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Please return the voltmeter to its case. 2. In his letter to us, he said that our proposal was a lot of “hot air. ” 3. When will the new stationery be printed? 4. The new tax law will affect our accounting system; it will also have a major affect on our tax flow. 5. Abu Dhabi is the capital and principle city if the United Arab Emirates. 6. She has already read your letter and says your suggestion is all right with her. 7. I’m sure youVe perceived the new title occurring after my name. In retracing his path, the courier was worried that he might have omitted something. 9. Both a and b are conventional. 10. Both a and c are correct. The blue book of grammar: The Comma’s quiz The comma’s quiz was really helpful. It made me stop and really think about the placement of a comma and why you need it there. I learned a lot by taking the quiz, I saw situations where I wasn’t using enough comma’s and situations where I was using too many.

Affect vs. Effect quiz I have struggled a lot with the difference between these two words. I never really understood the meaning of each one and when to use which one. On my first attempt of this quiz I did terrible, I got 5 out of 11 questions right. I’m glad I scored low though because it helped me understand the difference. Under each question I got wrong, it gave me tips as to when to use each word. On my second attempt I got 10 out of 11 questions right!

What is really real?

WRITE AN ESSAY: APPLYING THE PRINCIPLES OF METAPHYSICS (What is really real vs appearance?)1. What is Artificial Intelligence? Based on the videos above about Sofia (even on the case of Data in our discussion 2) and other robots in our contemporary history, how do you evaluate the essence/personhood (if any) or nature of reality in any of “human-like machines” who have consciousness, intelligence, self-awareness like humans?2. If you are to suggest, what should robots look like? Is there a moral obligation to respect human-like robots? Should we treat them at the level of human-like us because they appear to us like us?3. How do we treat robots in the future? Can they be treated like slaves or second-class “human” resources? Do you think that the robotic generation is the answer to labor problems, need for helpers, and personnel issues in the military, and in areas where human life can be in danger? Does this evolution of A.I. machines can be our partners in development and progress, or are they our future work-competitors?

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