that all of them have a unique population trend depending on the past population and other factors that have been indentified as influencing the population trend. Consequently, the future of the population in these three countries will depend on the current population. For instance, mature population as is the case with the United Kingdom means a population decline in future while a young population as is the case with Ethiopia will result into population increase. The population of Indonesia may not indicate any significant change in future. References Connelly, M. (2010). Fatal Misconception: The Struggle to Control World Population: London: Belknap Press of Harvard University Press. Ehrlich, P. R.

You are the Public Relations Director for HCB. Develop a 2-3 page “White Paper” for the new Executive Director

You are the Public Relations Director for HCB. Develop a 2-3 page “White Paper” for the new Executive Director that will assist him in gaining an understanding of the current state of community relations. As you write the “White Paper”, take into consideration the nine guiding principles for organizations to apply when working with community partners outlined in Chapter 2 of Principles of Community Engagement (Second Edition). Describe your assessment of the current state of constituent engagement and partnerships between HCB and other key stakeholders in the community. Make at least three recommendations for future relationship building with those you believe to be the most important stakeholders in the community. Support your paper with a minimum of two external references.

Effectiveness of Outpatient Treatment of Asians Addicted to Cocaine

essay writer free Abstract The study focuses on the review of literature concerning the effectiveness of the Asian treatment of the people addicted to cocaine. The report highlights the various treatment options utilized by the Asian outpatient department in the provision of rehabilitation care to the addicts. Cocaine addiction is considered as a health and social threat in Asia which result in a high rate of outpatient department visits among all the substances of abuse. The Asian healthcare system has a variety of approaches which it utilizes to manage such substance-related outpatient department visits. The report also addresses the structural organizations of the Asian outpatient department in the care and management of the cocaine addicts presenting to the health facilities. Various therapies are available in the outpatient department that helps to restore the affected individuals’ sobriety. Besides, the paper contains a discussion of the literature findings and the personal stand on the effectiveness of the Asian outpatient treatment of cocaine addicts. The report will also outline the recommendations for more improvement of the healthcare services and the references used. Introduction Cocaine addiction is a great health challenge that affects many people all over the world. The psychiatrists consider the habit of abusing cocaine and other drugs as a mental disorder that can be treated with various treatment models to change a person’s way of life. Cocaine has been used in Asia widely as a recreational intoxicant and a medical substance (Spillane, 2017). However, the misuse of cocaine by Asian residents has resulted in increased addiction and effect on the lives of the people. People who have substance use disorders present with numerous varying physical and mental problems. In cocaine addiction, the core feature is the person’s difficult to control their substance-related problems related to its use (Hinneburg, 2019). Many laws have been passed by many nations including Asia to eliminate substance abuse. However, despite the decline in the number of persons with substance use disorder related to cocaine, it remains to be a very commonly abused drug in Asia. The Asian emergency room visits in the health facilities report cocaine as the most frequently implicated illicit drug. Recently, the National Institute of Drugs Abuse figured out that cocaine is the most common illegal drug responsible for most drug-related emergency department visits. The Asian healthcare system and the health facilities have devised means of ensuring that the people with cocaine addiction receive proper treatment to minimize the substance effects and improve the quality of life. The treatment options that are available in Asia include inpatient care, outpatient care, and utilization of support groups (Mills, 2018). All the treatment options have different approaches to treating the patient, but all have a common goal of helping the victim of addiction to be sober and able to maintain that sober state. The outpatient treatment of cocaine addicts has different medication and approaches to treatment that are discussed in the literature review. Literature Review Substance abuse related patients presenting to the health facilities in Asia receive both inpatient and outpatient health care attendance depending on the presenting symptoms and the choice of treatment. Some principles direct the type of rehabilitation treatment that the patient is given including the effectiveness of the treatment option which should address both the person’s specific needs and the general recovery principles (Osborne, 2019). The other tenets state that medication-assisted treatment should only be used when considered by the medical professional, co-occurring medical and psychological conditions should be addressed alongside the disorders of substance use among others. The outpatient treatment options allow the patient to recover at home throughout the treatment period. In some programs carried out at the outpatient department, the patients are given the opportunity to choose the type of therapy they need; group, individual or another kind of therapy (Han et al., 2016). All the approaches are effective when used appropriately; however, people prefer individual treatment because it is more focused on the person, confidential, and allows the establishment of an effective personalized therapeutic relationship. Nevertheless, some prefer group therapy since it enables them to learn better during interaction with the other members of the group. The typical options of outpatient treatment in the Asian facilities outpatient department include detoxification whereby it is done better in the inpatient treatment than outpatient because of the presence of the medically assisted services in the inpatient. The second treatment option is individual therapy which involves a one on one meeting of the therapist with the patient to discuss the underlying addiction causes for the development of the plan strategies that can help to reduce the risk of relapse (Natacha

