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Firstly when being sales staff there is a lot of responsibility that you have to take in account. For example sales staff should have some understanding about the product. This includes features, benefits, and the cost of the specific product that the customer wants to purchase. For example if a sales staff were to sell a computer his/her knowledge should be: Specification of the computer Hard drive CPU (Central processing unit) Memory Software win XP or win 7 including (Word/Excel/PowerPoint.

Etc. ) Other warranty benefits that come with the computer Extra warranty should be provided. Another important point would be to provide information. For example sales staff should explain in detail the main features of the product in a way that the customer understands. Also the benefits you are likely to get out of the product . On the other hand sales staff should find out exactly what the customer is looking for by listening to the customer then matching what is available in the store.

According to me the most important role of being a sales staff is ‘First point of contact’, First impressions are very important because if a customer comes into the store and is looking for a specific product and they cannot find it and they decide to ask a member staff, however they are ignored or the sales person is uninterested in helping the customer, this could play a big role on the organisation because customers always come first without customers there is no company so they may miss out on several customers also this could lead to missing out on profit as well as customers.

On the other hand a good tactic is to say “Hello” when the customer as walked into the store this directly let the customer know that you are there to help if any problems. However sales staff should always look professional and approachable as well as friendly because if a customer is asking a salesperson about the product but the salesperson approaches the customer disrespectfully this automatically sets a bad impression on the person also the company. This is because sales staffs represent the organisation. Promoting the product means bringing the features and benefits of a product to the notice of a customer.

Salesperson should do everything it takes to sell the product they should list all the information features and benefits and show how magnificent the product is so that they customer is influenced and interested in the product. Meanwhile the customer will have confidence about the product and will decide to purchase the product. Also if you sell above your target, on top of your wages you could get a bonus. Gathering feedback means getting information about the product service from the customers on how they could improve the item and get more shareholders into their company and then it is used to develop new products

And relieve the existing ones. This will make it much easier for customer’s needs. Developing customer care means as soon as the customer walks in to the store they should be warmly welcomed and also provided with any help they ask for. For example if they bought an item from the store and there is a problem with the item and they would like a replacement the sale staff should respectfully explain what is needed to replace the product. In order to get a replacement or a refund the customer needs to provide a receipt, there name and perhaps there debit/credit card etc.

On the other hand the way you act towards the customer is important to the organisation so for example if the customer needs help finding an item it is important that the staff kindly lead them to the right direction. By doing this the customer will be pleased with the service given and may recommend the company to others and this also while lead to the organisation getting a good name. The business also gets a reputation for looking after the customer which can lead to customer loyalty. P2 There are a number of techniques that businesses can use to sell their products and service.

For example Cold calling is when a company calls a customer and tries to sell their product. The advantage of this technique is that the customer may be thinking of buying a computer and could be interested in what there caller is saying which could lead to a sell. The disadvantages are when the customer is not expecting the call so this may lead them to being unhappy/ irritated. Also it can be much harder way to sell the product to the customer because the customer cannot see the product (quality) therefore they might not be interested.

Face-to-face takes place in a shop. This is when Customers show they are interested in buying the product because they have entered the store, also you can see how they are feeling about the product. The sales person can persuade the customer to buy the product by showing them the qualities of the product and explaining more about its capability. Drop in visit is an unexpected visit where the sales person knocks on your door trying to sell you a product. Drop in visit can be easy as well as difficult to sell.

Most people may not be comfortable with this visit; old people/kids may be scared because they do not know who is knocking on their door. The easier part of it is that you can demonstrate the product to show how it works and also show the statistics and its reliability to the customer. Telemarketing is one of the ways of direct marketing which involves the use of the telephone for the marketing purpose. The salesperson involved uses the telephone to directly convince the customer over the buying of some kind of product or service with the complete information and detailing session.

Outward is the proactive marketing in which the customers either who exist already or the prospective ones are all contacted directly for the purpose of the marketing. The Inward telemarketing includes the reaction and reception of the orders and also information coming in so as to explain the customer about the product and give detailed information on which they are interested. P3 There are some laws that are there to protect customers such as: Sales of goods act 1979 and 19955 which means all good sells must be described as satisfactory quality and fit the purpose for which they are intended.

Consumer protection act 1987 which means the products that you sell to your customers must be safe. Several businesses have policies that give their customers extra benefits, such as refund an item. This means a customer can exchange goods and get a refund within a certain limit, if they are not happy or don’t want the item they could refund the item for another product or maybe get their money back. Price matching is when a business offers to match a much cheaper price for the same product offered by the person who is selling the item.

However this kind of policy is brought online. Discounting is given to customers that spend over a certain amount or a customer who regularly shops at the store may be given a voucher as a reward. Guarantee means when a customer buys a product and is given a guarantee just incuse the item goes faulty or stolen. On the other hand customers may extend their warrantee for another year or so, but they are rarely worth the money. After-sales service means extra services such as delivery, order tracking, free installation, spare parts and a repairs service.

Sales personnel are essential for many businesses; this can go from shops on the high street to specialist producers that sell their products to other businesses. They are employed for many of reasons. The clear reasons for hiring sales personnel is that they bring in more customers and provide advertisement to get a lot more sales, in addition to basic sales they can also offer alternatives and additional products in order for the customer to feel like they’re getting their money’s worth. This increases overall sales.

