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University of California Queer Aesthetics and Fandoms of Dante Cove Essay

University of California Queer Aesthetics and Fandoms of Dante Cove Essay.

Please improve the first draft you wrote for me.This is my final please help me to write it as better as possible.Thank you so much!!Here is the peer review from my professor:I appreciate some of the insights you provide in this essay, especially your discussion of Dante’s Cove’s use of locations as social metaphors (basement as conversion camp, for instance). The paper’s organization seems somewhat haphazard and redundant though – I might suggest a compare and contrast approach that compares An American Family (1970s social documentary on public TV) to Dante’s Cove (a gay horror/fantasy produced for the subscription Here! pay channel in the 2000s). Try to engage more formal/aesthetic analysis of your show(s) – how they use visual and aural elements to produce (or shun) a camp style. Please be sure also to distinguish your argument/intervention from Owens’ critique as the two occasionally bleed together.Here is also a video peer review:…Please follow the professor’s peer review carefullyIf you need any more information please let me know.
University of California Queer Aesthetics and Fandoms of Dante Cove Essay

Rasmussen College Transferable Skills Career Field Reflection Essay.

Throughout your education, you have been asked to research topics and write papers, engage in thought-provoking discussions, consider diverse perspectives, and a host of other challenges that have required you to use both your discipline-specific skills as well as your soft skills. These are called transferable skills, and are skills that you develop that can be transferred and applied within your chosen career. Transferable skills are highly valuable and essential for career success.
Throughout this course, you have been working on a project that allowed you to demonstrate your understanding of the transferable skills. It is now time to submit your project/assignment and add a transferable skills reflection.

Transferable Skills Self Reflection
In a minimum of 1 full page, using Microsoft Word, write an essay (full introduction and conclusion), which includes the following:
Describe the knowledge, skills and/or attitudes regarding each of the transferable skills that you’ve gained as a result of completing this particular project/assignment.
Discuss the ways that you are going to incorporate the transferable skills (the transferable skills that you showcased in your exemplary project) into your work within your chosen career field.
Describe your future goals based on the transferable skills that you’ve chosen to showcase.
Rasmussen College Transferable Skills Career Field Reflection Essay

MN 576 Purdue University Global Primary Care of the Women Health Response.

The US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has the Office on Women’s Health (OWH) division. This division is aimed at the health of women and girls in the United States. According to their website they inform the public on policies, provide supportive programs, and educate. They provide free fact sheets, informatics, videos, and webinars for many health topics that affect women. They also have several programs aimed at vulnerable populations. OWH has a program to provide healthcare professionals information on caring for active duty women. They also have the “It’s Only Natural” campaign which is aimed at educating African American women on the benefits of breastfeeding (Hayworth, 2020). Locally, in El Paso, Texas, there is a nonprofit agency called Project Vida. This agency has three locations along with a mobile location that provides healthcare, education, wellness, and housing in the community. Their women’s health services include birth control, family planning, gyn exams, cancer screenings, and mammograms. The services are provided at little to no cost based on income/needs. They also have LGBTQ services available to the community (Project Vida, n.d.). Hayworth, H. N. (2020). Office on Women’s Health. Retrieved from Vida. (n.d.). Retrieved from
MN 576 Purdue University Global Primary Care of the Women Health Response

Activism against Domestic Violence Issues and Negative Effects Research Paper

Activism against Domestic Violence Issues and Negative Effects Research Paper.

Paper should be a minimum of 5 pagesThe paper should reflect a scholarly, research-based approach to the issue. It will therefore make use of and reference texts we have covered in class and/or otherscholarly, peer-reviewed sources.The paper must be typed and double-spaced, with standard margins and fonts, and edited and corrected for grammar and spelling. All sources must be properly cited. Details:From the readings and class discussions this semester, choose an issue that negatively impacts the lives of women in the US (or your country of origin if you prefer).1. Give a concise outline of the problems/seriousness of the issue and how it affects the lives of women, keeping in mind that “women” is a broad category for analysis. Present the underlying causesof this problem: there is a tendency to only list symptoms of a problem rather than examining the systemic basis for them. It is crucial that we recognize what these systemic issues are. Please be cognizant of the need to understand the extent to which intersections of race, class, sexuality, ability etc. are often inextricable from gender when examining the issues at hand. Your analysis should reflect this intersectionality.2. Conduct research into, and report on, the importance and relevance of women’sactivism around this issue. Your paper should address the following questions: How have/are women organized/organizing to address the issue? What have been/are the goals of this activism? What has been/is the impact of this activism? What has it achieved or what does it hope to achieve? 3. Include discussion of the following:In what way is this issue relevant to the lives of young people today? Is it / why is it important for young people in contemporary society to take a stand on this issue?
Activism against Domestic Violence Issues and Negative Effects Research Paper

