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University of California Los Angeles Week 8 Earthquake Hot Spots Discussion

University of California Los Angeles Week 8 Earthquake Hot Spots Discussion.

Week 8 – Assignment:Instructions:Watch videos, read articles, and listen to podcasts (all of them) listed below. They cover topics discussed in lectures. Choose 1 of them to write a short report (title + 3-4 sentences maximum) summarizing the key points, in your own words, at the bottom of this page. Think of it as an elevator conversation. You run into a friend in the elevator and you want to tell them about the exciting article you just read. You want to convey the main idea, or the idea that struck you the most, in one minute! Submit the report via Turnitin on CCLE. Due 03/03/2021 11:59 PM PST1. Wired: 5 Most Dangerous U.S. Earthquake Hot Spots Beyond California: USGS: Earthquake Los Angeles ShakeOut:Pick one of the city views at the bottom of the page, watch the sequence and describe what you see. The 2015 movie San Andreas official trailer (Warner Bros. Pictures): What is realistic and what is fantasy in the film, from the preview? NOVA: Japan’s Killer Quake – 2011 Tohoku earthquake: Note: this episode is 53 minutes long. If you choose to watch it entirely you may skip the other movies and reading in this assignment.Report:
University of California Los Angeles Week 8 Earthquake Hot Spots Discussion

Market Pricing a job.

Background You are the Compensation Analyst for Big Blue Construction Company. Your Company is primarily focused on concrete construction projects. Recently, the President has announced the acquisition of a small quarry to help Big Blue become more vertically integrated on the supply side. The recently acquired company has Operative jobs that have never existed in your Company before. These jobs include, Mill Worker, Welder, Tool Grinder, Mixer, etc.Big Blue Construction Company is located in Miami, FL and has Operating Revenue of 1.5 Million dollars. The company currently has a total of 517 employees.The Compensation Director at Big Blue has asked you to assign the following jobs to the correct grade based on the current market. WelderThe organizational philosophy on market pricing a position is to take the market data cuts or Relevant Labor Market that best represent the organization (Geography, Revenue, Total Employees) and average the 50th percentile for those data cuts. The grade for the position is determined based on the closest grade midpoint to the average 50th percentile of the Relevant Labor Markets selected. This is also called a Market Match Policy.The market data for each job is attached to this assignment. You will need to determine the data cuts that best represent Big Blue Construction Company.InstructionsUse the attached Market Data and Sample Salary Structure to create a one page report on what pay grade you should assign the Welder position at Big Blue Construction Company. Your report should be addressed to the Compensation Director and should include your analysis and justification for the Relevant Labor Market and grade assignment. Helpful InformationRead Chapter 7!!Make sure you only use data cuts that best represent the company and follow the Market Match Policy. Use the attached Sample Salary Structure.If you overprice the job, you will be overspending and may force the company to lay off employees or shut down completely.If you underprice the job, it will be extremely hard to attract talent and vacancies will remain open for longer periods of time causing delays and effecting the revenue potential of the company.
Market Pricing a job

Making an Excel Spreadsheet More Effective and Efficient. I don’t understand this Excel question and need help to study.

Attached Files:

Commission Calculation.xlsx (24.395 KB)

Problem #1: The purpose of this assignment is to have you analyze a workbook and determine its inefficiencies. Remember, worksheets should be professional, easy to understand, easy to maintain, and efficient. Hint: use the spreadsheet checklist and the material you covered in the textbook.
The data file needed for this problem: Commission Calculation.
This worksheet was produced by Thomas Ford for his company Janesville Consulting Services.

The calculations used in this file are primarily accurate, however, this is not an effective nor efficient worksheet. Perform an analysis of the worksheet. Your analyses should identify the inefficiencies within this worksheet.
Modify the Commission Calculation workbook to be more efficient, easy to understand and maintain, and professional. Using a little professional color is okay!


