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Unit 3 Reflection Paper

Unit 3 Reflection Paper. Paper details For this reflection paper, consider the Close Reading Strategies: A Process Approach from the Reader Response Criticism section in this unit. You will practice being a Reader Response Critic. Choose one reading from this unit. (You may not select A Modest Proposal). Formulate a general question after your initial reading that identifies a problem—a tension—that is fruitful for discussion. Reread the work, paying particular attention to the question you posed. Take notes, which should be focused on your central question. Write an exploratory journal entry or blog post that allows you to play with ideas. Construct a working thesis that makes a claim about the work and accounts for the following: What does the work mean? How does reader-response theory add meaning? “So what” is significant about the work? That is, why is it important for you to write about this work? What will readers learn from reading your interpretation? Reread the text to gather textual evidence for support. What literary devices are used to achieve the theme? Construct an informal outline that demonstrates how you will support your interpretation. You will submit step 4 and 6 for this assignment, a thesis statement and an informal outline. Use the “Response Paper Outline Form” to complete the assignment and submit it here. Use quotation marks where necessary but do not do outside or internet research. If the submission contains outside or researched material, it will receive a grade of 0. Reading Link :, The Scrivener.pdf?_Unit 3 Reflection Paper
SHS High Risk Traffic Stop Script Law Enforcement Officer Scenario Outline Script.

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Directions:For this Project, write a script outlining a scenario for a high-risk traffic stop. Using the information from the presentation, create a scenario for a high-risktraffic stop which leads to a pursuit.2. Develop a detailed script for a high-risk traffic stop between a law enforcementofficer and a violator. Be sure to discuss specific techniques taken by the lawenforcement officer.3. Scripts should be three to four minutes long. Attached is the video transcript for the presentation. The high risk starts on page 6 3.risk.
SHS High Risk Traffic Stop Script Law Enforcement Officer Scenario Outline Script

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Perry the ParalegalPlease read the following hypothetical, and then answer the questions that follow:Perry has been working as a bankruptcy paralegal for three years for the same firm. He interviews clients, prepares bankruptcy forms, arranges for these forms to be filed, communicates with the clients, and sees their cases through to the end. As most cases only require one appearance by a lawyer, Perry does ninety percent of the work on each case.His supervising lawyer reviews his work, but as of the last year, never has had to make any corrections. When Perry’s supervising lawyer takes a four-month medical leave of absence, Perry continues working. He prepares a lawyer (unfamiliar with bankruptcy cases) to make the required appearances. The clients and the firm are happy with Perry’s work so far.Has Perry committed any ethical violations? If so, how? What about the supervising lawyer?What would you do differently if you were Perry?Post your answers on the Discussion Board and be sure to respond to your class
Need done by 2/27/18

The objective of terrorist propaganda is to influence the attitude of a specified mass audience. It is aimed at spreading an explicit synthesis by presenting information selectively. Terrorist propaganda in the video links is intended to publicize acts of brutality committed by the militants. They are meant to evoke emotional responses from their specified population. For example, footage of militants brutally unleashing prisoners in their underwear, images of public executions, and visuals of beheadings depict terrorist propaganda as a play for the world to see. Chomsky and Newman postulate interesting arguments as to how the media has been used to display terrorist propaganda. For instance, Chomsky (1991) believes that terrorist propaganda will have no meaning if the media does not give it publicity. Terrorists want their message covered by the press. Getting their message publicized by the press is more important to them than having a spectacular assault that results in the deaths of millions. Newman (2006) points out the effectiveness of terrorist propaganda by looking at the success of getting their message passed. One might say that the press exercises the ultimate control in spreading terrorist propaganda. Finally, terrorist propaganda can be displayed as a play for the masses to see by looking at the spirit of terrorism itself. For example, Baudrillard (2001) explains that terrorists draw their power not from how many people they kill, but from the spirit of sacrifice that is made in the killing. Through sacrifices, they challenge the existing systems in society. They capture the attention of their target audience. Terrorist propaganda is therefore a play for the world to see because it is done intentionally to a specified audience. I agree with Matusitz in the article that the main goal of terrorist propaganda is to seek influence and an audience. In some way, I also agree with Katherine and Robey that the September 11 atrocity was meant for the masses to see. The nature of the ISIS videos, for example, shows that they were crafted to present facts selectively. In my view, everything in the videos is manipulative. The videos are meant to evoke an emotional reaction from the world. Reference List Baudrillard, J. (2001). The Spirit of Terrorism. New York, NY: Verso Books. Chomsky, N. (1991). International Terrorism: Image and Reality. New York, NY: Routledge. Newman, E. (2006). Exploring the “Root Causes” of Terrorism. Studies in Conflict

MGT 402 Saudi Electronic University Startup Business in Saudi Arabia Paper

MGT 402 Saudi Electronic University Startup Business in Saudi Arabia Paper.

