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University of Business and Technology Biomaterials & Bioactivity Research

University of Business and Technology Biomaterials & Bioactivity Research.

Select a topic in biomaterials that you are very interested in and wish to learn more about. Please make your topic as specific as possible Do a literature survey and select 7-10 relevant papers that deal with your topic. One of your references should be a recent literature survey/review while the balance of your articles should involve recent (more or less) articles that detail specific aspects of your topic.Prepare a 4-5 page critical review of the research work. The critical review should contain the following information and sections: Background and context for the work (why is it important and what has been done to date), What are the key questions that need to be addressed in this area, a brief summary of the articles, compare/contrast key features of the articles, and finally critique the work and offer any suggestions to improve the work (follow up experiments, new lines of inquiry, etc.).The reports should be typed, (1.5 space, 12 point Times New Roman font, 1 inch margins all around, Header Title on each page with your name).
University of Business and Technology Biomaterials & Bioactivity Research

Stanford University Nature of Ethical Standards Discussion.

Question 1: Must ethical standards be absolute, or are there times when exceptions should be allowed? Provide examples of both cases.Question 2: How can
managers and/or accountants maintain their personal and professional
codes of ethics when pressured to engage in unethical behavior that will
benefit them? Feel free to bring in real-life illustrations.Pick one the topic above then discuss it. Also response each posted # 1 and 2 down below.Posted 1Question 1: Must ethical standards be absolute, or are there times when exceptions should be allowed? Provide examples of both cases.I
believe that ethical standards should be absolute. Allowing
expectations assumes that people “know better”. Which cannot be assumed
in a professional environment, because if everyone knew better, there
would be no need for ethical standards. There are many different
cultures, with various cultural traditions. Having an absolute ethical
standard aims to ensure that work related interactions does not offend
any of them.For
example, Brazil is a more relaxed culture, so it is common for them to
arrive late for business/social meetings. In American culture being late
is considered unprofessional. To respond to their punctuality
unethically because of one’s expectations would not benefit its
business. It is best to respond by following a code the reflects
understanding, professionalism, and respect. It is best to always stick
to the code.Posted 2Question
2: How can managers and/or accountants maintain their personal and
professional codes of ethics when pressured to engage in unethical
behavior that will benefit them? Feel free to bring in real-life
is a matter of mindset. Although I sadly agree that sometimes unethical
behavior can really promote some benefit for managers and/or
accountants in the immediate and short term. This is extremely risky and
can cost the death of their reputation or even the end of their careers
and companies. Brooks & Dunn (2016) mentioned the story of John
DeLorean, the CEO of a small car company who fell into the temptation to
do something completely illegal and unethical to help the finances of
his company, he decided to sell cocaine to help his company however he
ended up arrested and his company collapsed into bankruptcy. In this
case, probably DeLorean made some easy money in the very beginning of
his involvement with cocaine business, however, in the end, the
consequence was a tragedy.We
live in an age that consumers and governor’s authorities don’t tolerate
any kind of unethical behavior. Needless to say that the evolution of
technology makes transactions much more transparent and easier to be
checked and audited. The temptation to follow the unethical path is
always high, but the end is usually very bad. This is why some companies
like the one that I work for, CITGO Petroleum Corp. obliges all their
employees to read and sign their ethical code every year to maintain
everyone engaged. Besides this they also have a whistleblower phone and
policy, they disseminate the ethical code with all and always remind everyone about the severe punishments in case of breach of it.Reference Brooks,
Leonard J., Dunn, Paul, (2016). Business and Professional Ethics for
Directors, Executives & Accountants; (8th Edition). Boston, MA,
Cengage. Learning.
Stanford University Nature of Ethical Standards Discussion

Your Project Budget. I’m working on a Computer Science exercise and need support.

CSI 517 Week 4 Discussion: Your Project Budget

Last week, you were given control of a project. You have properly defined your project. Now, it is time to estimate your budget. Your Project Sponsor has set a limit on the amount of money you can spend. You know your budget will exceed that limit. Using the information covered in the required readings, describe the key budget components that you will need,how long it will take to complete the project (using the materials we covered this week), and why the budget exceeds your Sponsor’s limit.

Your Project Budget

Leadership – What Managers Need to Know [WLO: 4] [CLOs: 3, 4, 6] Prior to beginning work on this discussion forum, read Chapters 2 and 3 of the text, and watch the video Finance: What Managers Need to Know (Links to an external site.). Write: In your initial post, discuss the metrics to evaluate in your business or the business you work for to achieve financial results. The author Joe Knight in the video Finance: What Managers Need to Know (Links to an external site.) talks about accounting estimates and the need to know what questions to ask. What metrics are used in the business you work for or in your business? Explain the difference between profit and cash flow, and discuss transparency. Make sure your post is more than 200 words and that you include a brief quote or paraphrase the video or reading material where appropriate (see the Writing Center’s Quoting, Paraphrasing,

UCLA Tango Dance and Sleep Issues Annotated Bibliography

UCLA Tango Dance and Sleep Issues Annotated Bibliography.

