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University of British Columbia Feelings Experienced when Working with Suicidal Clients Paper

University of British Columbia Feelings Experienced when Working with Suicidal Clients Paper.

Sometimes experiencing a crisis leads people to consider suicide. It is important for social workers and human service professionals to feel comfortable with the topic of suicide and confident in their ability to assess potential lethality and intervene with the appropriate level of care. For this Discussion, reflect on the following scenario. Then consider how you might intervene with Paul. Scenario: Paul is a recent widow after his wife of 45 years passed away from cancer. Paul admits that he has been struggling to manage his grief and admits that he has been having suicidal thoughts since his wife died. By Day 4 Post a description of the feelings you experience when thinking about working with a suicidal client. Explain what questions you would ask Paul to assess his suicidality and why it would be important to obtain this information. Finally, explain how you would intervene to address both the suicidal thoughts and the grief that he is experiencing from his loss.
University of British Columbia Feelings Experienced when Working with Suicidal Clients Paper

Physics: Young’s Modulus Problem.

A 190-kg load is hung on a wire of length of 3.70 m, cross-sectional area 2.00  10-5 m2, and Young’s modulus 8.00  1010 N/m2. What is its increase in length?
Physics: Young’s Modulus Problem

UArizona Global Campus Porters Generic Strategies Discussion.

Prior to beginning work on this discussion, read the material found at the links provided below. Michael Porter has made significant contributions to the field of strategic planning, and his generic strategies have guided many entrepreneurs. Click the following links for some useful information about Porter’s generic strategies before you develop your initial post.Definition of “Generic Strategies” (Links to an external site.)Porter’s Generic Strategies (Links to an external site.)You are going to create an initial discussion post that addresses the importance of selecting an appropriate model to frame strategy formulation activities, and whether Porter’s generic strategies serve as a foundation for two useful structures—joint ventures and partnerships. In your response focus on the following information (you are encouraged to go beyond the text for information):Analyze Porter’s generic strategies and characteristics of joint ventures and partnerships.Evaluate Porter’s generic strategies and address addresses one of the following two items: (1) Porter’s generic strategies as a foundation for joint ventures and partnerships, or (2) any of the other forms of strategy presented in our text.An evaluation demonstrating that Porter’s generic strategies and other forms of strategy such as joint ventures/partnerships are mutually exclusive.Offer us a link to a video or an article that complements your answer to the items above.
UArizona Global Campus Porters Generic Strategies Discussion

I need fill these. I’m trying to learn for my Excel class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

Tom purchases a new manufacturing machine for his business on April 1, 2015 for $27,000. The machine is depreciated under MACRS with a 7-year recovery period. This maachine was his only asset acquisition of this year. Thomas elects to expense $25,000 of the cost under Section 179.
a. What is Tom’s total deprciation deduction for the machine in 2015.
b. Tom decides to sell his machine on October 5, 2017 for $10,000. Compute Tom’s depreciation deduction for 2015 through 2017. The adjusted basis of the machine on October 5, 2017, and the gain or loss on the sale. (HINT: 2017 is only 1/2 year).
Refer to the table on the right to calculate the MACRS depreciation

