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UMUC Invention of Gun Powder Annotated Bibliography

UMUC Invention of Gun Powder Annotated Bibliography.

My topic is Invention of Gun Powder or anything pertaining to gunpowder before the year 1500.For this assignment, you will search for five websites that are acceptable for use in a college-level history research paper. Wikipedia, or any other encyclopedia or wiki-type site like are NOT acceptable, sites that require a subscription are additionally NOT acceptable. Write a paragraph for each website (five total approximately 200-250 words each) in which you describe the contents of each website in detail, and why you think the site is acceptable for use in an academic research paper, using the information you collected from your evaluation of the site. **Then specifically state whether you think that the website is or is not acceptable for academic use and why.Provide a complete citation (as you would include it in your bibliography) for the site, including the URL and your date of access. Note that the required style for this class is Chicago Manual of Style.LIST OF UNACCEPTABLE WEB RESOURCES: AVOID THESE WEB SITESFor profit, commercialized sites that sell advertisements;Private web resources were you can find nothing substantive about the author or the political philosophy or the private funding source;The History Channel or any A&E Television material; or the Independence Hall Association (for profit) it is a commercialized site that “uses” information from accredited sources. Go to the UMGC Library and ask the Librarian to help you find the relevant Oxford Companion to See above. It sells ads and “uses” information from other not professional; commercialized; a commercialized site; sells magazines;YouTube, “home-made videos.” If the video comes from a scholarly source, it is acceptable.Alpha History.
UMUC Invention of Gun Powder Annotated Bibliography

