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University of California Berkeley A Media Text and its Adaptation Discussion

University of California Berkeley A Media Text and its Adaptation Discussion.

Initial PostRespond to one of the two prompts below. Your initial post should be about 200 words and directly respond to the prompt. Each initial post must make at least one reference to a reading, including the page number. Note that the 200-word limit is intended to keep your responses concise and focused on the topic. Verbosity will not be rewarded. Compare a media text and its adaptation. How specifically do you see squeezing or stretching, and to what effect?Choose a reality TV show and break it down to the four ways it’s constructed according to Kraszewski.Response PostRespond to a classmate’s initial posts with an additional thought or question. This response should run about 75 words. If you’re not sure where to start, consider responding to one classmate you agree with or you disagree with, explaining your point of view or posing a genuine question to better understand a classmate’s point of view. Look for ways to push the conversation forward. As you engage in the discussion, maintain a respectful, collegial tone.
University of California Berkeley A Media Text and its Adaptation Discussion

Wright State University Chapter 11 International Monetary System Research Paper.

Read Chapter 11: The International Monetary System. Now research topic “Financial Crises in the Post-Bretton Woods Era”You will need at least three journal references and the textbook. Start your research with the textbook so it always grounds your topic.When your research is complete write a discussion post of atleast 750 words (2 pages).Instructions :It’s so important that you ground your topic with the textbook. So, please start with the text book and then 3 journal references.Need at least three journal references70% should be from text book, remaining 30% should be from three journal referencesTextbook and 3 journal references are must and shouldEVERYTHING SHOULD BE IN APA FORMATEVERYTHING SHOULD BE PLAGIARISM FREE. PLEASE POST PLAGIARISM RESULT.CITE ALL THE REFERENCES
Wright State University Chapter 11 International Monetary System Research Paper

PSYC 221 Translating Psychological Tests Into Different Languages Homework.

Translating psychological tests into different languages is often a problem for cross-cultural psychologists. Americans have a reputation for only knowing English, whereas people in other countries often speak more than one language. Do you know a foreign language well enough to actually communicate with someone in another country? How important do you think it is to learn another language as part of understanding their culture?Have you ever had an interest in ethnography? When you begin to learn something about another culture, how much does it interest you? How influential do you think your culture has been in your own personal development?Are you, or is anyone you know, distant or unintegrated with your family’s culture or that your community? If so, what sort of problems does that create for your identities? If none, does your cultural integration provide a sense of integrity?The African worldview focuses on the universe and all the people within it as an interconnected whole, and seeks harmony and rhythm. Do you see life in a holistic way, do you try to relate to others as if we are all part of one creation? Do you think the world would be a better place if everyone tried to relate to others in this way?
PSYC 221 Translating Psychological Tests Into Different Languages Homework

Chemistry question 23.

Which of the following has the largest density?200 g object with a volume of 200 mL100 g object with a volume of 50 mL1 g object with a volume of 10 mL10 g object with a volume of 1 mL
Chemistry question 23

Long Term Care Administration

Long Term Care Administration. I’m working on a Health & Medical exercise and need support.

You are a program analyst at the American Association of Elderly Citizens (AAEC), a national association in Washington D.C. The association supports consumers by publishing articles pertaining to issues that impact the elderly population in the United States. You were asked by your manager to conduct some research and write an internal memo that will be used by writers for the association’s journal, Elder Care. You were asked to research characteristics of the US population, ages 65 to 95+ years of age. Carve out three age groups spanning from age 65 to 95+. Create a chart that includes the following data points: health, education, marital status and housing. (Tip: start by using the US Census Bureau Statistics). Conduct additional research to understand how this data impacts the likely expectations of these three groups in long term care and community care practices. For each age group, describe the environment that they would be more likely to prefer. Provide details and support your conclusions with your research.
No title page needed. In text citations are required. A list of your references should appear at the end of the memo in APA format. Your references should include 3 scholarly peer reviewed articles and secondary sources. Your memo should include a chart. Use headings in your memo to orient the reader. Double spaced. 12-point, Times New Roman, 3 – 5 pages.
Long Term Care Administration

Sales Management Case Study

custom essay Sales Management Case Study.

Read the MedTech Pharmaceuticals case at the end of Chapter 13. Each question should be discussed thoroughly.APA formatting, 1200 word count and in text citations with 3 references. One can be the book which is uploaded.Johnston, M. & Marshall, G., Relationship Selling,3rd ed., 2009. Retrieved fromhttps://www.betheluniversityonline.netProvide a summary of the case including an analysis of the key facts and potential dilemma.Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of MedTech paying employees on a straight commission basis.What are the differences between direct and limited reimbursement plans? Which do you think would work best in this case? Justify your response.Assume you are Harold. What specific changes do you think should be made to the compensation program? Why?
Sales Management Case Study

Capella University Strategic Planning in Human Service Agencies Discussion

Capella University Strategic Planning in Human Service Agencies Discussion.

Creating Public ValueHuman services professionals actively participate in program and organizational planning to consider what can be accomplished in the here and now. Strategic planning, on the contrary, projects what can be accomplished in the future. The difference is significant. By projecting into the future, strategic planners must consider some factors that exist today as well as social, economic, and political factors and strengths and weaknesses that concern the program or organization into the future. As a multidisciplinary activity, strategic planning relies on critical thinking, learning, and action initiated by strategic planners.Based on your readings of Bryson, UNESCO, and Webster this week, discuss the role of strategic planning in human services as a method for creating public value by a government, for-profit, nonprofit, or mixed (hybrid) organization. In the UNESCO reading, pay special attention to Part 1, “Origin and History” and Part 2, “Concept and Characteristics” (pages 7–13). While the UNESCO working paper is designed to address education, the planning approach for human services and education are very similar.Your post must:Be at least 250 words.Contain a minimum of one reference with citation in APA style.Follow APA style guidelines.Response GuidelinesRespond to at least one other learner concerning the role of strategic planning in human services.Your post must be substantive and contribute to the discussion. Compare your analysis to that of your peer and comment on the similarities and differences that you see. If there are aspects that you do not agree with, present an argument to support your position. If you need more information from your peer, be sure to ask questions for clarity.Learning ComponentsThis activity will help you achieve the following learning components:Assess the role of strategic planning in human services.Explore the concept of creating public value through strategic planning.
Capella University Strategic Planning in Human Service Agencies Discussion

Write a resume

Write a resume. I’m trying to study for my Business course and I need some help to understand this question.

For this assignment, you will find a real advertisement for a job for which you could reasonably apply and create a targeted résumé and cover letter for that job. The assignment will be graded on the overall quality of the work and on how well your submission is adapted to the particular job ad you have chosen. The original job ad must be included with you submission.

Please read the attachments attached, it will give you an idea how the assignment should be done.

Write a resume on behave of me, I am a 20 years old male, collage student in Canada. The skills or experiences for the job can be made up.
Write a resume

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