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Understanding And Coping With Client Resistance Social Work Essay

Understanding And Coping With Client Resistance Social Work Essay. Professional social workers frequently encounter a thorny situation called client resistance. As resistance is inevitable in the intervention process and will very likely affect the intervention outcomes, study of client resistance is important to social workers and learning how to manage it will be pivotal to achieve expected goals and objectives. This paper will firstly narrate the writer s personal experience so as to put the issue of client resistance on the agenda and give a brief description of involuntary clients or client resistance, then present the writer s understanding of them in terms of their several distinctive features, and finally propose tentative strategies of coping with client resistance. Keywords: resistance; involuntary clients; intervention skills Introduction As potential social workers, we probably will be brought into contact with more and more involuntary clients in the future, like mentally illness patients, deviant behavior adolescents, violent parents, battered children, etc.. Some of them are legally mandated to engage with service providers (Rooney,1992), while others are experiencing social or non-legal pressures, for example, being coerced by family members to seek assistance for a particular behavior (Rooney,1992). These kinds of clients constitute a high proportion of whole clients and display more resistant behaviors than those voluntary ones. Often, they do not seek help willingly and may demonstrate resistant behaviors such as negative evasions, pretended obedience or undisguised hostilities, threats and attacks from the very beginning of the worker s intervention. Therefore, how to interact with and intervene in this type of clients has become a tremendous challenge in the field of social work practice and it is important for social workers to get a deeper understanding of involuntary clients. Case Example X once was a primary school teacher with a fine income, and her husband Y has been running a factory which creates a great deal of wealth to the whole family. Everything seemed perfect that the couple were devoted to each other and have a daughter C who was in her second year in a satisfactory university. Unfortunately, X was extensively burnt in an explosion accident three years ago. Since then, she lost self-confidence because of her disfigured face and refused to go out for the fears of being laughed at. The daughter Z tried to took her out for an airing and ease her anxieties and inferiority about the disfigurement but failed. Since a lot of people pointed at her on the street, X felt painful and tended to isolate herself. To make things worse, not too long after her accident, her husband Y began to make relationship with another woman and was spending a large sum of time and money on that woman. He went to his factory early and back home late every day and seldom had meals at home which was entirely different from what it was before. In addition to Y s indifference, Z was studying at a university so far from home that she was unable to accompany her mother all the time. Consequently, X always staied alone at home with the feeling of helpless and hopeless. Although sometimes Y would come back home and cook meals for A, he had nothing to talk with X. Actually, the daughter Z here is me. I was extremely anguished, seeing my originally harmonious family rapidly disappeared. I tried to cope with such a depressing family atmosphere, but found it difficult. However, when I look back and combine the past experiences with what I have learnt in MSW, I have been realized that there were such a lot of unwise actions had been taken to resolve my family problems. Examples are showed as follows: In that period of time, I tended to communicate with my mother more than with my father and owe this difference to gender similarity and the tragic suffering of my mother. I spent much time on comforting her just because she was the only victim as in my own perception. I constantly teaching my mother how to calm herself down and change her mindsets, so as to survive in a miserable feeling. Unexpectedly, when I suggested her talking more with my father, she just sneered, saying he is so obstinate that nothing will change his mind . It could be inferred that she was still pessimistic and lacked motivation to make changes in spite of my consistent encouragement. On the other hand, the stereotypes that men are always mentally stronger than women made me totally forgot that my father was suffering pains and he needed care as well. Hardly had I decided to concern for and communicate with my father when I learnt that I should take him into consideration early. The most challenging thing was that he had been greatly reluctant to talk about either his former or current relationship with my mother especially the information about his extramarital love. He even did not admit any fault he had made. I have to acknowledge that I was livid when I found out that my father had been two-timing his wife and was highly emotional and illiberally prejudiced against as a result. Only now did I understand the reasons why I failed to assist my parents in settling their contradiction. My deficient consideration of my father s personality and the dignity as a man almost turned an equal dialogue into a thoughtless bickering. In fact, my father was defiant in the whole session because he was afraid that his authoritative status in the family would be ruined, however, I did not realize that kind of unwillingness at that time. No doubt, neither my mother nor my father is my client in the sense of professional, but if they are viewed as clients, it will be a classic case of client resistance. Definition of Client Resistance When doing the literature review, I found that the term involuntary is sometimes used interchangeably with resistant, however, the former refers to the status of the client , while the latter refers to behaviors or characteristics that hinder the therapeutic process (ChuiUnderstanding And Coping With Client Resistance Social Work Essay
Indiana State University African American Studies Reflection Paper.

