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Strategically, do you think Healthy Berry Crunch should become the company’s first “Eurobrand” and be introduced in a coordinated manner throughout Europe? Or should the new product introduction be limited to a single or small group of countries? Support your response. I strongly believe that Healthy Berry Crunch should be rolled out in Europe, with its starting point in France, with support from Jean-Luc Michel, with supervision of Mrs.

Brill, and seeing that the launch and acceptance receives a positive reaction from the market, migrate its next roll out phase into Spain, due to geographic proximity, and closeness of cross-cultural patterns, which could prove successfully. After these two phases of development, the product should be rolled out to England.

The team structure has to be integrated gradually in order to avoid major conflicts as seen in the past, still ensuring that the respective country managers still hold a position of power and freedom in development, and don’t feel that their position has been challenged. By having the CMs from France and Spain by Mrs. Brill’s side, the management structural changes could be done in a less painful process, and emphasizing cross-country training, in order to slowly adapt future country markets, could present a solution to the complexity problems found by James Miller.

In essence, United Cereal has to be proactive and act before the competition, introducing a staple product, and profiting for the short competitive advantage that could be established before Cereal Partner enter the market, and through the knowledge of the European Technical Team, re-develop nutrition facts and tastes, following the first feedbacks received, as well as after the competition launch.

In my opinion changing the company’s structure on a coordinated and gradually fashion, the potential for success and adaptability is higher. Since all the European CMs presented a great entrepreneurship trait, the adaptation to the new structure has great possibility to succeed, reducing the amount of resistance from the local teams.

Finally, following the original philosophy and company culture, the European Country Managers should have no problem in “honoring the past while embracing the future”. By following the company’s core mission, which has proven to be successful for over a century, the “rest” is just a matter of adapting their brand to the local regulations, cultural market relationships, and local taste. That’s where the expertise of the CM lies and the sense of still be in charge can prevail.

Criminal justice

Provide one source of information on the Internet that contains information on a person, group, or event that would be of criminal intelligence value to investigators. Then, explain in detail why the information is of criminal intelligence value to criminal investigators. For the source, determine whether it is a legally permissible for domestic public sector investigators to gather the information as strategic criminal intelligence.
The answer should be written in the following format:
Source: [URL (i.e. domain/file path)]
Value: [Written in proper sentence and paragraph structure, being between one and two paragraphs in length.]
Legally Permissible? Why?: [yes/no. Reason for yes or no answer written in proper sentence structure, being one paragraph in length