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Understanding Application of Accrual Accounting Method Cliff Hall opened Meridian Co. on January 1, 2020. At the end of

Understanding Application of Accrual Accounting Method

Cliff Hall opened Meridian Co. on January 1, 2020. At the end of the first year, the business needed additional capital. On behalf of Meridian, Cliff applied to Federal National Bank for a loan of $300,000. Based on Meridian’s financial statements, which had been prepared on a cash basis, the Federal National Bank loan officer rejected the loan as too risky. After receiving the rejection notice, Cliff instructed his accountant to prepare the financial statements on the accrual basis of accounting. When the financial statements are prepared on the accrual basis of accounting, they included $48,500 in accounts receivable and $15,650 in accounts payable.

Cliff then instructed his accountant to record an additional $20,000 of accounts receivable for merchandise ordered by a customer that will not be delivered until January 5, 2021. Cliff then took the revised financial statements to a different bank, First City Bank, and applied for a $300,000 loan. On this application, Cliff indicated that he had not previously been rejected for credit. Please review the information on pages 3–3 and 3–4 in your textbook and then answer the questions.

Were the revisions to the financial statements correct or incorrect? Why or why not? Be sure to use detailed reasons to support your response.
Was the inclusion of the $20,000 of in accounts receivable correct or incorrect? Why or why not? Be sure to use detailed reasons to support your response.
Discuss the ethical and professional conduct of Cliff Hall in applying for the loan at the second bank, First City Bank.

HIS 200 Writing Plan

Prompt: Module Two: Approaches to History, continued, has explored how historians select search terms to locate secondary sources that help them find

answers to their research question. Return to your submission for Progress Check 1 and expand upon your event’s historical significance, describe two secondary

sources you could use to research your event (along with search terms you used to locate those sources), and support your research question with secondary and

primary sources.
Attached is the rubric/guidelines along with any attachment needed.

Discuss the function of dreams in Havelok the Dane in Four Romances of England.

Understanding Application of Accrual Accounting Method Cliff Hall opened Meridian Co. on January 1, 2020. At the end of Discuss the function of dreams in Havelok the Dane in Four Romances of England..

– Demonstrates a basic understanding and knowledge of the subject, with a focus on question.
– Shows evidence of further reading, with some coverage of the recommended texts.
– Make it adequately presented, with referencing of sources and a bibliography.
– Use a straightforward style. With no spelling mistakes.
– Demonstrate familiarity with appropriate analysis of quantitative or qualitative information.

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Case Study: Fear of Communism/Islam

Case Study: Fear of Communism/Islam.

Introduction The Cold War brought about an irrational fear of communism and communist activities in the United States. As we are learning this week, one of the most vocal instigators of this paranoia was Senator Joseph McCarthy. McCarthy delivered a speech about the imminent threat of communism on February 9, 1950. Our country again experienced a state of paranoia after the attacks of September 11, 2001, this time of Islam. (The purpose of this assignment is not to defend communism, but to examine the fear surrounding communism and Islam and whether it was/is valid.) Instructions Locate and read Joseph McCarthy’s speech given in Wheeling, West Virginia on February 9, 1950. Use the following key words in your search: Joseph McCarthy, Wheeling, West Virginia. The speech is also referred to as “Enemies from Within.” Construct the case study by responding to the following prompts: How does he define communist nations and what are the threats they pose? Were his charges accurate? Replace the word communism in his speech with Islam. Are there similarities between what McCarthy said about communism and what has been said about Islam, particularly shortly after the attacks of 9/11? Do you believe it is valid to draw comparisons between anti-communist rhetoric and anti-Islam rhetoric? Make sure to cite and reference sources. Make sure that the writing is clear, well-developed, and free from spelling and grammatical errors.

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Marketing Productivity Metrics

Marketing Productivity Metrics.

Read chapter 6 Marketing Productivity Metrics from “Marketing 4.0: Moving from traditional to digital ISBN: 9781119341208 Then discussion in two following questions: How can your business adopt the new metrics of PAR and BAR to measure marketing productivity? How can your business trigger favorable customer conversations in order to drive awareness without increasing the marketing budget significantly?

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The outline of Opuntia Ficus-Indica

The outline of Opuntia Ficus-Indica.

The outline format: your outline must be formatted as described and exemplified in the example attached. Please note that this format will be assessed in your grade:

•Use an alphanumeric sequence
•Sections should be indented and aligned.
•Follow the suggested order of the required elements.
•Use brief but detailed and descriptive phrases. This will allow you to more easily flush these points out into complete sentences when it comes time to write the paper.

The required elements: Your outline should contain the following elements in this order:

I. The Introduction: this section must contain

A. The scientific name of your organism. Please see this link to help if needed: How to Write Latin Names of Species

B. The common name of your organism. What do most people know it as? Are there other names?

C. The area of residence in which you and your organism are (country/state/city).

D. The specific biome of where your organism lives. Please see here for more details on biomes.

II. The Body: this section should contain

A. Background: include a general physical description of your organism.

B. Life Cycle: describe the life cycle of your organism. The life cycle refers to the series of changes that happens from the beginning of life as your organism develops and grows into a mature organism. Please see here for some hints on the Life Cycle. Note that some organisms (like plants) have a more complex life cycle than an animal does. If you have any questions on this please ask!

C. Structure and Function: please select one organ system of your organism that you find to be particularly interesting and describe both the anatomy and physiology of that system.

a. If your organism is an animal, here are a list of the general animal organ systems

b. If your organism is a plant, here are a list of the general plant organ systems

c. If you have selected a bacteria or a fungus the concept can be more complex. Please contact me directly for more help if needed.

