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University of California Santa Barbara Earth Seasons Questions

University of California Santa Barbara Earth Seasons Questions.

Class activity on Earth’s seasons will be given.Why do we have seasons?Please explain the factors the determines the temperature changes of four seasonsWhen is Earth closer to the Sun? 4. Which are the reasons for the changing temperatures in the four seasons?Angle at which sunlight strikes the surfaceHow long the sun shines on any latitude (daylight hours).Distance to the SunWhat is the reason that the sun’s angle changes? What is the reason that the length of the day changes?What is insolation? What is Solstice? What is Equinox?What is austral summer? What is boreal summer?What is the time of the year, fromUpper left; Upper rightLower left; Lower rightWhat month does this graph represent? What locations are a,b,c,d,e,f? Choices: North Pole (90 N); Arctic Circle (66.5 N); Midlatitude at 40 N;Tropical of Cancer, 23.5 N; Tropic of Capricorn, 23.5 S; Equator, 0 degree
University of California Santa Barbara Earth Seasons Questions

MKTG 2270 North American Professional Sports Industry Environmental Analysis Paper.

Market Analysis : A good marketing audit outlines the major issues in both consumer and
business markets. Market size, market growth, market segmentation, consumer
behaviour/decision making, market trends and developments are some of the key issues
to consider in analysing the market. Every situation may have its own nuances, but the
consumer/business market analysis is central to any marketing environmental audit. In
looking at the broader forces driving the industry, you may or may not find that Porter’s
Model (1980) is a useful tool. Do not ignore distribution channels (if they are relevant) in
your analysis of the market. What are the elements of the firm’s/industry’s revenue
MKTG 2270 North American Professional Sports Industry Environmental Analysis Paper

George Berkeley Philosophy Summary Essay

George Berkeley is a prominent thinker and philosopher of the 18th century which is known for his system of spiritualistic philosophy. He developed the thesis that “existence is the thing that is perceived or the one who perceives” (Berman 1995). He lived and worked in the era of the industrial revolution, technological progress and the great scientific discoveries that shed light on the nature of the world; in an era when religion began to lose its centuries-long position in the minds of people, giving place to the scientific and philosophical outlook. Originally from Ireland, the oldest British colony, Berkeley was the eldest of seven children in the family of the landed nobleman. From a young age his life was connected with religion and schooling, he put all his strength into the creation of a philosophical system, designed to eliminate atheism and the related materialist philosophy. The history of philosophical thought Berkeley entered as one of the most prominent representatives of idealism. His works pursue the only goal – “to remove the cornerstone of matter from the system of atheists, after which the entire building will inevitably collapse.” (Turbayne 1982). The philosophical system created by Berkeley, was exposed and is still subjected by the deserved criticism. At the same time, it has its followers. His works are still being studying and are of a great interest for philosophers. The English philosopher George Berkeley (1685-1753) criticized the concepts of matter as a real basis (substance) of bodies, as well as the Newton’s theory of space as a repository of all natural bodies, and the J. Locke’s theory of the origin of the matter and space concepts. Berkeley remarked that the basis of the matter is the assumption that we can, apart from the particular properties of things, form the abstract idea of the common for all of them material as a kind of substrate. However, according to Berkeley, it is impossible: we do not have the sensory perception of matter; our perception of each item is expanded without any residue on the perception of a certain sum of individual sensations or ideas. Indeed, in this case there will nothing remain from the matter: it seems to be dissolved in some “fog” of uncertainty, which in general can not influence anything. So, here is an aphoristic postulate of Berkeley: “To be – means to be in perception.” (Ewing1957). The philosophical ideas of Berkeley and his atheist position lead us to the following conclusion. If there is no God, then the things we consider the material objects must have a spasmodic life: suddenly emerged at the moment of perception, they immediately would disappear as soon they leave the field of view of the perceiving subject. But, Berkeley argued that due to the constant vigil of God, everything in the world (trees, rocks, crystals, etc.) exists constantly, as a good sense befits. Berkeley was an outstanding writer, who had an elegant style (by the way, his numerous works he wrote when he was 28!). He was not only a priest (Bishop in Cloyne,Ireland) and a philosopher but a psychologist also.Berkeley tried to prove that we perceive only the properties of things: how these things affect our senses, but we do not grasp the very essence of things, even though the properties are relative to the perceiving subject. Sensory impressions are the phenomena of the psyche. The philosophical doctrine of George Berkeley is aimed at a refutation of materialism and the justification of religion. For this purpose he used the nominalistic principles, established by William Ockham. The doctrine, created Berkeley is a subjective idealism. Rejecting the existence of matter, it recognizes the existence only of the human mind, in which Berkeley distinguishes the ideas and souls (minds) (Berman 1995). Also, Berkeley created the theory of material objects and the theory of idealistic sensationalism, using a notion of secondary qualities of Locke. Berkeley wrote a lot of works and the most famous works of them are: “An Essay Towards a New Theory of Vision”(1709), “Treatise Concerning the Principles of Human Knowledge”(1710), “Three Dialogues between Hylas and Philonous” (1713), “Alciphron, or The Minute Philosopher”(1732), “Siris: A Chain of Philosophical Reflexions and Inquiries” (1744) and many other (Hughes 1865). Berkeley was one of the founders of idealism, taking an active part in the struggle between the two philosophical camps; his teaching put vividly the fundamental question of philosophy. The philosophy of Berkeley continues to attract the attention of contemporary philosophers because of its educational value, because it clearly shows all the greatest evils of philosophical thought. Without a doubt, Berkeley is an outstanding classic of idealism. He formulated all the basic arguments of idealism, which can be put against materialism. He clearly raised the question of the relationship between objective and subjective in the feelings and the question about the causes and types of existence. His works affect the fundamental scientific knowledge and raise questions which are still not answered.