Establishing Secondary Market In Ethiopia Finance Essay

term paper help Review of the existing literature indicates that securities markets contribute to economic growth by mobilizing saving and channeling it to productive investment. Ethiopia, though having growing markets for primary issues of equity and debt securities, does not have a secondary market and as a result is not reaping the benefits. The purpose of this study is to assess the benefits and costs of operating secondary market for equity and debt securities in the light of extant literature. In order to achieve this objective, the literature available on securities markets has been critically studied and summarized. The result of the research shows that Ethiopia should pave the way for secondary markets development in the medium term as their benefits exceed costs. The study concludes that the policymakers must seriously consider the launching of secondary market in Ethiopia. Key Words: Secondary Market, Benefits and Costs, Ethiopia, Extant Literature Review Introduction Financial Markets channel savings to those individuals and institutions that need more funds for spending than that are provided by their current incomes. The financial system consists of many players like financial institutions, financial markets, regulators, market participants and others having stake on it. Money and Capital Markets operating within the financial system make possible the exchange of current income for future income and the transformation of savings into investment which result in increased production, employment, income, and living standards. (Rose, 2001) The size of the world stock market was estimated at about $36.6 trillion at the beginning of October 2008. ( The total world derivatives market has been estimated at about $791 trillion face or nominal value, 11 times the size of the entire world economy (BIS, 2008). With the exception of South Africa, African stock markets are extremely small by world standards. Together, the fifteen markets apart from South Africa accounted for only 0.2 per cent of world stock market capitalization at the end of 2003, and 2.0 per cent of emerging market capitalization. In contrast, South Africa – which accounts for 80 per cent of African stock market capitalization – is quite large by world standards. With a capitalization of US $267 billion at the end of 2003, South Africa was then the fifth largest emerging market (after China, Taiwan, South Korea and India), and the 18th largest equity market in the world. All African markets (including South Africa) tend to lack liquidity, however, and therefore when ranked by turnover rather than market capitalization their relative position is diminished. Five of the African markets are included in the S

PC Opening Verses of the Book of Mormon Mormon Scriptures Analysis Discussion

PC Opening Verses of the Book of Mormon Mormon Scriptures Analysis Discussion.

Read Mormon Scripture PassagesWatch the Mormon Scriptures Video LecturesComplete “Mormon Scriptures” discussion boardread three passages from the sacred text of Mormonism. For your discussion board, I would like you to choose one these passages and discuss your thoughts and reaction to it. In your response you can respond to any of the following questions:Why did you choose this reading in particular to discuss?What was interesting about the reading?What do you think is the main teaching or message of this reading?What did you find beautiful or disturbing about this reading?What did you find surprising about the reading?Did the reading remind you of something in your own life?Did this scriptural passage remind you of any other scriptures?What did you learn about this religious tradition from the readings?What did you find confusing about the reading?Your response must be at least 250 words and include two direct quotations from the reading. Your initial response is . You must also respond to at least two classmates (these responses must each be at least 100 words long).
PC Opening Verses of the Book of Mormon Mormon Scriptures Analysis Discussion

The Significance Of Business Development In Hospitality

The essay mainly focused on the significance of business development in hospitality, Business Development analyses and evaluates the different aspects of business growth routes and development processes in the international hospitality industry. It considers the essential features of the strategic business context, in which any hospitality organization operates. The hotel industry needs significance business development According to Pizam stases further in the essay following things will be focused similar to, aspire of importance of business development, accepting requires of consumer, how to build up product that can make best to customer want, the main reason for failed hotel business. Victorious hotels are individuals who regularly involved in developing new product that can catch the attention of consumer, for the reason that client are the crucial base of any business, particular in the hospitality sector. “Discrimination refers to capability to offer exceptional value to client

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