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UCLA Intercultural Communication Prejudice and Stereotypes Questions

UCLA Intercultural Communication Prejudice and Stereotypes Questions.

1.Discuss why the concepts of cultural roots and routes are important for understanding intercultural communication. Use specific examples to support your points.2.According to Driscoll and Brenton, “the most important job of a cultural leader is shaping meaning” Analyze this statement, explaining how leaders can influence meanings and interpretations within an organization.3. Discuss how prejudice and stereotypes about race or ethnicity can affect intercultural communication. Give specific examples of racial or ethnic stereotypes or prejudice to illustrate your points.4.Discuss three key concepts that are important to the development of ethics, and give examples of each.
UCLA Intercultural Communication Prejudice and Stereotypes Questions

anthropology writing essay -04.

First, read and write Dunn’s reading (see attached file), then write the rest 4 readings, each these 4 readings write one paragraph for section B.reading 1. Clapp_The Political Economy of Food Aid in an Era of Agricultural Biotechnologyreading 2: the view from agribusiness—Harvard Business School Executive Seminarsreading 3:Hightower excerptreading 4:The Sociopolitics of Food Deserts: five : The Food of Sorrow (Dunn’s article)Readings Analysis (need to answer all these two questions) :Briefly explain “bare life” and the “problem of nothingness” as discussed in the Dunn chapter from Nutritional Anthropology.Summarize the other Week 2 Module 7 readings in relation to the chapter by Dunn. What do these populations have in common? Using examples from the readings to explain how the “problem of nothingness” is both biological and cultural.
anthropology writing essay -04

Native American shaman who has discovered the secret of Time Travel..

I’m working on a history writing question and need a sample draft to help me understand better.

Write a short essay (2-3 paragraphs) on the following topic:You are a Native American shaman who has discovered the secret of Time Travel. You see the ruin that the European invasion and colonization has brought to your nation and all the nations of Native America. You have the chance to go back into history – either of Europe or of the American continents – and change events so that your civilization will be saved.What will you change, and how will you change it? (Note – this answer can NOT involve a Time Machine full of AK-47s. Nothing can be taken from the future back into the past).
Native American shaman who has discovered the secret of Time Travel.

The Musculoskeletal Injury Health And Social Care Essay

Work related musculoskeletal disorders are a group of painful disorders of muscles, tendons, and nerves. Work activities, which are frequent and repetitive, or activities with awkward postures cause their disorders, which may be painful during, work or rest. People working in the IT sector may experience various musculoskeletal disorders. Around the world it has been shown that about 20 million people were experiencing various musculoskeletal discomforts every year. Literatures state there was a strong association between the long working hours and the musculoskeletal discomfort. Various studies has postulated that work related musculoskeletal disorders are very common in sedentary people, but no study has briefed about the prevalence of WRMSD in office workers and the soft ware professionals. The purpose of the study is to find out the prevalence of various msk disorders in software professionals. Descriptive study design, which includes 300 software professionals with not less than 1 year of work experience were selected. A self reported questionnaire was given to all the participants and asked them to fill it up. The data were later analyzed and evaluated for analysis. The study result shows the Low back pain ranks first in the WRMSD and followed by Neck pain. 1. Introduction Work related musculoskeletal injury is an injury that results from a single instantaneous exposure or multiple or prolonged exposure to the work environment leading to death, lost work time, medical treatments, work restriction, or transfer to another job. Work related musculoskeletal disorders are aggravated by work that can affects the upper limb, low back area and the lower limbs. WMSD can be defined as impairments of bodily structures such as muscles, joints, tendons, nerves and bones. The risk of male workers suffering from an MSD is 1.3 times higher than the risk to female workers: 35/100,000 compared to 27/100,000. In terms of (self-reported) work-related MSD complaints, the risk is only slightly higher among male workers (1.07 times higher). The work related musculoskeletal complains increases with age. At the age of 55 yr to 64 years the number of self reported symptoms is 1.7 times higher than the age of 25-34 yrs. Permanent disability and absenteeism is due to various musculoskeletal disorders. Computers are embodiment of modern life and being used in everyday life. IT industry reaches every facet of society. It is a Boom to the world, but long term, uninterrupted computer usage stresses the musculoskeletal system, vision and emotional equilibrium. Sitting in awkward positions or using wrong unfitted chairs in front of the computer for a longer duration may lead to chronic debilities such as stiffness, headache, and back ache. Muscle and tendons become inflamed due to prolonged period of sitting in front of the computers. Soft ware professionals use excessive force to operate key boards, keeping wrist and hand in wrong positions, undesirable work place environment repeated stress to the joints which may lead to various musculoskeletal disorders. Such micro trauma may end up in macro trauma which cause increased sickness, work absenteeism, and decreased job satisfaction. Physical factors, psychological factors and organizational factors as well as individual factors are all thought to affect the workers musculoskeletal health. Musculoskeletal complains in neck and back are very common in computer professionals and shows increasing trends. Prevalence of these musculoskeletal disorders during recent years leads to sickness absenteeism. The symptoms of the work related musculoskeletal injuries include pain, discomfort, tingling and numbness without evidence of any pathology. Human body was designed to adapt various physical stress, but repeated stress in an awkward posture potentially end up with various musculoskeletal disorders. So far there is no literature which extensively found the prevalence of self reported musculoskeletal symptoms; this study aims to find out the prevalence of various musculoskeletal disorders in software professionals. 2. Methodology Study is a descriptive study design, the study includes 300 participants from various IT sectors. The study was carried out for a duration of 6 months from the period May 2008 to October 2008. The study includes the soft ware professionals with the age group of 25-40 years, Both sex were included, IT professionals with at least 2 yrs of work experience. Professionals with msk injuries, work time more than 40 hrs per week, and desk job workers. The study excluded subjects with neurological involvement, any recent fracture, patient with multi joint pain, fibromyalgia like symptoms, professionals with congenital abnormalities, and unwilling subjects. The study uses work analysis for computer professional’s questionnaire. The questionnaire was a self reported one which was created by the researchers and the questionnaire was validated by 2 senior physiotherapists and 2 senior ergonomic consultants. The questionnaire includes Demographic data as Section 1 and musculoskeletal injury data in section 2. The survey questionnaire was distributed to every individual subject. 10 subjects per day was selected and given the questionnaire and asked them to fill up. Approximately 25-30 mins were given to fill up the questionnaire. There was a clear explanation about the questionnaire was given to the employers prior to the distribution. The employer’s queries were cleared up simultaneously and the filled up questionnaire was collected and assigned for analysis. After collecting the questionnaire the employers were thanked for their active participation and advised to take up treatment in the outpatient department. The study was approved by institutional ethical committee. 3. Data analysis