Post-Operative Complications through Improved Communication and Documentation of Patients with a Self-Disclosed History of COVID-19

write my term paper Instruction from professors “Remember that an integral part of a comprehensive literature review does include a literature table or synthesis matrix. This is how your audience can see the various themes and or gaps in the literature. The narrative portion of your paper should synthesis these findings. ” Please see attachments for 3 screenshots of the rubric. The literature review needs to include an evidence table. In attachments I have included my original table that had a slightly different focus…but I need this literature reviews evidence table created with the same layout please in order to allow for more information per page to be shared for the table. I will try to send these in a doc form but these are some of the reference I found that might be useful but if you find better or more relevant ones please use them. References for DNP Scholarly Project Aktas Yildirim, S., Sarikaya, Z. T., Ulugol, H., Ozata, S., Aksu, U., Toraman, F.,

Power Of Relationship Between Men And Women English Literature Essay

The power of relationship between men and women had clearly shown in both of the novel. In the novel “Nervous Conditions”, the author portrays the five women Tambu, Tambu’s mother Ma’Shingayi, Nyasha, Maiguru and Lucia in a powerless way. They need to obey the men all the time. During the school vacation, Tambu and her relatives went back to the hometown. Maiguru as a Babamukuru’s wife who is the headmaster of the mission school, she is expected to cook, clean and prepare everything for the extended family. Although she is highly educated but she is still enthralled to the wants of her husband and the men in the community but because of her culture she forces to keep silent and obedient. She has no choice but to follow. “This business of a womanhood is a heavy burden. When there are sacrifices to be made, you are the one who has to make them” (Tsitsi Dangarembga 16). This is what Tambu’s mother told Tambu. This quote demonstrates that once women marry to a man, she is like a burden to the men. Women are the one who always sacrifices themselves for the family. Women are born to be a burden of men. In “Hamlet” by William Shakespeare, the queen of Denmark, Gertrude is a woman who tends to obey men. She married with Claudius after her husband’s death within a month. Gertrude is a woman who cannot live without a man. Beside, another character, Ophelia also follow the rules of female has the lower status in society. She gone mad when her father, Polonius died. (William Shakespeare) Women tend to obey men, this is because they feel inferior towards men and they obey this tradition since their ancestors. They just follow the status quo that men are dominance in society. Besides, in the second novel “Pride and Prejudice”, this novel starts with the sentence “It is truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of good fortune must be in a want of a wife” (Jane Austen 1). This quote demonstrates that the man wants a wife then they can get the wife, women does not have the chance to reject them. The man has option as well as freedom to choose any girl that they wants, however women only can get whichever men want them. From here, “Pride and Prejudice” has shown that how pitiful is a women. They do not have the chance to choose the man they want. If so happen they marry to the men they do not like, they need to face the men for the rest of their life. “The color Purple” which is written by Alice Walker, is a novel that about a black women, Celie, who has been sexually abused by the man she believes to her father, robbed of her two children, and married off to man she hates. She believes that men are the ones who dominate in society (Alice Walker). This novel is the evidence of how a woman can obey. Even though Celia has raped by his father but she forces herself to remain silent and obedient towards her father due to the status quo of men in society. “In my heart, I think a woman has two choices: either she’s a feminist or a masochist.” (Gloria Steinem) In Gloria Steinem’s point of view, woman is a weak party in society. It seems that women do not have any chance to go the higher level of life. Both of the novels are in the community which is follow the process called entailed. In the novel “Nervous Conditions”, after the sudden death of Nhamo (Tambu’s brother) Tambu is selected to take over him. Before that, the family does not allow Tambu to study. “It is the same everywhere. Because you are a girl…what did you expect? Did you really think that you can send yourself to school?” (Tsitsi Dangarrmbga 21). This quote demonstrates that Tambu really want to study and gain knowledge but she is a female, therefore she does not have the chance to study because her family will not pay for the school fees. This quote shows that it is really hard to get a woman to success. In that time, almost all the jobs are for men. In this novel, women had very few choices in their life. They do not have any chance to do whatever they want. They need to please the men. Not only that, in the second novel “Pride and Prejudice”, “It is from my cousin Mr.Collins, who, when I am dead, may turn you all out of this house as soon as he please” (Jane Austen 62). Mr. Bennet’s property is entailed, meaning that he must passed his property to a man after Mr. Bennet death and cannot be inherited by any five of his daughter, his property need to pass to a male relative on his side of the family who is Mr. Collins. This shows that male have the higher status than a woman. They can inherit the property of their family or even side family. However women do not have any chance to get the property from their family yet once the women marry to men, anything that the women owned will automatically became her husband’s. Besides, in the novel “Little Women” women’s fight between the family duty and personal development. This novel demonstrate that a women has their own thought and wanted to have their own job however they has to follow the tradition that they need to stay at home and complete their duty. In the poem “An independent woman” by Audrey A Cooper, “She makes her own living, and doesn’t care what anyone thinks” (Audrey A Cooper line 1

PSY 355 Grand Canyon University Biomedical v Biopsychosocial Analysis Essay

PSY 355 Grand Canyon University Biomedical v Biopsychosocial Analysis Essay.

After reviewing the resources in the course materials, write a 750-1,000-word paper analyzing the biopsychosocial and the biomedical models of health.Include the following in your paper:Differentiate between the biomedical and biopsychosocial models.Identify the factors of each model (biological, psychological, social).Describe the role of biological, psychological, and social factors as it relates to health and illness.What are current leading causes of death for each model?How can lifestyle or healthful behaviors reduce illness?Use three to four current scholarly resources to support your discussion (one of which may be the textbook).Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.
PSY 355 Grand Canyon University Biomedical v Biopsychosocial Analysis Essay

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