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UHCL Nike Inc. Framing Outline For The Final Case Study Paper

UHCL Nike Inc. Framing Outline For The Final Case Study Paper.

Company : NIKE, Inc Complete an outline for the final case study paper Example is attached. Complete the final case study paper on your selected and approved company which is Nike, Inc. Guidelines: The final case study paper should cover five sections including an overview of the company and its competitive landscape along with four other sections addressing organizational economic theory and concepts learned throughout the course. Each section should be 1.5 – 2.0 pages (4 sections X 1.5 – 2.0 pages = 6 – 8 pages). The evaluation of the final case study paper is based on how well students apply the course concepts and ideas to the company they have selected. 6-8 pages (double-spaced) Click the attachment above to read the detailed instructions Use the complete APA style of writing including a title page with running head, abstract, body, and reference list. Complete the final case study PowerPoint Presentation on your selected and approved company. Final Case Study PowerPoint Presentation Students will develop a PowerPoint presentation based on the selected and approved company. Guidelines: Must include (Company Name, New England College, Course Title and Semester, Date, and Your Name) Introduction on the company (overview), what does the company do, what product or service does it offer, and where is it located (headquarters) Who are its main competitors (list all competitors)? What is the market structure (e.g. pure competition, monopoly, oligopoly, etc.)? How is it regulated? What they got wrong analysis detailing a strategy mistake using the course concepts What they got right analysis detailing a strategy win using the course concepts The Presentation must be organized in the following way: Title Slide Concise with sections clearly defined 10-12 slide minimum (title, conclusion, reference, and question/answer) At minimum 10 minutes in length All slides must have speaker notes No grammar, spelling, punctuation, or typing errors
UHCL Nike Inc. Framing Outline For The Final Case Study Paper

Your task is to draft a short memo (1-2 pages) to your clients, giving them advice on the following questions. I don’t understand this Law question and need help to study.

Taking cases to court is only one aspect of legal work. For example, many attorneys spend their time advising clients on drafting contracts, structuring businesses, and managing workforces. This assignment asks you to place yourself in the role of attorneys advising clients who would like to set up a new business entity.
Due Date: This assignment must be posted to Canvas by Thursday, November 14, 2019.
Before answering these questions, please review:

Class power point
At least 2 websites

Your task is to draft a short memo (1-2 pages) to your clients, giving them advice on the following questions:

What type of entity would you suggest that they form based on their stated wants and needs and why? Are there others that also make sense?
What are the tax implications of your recommendation?
What is the process of creating your recommended business entity? Are there mandatory state filings or registrations?
Are there any types of entities that you would suggest they avoid? If so, what are they, and why?
What did you learn about this process from the above-referenced (or other) websites? Please list the websites you reviewed.

Your clients:
Carrie and Samantha, friends and new entrepreneurs, have decided to start a clothing business to manufacture clothing for women. Carrie and Samantha must decide what type of business organization their clothing company should be. Here are their considerations:

They do not have much money in their personal bank accounts and are raising capital to start this business from investors. They cannot afford to use or lose any of their personal assets to the business.
The investors in the business are friends and relatives of Carrie and Samantha who have their own jobs. The investors want to invest in the business and possibly have an ownership interest but not be involved in managing it at all.
Carrie and Samantha have limited resources to spend on up-front costs. They need help deciding where to spend their money in the early stages: legal costs, space rental, branding, technology costs, etc. If they spend money on legal costs now, will they save money later?
Carrie and Samantha have limited management experience and may want to hire their friends Charlotte and Miranda to run the business for them.

Use a memo style format referenced on this website:…
Your task is to draft a short memo (1-2 pages) to your clients, giving them advice on the following questions

CJA 484 University of Phoenix Ethics in Criminal Justice Administration Analysis.

Assignment ContentWrite a 1,400- to 1,750-word paper in which you analyze the relationship between ethics and professional behavior in the administration of criminal justice.Explain the role of critical thinking with regard to the relationship of ethics and professional behavior.Include in your paper a proposal for a seminar in ethics training for law enforcement officers.In your proposal choose five areas of ethical conduct and that will be stressed in the seminar.Explain why you chose those areas and what the expected benefits of the training will be for both officers and the community.Include at least four peer reviewed references
CJA 484 University of Phoenix Ethics in Criminal Justice Administration Analysis

3D Key-chain Design.

