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University Of California Santa Barbara FAMST70 Media Criticism Reponse

University Of California Santa Barbara FAMST70 Media Criticism Reponse.

Please write a response in paragraph form (200-300 words) to the following prompt, making sure to explain key concepts from the readings in your own words (lengthy quotes do not count toward the word count – instead, use your own words), and to make detailed references to readings and screenings where appropriate. Make sure to answer all 3 parts of the prompt fully, and to proofread your work before submitting it.How does McLuhan characterize the relationship between media, history, and society, and how is this argument supported (or challenged) by the formal, stylistic elements of The Medium is the Massage’s design? (2) How important are human agents and cultural forces in McLuhan’s account of technology’s effects on society, vs. in either Carr or Eisenstein’s articles?(choose one author to compare and contrast to McLuhan here). And (3), what connections can you draw between the Black Mirror episode “The Entire History of You” and McLuhan’s ideas (for example, his ideas around media’s inherent sensuality, or its extension of human faculties and organs)?Marshall McLuhan: The medium is the message:…
University Of California Santa Barbara FAMST70 Media Criticism Reponse

Allergic RhinitisEvidence Based and Treatment Plan Presentation.

Please see the Writing Center for assistance with writing, APA, and online communication.This week you will create a 12–15-slide PowerPoint.For your assigned topic(s), you are to discuss the incidence and prevalence of the disorder, pathophysiology from an advanced practice perspective, physical assessment and examination, evidence-based treatment plan and patient education, as well as follow up and evaluation to assess the efficacy and outcomes of the evidence-based treatment plan for management of an episodic, acute, and chronic case involving the pathology(s) you are sharing. List any diagnostic studies or laboratory test(s) you need to rule in or rule out a diagnosis. The entry should be posted as an attachment. Please pick one of the following topics for your post: Allergic rhinitis, conjunctivitis, blepharitis, sinusitis, hordeolum, chalazion, otitis media, otitis externa, pharyngitis, tonsillitis, glossitis, TMJ. Please respond to two your classmates’ postings.Answers all questions with opinions/ideas creatively and clearly. Supports post using several outside, peer-reviewed sources.
Allergic RhinitisEvidence Based and Treatment Plan Presentation

ENG 2 SMC If He Hollers Let Him Go Protest Novel Review & Analysis Essay.

Paper #1: Chester HimesEssay Prompt:As a protest novel, If He Hollers Let Him Go features many passages where its characters explicitly offer insightful arguments and analysis about race and racism in America.Although it is a work of fiction, the book therefore offers a valuable contribution to political and cultural discussions about the role of race and racism in American society that took place across the 20th century and that continue to this day.Write an essay that thoughtfully explores how ONE of the novel’s characters might support and develop and/or criticize and reject the ideas of TWO of the supplementary historical readings (Washington, Du Bois, MLK, Carmichael).Show how the character, through either his or her words or actions, expresses similar ideas and perhaps gives us a deeper understanding and defense of the position of the supplementary reading.And/or show how the character, through either his or her words or actions, opposes the ideas of the supplementary reading and perhaps even reveals its inadequacies or errors.It is better to be complex and in-depth on a few points than to superficially rush through many points.You should therefore limit yourself to just one character in your discussion.Also do not discuss more than two of the supplementary readings.Outside research is not required.Paper requirements:___The paper must at least reach the middle of page 5, not including the Works Cited.___The paper must have a title, introduction, thesis, a series of body paragraphs, conclusion, and Works Cited.___MLA guidelines must be followed for all in-text citations and the Works Cited page.___Two of the supplementary readings must be discussed and included in the Works Cited.Textual Evidence/Support:Each major point should be developed in a unified paragraph that incorporates plenty of textual evidence, either through paraphrase or quotation.Be sure to stick closely to the language of the novel and the supplementary readings in your interpretation: keep returning to and quoting the exact language that Himes and the other authors use, but be sure also to analyze and explain everything you quote.Grading:Your grade will be based on the insightfulness of your critical thinking and the quality of your writing. The ideas of the character and the supplementary readings need to be explained clearly, accurately, and thoroughly.The comparison of the character to the readings should be accurate, in-depth, and insightful about their similarities and/or differences. Your essay needs not only to follow the rules of grammar but also to demonstrate your control over style. Although you may be incorporating many details and quotations from the novel and readings into your essay, you need to make sure the writing remains smooth and appealing.
ENG 2 SMC If He Hollers Let Him Go Protest Novel Review & Analysis Essay

