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University of California Irvine The Global Sea Level Essay

University of California Irvine The Global Sea Level Essay.

I am looking for a 4-6 pages rough draft, the paper doesn’t have to be completely finished. I just need an introduction and the body paragraphs. Need to include historical context, use of scholarly or governmental source(s), a more than one image integrated into the draft (captioned), and at least one impact context (e.g., economic, health, infrastructure, etc). I will attach a essay proposal with possible sources the essay can quote below.Possible outlineGeneral Topic (i.e. climate change)Focused Subject (sea level rising)Brief overview of contextsThesisHistorical ContextHow long has this issue existed? When did it start? How has this issue been dealt with in the past? How has the issue changed over time?Scientific ContextUsing credible sources to explain causes and effects related to climate/environment/ecologyOther Contexts that explain how this is a “human” problem (i.e. political, economic, mental/physical health, infrastructure, agriculture, etc)Conclusion: Why is this issue significant enough to warrant the need for timely solutions?
University of California Irvine The Global Sea Level Essay

Performance gaps.

Use the TNA to identify performance gaps and to establish specific training outcomes. This assignment builds on the previous one and will complete your TNA. For this assignment, you will work on items 6 – 8 only (below)NOTE: you will include a summary of assignment one as the intro!6. Include at least three training outcomes, based on the TNAThink of training outcomes in a larger context: how will the training solve the problem (or, address the need) at an organizational level? Think of this as a justification for your training. How you would “sell” the training to the organization’s leadership team. Why should they invest in the training. What’s in it for them (AKA, the organization)?Remember, this should be as tangible as possible!7. Identify the expected performance of the group or individuals as a result of the trainingThis is where you will focus more on the individual level. Think in terms of learning objectives. As a result of the training, what will the target audience do (or not do) that will improve their performance? 8. Identify performance gaps and detail how training can help close those gapsHere you will essentially validate your proposed training . What performance gaps (or needs) is the training intended to address and how do your training recommendations achieve this? There needs to be a clear connection between what you are proposing and what you are trying to address.
Performance gaps

Needing help with homework please!

Needing help with homework please!.

Each response should be about 250 words or more. However, I am looking more for a polished, quality response than anything else. If you have any questions, please just let me know. For each answer, please remember to respond accordingly:–Use the words of the question in your response.–Use your mind, not your feelings.–If the question has a quotation, focus on it.–If the question does not have a quotation, find an appropriate one and focus on it instead.–Always, always stay focused and stay textual.
In Anne Bradstreet’s poem, “The Prologue,” she writes:
I am obnoxious to each carping tongue Who says my hand a needle fits A poet’s pen all scorn I should thus wrong For such despite they cast on female wits: If what I do prove well, it won’t advance,They’ll say it’s stol’n, or else it was by chance.In the context of this poem and the other poems we read, what exactly do you think Bradstreet means here? In the context of her religious situation, what does this poem say about her audience?
Find a specific passage in Mary Rowlandson’s A Narrative of the Captivity and Restorationthat exemplifies her attitude toward her captives and her religious faith. Then, write it into this exam and explain why it exemplifies her attitude.

In this course thus far, we have looked at how the Puritans put a definitive stamp on the moral, religious, and intellectual character of this nation. In that context, how does Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Fall of the House of Usher” either explain those Puritan origins or how does it demonstrate a rebellion against those origins.

In the context of our readings thus far, how is Hester Prynne a uniquely American heroine? Please remember to be very specific and very textual in your response.
Needing help with homework please!

Evaluate a Capital Budgeting Case Study

essay helper free Evaluate a Capital Budgeting Case Study. I’m working on a Business question and need guidance to help me study.

A private school is considering the purchase of six school buses to transport students to and from school events. The initial cost of the buses is $600,000. The life of each bus is estimated to be 5 years, after which time the vehicles would have to be scrapped with no salvage value. The school’s management team has derived the following estimates for annual revenues and cost for the next 5 years.

Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
Year 4
Year 5


Driver costs

Repairs and maintenance

Other costs

Annual depreciation

The buses would be purchased at the beginning of the project (i.e., in Year 0) and all revenues and expenditures shown in the table above would be incurred at the end of each relevant year.
Because schools are exempt from taxes, the school’s corporate tax rate is 0 percent. A business consultant has advised management that they should use a weighted average cost of capital (WACC) of 10.5% to evaluate this project.

Prepare a table showing the estimated net cash flows for each year of the project. Explain all steps involved in your calculation of the Year 1 estimated net cash flow.
Calculate the project’s Payback Period. Explain in your own words, all steps involved in the calculation process.
Calculate the project’s Internal Rate of Return (IRR). Explain in your own words, all steps involved in the calculation process.
Calculate the project’s Net Present Value (NPV). Explain in your own words, all steps involved in the calculation process.

Which of the three evaluation techniques that you computed (i.e., payback period, IRR and NPV), should the firm use to make its decision of whether or not to accept this project? Why did you choose this technique? Is one of these techniques better than the others and if so, why?
Finally, what are some risk factors inherent in this capital budgeting analysis? Make a list of at least three items that could cause the outcome of this project to be substantially worse than management currently expects (as reflected in their revenue and cost estimates, WACC estimate, etc.). Fully explain each of the risk factors you identify.
Firm Investment and Stakeholder Choices: A Top‐Down Theory of Capital BudgetingANDRES ALMAZAN
Laux, J. (2011). Topics in finance part VI – capital budgeting. American Journal of Business Education, 4(7), 29-37
Li, H., Peng, J., & Li, S. (2015). Uncertain programming models for capital budgeting subject to experts’ estimations. Journal of Intelligent & Fuzzy Systems, 28(2), 725–736
Johnson, N., Pfeiffer, T., & Schneider, G. (2017). Two-stage capital budgeting, capital charge rates, and resource constraints. Review of Accounting Studies, 22(2), 933–963.

Evaluate a Capital Budgeting Case Study


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Cultural Diversity for the Criminal Justice Professional – 4

Cultural Diversity for the Criminal Justice Professional – 4.

We have
talked at length this week about prejudice and racial issues in law
enforcement. Now, we will apply these ideas and plan ways to avoid problems
related to these issues.
In your
individual written assignment, first describe five (5) methods that can be used
by law enforcement to improve its relationship with multicultural communities.
Then, using your own community as an example, create and describe a general
plan using each of the methods you have described. You may name specific groups
in your community and can describe how you imagine a scenario, using these
plans, would work.
completed assignment should be one – two pages, double-spaced, in a 10-12 point
Times Roman font.For citation
guidelines, please refer to the table in the APA Style section of the syllabus.With references and intext ciations that match those citations within each of the sentences throughout the double spaced paper in 12 point Times Roman. No Copy and paste

Cultural Diversity for the Criminal Justice Professional – 4