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Understanding The Definition Of Performance Appraisals Commerce Essay

The importance of performance appraisal as an instrument to understand how to make better use of the available technical skills and knowledge, also how to meet future challenges and achieve goals, was explained by Armstrong (2006). He also explained that performance appraisal will help improve the skills and capabilities of an individual and the organization as a whole. According to Szilagyi
Poets and authors create their works of literature considering the cultural tendencies of the epoch and personal experiences. Thus, each writer has a unique and differentiating style that allows recognizing him or her among others. Emily Dickinson is an extraordinary poet because she isolated herself from society and was in seclusion starting from the early adulthood period. Even though she was not very popular during her lifetime, most of her poems were found and published after her death. Emily Dickinson was one of the most prominent American writers who mainly focused on nature, religion, and death themes which fit the period of the Later Romantics. As Dickinson was irritated with human society, she found her refuge in nature, which was reflected in her poems. Contrasting to other writers of the Romanticism period, she used the rat, the mushroom, the bat, the fly, the frog, the snake, and the stones as symbolic representations of nature (Amitabh 215). Nevertheless, those elements were usually avoided by romantics and ignored by moralists Dickinson plunged into the parallel world when it concerned nature, adored all its manifestations, and compared it with the human essence. In fact, “nature became the link between herself and the external world” (Amitabh 216). Her works affirm that peace in the world is possible only when the powers are balanced. It correlates with the themes of feminism in the author’s pieces of literature. At the end of the nineteenth century, women were underprivileged and usually oppressed, while men enjoyed all the benefits. Therefore, most of Dickinson’s poems were heavily edited to conceal their true meaning. Another prevalent theme utilized by the author concerns religion, gospels, and spiritual practices. Emily Dickinson comes from the Puritan family whose ancestors migrated from England to the United States several centuries ago. The Puritans are characterized by rigorous religious discipline and the purity of worship. Their practices also influence other spheres of life and impose restrictions on common activities. Such traditions are also incorporated in the author’s works where Dickinson questions the mission of each human in the world and the separation of body and soul. The poet turns to the Christian tradition of the eternal life pursuit by the Calvinists and Transcendentalists (Song and Chen 53). Owing to the Calvinism philosophy, Dickinson “learnt about the survival of the soul and was curious to know how that was possible” (Alqaryouti and Sadeq 20). Therefore, the theme of religion often intersected with the motives of death. The poet’s obsession with death is evident in many literary works, which can be explained by the tragic events Dickinson encountered in her life. Even though she was isolated from society, spent most of the time in the parental home, and communicated with friends mostly with the help of letters, it was difficult for her to pass through numerous losses. That is why Dickinson describes various emotional responses to death and enables the reader to view it from a different perspective (Alqaryouti and Sadeq 16). The poem I Heard a Fly Buzz When I Died explains that there is life after death. Another literary work Because I Could Not Stop for Death illustrates death in a romanticized way, indicating its patience and respect (Alqaryouti and Sadeq 17). Dickinson usually emphasized that death was not something tragic, but it is the time for a soul to transfer to another dimension and continue the path of eternal life. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Apart from unusual themes, this author can be characterized by a unique writing style. Typically for that period, some passages in Dickinson’s works “offer apt illustrations of the romantic tendency to indulge in the hyperbole of emotionalism” (Amitabh 217). She used conventional language in her works to describe abstract concepts with simple words. That is why it was easy to grasp the idea of each poem, but some names and notions remained symbolic, allowing the reader to elaborate on the interpretation. Moreover, Dickinson did not provide titles to poems as she was convinced they had no sense. There is no doubt that Dickinson made a significant contribution to American literature. Some experts consider that she could control the English language as well as Shakespeare did (Song and Chen 51). Furthermore, her poems are a recollection of tranquility which corresponds to the popular concepts of the Romanticism period (Amitabh 213). Dickinson was not obsessed with popularity but rather wanted to express her thoughts and feelings in the literary works. That is why she published only several poems during her life, while most of them were found and edited after the poet’s death. Even though Emily Dickinson is associated with the period of Late Romantics, her works comprise characteristic features. The author preferred seclusion and minimal social interactions, which was also reflected in her literary masterpieces. She incorporated the themes of nature and religion in the poems but was strongly obsessed with death in poetry. This subject was prevailing in Dickinson’s poems because of numerous tragic events that happened to her family members and friends. The author also used conventional language to describe complex notions with simple words, which made her writing style unique. Works Cited Alqaryouti, Marwan, and Ala Eddin Sadeq. “Vision of Death in Emily Dickinson’s Selected Poems.” Asian Social Science, vol. 13, no. 5, 2017, pp. 16-23. Amitabh, Roy. “Emily Dickinson as a Poet of Nature and Love.” International Journal of English Language, Literature and Humanities, vol. 3, no. 4, 2015, pp. 212-219. Song, Mengqi, and Liping Chen. “On Characteristics of Emily Dickinson’s Death Poems.” International Journal of Secondary Education, vol. 5, no. 4, 2017, pp. 51-55.