Making an Excel Spreadsheet More Effective and Efficient

Sociology homework help. In Sylvia Plath and Theatre of Mourning, Christina Bitzolkais states that “Although Plath’s ‘confessional’ tropes are often seen in terms of a Romantic parable of victimization,,In Sylvia Plath and Theatre of Mourning, Christina Bitzolkais states that,Instructions:, For your second research project that will be due in Week 14, you will be writing a brief researched essay that will address one aspect of your reading in the second half of the course (Modules 3 & 4).,Your submission must be at least 1000 words in length, and it must incorporate the number of primary sources assigned in the prompt and at least two substantive secondary sources from the library databases (no websites).  Make sure that your analysis includes support from the texts themselves rather than simply a summary of those texts. You should use proper MLA formatting, including heading, parenthetical citations, and a works cited page.,Choose one of the following options.,1. James Joyce’s Stephen Dedalus imagines history as a “nightmare” from which, he says, “I am trying to awake.”,Engagements with history as, broadly speaking, a nightmare—as trauma, as wound, as deprivation—are common in modern and post-modern American literature.,Select two works from Module 3 & 4 that engage with, critique, and/or portray American history (Lowell, Faulkner, Wright, Hayden, and/or Jarrell to name a few) and write an essay in which you compare and contrast their literary approaches to history.,2. In her study Female Masculinities, Judith Halberstam ,argues, that:,Masculinity in this society inevitably conjures up notions of power and legitimacy and privilege; it often symbolically refers to the power of the state and uneven distribution of wealth…but, obviously, many other lines of identification traverse the terrain of masculinity, dividing its power into complicated differentials of class, race, sexuality, and gender. (2),Modern American writers have identified and analyzed many of the problems and benefits of modern masculinity through their characters (think Homer Baron, the tinker, Sykes, etc.). Select two to three works from Module 3 & 4 that portray and analyze the problems of modern masculinity. Argue how those problems connect to a larger issue of class, race, sexuality, or gender.,3. In Sylvia Plath and Theatre of Mourning, Christina Bitzolkais states that “Although Plath’s ‘confessional’ tropes are often in terms of a Romantic parable of victimization, whether of the sensitive poetic individual crush ed by a brutally rationalized society, or of feminist protest against a monolithic patriarchal oppressor, her self-reflexivity tends to turn confession into a parody gesture or a premise for theatrical performance.”,This idea of theatre and parody can shed new light on the quest for self and the role of the individual in a problematic society that we see in Plath and Ginsburg. We have seen this quest before in the poetry of Whitman and Dickinson as well. How can the idea of parody. Also, theatre help to unpack the quest for self in the poetry of these four poets? Additionally, what ideas of self and society have changed in the hundred years plus that separates them? Also, what has stayed the same? Are these poets demonstrating that we as a nation of individuals are still having the same problems?,4. According to the biography of Audre Lorde in our textbook, her poetry wages a “‘war against the tyrannies of silence’; it articulates what has been pass over out of fear of discomfort, what has been keep hid and secret” (1490). This war could be against racist practices, a patriarchal society, government control, the boundaries of society as a whole, etc. This “war against silence” can be seen in much of the poetry and fiction we have read during Module 3 & 4. Using the entry point of a “war against the tyranny of silence,” discuss a social action pushed by two or three of the works we have read in Module 3 & 4. How did this work fight against the tyranny in its time of publication? Finally, how is it (or isn’t it) fighting against that tyranny today?,Attachments,Click Here To Download,Sociology homework help

Can you please help write this American Military History paper?

Can you please help write this American Military History paper?. I’m trying to study for my History course and I need some help to understand this question.

Do you have access to this book American Military History by Brad D. Lookingbill? I need all the primary sources that are used to be from this book. You can use pages 7- 75, use at least 12 primary sources. If not, I can send you images of the pages. Parenthetical citations please. The paper needs to be between 4-5 pages. The style of the paper is a research paper. All three questions must be answered in the paper.
How has war changed for American servicemen and women?
What does this show about American history?
Is there an American way of war?
Can you please help write this American Military History paper?