D. Evolution: Evolution is best understood as heritable change over time, or descent with modification. Please be sure to discuss the evolution of your organism using the following guidance:

a. Conduct a review of scientific literature to understand what is known about the evolution of your chosen organism. Search key words like evolution, fossil, ancestor. Also, refer back to your results from Assignment 1.

b. Conduct a review of scientific literature to understand the family tree or phylogeny of your organism. Phylogeny is defined as the history of organismal lineage as they change through time. Search key words like phylogeny, phylogenetic and genetic analysis.

c. Use the Tree of Life Project, which can be found here, to help you identify the lineage and related species. In addition, here is a list of other useful websites that focus on evolution:

Evolution: What is life’s History on Earth?

Biointeractive: Evolution

Evidence: How Do We Know What We Know?

Evolutionary Biology

NOVA Evolution

Species and Speciation

Understanding Evolution

Your Inner Fish

E. Additional Interests: The diversity of biological organisms is vast and interesting! Identify at least one unique fact or behavior not covered in the life cycle, structure/function or evolution and discuss it. For example, does your organism have an interesting parental care strategy or mating system? What about an adaptation or co-dependence with another species?

III. Conclusion section: this section should contain four to six bullet points that sum up the main points from the outline.

A. Start your conclusive section with one sentence summarizing some basic information about your chosen organism (name and geographical distribution).

B. Continue with a brief summary (1-2 sentences) about the life cycle and any particular body structures.

C. Include a brief note about its evolutionary path.

D. Include a brief summary (1-2 sentences) about the ecological role of your chosen organism in its ecosystem.

E. Wrap up the conclusive section with a closing note that provides brief information about a unique fact and/or behavior of your chosen organism.

IV. Reference section: this is not just a separate section; rather referencing should occur throughout the outline as it will in your paper. Please be sure to cite any language within the outline that should be cited. Proper citation and referencing were reviewed in Assignment 1; please look back at those resources and/or ask me if you have any additional questions. Your paper should also have a final reference page listing no less than five sources used throughout the outline.

Please make note of the following tips and tricks!

•We understand that this is a rough draft and as you research and writing continue over the next few weeks details may be added or changed. Although you do not have to resubmit it to me, I recommend that you update this outline to help you best complete Assignments 3 and 4.
• Write your outline so that it has detailed bullets that you can easily then flesh out into sentences for the body of your paper (Assignment 4).
•After your outline is complete, I recommend that you next draft your introductory and conclusion paragraphs. This will ensure that all the main points of the outline are incorporated in these two framing paragraphs.

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Management Question

Designing Your Job
Use the authors, Cummings and Worley’s “Comprehensive Model for Diagnosing Organization Systems” for this discussion. It is attached here for your convenience.Picture: comprehensive model for diagnosing organizational systems.png
Note that there are three levels of organizational analysis: Individual, Group, and Organization. Also note the five Design Components at the Individual Level. Ensure that your analysis addresses all three levels and five design components.
Consider a current job or former job. For each of the five components:
Using a scale of 0-5, with 0 = very low degree of satisfaction and 5 = very high degree of satisfaction, rate the degree of your satisfaction with this design component.
Explain your rating. Include details about the nature of the work you perform(ed).
Now select a component with the lowest rating (choose one if you have tie). Make recommendations for a job design change or any other action that would improve your level of satisfaction with this component of your job.
Book: Organizational Development and Change. Cummings, T. and Worley, C. (2017). 11th edition. CENGAGE.

An exploratory study based on the extent in which expatriates&national employees are equal in banking and investment Industry in the Middle East.

An exploratory study based on the extent in which expatriates&national employees are equal in banking and investment Industry in the Middle East..


word count 1200 excluding references this study is using qualitative methods – ethnographic research + Questionnaire References must be recent 2017 is the oldest acceptable. writing for PhD thesis. I need the officer to come up with suitable research Aims and objectives as well as relevant research questions. and should have below subheadings 

Title Overview of the research short Literature review Research design & methodology Time Scale Analysis tools. such as using Nvivo software References- about 20 Add suggestive methods as well as a small abstract. the proposal should be double spaced the course duration is 3 years, therefore, add a timescale in which the thesis is going to be complete. make sure the paper is looking professional and edit the title if it needs slight changes.

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Do In rough, identify the twelve steps of the Hero’s Journey as portrayed through Bilbo’s experiences. In rough, identify and plot/graph the story arc of The Hobbit. Know that while the Story Arc and the Hero’s Journey may certainly overlap in places, they are not the same thing. E.g. Bilbo orchestrating the escape from the Mirkwood Spiders is a key development in “Step 6: Trial, Allies

Tips and Tricks Choose the tool for your illustration wisely, and get to know it a bit before you select it. Most software comes with built in tutorials. Options to use are not limited to but may include: Canva Adobe Illustrator (use the free trial) LucidChart Vectr Prezi Free hand (use the classroom MakerSpace resources, or ask Mr. Weisbrod if there’s something you may need). Note that Google Slides is absent from the list above. There are many reasons for this, which I will be happy to share with you if asked. For now however, refrain from using Google Slides as your software. Proof-read your work. Give it to a peer to proofread. Do not not do this. Your work should be your own. You can brainstorm with a partner, but your work should be unique. Although most students may agree on certain events as staple landmarks in the book, each individual’s rationale for selection of the choice will be unique. While you can choose a predetermined template to use through your software of choice, bear in mind that it may provide certain limitations to your assignment. E.g. unable to add graphics, alter the template to fit your needs. Be mindful of this before starting. Bring what you need to complete the assignment to class. Have fun!

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Drug abuse and its Impact on society

Drug abuse and its Impact on society.

4 pg report on Drug abuse and its Impact on society, including prescription drugs and or the increase in heroine and fentanyl use in America. APA style with references

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