Introduction Self management learning is the only way to know oneself, to develop oneself and to sustain oneself. Days are going very fast and people lagging behind lack of such attributes will not go very fast. So there is a need of self management to grow inner side. Such management abilities determine the present and future condition of an individual either in personal or in professional. LO1: Understanding how self-managed learning can enhance lifelong development 1.1 Evaluation of approaches to self-managed learning Self managed learning is a way individual finds different aspect in learning things, enhancing skills, developing oneself which could lead the society adjustable with the diverse environment. People learn those skills from the surroundings, family, culture and to some extent carrying nature in born. There are many ways to develop one but the thing is that the individual wants himself to be pouring into which dice. Sectors are available and with the interest factor one has to choose the preferable one. Here are some approaches described below: Seminars and Conferences: Seminars and conferences in colleges or universities to be performed or organized by the high professionals. These are the best suited option for anyone to express oneself. The way a seminar goes on is the snapshot of the real world knowledge which is quite absent in text books. Internet: Internet is going through our veins and now-a-days very few people are unaware of the fact of internet using. Internet has brought people an opportunity of distant learning. One sitting before the desktop or laptop may acquire the knowledge level of home and abroad with some clicks. (Micheal, 2008) Social Networking: Social networking has given a new era of people and people in present world are totally getting involved into this. Time spending in social networking may be the source of self managed learning. Facebook, Twitter or else sometimes provide very useful data or information that helps the people to learn the world. Workshops and professional consultancy: Some agencies sometimes create the opportunity for interested people by providing workshops and professional consultancy which to a large extent helps to people become self reliant. 1.2 Proposal of ways in which lifelong learning in personal and professional contexts could be encouraged, using any learning style for this criterion Lifelong learning either in personal or in personal contexts should be concrete and well determined. Some factors are to judge to assess the criterion of becoming self managed learner. This criterion may be SWOT analysis, as it the indicator or assessment of one individual and the easiest way to know oneself in the context of business or personal purpose. Perfect evaluation helps to determine the durability of an individual’s lifelong learning. Strength Good learning skills Determination Hard working Honesty Weakness Control of temper Laziness switching mind absence of perseverance Opportunity Globalization E-learning facility Digitized market Future leader Threat Racial criticism Location disadvantage Absence of proper communication Economic downturn Figure: SWOT Analysis SWOT analysis evaluates one’s potential or judgment about going to take the advantage or not. This is nevertheless a superb criterion about self managed learning. If anyone can justify the way discussed above properly, undoubtedly he will be able to know his pros and cons and go to right direction. 1.3 Evaluation the benefits of self managed learning to the individual and organization: Self managed learning goes through the dedication of someone. The success rate of any business venture or in personal life is determine how long a person dedicates oneself to learning. Self managed learning helps people improve their some skills. These are: Brainstorming power: Brainstorming is the process which comes through relating many things together. People adopting this by various learning aspects. Ultimately this brainstorming helps people to create a new and innovative idea and helps building the leadership or entrepreneurship skill. Team work skills: Either in personal or in professional lives, every person has to work as a team to achieve the goal. Self managed learning helps to run the team in a right or perfect way. Individuals without the knowledge of self learning face various difficulties to deal with. Here is an opportunity of combining various knowledge in a package. Presentation skills: Presentation preparation has become mandatory in business era. Successful persons are successful is just because of their convincing presentation. Those presentation skills come from inner side which has to be developed with self learning. Communication skills: Those skills are preferred in business world. Business is for people and to satisfy the ultimate customer, the communication techniques have to adopt. These skills are highly demanded when it becomes a matter of product launching affairs. Hurdles breaking: Self learning obviates all hurdles coming towards the venture or in personal life. Learning curve here helps the people to overcome the situation. LO2: Be able to take the responsibility for own personal and professional development 2.1 Evaluation of own current skills and competencies against professional standards and organizational objectives: Objectives of an organization: The purpose of the organization Employee satisfaction to achieve the goals Turning it to profitable one Problem solving elements Customer satisfaction Suppliers availability Inventory availability Innovative idea Retaining the maturity stage in product life cycle Support system Longevity of the business Combining these objectives with personal skills: a) To maintain the customers’ satisfaction level, communication skill is very important b) Supplier retention has to be complied with the knowledge of the absolute market c) Inventory or raw material availability needs the proper knowledge and prediction power d) Product life cycle affairs need some strategy which comes with the vast knowledge skills e) Digitized services comes up with the knowledge of internet surfing f) Innovative ideas and development of new products comes up with the pros and cons of the product changing capacity This is how the personal skills compile with the other factors to set a business objective and leads to a better future. 