MACRS Percentage Rates

Recovery Period

Recovery Year
3- Year













Sec. 179 Expense

MACRS Depreciation

2015 Total




Accumulated Depreciation

Adjusted basis and gain/loss on the sale

Sale Price

Adjusted Basis


Accumulated Depreciation

Gain/Loss on sale

I need fill these

Law homework help

Law homework help. Please respond to the following two posts each if 250 words or more. Respond thoroughly and thoughtfully. Use references and NO plagiarism. Must be complete tomorrow by noon EST. The posts are as follows:POST 1:Proposal: Nuclear Disarmament (Group 1)Nuclear disarmament is a global issue that needs to be analyzed from all points of view because certain nations believe nuclear power is a necessity whereas other nations are wary of too much nuclear power and believe in disarmament to maintain a balance of power. Nuclear power has been an ongoing issue in history and shapes politics of today as nations are either participating in nuclear disarmament or proliferation while trying to maintain stability on a global scale.ÿFailure to comply with nuclear disarmament will and has already resulted in the creation of weapons of mass destruction that has given nations the capability of using deadly force, which places all nations at potential risk of a national security crisis. There have been many treaties dealing with nuclear non-proliferation in the past and the violation of these treaties has put a strain on the relations of many nations, especially now with the threat of nuclear terrorism, Seitelbach (2014). ÿWithout the proper understanding of these dynamics and the perspectives of varying nations, we only gain what we hear from one side. There is not one right answer on how to go about for the advocacy of nuclear disarmament but with certain strategies catered to all nations, we may see future success. By examining the dynamics of nuclear non-proliferation, we can begin to comprehend how this issue has come to rise and the ways in which future nuclear negotiations may be possible, Bluth (2012). With Bluth’s explanation, we can understand the reasons states attain nuclear power and the how the threats are felt nationwide. By focusing on hindrances to nuclear disarmament we can see how a balance could be reached in promoting disarmament, Rinn (2013).Although some view nuclear power as essential to maintaining a global sphere of balance, it is a very complex matter that needs to be focused on from all viewpoints to understand not only the problem, but the actions in the first place. This proposal will analyze all elements of my proposal and examine the ways in which nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation may be possible for the security of all nations.ReferencesSeitelbach, E. (2014). Nuclear non-proliferation, rogue actors and the middle east. Palestine-Israel Journal of Politics, Economics & Culture, 19(1/2), 101-108.Bluth, C. (2012). The irrelevance of ‘trusting relationships’ in the nuclear non-proliferation treaty:Reconsidering the dynamics of proliferation. British Journal of Politics & InternationalRelations, 1(1), 115-130.Bluth, C. (2012). The irrelevance of ‘trusting relationships’ in the nuclear non-proliferation treaty:Reconsidering the dynamics of proliferation. British Journal of Politics & InternationalRelations, 1(1), 115-130.POST 2:SCAFFOLD STEP #2 ORGANS FOR SALEAlice Ann DrewkeLA498 Excelsior CollegeORGANS FOR SALEBlack market organ procurement is a scourge that has gained the attention of the Vatican and generates billions of dollars of revenue annually for international criminal and terrorist organizations.ÿDoctors Against Forced Organ Harvesting (DAFOH) was nominated for the 2016 Nobel Peace Prize. ÿThey are bringing to light unethical practices in China for harvesting organs without consent.ÿ DAFOH believes this practice is a crime against humanity.(?u?ur, Gajovi?, 2016).ÿ Over the years various groups meet and condemn the unsavory practice of white-collar criminal activity of organ procurement, but is this enough? (McGuinness, McHale, 2014).In my depth of health care professions, I will explore theÿmanagement of organ donation a cultural dilemma that isÿincreasingly subject to abuse.ÿ The procurement process in many regions is morally and ethically void.ÿ The increasing ability to harvest organs and transport them quickly, combined with medical tourism, creates a breeding ground for abuse.ÿ Unsavory practices cost lives every year.ÿThere are surgical techniques for ?transplanting virtually every organ in the body? (Clemmons, 2009, p 232). With increased surgical skills and life prolonging medications to prevent rejection, there is an increased demand for organs to transplant.ÿ In Western society altruism is relied upon for organs to meet the demand for transplants.ÿ Donation is usually anonymous and is the preferred legal method.ÿÿ In the remainder of the world unsavory practices are employed to meet the demand for transplantable organs. There is a growing black market for organ purchase.ÿ Illegal organ transplants cost hundreds of thousands of dollars that must be paid by the transplant recipient, resulting in the affluent, politically connected members of society fueling the black market in organs to extend their lives.ÿThe means used to harvest these organs range from impoverished individuals selling their organs and medical and funeral professionals harvesting organs from the deceased in their care, to the kidnapping and harvesting of organs from unsuspecting, non consenting victims in an unsavory manner.ÿ This lends credence to the urban myth of waking up in a bathtub full of ice with a kidney missing.ÿ The worst of these practices is murder and the harvesting of all usable organs from targeted victims.ÿ An organ harvester can earn tens of thousands of dollars for a single organ.ÿOne of the ways under exploration to gain more organs for transplant is for HIV positive patient to be able to donate to other HIV positive recipients.ÿ (Saitta-Gill, 2015). This would allow HIV infected patients with virtually undetectable levels of the disease, to receive organs.Wait times for an organ are reduced when an organ is purchased. Are there advantages of a contracted organ sale and is that organ safe? (Jahromi, Fry-Revere, Bastani, (2015, pp 256, 257)This paper addresses these issues and some controls that might curb the illegal trade in black market organs.ÿReferencesClemmons, A. (2009). Organ transplantation: is the best approach a legalized market or altruism?ÿJournal Of Healthcare Management,ÿ54(4), pp. 231-240.Jahromi, A. H., Fry-Revere, S., Bastani, B. (2015). A Revised Iranian Model of Organ Donation as an Answer to the Current Organ Shortage Crisis.ÿIranian Journal Of Kidney Diseases,ÿ9(5), pp. 354-360.McGuinness, S., & McHale, J. V. (2014). Transnational crimes related to health: How should the law respond to the illicit organ tourism? Legal Studies, 34(4), pp. 682-708. doi:10.1111/lest.12037Saitta-Gill, N. (2015). SOLVING THE PROBLEM OF ORGAN DONATION SHORTAGE. University Of Baltimore Law Review, 4529?u?ur, A., Gajovi?, S. (2016, June). Nobel Peace Prize nomination for Doctors Against Forced Organ Harvesting (DAFOH) ? a recognition of upholding ethical practices in medicine. Croatian Medical Journal. pp. 219-222. doi:10.3325/cmj.2016.57.219Law homework help

Personal Statement 500 words

online homework help Personal Statement 500 words.