University of South Florida F1040 Forms Principle of Taxation Report

essay order University of South Florida F1040 Forms Principle of Taxation Report.

Note: this assignment is for tax year 2019Facts FILL UP F1040 FORMSWilliam Spicer (123-45-5789) and June Spicer (937-65-4321) have two dependent children, Sophie (236-52-6587) age 9 and Carl (236-52-6588) age 7, both of whom live at home. William operates a gourmet market in Raleigh, NC Bill’s Market, as an accrual-basis sole proprietorship.The information on gross sales, expenses, and property transactions is shown below. William receives no salary and therefore, there is no related FICA tax for him.The Market sold a unique piece of equipment for $13,000. It had originally cost $5,000when purchased on March 5, 2015; it had an adjusted basis of $3,000 when sold on August15, 2019. The Market also sold a display case for $1,000 on December 12, 2019, that had cost$12,000 when purchased on June 6, 2013; it had an adjusted basis of $4,000 when sold. Thegains or losses on these asset sales are the same for tax and financial accounting. Thebusiness complies with all Form 1099 requirements.William is also a 10 percent shareholder in Imagineers Corporation, an S corporation, buttakes no active role in the business. He received a Schedule K-1 from this S corporationreporting $18,000 in ordinary business income.June is a general partner in The Bridal Shop Partnership. She worked 3 days a week at the shop and received a Schedule K-1 reporting a $12,000 guaranteed payment and $8,000 in ordinary business income. June paid $3,800 for after-school and summer child care while she worked.2019 financial results for Bill’s Market is as follows:Gross sales ($1,300,000 from credit card sales) 3,700,000Merchandise purchases 2,480,000Expenses:Advertising 40,000Charitable contributions 20,000Cleaning/maintenance 12,000Depreciation (MACRS pre-2019 purchases) 3,000Section 179 expense (2/1/19 display case) 5,000Payroll taxes 18,000Health insurance 15,000*Insurance (excludes health) 18,000Interest expense 1,000Licenses/fees 4,000Meals/entertainment 10,000Office expenses 14,000Rent 120,000Salary/wages 210,000Travel 8,000Utilities 32,000*Includes $3,000 for health insurance for William and his family.The following information pertains to the completion of the Spicers’ personal tax return:Interest income $ 500Dividend income (all qualified) 1,300Unreimbursed doctor’s bills 8,Unreimbursed hospital bills 9,000Dental bills 2,000Mortgage interest 14,000Real estate taxes 7,800Contributions to their church 1,500Investment advisor fees $3,659The Spicers sold 10,000 shares of ABC stock on February 2, 2019 for $4,000. They hadpurchased the stock on August 1, 2010 for $18,000. During 2019, the Spicers paid $300 withtheir 2018 North Carolina state income tax return and made $4,600 in estimated payments for2019 to NC. This amount exceeds their alternate state sales tax deduction. June is a volunteer at thechildren’s school two days a week tutoring at-risk students. Her total mileage for her trips toand from the school was 1,200 miles. She also had unreimbursed out-of-pocket expenses forteaching materials for these students of $232. Additionally, the Spicers contribute $3,000 each to regular IRAs.The Spicers made 2019 Federal quarterly estimated tax payments of $17,500 each quarter. All payments were made when due. Any refund that the Spicers have for 2019 is to be applied to their 2020 estimated taxes.Form 1040 and Related Forms and SchedulesForm 1040: U.S. Individual Income Tax Return & Schedules 1-3Schedule A: Itemized DeductionsSchedule C: Profit or Loss from Business (Sole Proprietorship)Schedule D: Capital Gains and LossesSchedule E: Supplemental Income and LossSchedule SE: Self-Employment Tax (2)Form 2441: Child and Dependent Care ExpensesForm 4562: Depreciation and AmortizationForm 4797: Sales of Business PropertyForm 8582: Passive Activity Loss LimitationsForm 8949: Sales and Other Disposition of Capital AssetsThe Spicers will prepare only one joint tax return, their Form 1040, along with all the requiredschedules and forms including the Schedule C where the income and expenses for Bill’s Market are reported. A Form 4797 is completed for the business property dispositions; thesale of the stock is entered on the Form 8949; the net gain on the equipment disposition andthe gain or loss on the stock are both included on the Spicer’s Schedule D. The depreciationrecapture, if any, is also entered on Form 4797 and is transferred directly to the Spicers’ Form 1040.Two other items are not included on the Schedule C—the health insurance for William andhis family (which is deducted on page 1 of the Form 1040 as a deduction for AGI) and thecharitable contribution (which is included with the Spicers’ personal charitable deductions ontheir Schedule A). June is allowed to deduct 14 cents per mile for the 1,200 miles driven($168) for her volunteer work along with her out-of-pocket charitable expenses of $232.Their other itemized deductions are $23,800 for mortgage interest and $680 for Personal Property taxes. Their dividend income is taxed at the Capital Gain rate, while the rest of their income is taxed at the regular rates.
University of South Florida F1040 Forms Principle of Taxation Report