The Evolution Of Dance In Theater Theatre Essay. Dance is defined as the art of movement. It can be used to express feelings, to exercise, to perform, and some can even interact and have nonverbal conversation though the art of dance. Dance is usually performed through the rhythm and beat of music, but it doesn’t necessarily have to involve music. Sports even sometimes incorporate a certain dance, or type of dance. For example, a martial arts kata is simply a series of movements put together to be performed with the grace and strength of a dance. Dance is also used in sports such as synchronized swimming, ice skating, and gymnastics. There are many types of dance, ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hop, modern, and contemporary just to name a few. Most people can’t go through the day without seeing a type of dance performed in some way. Whether its seeing kids dance at a prom, a person walking down the street moving to the beat of their iPod, or simply turning on the television, it’s something that’s in our everyday lives. But have you ever wondered where it all started, or how it became what it is today? Angel 2 It was believed that dancing was a ritual in early ancient civilizations; priests would dance to the rhythm of harps and pipes to tell stories to the ancient gods, people also danced at funerals to express their sorrow. Around this same time period ballet was beginning to evolve in France. As it continued to spread through Italy, England, and Russia, it became a concert dance, which is often, even today, seen in movies and events all over the world. Dancing has continued to blossom into what it is today, and the best way to show how it has become what it is today, is though film. One of the first movies that involved sing and dance was the 1952 film, Singing in the Rain, starring Gene Kelly, Donald O’Connor and Debbie Reynolds. This movie was more of a Broadway musical, but it is one of the first movies that involved dance at all. The most famous part of this movie is when the main character, Don Lockwood (Gene Kelly), dances through the streets with an umbrella as he twirls and sings the title song. He then grabs onto a pole and swings around it continuing to sing. During the filming of this scene he had a 103 degree fever, but thanks to the help of the camera crew, this scene only had to be shot one time. After the production of this movie, dancing became the new craze. Dances such as, the Bop, the Stroll and the Swing became popular. Also when the song “Willy and The Hand Jive” was released, it stayed at the top of the charts for 16 weeks. Poodle skirts and pony-tails were the style, and “Do Wop” music was what everyone wanted to hear. Angel 3 The 60’s rolled around quickly and with a new decade, came new traditions. A brand new dance became the new trend. In 1960 Chubby Checker released his song entitled “The Twist.” The Twist was the first RockThe Evolution Of Dance In Theater Theatre Essay
Antimicrobial Activity of Coconut Water | Research Proposal. Urinary tract infection (UTI) is the common term for the heterogenous group of conditions in which there is growth of bacteria in the urinary tract.1 UTIs occur in 3-5% of girls and 1% of boys. After the first UTI, 60-80% of girls will develop a second UTI within 18 mo. In boys, most UTIs occur during the 1st yr of life. UTIs are much more common in uncircumcised boys. The prevalence of UTIs varies with age. During the 1st yr of life, the male : female ratio is 2.8-5.4 : 1. Beyond 1-2 yr, there is a striking female preponderance, with a male : female ratio of 1 : 10.2 According to the National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey and National Hospital Ambulatory Medical Care Survey, UTI accounted for nearly 7 million office visits and 1 million emergency department visits each year.3 UTIs are caused mainly by colonic bacteria. In females, 75-90% of all infections are caused by Escherichia coli, followed by Klebsiella spp. and Proteus spp. Some series report that in males older than 1 yr of age, Proteus is as common a cause as E. coli.2 UTI can cause significant morbidity if not properly identified and treated. Therefore early recognition and prompt treatment is important to prevent late sequelae, such as renal scarring, hypertension, and renal failure.4 Coconuts, which are native in our country, play an important role in the society. Not only do they provide shelter and livelihood for mankind but they are also the source of important physiologically functional components. Nowadays, coconut has been gaining