Manufacture: Produce a part design using the MakerBot Replicator 2 Stock: PLA, ABS, or NylonTools & Equipment: CAD/CAM software to produce STL files (This lab: TinkerCAD)Instructions: Please make sure that you have read the lab work rules and regulations before you start working in the lab. It is important that you follow these instructions in order to obtain the maximum points allowed for this assignment.Using Tinkercad ( a free online CAD softwareTask: a KEY CHAIN with the following parameters: It must have at least two surface levels or layersInclude your initials (my initials are MM)Have a hole or place of attachment (see example on class web page)A selected Engineering Symbol from the list provided Save your final design as a .STL file for your introduction to 3D printing.Teams will place and scale the sizing of their designs to fit build space.If you need help getting your ‘Engineering Symbol’ individualized and into jgp format Click hereTRANSFORM 2D IMAGES INTO 3D MODELS
3D Key-chain Design

One Language In The World

As countries communicating more and more today and without any doubt to be a larger extent in the future, people often predicate that if the world developed to be united enough and then all people will speak the same language for daily communication. Is it realistic? How long will it take to fulfill such a dream? English, as the acknowledged official language for international communication, has been accepted by more and more people over the world since it can bring benefit for almost all who can speak it. Many countries also make policies to train the young people to become good English speakers. Can English become the only one language in the future and other languages will be eradicated? This essay will give analysis from some perspectives. The essay will start with discussing about what will happen if the prediction of eradication of variation of existing languages came true. In this part, it will also introduce the history of Esperanto which is acknowledged as world language by most people. Following this, it will introduce what are languages related to mainly in five perspectives which are history, culture, social status, profession and worldview. Finally, the essay will focus on whether English has the possibility to become the only one language in the future. It would be Perfect if Variation of Existing Languages could be Eradicated It is true that the world will be operated more harmoniously if all people speak the same language. Generally speaking, as the most important tools for communication among people, language is also considered as the first factor differing human from animals (Lonely Publications, 2007). It is developed as society occurred and developed. People who often speak the same dialect in the same nation can live together with less confliction. Due to the good communication, a nation can bind together as time goes. Finally, the nation become an integrate body, by which the human race developed more and more rapidly and leave the animals behind far away. Therefore, it can be concluded that language homogeneity promote the group developing more. However, language homogeneity does not exist among the whole word due to the long time of separation of people from different continents. As some nations have the ability to travel across seas and reach other continents, communication become source of there divisions. Wars then become the consequences of this misunderstanding of languages. To some extent, it is true that language is the divisive force for different groups and areas (Crystal, 2001). In fact, some elites of the old years have given serious thought about whether it was possible for people from different countries and nations can solve the conflicts through promoting implementation of the same language across the world. Hundreds of years before, they started to dream that there was a kind of language which can be called “world language” could be produced to make the world get united in short time. Actually, in the human history, “world language” did have been created. Esperanto, a language invented by an eye doctor named Lazaro Ludoviko has been acknowledged as the world language by people. Although after creation of the language more than 50 thousands of works have been published in Esperanto, it finally did not avoid being eliminated by the time (Polinsky

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The voice of Faulkner Essay (Critical Writing)