A reflection paper on African American Studies, should be 3000 words in total, MLA format, and should cite some sources from scholarly articles. The reflection paper should be regarding on the following people and the reading topics: The paper needs to be written in formal languages and use appropriate vocabularies. No plagiarism please.Marcus GarveyExcerpts from The Philosophies and Opinions of Marcus GarveyThe New Deal and World War II Southern Negro Youth Conference”“Breaking the Bars to Brotherhood”Phillip Randolph “What Does Democracy Mean To Me?” (This article will be sent via Canvas) “Charles Hamilton Houston and the War Effort”“An End to the Neglect of the Problems”“Thurgood Marshall”Dr. Carter G. Woodson The Miseducation of the Negro (excerpts)We Shall Overcome: The Second Reconstruction Section Two Introduction“Rosa Parks, Jo Ann Robinson” “Roy Wilkins and the NAACP”“The Southern Christian Leadership Conference..” (pp. 367-370) “Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee….” “Freedom Songs”“The Special Plight and the Role of Black Women”
Indiana State University African American Studies Reflection Paper

Languages homework help. This is a paper that is focusing on the advantages and disadvantages of the study’s research design. The paper also provides additional information to use in writing this assignment paper well.,Advantages and disadvantages of the study’s research design,Instructions,Using the Highlighted articles write a 1 pages single-spaced (per article) address the following:,1.      Firstly, include the full reference for the article using the writing style specific to your program on the title page.,a.      Use APA 6th Edition,2.      Secondly, state the main goal(s) of the study,3.      Thirdly, summarize the research design and discuss the research method(s) used to answer the research question or assess the hypothesis.,4.      Fourthly, summarize the results of the study.,5.      Also, discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the study’s research design.,6.      Lastly, provide a discussion on how the study can be moved forward. For example, how can the methods be used in your own research proposal? In what other research might these methods apply?,Include two well-phrased research questions that could be used in follow-on studies to the one reviewed.,Format: Also, you should have 1-inch margins on all 4 sides of your papers; your title page should include your name and also date; you should use 12-point times new roman font throughout.,Advantages and disadvantages of the study’s research design,Things to keep in mind:,Avoid using the first person in formal writing and instead write with an academic voice throughout. Academic voice is usually written in the third person (he, she, it), also not first person (I, we) or second person (you). Be consistent in voice and person.,Intelligence Studies Articles,Phillips, Matthew D. 2016. “Time Series Applications to Intelligence Analysis: A Case Study of Homicides in Mexico.” Intelligence and also National Security 31, no. 5: 729-745.,Piazza, James A. 2017. “Repression and Terrorism: A Cross-National Empirical Analysis of Types of Repression and Domestic Terrorism.” Terrorism and also Political Violence 29, no. 1: 102-118.,International Relations and also Conflict Resolution Articles,Horowitz, M. C., & Stam, A. C. (2014). How prior military experience influences the future militarized behavior of leaders. International Organization, 68(3), 527-559. doi:,, ,,National Security and Military Studies Articles,Morgan, T. Clifton. 1990. “Issue Linkages in International Crisis Bargaining.” American Journal of Political Science 34, no. 2 (May):,Attachments,Click Here To Download,Languages homework help

Arizona State University Sientific Research Elements Discussion

Arizona State University Sientific Research Elements Discussion.

The reason for doing the research (or the general purpose of the paper). The hypothesis (or process/procedure being tested). The methodology. The results or findings. The interpretations of the findings. The relevance of the conclusions or findings. o How well did the design/research address the research? o What are the contributions of this paper in answering the major questions? o Are the results convincing (why or why not)? o How could the research be improved or what additional research is needed? o How does this research relate to your future work in the field of GIS?
Arizona State University Sientific Research Elements Discussion

HUM 101 California State Scientific Evidence on Climate Change Essay

assignment writing services HUM 101 California State Scientific Evidence on Climate Change Essay.