you need to develop a corporate social responsibility strategy for AB sugar company

you need to develop a corporate social responsibility strategy for AB sugar company.

This assignment is made up of a reportYou are expected to conduct an independent piece of research that considers different industries/organisations and management practices across different geographical locations by evaluating how corporate social responsibility practices have been undertaken and critically discuss alternative approaches and solutions. Using key themes from this module, you need to develop a corporate social responsibility strategy for ONE of the companies from the following list:1 – AB SUGAR. I have chosen this company as my targeted company2 – ACCA3 – AGROFAIR4 – FRIESLAND CAMPINA5 – IMPERIAL BRANDSRequired Write a report to be presented to the board of directors responsible for the company’s corporate social responsibility strategy. Your report should include an analysis of the proposed strategy taking into account the following issues: Explore corporate social responsibility in different organizational and national contexts focusing on the six core characteristics of CSR – relate them to the organisation of your choice from the case studies pack. Explore the variety of theoretical avenues and the diversity of theoretical concepts in CSR and relate them to the chosen organisation. You need to apply at least three models/theories within this section.Examine strategic approaches used currently by the chosen corporation in fulfilling their community responsibilities 4 Make recommendations identifying how a more sustainable CSR strategy can be developed for your chosen company. The suggestions should analyse the following aspects: How ecological responsibilities could be further enhanced in the chosen organisation’s corporate strategy How the chosen company might enhance social welfare by developing products for consumers or responding to demands from consumers for greater responsibility. How the chosen organisation might enhance their CSR strategy in regards to the recruitment and retention of employees.You need to ensure that the recommendations given are original and are proposed in accordance with your understanding of the selected case study. 5 – Conclusion This assignment is designed to assess learning outcomes:Build a systemic framework including both internal and external factors to identify/examine their impact on a business’ social responsibilityUnderstand various models of corporate social responsibility and apply to practical examplesCritically evaluate business practices to articulate debates concerning social responsibilities and response to ethical dilemmasCritically review approaches for engaging stakeholders in social responsibility and sustainability programmes
you need to develop a corporate social responsibility strategy for AB sugar company

“the Blessing” as a project.-reading pages 11-38

“the Blessing” as a project.-reading pages 11-38. I’m studying for my Management class and need an explanation.

THE BLESSING by Gary Smalley and John Trent reading pages 11-38
Assignment 8 consists of a report (5 to 6 pages, double spaced) of your personal application of and experience with “the Blessing” as a project of this course. Identify the individual(s) you selected to be the recipient(s) of your blessing, and how you went about applying each element for this assignment. Discuss whether anything about the project was negative or uncomfortable, and what about it was positive and beneficial.Also relate how you plan to adapt it to your own family life in the future.

Please note: This is not a book report.It is a discussion of your own practical application of the principles of the Blessing, planned and carried out specifically for this course assignment.
“the Blessing” as a project.-reading pages 11-38

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