With the statement, you are representing your best self: your academic background; your work experience; a narrative of your past, present, and future interests; and your personal commitment to the program or organization at in question. The statement needs to demonstrate that you are well-informed about the program and that your background and interests match well with the program’s missionWhen, how, and why did you become interested in this area of study or work? Be specific! Here, you want to distinguish yourself. You want to demonstrate how well you know your interests.Why are you interested in this particular program or organization?What you hope to gainTailor your statement to your readers and be prepared to name specific features about the program or organization including people, courses, or available resources. How will this specific program help you further your personal or professional goals?What you have to offerConsider how your knowledge and experience makes you a valuable addition to the program.What makes you an exceptional and ideal candidate? Describe specific experiences that set you apart from other applicants. Detail recent and pertinent examples; unless you have a very good reason, do not include high school experiences. Here are a few possible topics to discuss if relevant:CourseworkCommunity Service and Other Extracurricular ActivitiesLeadership PositionsInternship and Work ExperiencesWhat are your accomplishments, particularly ones that make you stand out as a successful candidate? Elaborate on major accomplishments mentioned briefly in other parts of the application and/or take this opportunity to write about accomplishments not yet mentioned. Describe accomplishments that best illustrate your strengths.Have you had any profound experiences or obstacles that affect your application? Only mention controversial topics if they are critical to your application.What are some of your goals or future plans going into this area of study or work? Show that you have a sense of direction and purpose by giving your reader an idea of your long-term goals and how acceptance into the program or organization to which you are applying will help you accomplish them.My Background:-I have a degree in Information Technology-I have worked in Healthcare as a nursing assistant for about 8 years in total.worked in hospitals for 3 years, nursing homes 2 years, 1 year in a group home and 1 year in a school institution working with disabled kids. Currently working in a school with disabled kids as a teacher assistant. I am applying for a master program in Public health practice at Umass armherst. Please ask me more questions if u have so as to get more details if need be.
Personal Statement 500 words

Psychological and Psychosocial Support in Disaster Nursing Essay

Introduction In their study of the research needs and priorities of disaster nursing (DN), Ranse, Hutton, Jeeawody, and Wilson (2014) demonstrate that psychological and psychosocial aspects of DN are of crucial importance and maybe the highest priority for modern studies in the field. The authors include both the needs of the disaster victims and those of the nurses themselves as significant. As a result, it is necessary to review psychological and psychosocial support in disaster nursing, and the present paper will consider the topic from the perspective of the preparation of nurses. Psychological support includes the varied activities that are aimed at the psychological rehabilitation of disaster victims, and the psychosocial support has the same aim but combines the social and psychological perspectives on a patient’s well-being (Becker, 2007). The paper reviews the presently available literature on the topic, covering the aspects of the significance of psychological and psychosocial support and related education, as well as the perceptions of nursing, existing problems in the field, and the methods of preparing for and dealing with these problems. The review concludes that the topics of psychological and psychosocial support in disaster nursing are indeed underresearched, but nurses view them as important and need extensive preparation and training in the field to be able to perform their roles during disaster management effectively. The Need for Specific Psychosocial Support Psychological trauma and other mental concerns are evidenced to be a rather prevalent issue for disaster survivors (Noguchi, Inoue, Shimanoe, Shibayama,

MM 207 PUG Statistics Population Proportion Questions

MM 207 PUG Statistics Population Proportion Questions.

Sample statistics, such as the sample mean or the sample proportion, can be used to estimate a population parameter (such as the population mean or the population proportion). For example, you can estimate the true mean weight of all newborn babies in the entire world by collecting a sample and using that sample to generate a 95% confidence interval. Because the sample is a relatively little portion of the entire population, errors will have to be considered. Using a sample to create a range or interval of values that estimates a population value is called a “confidence interval.” The formula for calculating a 95% confidence interval for a population mean is: The general “Confidence Interval” formula is: sample mean – E < population mean < sample mean + E To calculate a confidence interval, the margin of error (E) must first be calculated. The Margin of Error, E, for means is: E = 1.96*s/sqrt(n), where s is the sample standard deviation, n is the sample size. The “sqrt” stands for square root. The Margin of Error, E, for proportions is: E = 1.96*sqrt[p*(1-p)/n], where n is the sample size, and p is the proportion. Use the Confidence Interval formula above, and the correct formula for E, to calculate the 95% confidence interval for any population mean of your choice. Write down (invent) the sample size (be sure it is 30 or above), the sample mean, and the sample standard deviation. Then, calculate the confidence interval. Remember, you are inventing all the values, so no two posts should look the same. Use the Confidence Interval formula above, and the correct formula for E, to calculate the 95% confidence interval for any population proportion of your choice. Write down (invent) the sample size (be sure it is 30 or above) and the sample proportion. Then, calculate the confidence interval. Remember, you are inventing all the values, so no two posts should look the same. Hint: The PowerPoint Guides has great examples to learn from before creating your own unique and original example.
MM 207 PUG Statistics Population Proportion Questions