Directions:Using the concepts and ideas learned in the Tutorials 1-9 of Lau and Chan (2017) (Links to an external site.), write a letter (your letter’s body should be an APA-formatted essay) to a public or business official who rejects the scientific consensus on an important issue. In this letter/essay, address the following questions:How would you define scientific theories and how they operate?Why do scientists employ the idea of falsifiability?How would you try to convince this person to examine the issue using the scientific method in order to come to clear and careful assessments?Why would you argue for engaging scientific, peer-reviewed sources on the issue?Requirements:Cite all claims and ideas using scholarly sources.Include at least one scholarly source that is not part of the required or recommended reading for this course. The CSU Global Library (Links to an external site.) is a good place to find these scholarly sources.Your submission should be 4-5 pages in length (not including the title page and reference page). Format your submission according to the CSU Global Writing Center (Links to an external site.).You may wish to review the Letter Template to Public or Business Official (found in the module folder) for help formatting your essay according to the requirements. If you need assistance with your writing style or you need writing tips or tutorials, visit the CSU Global Writing Center (Links to an external site.). Review the grading rubric to see how you will be graded for this assignment.
HUM 101 California State Scientific Evidence on Climate Change Essay

Ashford University Nursing Care Report

Ashford University Nursing Care Report.

I’m working on a nursing multi-part question and need support to help me learn.

A nurse is caring for an older adult client. Identify three (3) physical changes related to aging the nurse should anticipate.A client is unresponsive and breathing agonally after cardiopulmonary resuscitation has been provided. The family asks about “do not resuscitate” (DNR) because of their concern with aggressive treatment with all that has been provided. What is the role of the provider in this situation?Describe two (2) priority nursing considerations for a client who appears to be having an allergic reaction to his medication.Discuss the principles of therapeutic communication when discussing death and dying with a client?Identify the grades of deep tendon reflexes (DTRs) and define what is normal.Suggested Fundamentals Learning Activity: Neurological AssessmentList the steps for mixing a short acting and long acting insulin in the same syringe. What referral should a nurse initiate for a client with dysphagia?Suggested Fundamentals Learning Activity: Therapeutic DietsWhat should be included in education for the client who reports insomnia due to increased stress?A nurse has delegated the following tasks to a new assistive personnel (AP) team member. Which of the following is priority for providing supervision? A. Bathing a bedridden clientB. Feeding a bedridden clientC. Delivery of meal trays to the unitD. Obtaining intake and output for a group of clientsA nurse is caring for a client scheduled to undergo a thoracentesis. Provide two (2) nursing considerations for each of the following phases: preprocedure, intraprocedure and postprocedure.A nurse is providing care for a client with seizures. Identify three (3) seizure precautions the nurse should implement for this client.Suggested Fundamental Learning Activity: Client SafetyA nurse is providing preoperative teaching to a client. What information should be included in this education? Suggested Fundamentals Learning Activity: Teaching and LearningDosage Calculation Order: 3 mgAvailable: 2 mg per 6 mL How many mL will be given? Suggested Fundamental Learning Activity: MathIdentify three (3) nursing interventions to protect skin integrity for an immobile client.Suggested Fundamental Learning Activity: Mobility and ImmobilityProvide three (3) possible manifestations of hypokalemia.
Ashford University Nursing Care Report

Hello, I previously made an order with you it was about purchasing, logistics and supply chain management dissertation proposal, Essay

Hello, I previously made an order with you it was about purchasing, logistics and supply chain management dissertation proposal, the dissertation proposal was unfortunately rejected by my professor because its far too broad and not focused he mentioned that my area was very broad and looked at almost all areas, he said i need to condense this down and focus on a particular area not all 3 that I had so instead of doing the dissertation on purchasing, logistics and supply chain management, I will only need it to be on logistics and for the qualitative research format can you please not include the interview as well as the questionnaire, can you please include another type of qualitative research format that doesnt include interviews and questionnaires with companies and only focuses on research done online. my professor mentioned that i will undertake a methodology as part of the dissertation , this chapter will outline and provide justification for the research approach I will attach the old order that you completed here as well as an example sample of the dissertation proposal as well as the blank dissertation proposal form that you will need to fill in. can you please Harvard reference in the proposal form and include around 7 references