Instructions:●The Assignment must be submitted on Blackboard (WORD format only) via allocated folder.●Assignments submitted through email will not be accepted.●Students are advised to make their work clear and well presented, marks may be reduced for poor presentation. This includes filling your information on the cover page.●Students must mention question number clearly in their answer.●Read carefully Grading Rubric below for specific criteria: 0-5 Marks●Late submission will NOT be accepted.●Avoid plagiarism, the work should be in your own words, copying from students or other resources without proper referencing will result in ZERO marks. No exceptions. ●All answered must be typed using Times New Roman (size 12, double-spaced) font. No pictures containing text will be accepted and will be considered plagiarism).●Submissions without this cover page will NOT be accepted. Course Learning Outcomes:Demonstrate a solid understanding of the potential of entrepreneur in today’s competitive business world. (Lo 1.2)Demonstrate ability to think independently and systematically on developing a viable business model (Lo 1.3 & 3.7)Understand the place of small business in history and explore the strengths and weaknesses of small business. (Lo 1.1).Write brief notes on the following objectives:1. Ownersa. Your Business Name, Address, E‐Mail 2. General Business Description (300 – 400 words)A. What business will you be in? What will you do?•Mission Statement•Company goals and objectivesB. Business Philosophya. What is important to you in your business?• To whom will you market your product?• Describe your Industry: Is it a growth industry? What long term or Short-term changes do you foresee in the industry? How will your company take advantage of it? • Describe your most important company strengths and core competencies: What factors will make the company succeed? What do you think your major competitive strengths will be? What background experience, skills, and strengths do you personally bring to this new venture?• Legal form of ownership: Sole proprietor, Partnership, Corporation, Limited liability corporation (LLC)? Why have you selected this form?3. Products and Servicesa. Describe in depth your products or services. (Technical specifications)b. What factors will give you competitive advantages or disadvantages? Examples include level of quality or unique or proprietary featuresAssignment Rubric Marks:5Percentage 100Exceeds ExpectationMeets Expectation Below Expectation Percentage: 50Marks: 2.576-10051-750-50 Requirements Includes all of the required components, as specified in the assignment. Includes most of the required components, as specified in the assignment. Includes some of the required components, as specified in the assignment. Percentage: 50Marks: 2.576-10051-750-50 ContentDemonstrates substantial and extensive knowledge of the materials, with no errors or major omissions. Demonstrates adequate knowledge of the materials; may include some minor errors or omissions. Demonstrates fair knowledge of the materials and/or includes some major errors or omissions.
MGT 402 Saudi Electronic University Startup Business in Saudi Arabia Paper

Psychology Careers

online homework help Psychology Careers.

Review the career areas on the American Psychological Association’s website. After reviewing possible psychology careers, which of the career areas do you find the most interesting? Why? Discuss how you can use your knowledge of psychology in your own career areas.In response to your peers, share your thoughts on your colleague’s area of interest. cite your source
Psychology Careers

San Diego State University Transcript of Truman Doctrine Research Paper

San Diego State University Transcript of Truman Doctrine Research Paper.

OVERVIEW: This assignment requires you to select
2 primary documents from the semester’s readings – 1 from the 3rd
Grading Period and the 2nd from either the 1st or 2nd Grading Period.
Sometimes overlap of documents’ dates occur between chapters, so IN
ESSENCE, choose ONE document from American History that originated
AFTER 1945 and choose another document from American History that
originated BETWEEN 1865 and 1945. IF your documents do not meet
this criteria, PLEASE contact me for permission to use the documents or
advice on substitution documents. This Primary Document Themed
Research Paper is a Compare and Contrast Paper, in that you are required
in your analysis of the two primary documents within your theme to
evaluate their similarities and differences within the sections of the
paper outlined below AND to develop and prove a thesis argument.DESCRIPTION: You are required to write a 1500-word
minimum Compare and Contrast Paper, providing all the required
components of the essay as outlined below.In this research paper, you will have 6 sections with title headers as follows with the noted content of each section:
(1) Introduction

Briefly introduce: (1)
your selected primary documents and (2) the theme through which you will
discuss them; (3) the compare and contrast nature of this assignment;
(4) the areas of content you will discuss; and (5) your unique thesis
statement argument that directs the flow of your paper =
EX: (example from an Early World History Class)
essay will examine the ancient law codes known as the Code of Hammurabi
and the Ten Commandments as systems of governing within the theme
“Ruling the Roost.” After providing detailed identification information
for the origins of these law codes, this essay will discuss the
similarities and differences in their historical settings, compare and
contrast the nature of the laws and punishments in the law codes
themselves, and then conclude by showing how the Code of Hammurabi
directly influenced the creation of the Ten Commandments through
analysis and interrpretation of their content.”