“Confessions of Faith” Written by Cecil Rhodes Essay

The letter Confessions of Faith written by Cecil Rhodes is aimed at justifying the existence of colonialism. In particular, the author argues that the citizens of the British Empire have a right to rule different regions of the world. In his opinion, the domination of this country can be important for preventing wars. Moreover, the author mentions that colonialism is important for the growth of the Anglo-Saxon nation. Cecil Rhodes insists on strengthening the ties between the British Empire and the territories that it controls. Additionally, the writer defends the idea that British government should take Africa under its control. These are the main details that can be identified. It should be noted that Cecil Rhodes was a prominent politician and a mining magnate who supported the policy of colonialism and imperialism. This letter was written in 1877. To some degree, this text is aimed at convincing the public that colonialism is a beneficial phenomenon. Moreover, the author strives to show that the government should focus on Africa as the continent which can be critical for the power of the British Empire and well-being of its people in the future. One should note that this letter was written at the time when Great Britain was the most powerful colonial empire that controlled territories in various regions of the world. However, at the time, many policy-makers began to debate the effectiveness of colonial policies. Moreover, this letter was written when there was a strong opposition to the colonial rule in South Africa. This is one of the issues that should not be overlooked. This source throws light on the way in which colonialism could be justified. Nevertheless, this letter can be better understood by examining the peculiarities of the British rule in South Africa since Cecil Rhodes lays stress on this particular issue. Moreover, it is important to learn more about the political and entrepreneurial career of Cecil Rhodes who was interested in the advancement of the British rule in Africa. This letter is written by a person who actively advocates colonialism and imperialism. The main argument of this source is that these policies can serve the purposes of many interest groups in Great Britain. This source cannot be called reliable because many of the author’s claims are unfounded. For instance, one can mention the statement according to which British citizens are superior to other nations. Moreover, the writer does not speak about the challenges that could be encountered by colonizers and native residents of the territories controlled by the British Empire. This source is important because it can throw light on the rhetoric used by the supporters of colonial and imperial policies. Moreover, this letter demonstrates that these policies were premised on the idea that a certain nation or a race had been superior to other people. Furthermore, many people, who lived during that time, could take such arguments almost for granted. This is why this letter should not be overlooked.

Economics homework help

Economics homework help. As you’ve seen in this weeks lectures and video, there are many hurdles to overcome when developing a message that will actually be able to be understood and decoded on the far side.,As you’ve seen in this weeks lectures and video,A Message for ET, 11 unread reply.11 reply., As you’ve seen in this weeks lectures and video, there are many hurdles to overcome when developing a message that will actually be able to be understood and decoded on the far side.,You have been tasked with designing humanities next message designed for extra-terrestrials.    You can respond to this assignment in any way you’d like (e.g. Video? Audio? Interpretive Dance? Cat Pictures? etc.  [but don’t hand draw…]) but you must accomplish the following four things:,I want your message to convey that:,Humans are from planet Earth, ,Earth is the third planet from Sol, The date of the launch (done in a way that does not require understanding of dates / e.g. don’t just put Jan 3rd on a slide – aliens won’t understand what that means), Any personal message of your choice, (note:  It must do all four things),No written language or spoken words of any kind can be used.,Keep in mind that your audience will have no frame of reference, their own cultural interpretations, and may not even have bodies…  Try to step outside yourself and imagine you are the alien.  What might you understand?  Try to be creative.  We’ve learned several things in this course so far that might help give you some ideas – but there are many many other ways you can go.,Please don’t just tell me about your message, you have to try to make it in some way.,– ALSO – Please include a short paragraph on your entry that describes the thought process behind your message!,Once you have posted your own, comment on two of your classmates messages and give them a bit of feedback on what worked and what did not.  I had a 30 year NASA veteran in this course a few terms back and he wrote me beforehand suggesting this was a silly assignment… till he tried it.  After, he wrote me back that it had been the hardest assignment in the whole course…  but the funnest!,I agree!,.Economics homework help