2.2 Identify own development needs and the activities required to meet them To work in an organization needs much more attention and skills. Practical lives are not written into the books. Working with different scenario and coping difficulties are just affairs of some acquired knowledge. Dealing with organization one needs to have Time management skills Organizing skills Leadership skills Technical skills Technological skills (John, 2003) Skills absence of different persons varies. Those having lack of time management skills have to adopt some completion of tasks measuring time. Those who are not efficient in organizing have to accumulate some affairs already scattered. Individuals lacking leadership skills have to raise their voice boldly in favor of some legal affairs might be of business purpose, social aspects or else. Absence of technical skills need much work to do onto them; this skill comes through various tools like statistical matters, accounting concepts, marketing hurdles etc. Lastly, technological skill is required to cope with the modern era of business, society or culture. 2.3 Identify development opportunities to meet current and future defined need: Development opportunities are always demanded from any class or any group of people. Identifying the current needs and then meet up the requirements when and where needed to rectify is important factor to go forward into professional or personal life. Current needs: Being a student, the time is to standardized oneself in a furnished way. These things don’t end with simple talks, rather it needs much perseverance. Current needs are limited to set the future and develop the humane inside with skills either personal or professional. Future needs: Past is past, present becomes past within a twinkle of eyes and so future is our present. So every person in his personal life or in professional is concerned with the future. To project a plan is always for future. So to make the future whatever design has been made is possible if maintained: Strategically leading needs strategic management Marketing obstacles need SWOT analysis Projected finance needs the cash inflow and outflow projection Preparing account for home and office needs accounting concept Combining all needs organizing skill 2.4 Devising a personal and professional development plan based on identified needs Development plan paves and indicates a man about their present condition and future prospects. Whatever the situation is now, it should not affect the future. And for this development plan has to be designed in a way that sets an entire plan into the mind. The development process should be flexible meeting the requirements needed up to different stages or hierarchy. Some of them are given here as a snapshot: Developing the curriculum vitae as it is the total pros and cons of an individual Learning technical skills to adopt with many tools used in accounting, finance, marketing, management Working on the enhancement communication skill as it is required most in the present era Technological adaptability is needed much at present times as technology is progressing over the night Innovative ideas are to generate to sustain oneself in the market Gathering knowledge from home and abroad to be compatible with the world Using globalization opportunity to make individual compatible Long term planning to design the entire project in pro forma sheet LO3: Be able to implement and continually review own personal and professional development plan 3.1: Discussing the processes and activities required to implement the development plan Individual Development process deals with six steps to be discussed here after: Conducting skills assessment: The two-way interaction process has to be dealt here to develop the plan. No person alone can execute the plan. It needs skill compiling and assessment to accomplish the work. Establishing development objectives: Development objectives deal with the notion “what”. The criterion one has to develop in him/herself is mandatory to recognize the facts. Identifying developmental activities and monitoring strategies: Development activities and work on monitoring on them have been discussed earlier such as seminar, workshop, job rotation, cross training, self development etc. Preparing Individual development Plan: Preparing development plan is needed to be focused on the ground of maintaining the potential of individual. It should be designed in a way that helps to develop the other matters and leads to success. Implementing plan: Implementation of plan has been executed towards the best suited goal. This factor is related with other variables and also dependable on the other variables to fetch it towards the success ratio. Monitoring and revising plan: To sum up, the factor to monitor the entire development plan needs much reviewing. It functions like the control factor of everything. 3.2: Undertake and document development activities as planned Development plan is to be measured based on some relevant factors which initiate: Priority identifies the factors: Critical to one’s current role Critical to one’s future role Cost benefit analysis between two time period Activities can constitute the learning variable among the individual and professional stages like seminar, on job training etc. Support describes the need to help achieve the development plan of individual, relates everyone in learning, collaborating and assisting each other. Target and actual dates relates the proposed work t be accomplished and cost benefit analysis regarding the time period of completion. Date Review describes the progress on personal development plan and involves all pros and cons to stand a complete data on the prospect. 