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I never really thought about unions, and then I needed help and my union was there for me and fought for me! So when I saw this choice on Dr. Scarcella’s list of topics, I thought it would be interesting to learn more about it. In my adult life I have held two primary jobs. My first being at Loma Linda University Medical Center, which is non-union and I heard about some really bizarre reasons to fire or let someone go. The new director did not like the secretary, although she had been working there for over 20 years.

A lady wearing knickers being “let go” for not wearing nylons while another girl had a skirt on without nylons. However here at California State University, San Bernardino, we have a union. For the first year or so, I was not a member. Although, the different in fees for non members and members is like less than 1%. So after a friend pointed this out to me, I decided to join, and let me say that joining was one of the best decisions I have made in my work life. When I needed the unions help, they were there, fought for me and I won my grievance.

After doing a little research I first realized that I wanted to keep my information here in the United States, not go any farther back. Most unions today are aligned with one of two larger umbrella organizations; the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO) and the Chang to Win Federations. Unions typically were legally recognized as representatives of workers in different industries, and to advance and protect the interest of its members. The first step in organizing a union is for the employers to recognize unions and to be willing to negotiate procedures resulting in collective agreements.

Then the employers and collective bargaining negotiate with unions to agree to terms and conditions of employment for the workers. There are many different advantages and disadvantages in being in or not being in a union. They are listed in the attached powerpoint sheets. The major change in unions right now is the economy. With the higher unemployment rate, there are less workers in the job industries paying into union dues. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) was a great website for information and data.

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The post-comment analysis should be a thorough synopsis, where you bring your classmates’ ideas together, add further reflection and point out some of the particularly insightful comments made by your peers. Your post-comment analysis should be a minimum of 1 double-spaced page, 12-point font with 1-inch margins

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