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With this plan everyone would have health insurance regardless of income, or anything that would prohibit the person from attaining health insurance. This policy raises issues of “federalism” because some find the fact that mandated health care can be considered unconstitutional. Some view the fact of the government telling the citizens they have to have healthcare goes against the constitution. In this act the government would require us, as US citizens, to buy healthcare from private companies and keep it for the rest of our lives or we would be mandated to pay annual penalties.

Some see this as unconstitutional because it is forcing Americans to “buy” insurance so their health needs can be covered. Congress looked into this act to find out whether or not it was unconstitutional so they came out with a way to make it more constitutional. Congress found the mandate to “purchase” this health insurance from these private companies “is commercial and economic in nature, and substantially affects interstate commerce. Congress also chose not to refer to the penalty one would get if not attaining health care and keeping it as a “tax” but as a “penalty”. Congress said that this couldn’t be referred to as a “tax” because it didn’t allow the use of traditional tax enforcement to collect the penalty. With this mandate it marked the first time Congress required citizens of the United States to buy a product that was disguised as regulating the economy.

The nature of this mandate is evidence that the Commerce Clause doesn’t give Congress the power to require an individual to buy something from a private company. The federal government has argued that a person’s decision whether or not to buy insurance , to go along with other decisions that individual has to make, that it ultimately affects the economy and is subject to Congress regulating the individuals money. Obamacare may or may not be unconstitutional, but with this act there are many pros and cons that come along with this act.

The pros are as follows: everyone would have universal health coverage, lower the premium for health care, lower health care cost, they wouldn’t be able to not insure you because of pre-existing conditions, you can stay on your parent’s insurance plan until you are 27 years of age, and it would enable people to receive preventative care instead of that person just receiving care in the emergency room. The cons of this act are you are required by the government to have health insurance or you will have to pay a penalty annually for refusing to carry it, and some think it may be unconstitutional.

I believe that Obamacare could work as long as it is affordable for those of us whom have jobs. I think that after this act is tweaked to help the “middle class” instead of the poverty stricken that it can be a great plan for us all. Right now, I do not have health insurance, I work for a small company and it isn’t offered. If I were to try to get health care on my own right now I couldn’t afford it. I can only hope that this will be affordable for us Americans whom do not have health insurance like we deserve.

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