Pace University Binary Search Tree Data Structures and Algorithms Report

essay help online Pace University Binary Search Tree Data Structures and Algorithms Report.

The way that data is stored in a Binary Search Tree (BST) depends on
the order in which the values are inserted. For example, if we insert the
numbers 1; 2; 3 in that order, the resulting tree has 1 in the root, 2 as the
right child of 1, and 3 as the right child of 2. However, if we insert rst 2,
it will be stored in the root, and 1 and 3 will be its children. That is, not
only the values are stored in dierent nodes but also the shape of the tree
obtained is dierent. The rst one is skewed to the right whereas the second
one is balanced. As a consequence, although both trees contain the same
data, the worst-case cost of searching diers.
The purpose of this homework is to highlight this striking dierence in
running time, creating a skewed BST and a (roughly) balanced BST, both
with a large number of nodes, and measuring the worst-case execution time
of searching on each. To do that, we will assume that the order in which the
numbers are inserted is our choice, to produce the desired shape, and we will
search for a number that is not in the tree, to force the worst case. The BST
class needed for this assignment is attached. DO NOT MODIFY IT.
Pace University Binary Search Tree Data Structures and Algorithms Report

Comprehensive Discussion Prompt

Comprehensive Discussion Prompt. Need help with my Psychology question – I’m studying for my class.

For this discussion, you are required to develop a comprehensive discussion prompt from assigned chapter readings that goes beyond simply stating the obvious. Your questions should require both applied and conceptual analysis of the core course constructs. Consider the questions that I’ve developed over the last three weeks that require you to go beyond just definitions and restating what you’ve read in the chapters readings. That’s what is meant by applied and conceptual questions. Please do not duplicate any of the questions in the chapter learning objectives.
Questions that rely only on factual knowledge from the chapter readings will not receive maximum points. Your questions should require thought beyond just reframing the answer from the text. Your questions should require thoughtful analysis beyond the text
Please develop one DQ for each of the three (3) chapters: Chapters 17, 18 and 19. Please carefully label each of your questions by chapter, and do not cover the same topic unless you are requiring a very different perspective on the topic. Essentially there is enough content covered in each of these chapters so that no two people should have the need to cover the same chapter content (i.e. label as DQ Chapter 17, DQ Chapter 18, DQ Chapter 19).
Comprehensive Discussion Prompt

Colorado State Mod 1 Community Participation in Solving Health Care Issues Discussion

Colorado State Mod 1 Community Participation in Solving Health Care Issues Discussion.

I’m working on a writing question and need a sample draft to help me understand better.

In Chapters 2-4 of your text, Key Concepts in Public Health, the authors’ goal is to help public health professionals understand how an array of disciplines in biological and social sciences contribute to public health policies, programs, and approaches to building health and well-being in communities and the population as a whole.
Along with this, the success of a community action plan (which is the subject of your final Portfolio Project for this course) hinges not only on strong leadership but also on an interdisciplinary approach to community involvement.
Either watch the video below or peruse the website, (Links to an external site.):
The California Endowment’s film crew put together this short piece about the Building Healthy Communities Initiative. The City Heights Community Congress features prominently.
Identify at least four strategies that you might use to increase and maintain community involvement in solving a public health issue in your own community. (Think back to the issue you mentioned in the Getting Started Introduction assignment.)
State the public health issue and the four strategies you would use.
Tips: In choosing your strategies, you’ll want to consider factors including your community’s composition, the amount of time that would need to be invested in implementing strategies, and the resources and skills that might already be present in your community. Think about how you would go about recruiting people to support your action plan or how you would obtain the needed resources to solve your issue.

Colorado State Mod 1 Community Participation in Solving Health Care Issues Discussion