3.3 Reflecting critically on own learning against original aims and objectives set in the development Development plan either personal or professional reflects the individual learning in both ways. They are to judge the current scenario and match it with the future prospects. If any error found in completing the factors, the conflicts should be resolved and hence develop the ultimate structure of the plan. Here is an assessment template in which the learning criterion is best judged through self questionnaires procedure. What are the development objectives? Priority What are the original aims of individual based on skills? What support/sources are needed to achieve the objectives? Target date for achieving objectives? Actual date for achieving objectives? Review Date: Figure: Personal Development Plan Questionnaires are to set here to match critically analyses original aims and objectives set earlier. 3.4: Update the development plan based on feedback and evaluation The above set questionnaire pattern shows the way to time to time check up the data needed and acquired. It will be easy to solve the gap between two variables, expected and already acquired. As human skills are not stagnant, it requires frequent update like any software. The experience thus shows the things mentioned. So based on those criterion individual needs to update their criterion and make the future requirements successful by making up to date acquiring process. It will help to: Enjoy the benefits of updating Relevance of knowledge with work Coping up with hurdles Time to time improvement (Jay, 2000) For example, one needs to start up his career with affiliate marketing. She has to acquire knowledge about the available sources where the marketing or promotion can be handled. To know the perfect knowledge she has to go through various stages keeping up to date as per the profession needs. LO4: Be able to demonstrate acquired interpersonal and transferable skills 4.1 Selecting solutions to work-based problem People many a time get frustrated and depressed when faced with challenges. There are ways to sort out the problem. First one is conflict arising and the other one is conflict resolving. These two methods help make a man conflict-friendly and conflict-competent. (Hicks, 1999) There are seven steps to be followed in resolving problem: Identifying the factors Clear about the problems Situation or problems arouse before may be different Realizing interest of all Relating all factor in favor of all Best suited option is when it meets interest of all Communicating others to choose Listing the probable solutions Creativity enhancing through brainstorming Separation of listing and evaluation of the options Evaluation of options available Positive and negative sides figure out Separation of evaluation and selection of options Selecting best suited option so far What the best option is. Any scope of compiling best suited alternatives Documenting the agreements Listing pros and cons though less important issues Agreeing inverse situation, monitoring and cross check Situation may vary, so always prepared for the possible hurdles Monitoring the facts Creation of opportunities and finally implement 4.2 Communicating in a variety of styles and appropriate manner at various levels in the negotiation practice in the class Negotiation is very important element in business world. Those who conduct fair negotiation through his/her personal life; s/he may be able to negotiate in professional life. Negotiation of various styles goes through- Preparation: Preparation of negotiation is the main concern. As much as it is good in preparation, it will be good for designing the plot. The class negotiation is the same case here. Exchanging Information: Information exchange through various medium plays major part here. It combines two people relating the same factors based on the self interest of both parties. Bargaining: Bargaining is the two-way channel and if successful, then moving on to the next step otherwise comes back to the previous stage, bargaining. Closing and commitment: Closing the negotiation based on the fulfillment of interest of both parties is the commitment of going forward. 4.3 Evaluation and usage of effective time management strategies Time management strategy deals with some factors: (Mikolu, 2013) Setting priorities: First setting up the demand the things of a person or a business. It helps set the latter factors. Breaking things down: All issues should be broken down into many segments to deal with all small to small issues. Creating a schedule: Schedule set up is the timing management which helps to focus on the work to be completed part by part. Focusing on quality: Time management does not mean that one sacrifices the quality. It has to be directed by the best quality of service or products. Avoiding distraction: Distracted matter should be resolved and hence the lead got to rectify the affairs regarding the issues. Help from professional: If any matter unsolved, it needs the consultancy of experts and settling down the issues. Conclusion: Self management planning helps set up an individual in the way the career needs. The pros and cons of relating all factors may be justified in building one’s potential. The possibilities grown up are to deal with these self management planning. REFERENCES BPP. (2013). Business Decission Making Business Essential. BPP Learning Media. Drucker, P. F. Management: Tasks, Responsibilities. Drucker, P. ( 1967). The Effective Executive: The Definitive Guide to Getting the Right Things Done. Glei, J. K. ( 2014). Make Your Mark: The Creative’s Guide to Building a Business with Impact. Hicks, T. (1999). The Business Journal of Sonoma/Marin. Institute, P. M. (January 1, 2013). A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge: PMBOK(R) Guide. Jay. ( 2000). How to Write Proposals and Reports That Get Results) Mullins — Management and Organisational Behaviour (Pitman Publishing, 1996)