Introduction William Faulkner’s writing in three short stories (‘A Rose for Emily’, ‘Barn burning’, and ‘As l lay dying’) is highly emotional, complex, gothic and has an unconventional choice of narrators. These attributes denote two literary elements and they are: language and style. One can analyze those two elements in order to understand William Faulkner’s voice. How Faulkner uses language and style in ‘A Rose for Emily’, ‘Barn burning’ and ‘As I lay dying’ Emotional and poetic language Faulkner has the ability to be intensely emotional in most of his pieces without really sacrificing the story line or the strengths of his characters. In ‘Barn burning’, the author evokes emotions by compressing deep meaning in just a few lines. In one scenario, Sarty says ‘Father! Father!’ (Faulkner, As I lay dying 14)These might seem like simple words, but they are packed with meaning. The reader is able to feel a sense of loss, sadness, and a hint of relief as the speaker makes this statement. The author allows his phrases to possess some level of ambiguity in order to give his readers room to interpret or create their own meaning. In ‘As I lay dying’, the author uses one of his characters to convey literary or poetic language. Darl is extremely articulate and his language is quite innovative. Gothic style Faulkner has the ability to bring out elements of death, decay, destruction, isolation and darkness in a unique way. This component in his writings caused him to stand out from his contemporaries. In ‘A rose for Emily’, Faulkner creates an image of a woman who clearly does not belong to her world. She refuses to leave her house for years on end; she stops talking to everyone, has an affair with a disapproved male, and finally murders her lover. Here was a woman who was trapped in the past, and had alienated herself from life. Emily had a lush and beautiful environment outside her house; she never bothered to look at it. She chose to live in darkness, both literally and metaphorically as she never drew her curtains. This depiction of deep darkness was something that Faulkner always focused on; it added a gothic element to his writings and made it distinctive. In ‘As I lay dying’, the author selects a relatively poor family- the Bundrens. Although the group is ignorant and has a series of other weaknesses, the author still conveys their experiences with empathy and grace. The setting of the community in which the Bundrens live has an element of grotesqueness because it focuses on members of the lower class. The death of Addie is also one of the dark and disturbing components of the narration. Additionally, Faulkner describes the destruction of Darl in such a tragic and dignified manner. One cannot help but feel the same devastation that surrounded that development. The gothic style in this narrative is therefore reflective of the author’s preference for dark tales. In ‘Barn burning’, the author’s preference for the bizarre is seen through his choice of characters. This is a dysfunctional family whose head has a need to burn houses. He causes his children to participate in his wrongdoings by instructing them to help him out with a few things. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More It only gets worse for Sarty when the Major chooses to kill his father before he can destroy his barn. Eventually, the young boy keeps running until midnight, when he stops to sit at the crest of a hill. This must be a dark moment in Sarty’s life because he did not have a father anymore, yet he also ran away from people who love him. These are all depressing issues that cause the reader to empathize deeply with Sarty. Complex style Faulkner had a complex style of writing owing to his treated of time, his use of long sentences and unconventional sentence structure, his preference for ambiguity, and his use of stream of unconsciousness. One of the most interesting component’s of Faulkner’s style of writing was his complicated treatment of time. He achieves this by changing from narrator to narrator and from character to character. The lack of chronology in his pieces is the reason why some unseasoned readers find his work difficult to follow. In ‘A rose for Emily’, the story commences with the main character’s death. This is followed by many events that occurred in the modern age to the period just before the Civil war in the South. The present is sometimes interrupted by events in the past and the past sometimes appears to be the present. One is able to deduce this interweaving of events through phrases such as: ‘thirty years before’ or ‘eight years later’ (Faulkner, A rose for Emily 17). It is almost as if Faulkner is giving his audience little pieces of a puzzle that must be put together in order to understand the whole narration. The time movements have been achieved through the use of flashbacks and foreshadows. The end of the story illustrates that the entire piece has been a flashback since it talks about the discovery of the corpse of Homer in Emily’s house. Faulkner did not just choose this non linear approach in order to make his work interesting or to confuse readers; he did it in order to make his readers engage more with the text. As one goes through the story, one is likely to be inspired to compare chronologies with other people so as to detect any possible misreading. In these discussions, one can then analyze the thematic repercussions of those chronologies. This unconventional style has a way of making readers more engrained in the narration, and hence more likely to admire his work. The same thing occurs in ‘As I lay dying.’ Although the story spans through a couple of days, the author utilizes the perspectives of several voices in order to bring in a different dimension to the story. Faulkner manages to create a sense of wholeness despite the fragmentary nature of the story. The various sub plots that are added from time to time seem to add more strength to the story. The ambiguity of the narrators requires meticulous analysis of their descriptions because not all of them are credible. We will write a custom Critical Writing on The voice of Faulkner specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Complexity is also created in ‘Barn burning through the use of long sentences. This method has also been employed in ‘As I lay dying’. The long sentences can make it difficult to follow the narrative, if one does not pay close attention 9Faulkner, as I lay dying 65). He is fond of this style of writing because he wants to capture the action and emotions that his characters are going through. When Sarty starts chasing after de Spain, the author describes this experience using very lengthy sentences. As one reads them, one gets lost in the events of the moment. One can feel the confusion and sense of loss that Sarty is going through using this technique. Faulkner therefore achieves his objective by causing readers to get carried away. Since there is no slowing down in the sentences, there is also no slowing down with the actions being described. Unconventional choice of narrators as an element of style In ‘A rose for Emily’, the writer uses the town as the main voice in the short story. As the story continues, one learns about the habits and values of the people in Emily’s hometown. This narrator does not pre-empt anything in the short story. He seems to discover new things along with the audience. For instance, in one scenario, the narrator states that there was an awful smell from Emily’s house, and adds that it occurred as soon as her sweetheart died. He does not provide any correlation between these two components of the tale. It is only until the end of the story that the reader is able to know where the smell came from. The narrator, provides additional information, but still strives to maintain suspense in the story. In ‘Barn burning’, the author picks an omniscient narrator who seems very close to Sarty. The purpose of selecting such a voice was to make the main character get closer to readers. At one point, one feels as though one has entered Sarty’s mind. Since he is someone who understands things through symbols, the writer presented or explained things through such a perspective. For example, when Sarty went to court, he describes the crowd as having ‘a lane of grim faces’. Numerous metaphors have been used, that relate to a child’s perspective. In another instance, he describes his father’s voice as being harsh as tin and lacking heat as tin. However, the author manages to illustrate that Sarty was not in fact the real narrator when Sarty and his family are out camping and his father makes a small fire. It is noted that Abner does not hesitate to create large fires when burning other people’s barns. The narrator muses that had Sarty been older, he would have asked himself why this was the case. The author therefore plays with reader’s minds by providing more than one possibility for the narration. This kind of style was fundamental in providing essential details to the story while providing a mechanism for understanding the main character’s actions. Perhaps the most complicated choice of narrators occurred when the author wrote ‘As I lay dying’; there are fifteen narrators in the story and each of the descriptions is highly subjective. Each narrator has his own kind of language and tone. Some of the narrators re confessional and seemingly neutral, but they end up loosing credibility later on. Not sure if you can write a paper on The voice of Faulkner by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More For instance, one of the first ones –Darl – is an immensely articulate individual who seems to know what he is talking about. However, he is treated negatively by his family members who eventually take him to an asylum when he goes mad. To Faulkner, truth is debatable and depends upon the individual under consideration. The purpose for choosing such a complex interplay of narrators was to create a platform for adding more information to the story. Instead of depending upon one individual to describe everything, the author decides to use both real and interior monologues that the characters have with themselves and others in order to concretize the story. Objectivity is evasive in ‘As I lay dying’, and this causes readers to think a little bit more intensively about the developments in the story (Blotner 44). Stream of consciousness is also an important part of Faulkner’s complex writing. In ‘As I lay dying’, a number of narrators think about the death of the main character and they do this through continuous internal reflections. The same thing occurs in ‘Barn burning’. Sarty often describes his experiences as if they are flowing right out of his mind. For example, when his father walks in, he first describes what his father is wearing before he realizes that his father is in the house. Conclusion Faulkner was unsparing in his pieces; his words, plot and descriptions were intense and bold. His choice of characters and the lives they lived has grotesque or gothic inclinations. This author’s work was complex because of his sentence structures, his preference for ambiguity and his treatment of time. Lastly, the author’s choice of narrators was unconventional, but meaningful. Together, these components make Faulkner’s language and style exceptional in the literary world. Works Cited Blotner, Joseph. Faulkner: A biography. NY: Random House, 1984 Faulkner, William. As I Lay Dying: The corrected text. NY: Vintage publishers, 1991. Print Faulkner, William. A rose for Emily. NY: Dramatic publishing, 1983. Print. Faulkner, William. Barn burning. NY: Harper and brothers, 1939. Print.