(2) Identification of Documents

In this section you will
answer ALL of the following identification questions that are possible
to provide about your selected primary documents: (Draw comparisons of
similarities and differences between the two documents as you go). This is the vetting process.
When were these primary sources created? What are their origins? What are these primary documents? Letters, newspaper article, official document, etc. Who wrote them? One or many? A person or an agency?Where do they originate from? Culture? People? Place?Who were the intended audiences? Written for everyone? For a few? For no one? Who were literate enough to read them?WHY – what were the motivations behind the creation of these documents?

(3) Historical Contexts
this section you will discuss the historical settings in which the
documents appeared = what was going on in history BEFORE they were
created that led to WHY and WHEN they were created? And what happened in
history AFTER they appeared? What impact, if any, did these documents have on the peoples that created them? Impact on other societies? Impact over time?Compare and contrast the historical settings of the two documents as you go.

(4) Interpretation of Contents
this section you will discuss the content of your primary documents in
terms of your theme, while making an argument in proving your unique
thesis as you go as well.You should be proving your thesis argument in your interpretation of their contents.

(5) Conclusion
the conclusion, you are required to give your personal reflections of
what you learned about history because of these documents, focusing on
what you learned about the human condition and experiences of life in
these times that you did not know before – relating how they impressed
you and why.You must also summarize how you showed the fulfillment of your thesis argument.
REQUIREMENTS:Please create an appropriate title to your paper with your name, and class info provided.You are required to write at least 1500-words minimum of CONTENT, this does not include title to paper and bibliography.
Papers should be doubled-spaced and use an easily readable font such a
Times News Roman or Ariel. Please use font size 12. NO Comic Sans
You are required to research in at least 4 scholarly secondary sources, NO WIKIPEDIA PLEASE,
for the data in the assigned sections on “Identification of
Documents,” “Historical Context,” and “Interpretation of Documents.” Please quote and PROPERLY cite each of these sources at least once in the body of your paper.
using parenthetical citations, please use author last name and page
number when possible. Make sure you use a STYLE GUIDE to properly format
your citations. Acceptable styles are MLA, Turabian, Chicago, and APA.Here is a link with Writing Style Guidelines to assist you Purdue OWL – Online Writing Lab (Links to an external site.)
You are also required to quote from each of the primary documents themselves at least 2 times from each document as support for your analysis and conclusions in the body of your paper. Always cite the author of the document, when known, and the document title when quoting from primary documents. Thus, there should
be a minimum of 8 quoted and cited passages in your essay: 2 from each
of the 2 primary documents, totaling 4, and 1 from each of the 4
secondary historical sources. Of course, you may always include more than the minimum.You must provide a Bibliography
or Works Cited at the end of your essay showing at LEAST 6 sources:
SEPARATE your 2 primary documents from your 4 scholarly secondary
sources into theire own sections. You may of course use more
sources than the minimum requirement. Please refer to a Style Guide to
assure that you format your Works Cited appropriately and that all
required bibliographic information is provided.PLEASE
refer to the attached Sample Paper written as an EXAMPLE ONLY of a
compare and contrast paper on two LAW CODES as primary documents of a
similar assignment, showing correctly formatted paper into sections. Sample Paper may or may not reflect exact same components as required for your paper.
San Diego State University Transcript of Truman Doctrine Research Paper

Rasmussen College Script Assignment on My Early Childhood Program Essay

Rasmussen College Script Assignment on My Early Childhood Program Essay.

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One way to find out how intentional you really are in providing individualized learning experiences for children is to regularly ask yourself and each other, WHY? Being intentional is a key feature of being a professional teacher and can help you improve every aspect of your practice. Answering “why” questions also gives you the opportunity to practice explaining your practices. For example, a new parent is touring the center and stops in your classroom, you will be able to easily explain to parents all that they do in their classroom to provide the best care and support early learning. This also helps parents see the teachers as professionals and not just babysitters.For this assignment, you will write a script for a tour of a new family to your early childhood program. Include the following:Look around your early childhood classroom, environment, or family childcare home. If you are not currently working in an early childhood setting, use a space in your home. Think about the placement of objects such as shelves, bulletin boards, plants as well as the items in the space for instance, toys, art materials, books, etc.Consider the following questions:Why you placed those objects and items in those places?Why do you use this material?Write a script of what you would say to a family who is touring your early childhood classroom, environment or family childcare home. Write it as if you are talking directly to the family and actually showing them around your space on their first visit. Be sure to identify the age of the child joining your program.Incorporate information about intentional teaching practices; including environment, materials, curriculum model/approach and differentiated instruction. Include your “why” for each, as well.Include at least one resource to support your script, your intentional teaching choices and your “why.”
Rasmussen College Script Assignment on My Early Childhood Program Essay

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