Ashford University Stress and Anxiety Annotated Bibliographies

Ashford University Stress and Anxiety Annotated Bibliographies.

Annotated Bibliography Assignment: This assignment will be due the third week of class. The annotated bibliography should be double spaced in a 10-12 inch font and include citations and references in APA style from no more than four peer reviewed sources. The annotated bibliography should show understanding and thoughtful reflection on a topic that speaks to the mission and objective of the course. For example you can choose a topic such as Bipolar disorder, grief or stress. Ms. Viki, our great librarian will come in and explain this assignment and how to do it with you. Please ask questions while she is there if you have any!MY TOPIC: STRESS AND ANXIETY
Ashford University Stress and Anxiety Annotated Bibliographies

ONLY QUESTION 2 IS NEEDED TO BE COMPLETED 2. Write a tax memo/letter advising the Northways how to improve their tax position. Use the same information as the Manual problem subject to the follow

essay writing help Write a tax memo/letter advising the Northways how to improve their tax position.  Use the same information as the Manual problem subject to the following revisions: The Northways updated their exterior windows in their primary residence last year. The new windows exceed the energy efficiency criteria established by the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) for the climate zone. They have brought the manufacturer’s certification along. The cost of the new windows total $4,700. John’s Bargain Books sold $317,430 of merchandise. They had a beginning inventory of $39,250 and an ending inventory of $44,300. All other expenses/transactions remained the same except John does not elect to take §179 expensing or additional first year depreciation on his office furniture purchase; but does elect to take the §179 deduction for the computer system. He made quarterly estimated Federal income tax payments of $1,500 on January, April, June and September, 2020 ($6,000 in total payments). Michigan estimated income tax payments were $400 per quarter or $1,600 for the year. The Northways sold 1,000 shares of Capp Corp stock they had received as a wedding present on June 25, 2002. The stock was worth $8.50 per share in January but had had dropped to $6 per share on September 3 when the Northways sold the stock on that date. They had been given the stock by John’s father, who paid $11.50 per share for it in 1974. Its value at the date of gift was $18.50 per share. No gift tax was paid on the gift. (The Northway’s basis is $11.50 per share.) John has 3 employees and is contemplating the Affordable Health Care Act provisions and the effect they will have on his business operations. He wonders how to keep his business profitable, how to best take advantage of available tax deductions and credits and how they can plan more efficiently to minimize their tax burden while increasing their wealth. He is expecting his gross receipts to grow by 5% next year. John’s brother, Mike, would like to claim mom Beverly next year on his tax return. The children are getting older and Phyllis is wondering how changes in the family composition and tax law ACCT 315 FALL 21 Intuit Tax Software Problem changes might affect their 2021 taxes and what steps they can take now to reduce their tax liability next year. What advice can you offer the Northways on how they can improve their current tax situation and improve their tax planning process for next year? Compose a 2 page tax memo or a client letter to the Northways enumerating all of your tax recommendations starting with the most significant challenges/recommendations and the reasons why the proposed changes make sense.