Why Gay Marriage Should Not Be Legal Essay

Regardless of the changing societal systems, norms, values, ethics, behavioral patterns, since time memorial the institution of marriage has been one of the most valued institutions in all societies, because of its role in continuation of the human species. Yes, I cannot deny that not all individuals marry with an aim of raising children, but could we be alive today to cherish the kind of choices we make in our daily lives had our ancestors not given birth to our parents. Therefore, because marriage is a consecrated unification of a male and a female, ready to sacrifice all that is at their disposal for the continuation of the human species and societal values, I believe all individuals should respect it hence, the need to illegalize gay marriage. It is important to note that, regardless of nature of value systems adopted by a society, we can never detach the union of a male and a female from its cultural, holy, and natural foundations, without interfering with societal systems, norms, and values (Messerli 1). With the increasing number of same sex marriages, I believe unless the government takes serious legal steps, soon such marriages will entirely erode the significance of marriage in societies. The gay alliance should be illegal, because the union between a male and a female in matrimony is of great significance not only to an individual, but also to societies. Yes, I cannot deny that, as normal couples, gay couples can also handle all financial needs of their family however, what kind of values will such couples instill in their children or children in their neighborhoods? As research studies show, such unions have many negative influences on growing children hence, the likelihoods of such children developing desired societal norms and values are minimal. In addition, although gay parents have the potential of bringing children, such children lack the parental love that mothers and fathers can provide, because you can imagine the many questions that children brought up in such families always ask themselves. It is important to note that, all societal and religious values form the primary pillars of any society’s well-being. Therefore, because the society frowns at the mentioning of gay marriage, most children brought up in gay marriages suffer from stress and psychological torture, as most of them are never comfortable in associating with their peers. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Because of psychological suffering that these children have to endure, most of them will engage themselves in deviant behavior, for example, substance abuse and criminal activity (Patterson and Redding 31-39). Considering this, it therefore means that, allowing the practice to continue in our societies is a disrespect of children’s rights; hence, greatly jeopardizing the well-being of future generations. Yes, the argument by supporters of gay marriages that the constitution should give equal protection to all individuals’ rights is correct. However, although this is the case, do gays recognize the impact of their practice on the general societal systems, more so the marriage institution? In addition, it means that, accepting of this like a practice is like accepting matrimony between relatives, because the society needs so. Therefore, it is important to note that, the effects from this domino effect will greatly affect other societal practices hence, the need to abolish the practice completely from the society. On the other hand, although the constitution should provide all individuals with equal freedoms, the society must not fail to recognize that, to some extent accepting gay marriages may render “normal” marriages to lose meaning. Hence, because no individual is special, there is need for the law to limit granting some legal rights to practices that will alter the normal peaceful and accepted societal lifestyles. Supporters of gay marriages should always bear in mind that, the joining of a female and a male in matrimony is a natural practice that has been there since time memorial, and not a law created practice (Bidstrup 1). From a religious point of view, the joining of two individuals of different sexes in matrimony is of great significance not only to the church, but also to maintaining healthy relationships between the state and religious organizations (Bidstrup 1). Yes, although the argument that not all individuals are religious fanatics is correct, one thing they supporters of gay marriages fail to recognize is that, there is no way we can separate the church and the state. Although not all individuals believe in church doctrines, it is important to note that, the church is one pillar of the society, whose contributions are enormous as far as the peaceful co-existence of individuals in societies is concerned. Therefore, it is of great significance to respect church doctrines, because of the contributions churches make to societies to ensure people live peaceful, loving and supporting one another We will write a custom Essay on Why Gay Marriage Should Not Be Legal specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More On the other hand, although most supporters of gay marriage associate it with reduction of sexually transmitted diseases, as research studies show more than seventy-five percent of gays at one time in their lives are promiscuous and never use protection. Therefore, the argument that gay marriages can reduce transmission of sexually transmitted diseases is refutable, because research has proved that, instead of reducing it increases the prevalence and spread of deadly infections, for example, HIV and AIDS (Shea, Wilson, Ranali, Paulaitis, Castagna, Raabe, and Lafrance 1-2). In conclusion, considering the impacts of legalizing gay marriage to the social health status, norms, values of the society and practices cherished by the society, in my view there is need for the government to enact tough legislation to prevent the practice from spreading. Such legislation should ensure all societal members give the marriage institution the respect and sanctity it deserves, it being the primary determinant of the continuation of the human species. Works Cited Bidstrup, Scott. Gay marriage: the arguments and motives (arguments a against Gay marriage). 2000. Web. Messerli, Joe. Should same sex be legalized? Balanced Politics, 24 June. 2009. Web. Patterson, Charlotte and Redding, Richard. Lesbian and gay families with children: Implications of social science research and for policy. Journal of Social Issues, 52.3 (1996): 29-50. Web. Shea, John, Wilson, John, Ranali, Paul, Paulaitis, Christina, Castagna, Luigi, Raabe, Hans-Christina, and Lafrance, Andre. Gay marriage and homosexuality Some medical comments. 2010. Web.