Here are the specific details and instructions for this assignment:Annotated Bibliography with Reflection_V2.pdfPick two articles from below for your Annotated Bibliography from for this assignment:1. Alcohol and Energy Drinks.pdf2. Interrupted Sleep and Technology.pdf3. Chiodelli_A qualitative examination of college students perceptions of cannabis insights into the normalization of cannabis use on a college campus.pdf4. Pinniger_tango_Dance therapy.pdf5. Marijuana Use and Academic Performance.pdf6. Aromatherapy and Acupressure Massage on Quality of Life.pdf7. Ullevig_2020_Establishing a campus garden and food pantry to address food insecurity lessons learned.pdf8. Peltz_The role of financial strain in college students work hours sleep and mental health.pdf9. Fairman_2020_Prescription stimulant use among young adult college students Who uses why and what are the consequences.pdf10. Yoga for Breast Cancer Patients.pdf11. Miller_an_investigation_of_singing_health_and_wellbeing_as_a_group_process.pdfPlease review all the materials prior to starting the assignment and please reach out to our learning team for help if needed.
UCLA Tango Dance and Sleep Issues Annotated Bibliography

UWM Informational Interview and Connect with A Professional Discussion

order essay cheap UWM Informational Interview and Connect with A Professional Discussion.

Informational InterviewWhat is an informational interview? Read this article on Informational Interviewing (Links to an external site.), the process and the purpose, to help you prepare. Once you have an understanding of how they work, you will connect with an industry professional in the area of your choice to conduct an informational interview/ informal conversation about their role and career field.Part 1: Connect with a professional Reach out to a professional in the industry of your career interest to set up an Informational Interview (about 15-30 min long). The actual interview should be done over the phone or video conference (not via email communication). This will give you an opportunity to have an organic conversation and dialogue.You can utilize the networking strategy of your choice: LinkedIn, Badger Bridge, email/call a friend of the family, etc. Do not choose a direct family member (do not meet with a brother or parent). Once you’ve scheduled the informational interview, prepare questions in advance. Here are some suggested questions to get you started: What skills are needed to be successful in the industry?What education and/or certificates are necessary for this type of role?What are some current issues or trends in the field? How might these trends impact the industry moving forward?What does career progression look like within your organization?What advice do you have for someone who is interested in this field?Come up with additional questions of your own to ask – questions that will help you figure out if their role/company would be a good fit for youPart 2: Reflect Write and submit a 2-page summary of your informational interview that discusses the important takeaways and insights that you gained from the interview. The paper should be double-spaced, 10-12 pt font. Respond to the following prompts in your paper: Provide the name and describe the role of the professional you interviewed. What appealed to you most about this job/career path? What surprised you? What did you like the least?What did you learn about this person’s career path that might be applicable to you? How might you use the information you learned in this interview in your career search or beginning your career? Part 3: ArtifactInclude an artifact from the informational interview. Examples: screen shot of a FaceTime or Zoom meeting, email or LinkedIn communication confirming the interview, etc). The artifact is something that demonstrates you conducted the informational interview. Provide a brief explanation of the artifact demonstrating where/how you connected. Previous
UWM Informational Interview and Connect with A Professional Discussion

BHR 3352 Columbia Southern Univ Employee Training Development And Performance Essay

BHR 3352 Columbia Southern Univ Employee Training Development And Performance Essay.

InstructionsDeveloping employees through the implementation of training and development opportunities is a primary function of human resource management (HRM). Performance measurement and appraisals are one way to determine what type of additional training is needed to ensure employee success.Imagine that you have been hired as the human resource manager at an organization where you have previously worked or are currently working. Your first task is to assess areas for improving training and development and the performance appraisal system within the organization. Write an essay on your analysis of these two areas. Address the questions below in your assignment. Use headers to organize your paper and show what you are covering in your assignment.Training and Development AnalysisWhat are the steps of the new hire training process? Are there any steps missing that you would add?As the human resource manager, how would you evaluate the training needs of your staff?How can you ensure that the training you would provide is effective? What data might be used to make your conclusion?What considerations would you make for employee learning styles?How would future training and development be impacted through human resource planning?Do you have a plan to shape employee behavior within your organization? Why, or why not?Performance Appraisal AnalysisAs the human resource manager, what are two best practices you would follow when planning for employee performance appraisals?What performance methods would you choose over other methods?What are two of the common problems with appraisals? How would you avoid them in your organization?What components do you think are required for effective human resource planning?Be sure to include an introduction. Support your essay with a minimum of two references. Your essay must be at least two pages in length, not counting the title or reference pages. Adhere to APA style when constructing this assignment, including in-text citations and references for all sources that are used. Please note that no abstract is needed.
BHR 3352 Columbia Southern Univ Employee Training Development And Performance Essay

HACC Chapter Summaries Discussion

HACC Chapter Summaries Discussion.

I would be most comfortable assuming the role of the Timekeeper. I am always very conscious of my time as well as others. In meetings (or even socially) I want everyone to get the most out of it and I never want my anyone to feel that their time has been wasted. I strive to stay very organized to meet deadlines. And, if deadlines will not be able to be met, then I make sure everyone is aware ahead of time so that we can discuss options or the possibility of an extension.
HACC Chapter Summaries Discussion