Morrisville Psychological Development Personality Traits and Personality Tests Discussion

Morrisville Psychological Development Personality Traits and Personality Tests Discussion.

Write a 4-6 page APA style paper in which you provide analysis and insight into the developmental theories by Erikson, Freud and Piaget up until Adulthood. Identify and explain the strengths and weaknesses of each theory and which theory applies to individuals and explain why. Also, compare and contrast the three developmental theories and analyze the major differences between the three models. Format: APA format includes a properly formatted title page and reference page. An abstract may be provided but is not required. Margins should be set to 1 inch on all sides. The content of your paper must be double-spaced and use 12 pt. Courier or Times New Roman font. Papers must be saved as a Word document (.doc or .docx) to ensure that I can open your paper. Please note that the title page, reference page and abstract (if provided) do not count toward the page requirement for the assignment. For questions about APA formatting, contact me. Sources: You may use your textbook as one source. In addition to the textbook, your paper must include at least two other SCHOLARLY REFERENCES from high quality sources.Writing/Mechanics: Your paper must be well-written, free of grammatical and spelling errors, and flow in a clear and logical manner. ABSOLUTELY NO PLAGARISM
Morrisville Psychological Development Personality Traits and Personality Tests Discussion

AC Management Apple Company Designs Analysis

AC Management Apple Company Designs Analysis.

I’m working on a writing question and need a reference to help me study.

Management Analysis:You will be selecting an organization (private or public) that you would be interested in joining as an employee. Examples would include Microsoft, Apple, Google, Starbucks, FBI, U.S. Air Force, Department of Motor Vehicles, or the City of San Diego. Please give an introduction and history of the organization you will be analyzing. In the body of your paper you should conduct a management analysis that will address a minimum of five of the following topics during the course of the paper.How is the organization socially responsible?How does the organization foster sustainability in their business practices?How does the organization manage diversity?How does the organization manage global operations (if applicable)?How does the organization foster a creative and entrepreneurial environment?How does the organization make decisions and plan for the future?How does the organization conduct recruiting practices?What is the leadership style that is practiced?How do they ensure that their employees are motivated?How do they facilitate team and group development?How does the organization use technology to integrate and manage operations?What is their organizational culture and climate? In the concluding portion of your paper, you should recommend certain changes for the organization (for example: how could they create a more entrepreneurial environment, how could they better manage diversity, or how could they be more socially responsible). General Format:The paper should be between 5 to 7 pages;The paper must be typed;Use headings within the report when appropriate. You should have a cover page, table of contents, and references page (this is not included in the 5-7 pages);Plan the paper carefully so as to develop an organized and non-redundant report. It should be organized and assembled as a continuous report and should not appear to be several independent segments bound together.You must have a minimum of five sources. Please cite your sources using MLA or APA Format – (the Writing Center can offer assistance if you do not know how to do this). These five sources must be SCHOLARLY. You should include peer-reviewed, journal articles. I would suggest reaching out to the library if you need help finding these – (Links to an external site.).Some other helpful sites include – (Links to an external site.), (Links to an external site.), (Links to an external site.)PreviousNext
AC Management Apple Company Designs Analysis