Management Information Systems and E Business Characteristics Paper

essay help online free Management Information Systems and E Business Characteristics Paper.

Develop and present a paper that demonstrates you have learned and know how to apply the learning objectives in this course; if you use your discussion question responses, you should be able to encompass all of the learning objectives. Please center your CLA2 around the fictitious company from CLA1.The product does not matter, but how you sell it to the consumers does.Your paper should be from the perspective of a manager or an executive that uses Information Systems to increase the bottom-line and grows the company.Be sure to provide examples of all the elements that you have learned.1. APA format2. 6-8 pages3.6-8 referencesbook: Baltzan, P., & Phillips, A. (2018). Business driven informationsystems (6th ed.). McGraw-Hill Higher Education.
Management Information Systems and E Business Characteristics Paper

Sickle cell disease, an disease of red blood cells

Share this: Facebook Twitter Reddit LinkedIn WhatsApp Introduction This paper presents a detailed overview of sickle cell disease, an inherited disease of the red blood cells. The paper begins with a brief discussion of the aetiology, prevalence of sickle cell disease. Next the paper investigates the pathophysiological aspects of the disease and the physical manifestation of symptoms the patient presented with. The paper then discusses how sickle cell disease affects suffer. Finally the paper presents and evaluates treatment and management of care. The conclusion will provide a summary of the points discussed. Sickle cell disease (SCD) encompasses a group of haemo­globinopathies. There is currently no cure for adults with this hereditary disease, which mainly affects people of Afro-Caribbean origin and, to a lesser extent, Mediterra­nean, Middle Eastern and Asian groups. There are large numbers of people around the world who suffer from acute or chronic pain, or indeed both, as a result of sickle cell disease. Sickle Cell Society (2008) estimates that sickle cell disease affects approximately 10 000-12 500 people in the UK. Sickle cell disease comprises of a group of inherited blood disorders that alter a person’s haemoglobin, causing chronic haemolytic anaemia and producing acute and chronic pain as a result of reoccurring episodes of vascular occlusion (Lal. and Vichinsky, 2005). Adult haemoglobin consists of two alpha globin and two beta globin chains wrapped around a haem (iron containing) molecule. Haemoglobin – is the main substance of the red blood cell. It helps red blood cells carry oxygen from the air in the lungs to all parts of the body. Normal red blood cells contain haemoglobin A. Haemoglobin S and haemoglobin C are abnormal types of haemoglobin. Normal red blood cells are soft and round and can squeeze through tiny blood tubes (vessels). Normally, red blood cells live for about 120 days before new ones replace them. People with sickle cell conditions make a different form of haemoglobin A called haemoglobin S (S stands for sickle). This is caused by mutation in the beta chain which means the haemoglobin has a lower affinity for oxygen that causes sickle cell anaemia is the most common (Serjeant