They will be trained up to make sure that they can produce the best customer service with profitable items to a customer which will increase the value of sales. Providing and excellent service can give that company an advantage over other shops, also known as rivals in the retail industry, This can be successful if the customer chooses you as their regular supplier due to the salespeople as they have found that you are helpful and give self-knowledge and other additional information about the products you sell.

It is a sales personals job to provide better customer service then any of the firm’s competitors. On occasions a customer will go in to a shop and rather look around for them self’s either looking for a specific product or just looking in general, these people tend to leave the shop without a purchase were as if a sales personnel can provide information and advice about the best product to match the customer’s needs. Then this generally causes a result in which the customer is encouraged to buy an alternative product.

Customers want the best products and want to know that they have got there moneys worst when leaving a shop, sales staff are people who are to provide customer care and excellent service in order to grab customers loyalty and maintain it. P4 Role play Face-to-face Staff: Hi there. Do you need any help? Customer: yes please, I was hoping to buy a brand new tv for my new bedroom Staff: okay that’s great, let me guide you thru the TVs we have on display. Customer: okay, that’s fine

Staff: firstly this is our Samsung series 8 TV fall HD 55 LED 3D TV Customer: okay can you tell me a bit about the TV please Staff: yes of course. Well it as a smart TV, also a catch up TV and a social and full web. Also it is 3D active fitting and you get 2 pairs of glasses included in the package. It has a tuner fitted in free view HD and free sat HD, on top of that you get an internet connection Wi-Fi built it, all this is only ? 2000 Customer: hmmmm, it sounds good. However it is a bit expensive for me.

Staff: oh well, we have other TV’s which are cheaper if you would like to have a look. Customer: yes please can I have a look at the other TV’s that you have available Staff: as you want something cheaper there is this TV in stock which is much smaller, like Samsung series 5 full HD 32 led TV. Customer: ohhh it looks good can you give me the important details about it please. Staff: yes sure, well the Samsung series 5 full HD 32 LED TV delivers a crisp, sharp picture from a beautifully crafted slim-bezel television, also ou can watch full high definition quality and experience lifelike picture and get a wonderful sound, on top of that you get a in-built Freeview HD tuner so you have a wide choice of digital TV viewing. Also the USB port allows you to view your own videos and photos on the large screen, which all comes up to 299. 00 pounds. Customer: it sounds good. Do I get any guarantee on the product? Staff: yes of course, you get 5 years guarantee just in case your TV goes faulty or damaged you can a new one or if the damage is minor we can fix it for you.

Oh yes nearly forgot you also get a free delivery to your house when purchasing this item Customer: okay that’s great, is there any more general information I need to take in account about the item? Staff: well all you need to know is the remote come with the item, also there are 29 European languages stored on to the TV, also the TV as a headphone socket fitted in so you can listen to music on your TV. Customer: okay well it all sounds good, so can a purchase this item please.

Staff: yes of course would you like to pay with debit card or cash? Customer: debit card please. Staff: okay will you follow me please. P4 Cold calling Staff: hi, I’m Zara; I am calling on behalf of orange. We have loads of special offers in store today and we would like to know if you are interested. Customer: err how did you get my number Staff: oh you have been selected from the third party on ne of our special offers. Customer: well I’m not interested I’m happy with my phone as it is.

Staff: okay well before you hang up the phone I would still like to explain the offers you may change your mind at the end. Customer: hmmm okay go ahead. Staff: well we have this stylish orange phone, it also delivers fast web browsing, super responsive apps and effortless multitasking. On top of that it has a 8 megapixel camera that can take up to 10 snaps a second, as well as a beautiful detailed HD video, with super-smooth playback, also the memory for the phone is 16gb this means you won’t run out of space.

Customer: hmmm okay well what’s the model and brand of phone, also what colours do you have in stock. Staff: oh yes the price of the phone is 200 pounds, the brand of the phone is lg, however you can get it on contract which means yes you will have to become a member so we can keep a trek on you payments etc. .. Customer: well how much is the contract? Staff: well the contact is ? 25 a month this includes internet Wi-Fi, battery, charger, user guide. Customer: okay well can I get the phone Staff: yes can I get your details

ACCT 301-Cost Accounting

Examine with suitable examples, how “organization strategy provides a valuable contribution in achieving organization vision?” Give an example of a Saudi company and assess two examples of organizational strategies and operating plans.(2 Marks)
Q2. X Ltd. manufactures plastic products and sells them for SAR 350 per unit. The firm’s variable cost per unit is SAR 90, while its total fixed costs are SAR 110,000. The company expects to sell 1,800 units in the coming year. Calculate the following:(2 Marks)
Degree of operating leverage
Margin of safety in units
Margin of safety in SAR value
Margin of safety in percentage

Q3. What is regression analysis and how does it help in estimating a cost function? Interpret your results with a numerical example.(2 Marks)
Q4. A plastic product is manufactured by SLT Company. For total costs, the company estimates the cost function. The number of units is the cost driver. The following details were gathered:
(2 Marks)
Total Cost (SAR)
Use the high-low analysis method and answer the following:
Calculate Variable Costs and fixed costs.
Determine the cost function.

Q5. The following information is related to CTH Corporation which manufactures a single product:(2 Marks)
Selling price per unit: SAR 800
Variable cost per unit: SAR 240
Total fixed cost: SAR 400,000
You are required to calculate:
Contribution margin per unit and contribution margin ratio.
The break-even point in units and break-even point is sales value SAR.
Pretax profit of the company if it sells 1,400 units of the product.
The number of units required to sell to reach a target pretax profit of SAR 200,000?