too much popularity because of its potential antimicrobial benefits.5 Coconut water is incredibly healthy and one of the best drinks to hydrate the body. Besides helping to remove toxins from the body and aiding digestion, coconuts have amazing anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties that help to cure the disease.6 It contains high levels of lauric acid, a substance responsible for these properties.7 However, no study has been done to document or confirm its antimicrobial properties against UTI pathogens, thus, this study was conceptualized. Thus, it is the aim of this study to explore adjunctive treatment for urinary tract infection. REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE Lauric acid which is found in high quantity in Virgin coconut oil was proven to have antibacterial activity against various viruses, protozoal and bacterial pathogens. However, one study conducted here in Davao City dated September 2004 showed that commercially available virgin coconut oil has no antibacterial activity against the urinary tract pathogens, E. coli and K. pneumoniae.5 SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY Urinary tract infection is a serious health problem affecting millions of people each year. It is treated with various antibacterial drugs which are readily available in the market. However due to the increasing cost of these drugs, many people cannot afford them and sort to self medication with natural remedies. The result of this study will aid the community on using an adjunctive medicine that is readily available for the treatment of one of the common diseases in children. OBJECTIVES General Objective: To determine the antibacterial activity of coconut water using the zone of inhibition on Escherichia coli, Klebsiella pneumoniae and Proteus mirabilis (most common causes of UTI). Specific Objectives: To determine the zone of inhibition of coconut water on E. coli, K. pneumoniae and P. mirabilis To determine which among the bacterial pathogens in UTI is the most sensitive to coconut water. DEFINITION OF TERMS Zone of inhibition – this is the clear area formed around the filter paper disc after 24 hours incubation of the petri dishes. Control disc – impregnated disc with Amikacin and Cotrimoxazole used as standards for comparing the zone of inhibitions of coconut water against common urinary tract pathogens. Coconut water – is the clear liquid inside young coconuts METHODOLOGY The study will be conducted in a school microbiology laboratory wherein the preparations of the materials and the interpretation of the results will be done. The young coconut fruit will be freshly obtained from the tree and then the water will be separated from its pulp. The test organisms, E. coli, K. pneumoniae and P. mirabilis will be obtained from positive cultures isolated from urine cultures of both pediatric and adult patients. Sensitivity testing for each organism will be performed to determine the type of antibiotic that will be used as control for the study. The Mueller-Hinton Agar will be used as the medium for the susceptibility testing. The Schieler and Schull filter paper will be used to prepare 6mm disc using a puncher. The materials that will be used in the experiment proper will be sterilized in the autoclaved at 15psi for 15 minutes. After sterilization, the agar will be dispensed in the sterilized petri dishes with a depth of 5mm and allowed to solidify. Three trials with 9 cultures of each bacterial strain will be tested using the Kirby-Bauer Disc Diffusion Method. Each bacterial strain will be made into a broth suspension and streaked evenly onto the surface of the medium using a sterile cotton swab. The sterile filter paper disc will be dipped into the coconut water. The prepared discs will then be allowed to dry for 3-5 minutes after which, they will be on the agar using a sterile forceps and gently pressed down to ensure contact. For the control, commercially impregnated discs with Amikacin and Cotrimoxazole will be used. The plates will be incubated at 37oC for 24 hours and will be investigated for antibacterial activity using the zone of inhibition. The zones of inhibition will be determined in millimeters using a digital caliper. The measured zones of inhibition will be classified as follows: 0mm-6.99mm as negative, 7mm-12.99mm as weak, 13mm-19.99mm as moderate and >20mm as strong. Antimicrobial Activity of Coconut Water | Research Proposal
Turning Data into Business Opportunities. I don’t understand this Computer Science question and need help to study.