Florida International University Special Events Site Inspection Form Paper

Florida International University Special Events Site Inspection Form Paper.

A few venue inspection formats will be provided, but it will need to be modified by you depending upon the sort of venue chosen. Site visits normally are done in person, but the current situation necessitates on-line visits. Try to be creative in your selection of a possible venue – it may be a location not usually used for events, but it should be an indoor location. Indicate its strengths and weaknesses, and the approximate maximum and minimum attendance that could be hosted. Also indicate the sort of events for which the venue might work well and those for which it would not work well. For those students who have jobs, please do not use your work venue for this assignment.Approach this as if you have been asked by your agency’s director to investigate and report back on a potential venue. The paper should be done in a professional business memo style. You are encouraged to include pictures to emphasize points and capture color schemes. Spelling and grammar are important and points will be deducted for such mistakes. Purpose: To provide a worldly experience that is often asked of new events planners in DMC’s and other agencies. Also critical for the planning of any event, and one of the first steps in the planning process. The memo may be addressed to your boss (if you are taking the role of working at a DMC, or to a client).Site Inspection Form for SE.docx – This may be used to organize your inspection notes. Others are in the student resources files.RubricSite Visit ReportSite Visit ReportCriteriaRatingsPtsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeQuality of Writing5 to >4.0 ptsExcellentWritten responses are free of grammatical, spelling or punctuation errors.4 to >2.0 ptsProficientWritten responses are largely free of grammatical, spelling or punctuation errors.2 to >0.0 ptsLimitedWritten responses include some grammatical, spelling or punctuation errors that distract the reader.0 ptsPoorWritten responses contain numerous grammatical, spelling or punctuation errors.5 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomePaper is presented as a professional memo stylePaper is done with appropriate headings (TO:, FR:, SUB:, DATE:,). The copy is single-spaced, with spacing between paragraphs, concise and business-like, addressed to a supervisor (not a client).20 to >10.0 ptsExcellentThe presentation demonstrates an appropriate writing format and style. Personal opinions are kept to a minimum, with facts organized for later use by others evident.10 to >5.0 ptsAdequateThe presentation demonstrates mostly an appropriate writing format and style. Personal opinions are frequent, with facts not in an organized style for later use by others.5 to >0 ptsPoorThe presentation does not demonstrate an appropriate writing format and style. Personal opinions substitute for facts most of the time, with facts needing to be ferreted out to make the information at all useful.20 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeThoroughness of reportThe paper fully summarizes the venue being reported on, including information available from extensive online research, (items identified in the site visit listing of items to be inspected), measurements, and a listing of the sort of events/programs for which the site would be most appropriate or inappropriate for. Paper is based on facts, not just impressions.100 to >90.0 ptsExcellentThe paper gives a thorough assessment of the venue, including pictures when appropriate to enhance or illustrate its claims. Capacities and measurements of space are provided. The recommendations for usage are reasonable and comprehensive.90 to >75.0 ptsProficientThe paper gives a reasonable, although not thorough, assessment of the venue, including pictures when appropriate to enhance or illustrate its claims. Capacities and measurements of space are lacking or sporadic The recommendations for usage are unreasonable or missing75 to >0 ptsPoorLate or no response posting submitted. OR response does not accurately address the prompt.100 ptsTotal Points: 125PREVIOUS
Florida International University Special Events Site Inspection Form Paper