Trident University Labor Movement Efforts and Workplace Unionization Discussion

Trident University Labor Movement Efforts and Workplace Unionization Discussion.

In the SLP assignment, you have the opportunity to evaluate strategies taken by union organizers to organize nonunion workplaces.Review the sources pertaining to union organizing listed on the Module 3 Background page, review the article (below), and conduct your own research.Hussein, F. (2017). Labor Movement Turns to Social Activism to Attract Millennials. Retrieved from labor movement effort or efforts do you think might have the most impact on increasing the number of unionized workplaces in the private sector? Why?Prepare your response as a 3-page brochure/handout geared to HR professionals attending an HRM conference expo. Your goal is to make them more aware of what you think will be unionization tactics they should look out for in future.Please upload your eye-catching brochure by the Module due date. Include at least 2 references that you utilized to prepare your assignment.SLP Assignment ExpectationsDemonstrate critical thinking and analysis of the relevant issues and HRM actions, drawing on your background reading and research.Information Literacy: Evaluate resources and select only library/Web-based resources that provide reliable, substantiated information.For the sources that you utilize, give the authors credit for their work.Prepare a submission that is professionally presented. Proofread carefully for grammar, spelling, and word-usage errors.
Trident University Labor Movement Efforts and Workplace Unionization Discussion