Based on the topic you selected, you must use or to locate and download a dataset that is related to your new product or service. Sometimes these datasets contain a great deal of raw data, so you will need to use Tableau Prep to extract and analyze it before using it to begin building data visualizations.
In a 3-4 page paper, you must:

Identify at least one business opportunity related to your topic.
What kind of data would you need to support your theory behind this opportunity?
What resource or data repository would you use and why?
Hypothetically speaking, what processes would you change or add to collect data?
What are some trends would you try to identify using this data?
What is one new data visualization you would create to tell stakeholders a story?

Your submission must include:

Your Microsoft Word document with at least 5 screenshots and descriptions of your extraction and analysis steps.
Your original dataset in .csv or .xlsx file format.
A Tableau Desktop workbook file in .twb format.

Turning Data into Business Opportunities

Statistics homework help

Statistics homework help. Criteria for Success: In this assignment, you will: Create a budget for a financial plan using Excel to ensure that the financial information is organized, accurate, and complete.,Create a budget for a financial plan using Excel to ensure that the financial,Assignment 2: Developing Your Personal Financial Plan Due: Week 7 Points: 105 Skill(s) Being Assessed: Productivity,Criteria for Success: In this assignment, you will:, Create a budget for a financial plan using Excel to ensure that the financial information is organized, accurate, and complete., Identify a personal savings goal and a time frame for reaching that goal.,Explain your choice of housing option in the context of how it will help you achieve your selected financial goal., Align expenditures to reflect your selected financial goal.,Reflect on how creating a step-by-step and organized approach to the assignment helped you to adjust your financial priorities and financial plan.,What to submit/deliverables: Two completed templates: Assignment 2 Financial Plan Explanation Word Template and Assignment 2 Financial Plan Budget Excel Template.,What is the value of doing this assignment?,We all have financial goals—buying or renting a home, purchasing a car, paying off a loan, or saving up for a vacation. And it can be challenging to figure out exactly how to save toward these goals, given the numerous expenses of daily living. A financial plan helps you identify how you can reach your short-term and long-term goals, and leverage planning and organization strategies to make meaningful, incremental progress toward realizing these goals. This assignment gives you the opportunity to apply what you’ve learned about personal financial planning, productivity strategies, and the use of Excel to develop a personal financial plan aligned to your financial goals.,Your goal for this assignment is to: Build your productivity skill by creating a plan for reaching a specific financial goal within an identified time frame. You will use productivity strategies to break financial planning into manageable, organized steps, and you will use Excel to develop a realistic plan that is aligned to your financial goal and considers economic drivers, requirements, and resources.,Steps to complete: In Week 7, submit your assignment in BlackBoard by following these steps:,STEP 1:Review the following scenario for this assignment. Additionally, review the Assignment 2 Financial Plan Explanation Word Template and Assignment 2 Financial Plan Budget Excel Template.,Context: : Imagine that you are in a position where you need to move – this could be because of a change in job or dissatisfaction with your current living arrangement, or something else entirely. Besides needing to find different housing, you also want to begin saving for a specific financial goal.,Scenario,:,Imagine that you are in a position where you need to move. This could be because of a change in job, dissatisfaction with your current living arrangement, or something else entirely. Besides needing to find different housing, you also want to begin saving for a specific financial goal.,You will use the Assignment 2 Financial Plan Budget Excel Template to create your financial plan and budget table. You will use the Assignment 2 Financial Plan Explanation Word Template to answer the questions related to your financial goals and plan.,STEP 2: Think through the productivity strategies you have learned in your coursework. Make a plan for how you will break down creating your financial plan into smaller steps to help you stay organized and be productive.,STEP 3: Identify an annual income as a starting point for your financial plan. Also, insert the value in the budget table at the top of the Excel template as needed. Use an annual income value that you feel comfortable using for this assignment. You may use one of the following:,The sample annual income of $50,000 provided in the template.,Your current annual income,The average/median income of a career field that you would like to be working in at some point in the future. Check out O*Net or CareerOneStop for more information on income for career fields you are interested in.,STEP 4: Identify a financial goal you would like to save towards. This can be a short-term (1-2 years) or long-term (3+ years) goal and determine how quickly you want to save for it (Question 2 in Template)., Select one of the following goals:,Firstly, create an ,emergency fund, of $1000,Secondly, save up for a vacation that will cost $2000,Thirdly, save up to buy a $15,000 vehicle,Fourthly, save for a down payment of $40,000 to buy a house,Finally, save $50,000 for education (personal, child, family, etc.),STEP 5: For the goal selected, set a time frame for reaching that goal (1 to 10 years is the recommended range),(Question 3 in Template). Explain why that time frame is realistic to achieve your goal.,Remember a good start to figuring out how much to save for your plan would be to divide your goal by the number of years you plan to be saving for it.,Put this number into the “Savings” cell of the budget table in the Assignment 2 Financial Plan Budget Excel Template.,STEP 6: Select a new housing option and fill in the cost in the Budget table. Choose one of the following (Question 4 in Template):,Firstly, Rent a house for $15,000 per year, Secondly, Rent an apartment for $12,000 per year, Thirdly, Rent a room only for $9,000 per year,STEP 7: Fill in the other dollar expenditures in the budget table of the Assignment 2 Financial Plan Budget Excel Template, according to your preferences. Use the entire $50,000 (or whatever value you used for your annual income).,STEP 8: Use formulas to calculate the sum for your “Total” cell of the “Dollars” column. Moreover, to fill in the “Percent” column of the budget table.,STEP 9: In the Assignment 2 Financial Plan Explanation Word Template. Further, , identify the savings goal and the time frame you determined for reaching your goal. Why is the time frame you identified realistic?,STEP 10: Explain why you chose the housing option you did and how it will help you achieve your selected financial goal.,STEP 11: Explain your choices for non-rent expenditures. Moreover, how they will help achieve your savings goal within the time frame. In other words, how do your expenditures align with the financial goal you selected?,STEP 12: Reflect on the productivity strategies you used to break down your financial plan into smaller steps to help you stay organized and productive. How closely did you follow the plan you thought through in Step 2 on these instructions? How did a step-by-step and organized approach help you to adjust your financial priorities and financial plan?,STEP 13: After completing all questions in the Assignment 2 Financial Plan Explanation Word Template. Also, the budget table in the Assignment 2 Financial Plan Budget Excel Template, save your responses. You should have two files, which you will title as indicated below:,Word file: Your Name, ECO110_Assignment 2 Financial Plan Explanation., Excel file: Your Name, ECO110_Assignment 2 Financial Plan Budget.,Grading for this assignment will be based on the following rubric:, Assignment 2 Rubric,Attachments,Click Here To Download,Statistics homework help

For the Module 3 SLP you will be applying the concepts you learned in the background materials regarding conflict and

