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Unit 3 St Louis 2017 Protest and Deindividuation Paper

Unit 3 St Louis 2017 Protest and Deindividuation Paper.

Hurricane Katrina badly damaged New Orleans and its surrounding areas. Shortly after the hurricane, there were news reports of groups of looters. Often, when under the influence of a crowd, individuals will engage in behavior they would not normally participate in. This phenomenon is referred to as deindividuation.Research and discuss the following:
In your own words, define deindividuation and explain its process (e.g., how it works, what changes happen within the individual to allow for unusual behavior).
Identify and describe a historical event that would be a good example of deindividuation.
Discuss how deindividuation could occur outside the presence of a crowd (i.e. in other settings in which a person feels unknown). Include at least 1 source in your paper. Use in-text citations and a reference list according to APA-style guidelines.
Unit 3 St Louis 2017 Protest and Deindividuation Paper

San Diego State University Racial Disparities in Federal Penalties Discussion

San Diego State University Racial Disparities in Federal Penalties Discussion.

In late 2017 the US Sentencing Commission released an update to the 2012 Booker Report. The report addresses the relationship between federal sentencing practices and certain demographic characteristics such as race or gender. This is an important study sponsored by the federal government and it’s conclusions are not good, at least in regards to the impact race continues to have on sentencing at least in the federal arena. Review the Key Findings (page 2) and then write about some aspect of those findings that strikes you as particularly interesting, alarming, basically whatever thoughts it may provoke. Details regarding the Key Findings can be found in report itself.Write a well written paragraph 12-15 sentences answering the question above using the key findings I am gonna provide you with.
San Diego State University Racial Disparities in Federal Penalties Discussion

University of Memphis Pharmaceutical Drug Education Discussion

assignment writer University of Memphis Pharmaceutical Drug Education Discussion.

Case Briefing Assignment Read pages 89-100 on John Dewey’s pragmatism (Ethics and Pragmatism: John Dewey’s Deliberative Approach). This simply adds to your arsenal the moral value theory as described by Dewey.Write
a one page case brief on any one of the cases discussed this week going
back to H B Fuller on page 21. (This mean any cases starting with page one of the textbook). The case brief should be short and to
the point. It should follow the guidelines set forth in the syllabus concerning Case Brief Format.
Apply any of the moral principles we have talked about to your issue.
Tie your discussion to the authors you have read. The solution to every
ethical question begins with who you already are.GuidelinesFormat for Briefs and other Article Summaries: Issue: A
statement of the pertinent facts and the primary business ethical issue
presented by the case or article. This may include references to the
ancillary issues to highlight why the student has chosen the primary
issue to be the issue of importance. Rule: A
statement of the conflicting moral standards or “rules” as presented by
the applicable portion of the course texts, or the videos or other
materials presented by the professor citing the applicable chapter and
page or presentation subject where the rules are found, as well as the
full text of the rules. One standard is the rule the student recommends
for solution of the issue. The other standard is an alternative rule
that could generate a different outcome. Analysis/application: The
student’s independent analysis/application of the issues presented and
the rule to be applied to that issue. In addition, the student may wish
to include references to other issues or rules that he or she considered
in preparing the analysis. Conclusion: The
student’s personal conclusion as to the reported facts in the article
and the application of the rule selected. What ethical conclusion do you
draw from the preparation of the brief concerning the article or
situation? This conclusion may or may not agree with the statements
found in the article selected.*Textbook: Ethical Issues in Business: A Philosophical Approach, (8th edition) by Thomas Donaldson (Editor), Patricia H. Werhane (Editor), Joseph D. Van Zandt (Contributor)ISBN: 9780131846197
University of Memphis Pharmaceutical Drug Education Discussion

E-Commerce in India and China Research Paper

Abstract Electronic commerce (E-commerce) is a form of trade which depends mostly on communication technology. The trade is carried out through the electronic medium (the internet) without any paper related documents. Compared to other available markets, the net is the biggest since it has no conditions for entry and can be joined by anybody. This benefit everyone unlike other commercial online services, which have specified clients to access their services. The technology adoption has increased ability in the development of a country and as such earns most of the countries interest. E-commerce also provides lots of benefits to consumers including the availability of products at a low cost. The aspect of ordering goods online also saves time and is much faster and preferred by many customers. Above all, E-commerce has helped a lot in the customer relation management, production and internal management. E- Commerce in India The growth of e-commerce in India has been largely determined by enhanced convenience and client choice. Besides, high use of internet and its accessibility have also contributed to the growth and development of e-commerce in India. The diffusion of electronic commerce has been slow among the enterprises, however, with increased globalization in money transfer and communication, the adoption of e-commerce has accelerated (Sharma

Leadership can be defined as the art of influencing others

Leadership can be defined as the art of influencing others. Leadership can be defined as the art of influencing other people to achieve the company’s goals and objectives in a way to make it more consistent and cohesive. (Hubpages, 2010) Leading people in the right path processes leadership in order to accomplish a common goal. Leadership ensures that the organization works successfully in accomplishing its desired goals. Good managers are characterized by their leadership skills and experience for the aim in getting high performed and well organized company. They are the backbone of the company to maximize their productivity at the same time create harmony between employees which results to better outcome and efficiency. Only leaders have the ability to encourage their employees to work efficiently toward achieving the company’s best interest.(WIL,2010) Types of leadership Leadership style is the method and approach used by leaders to achieve objectives, provide direction and motivate people when working with others. It is the manner in which leaders interact with their subordinates. Given below are the different ways leadership styles has been defined: Transactional Leaders: this type of leadership involves a process of exchange between the leader and the follower (subordinate). The leader tends to obtain compliance on one hand by offering incentive on performance and on the other hand, by offering threats or punishment for bad performance and non-compliance. Transformational leaders: this type of leadership style is more visionary and inspirational in approach. The leaders here have a tendency to provoke intense emotion and communicate a clear and acceptable vision and goals with which the subordinates can easily identify. Autocratic leaders: here, the leaders are the decision makers and have total authority. This type of leadership style is used for employees that require close supervision to perform certain tasks. (Lewin,LippittLeadership can be defined as the art of influencing others

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