essay writing help For the Module 3 SLP you will be applying the concepts you learned in the background materials regarding conflict and. For the Module 3 SLP you will be applying the concepts you learned in the background materials regarding conflict and negotiation to a situation from your own personal experiences. Carefully review the background materials regarding types of conflict, causes of conflict, negotiation stages, and conflict management styles. It is important to first understand these comments from the background readings before starting this assignment. Once you have thoroughly reviewed the background materials, think of a situation in the workplace where a conflict erupted and management had to intervene and some type of negotiation was involved. Then write a three page paper addressing the following four questions, and make sure to cite at least one of the required background readings for each of your four answers : Was this conflict functional or dysfunctional? What was the cause of the conflict? Use the terms from the background materials in your answer—for example, was the conflict a result of interpersonal issues, a specific task involved, due to inter-organizational issues, etc. Of the five approaches to conflict management outlined in Shearouse (2011) or Bauer and Erdogan (2011), which approach most closely describes the approach used by management to resolve this conflict? Did the negotiations involve integrative or distributive bargaining? What stages of negotiation did management go through, and did these stages match the five stages discussed in Bauer and Erdogan (2011)? SLP Assignment Expectations SLP assignments are to be prepared in Microsoft Word and should be 2 to 3 pages in length, in addition to a cover page (course name and number, module number, session name, student name, and date prepared) and a reference list. The paper should be double-spaced, using 12 pt. type in the Times New Roman font. It should consist of a 2- or 3-sentence introduction, a body, and a 2- or 3-sentence conclusion and use Trident University International’s cover page. The reference list page must be in APA format. Assignment content should include a brief introduction to the assignment, background information about the organization being studied, and discussion in terms of the concepts or theories being applied in the assignment. Use headings and subheadings to improve presentation values. Include both a References page and in-text citations. See the Student Guide to Writing a High-Quality Academic Paper, including pages 11-14 on in-text citations. Attention is to be given to citing sources of information in text as well as in the References page at the end of the paper. Citation and reference style instructions are available at or at Submit your report in the SLP dropbox for this module on or before the date due, as indicated on the TLC Homepage. Since you are engaging in research, be sure to cite and reference the sources in APA format. The paper should be written in the third person; this means words like “I,” “we,” and “you” are not appropriate. For more information, see Differences Between First and Third Person. Submit the presentation through the appropriate Dropbox by the due date. Your submission will be graded with the assignment’s grading rubric.For the Module 3 SLP you will be applying the concepts you learned in the background materials regarding conflict and

Florida Tech Florida Institute Technology building its own LMS Discussion

Florida Tech Florida Institute Technology building its own LMS Discussion.

Initial thought: From the student perspective, my recommendation would be for Florida Tech to outsource their LMS to Canvas because Canvas is an LMS that has been used by many learning institutions and have proven workflows and processes. From an IT strategist perspective, I would recommend that Florida Tech builds its own LMS which they will have full control thus securing information as well as manage their expenses because in the long-run in-house LMS will be more cost-effective as compared to paying for Canvas’ services. Questions You recommended that FIT builds it own LMS, however, do you think there would be a large cost to develop such an integrate platform? What type of migration strategy should FIT consider if they were to undergo such an aggressive endeavor?Parameters- 100 words minimum-APA formating- References needed
Florida Tech Florida Institute Technology building its own LMS Discussion

(PHYS) Changing Views of Universe- Term Project

(PHYS) Changing Views of Universe- Term Project. I’m studying for my Physics class and need an explanation.

For today: step (C) final project.
Introduction from Prof. for the whole project

Term Project: You will be asked to do a term project, which consists of: (a) written project topic proposal, 1-2 paragraphs (2.5 points); (b) written 1-page project synopsis with 1-page outline (5.0 points); and (c) final project (27.5 points), for a total of 35 course points. If done as a term paper, I am expecting the final project to be about 10 pages in length (including title page, illustrations/tables, end notes, etc.). The term project must be focused on the first course theme: cosmogenesis, that is, the study of how our Cosmos came into existence. However, within that overall rubric, you have considerable latitude in which to pursue your individualized term project. For example, you can write a term paper, create a video, construct a model or generate new mode of artistic expression, such as a “creation rap chant”, which espouses your personally preferred view of cosmogony. More traditional modes of analysis may take various forms, such as: (a) comparing and contrasting cosmogonic points of view of two ancient civilizations; (b) examining the similarities and differences between a past society’s cosmogony and today’s Standard Model of Cosmology; or (c) looking at two of today’s competing cosmological models and discussing how these modern cosmological models reflect scientific, philosophical or societal debates going back to ancient or medieval times. What you may NOT do for your term project is focus solely on modern cosmological theory; you MUST tie your project back to one or more historical cosmological models and their original source materials. All of your work must be must be properly cited and documented. Due dates for topic approval, outline/synopsis, and final project are set forth in the Course Schedule and Course Requirements.
(PHYS) Changing Views of Universe- Term Project