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UC Harassment and Bullying Policy in the SANN&N Trading Company Discussion

UC Harassment and Bullying Policy in the SANN&N Trading Company Discussion.

We are doing a project of 6 pages has a group. This is our fictitious company “SANN&N Trading Co”my section in group is..YOU SHOULD BE WRITING 1.5 PAGE ABOUT HOW WE HANDLE HARASSMENT AND VIOLATION AT OUT COMPANY. 350 OR MORE WORDS ARE FINE! (JUST WRITE SOMETHING RELATED TO IT..MY PROFESSOR IS LENIENT ON THIS..NO WORRIES!)As a group, you will develop a fictitious company, make yourself officers, and create a privacy policy document for said company. Your fictitious company must create a privacy policy document.The document will include policy statements. The policies need to focus on governing your company and its employees. This is where the work comes in. Your team needs to give evidence in the policy section of your knowledge gained in this course. That document provided in this folder is not meant to be an exact template. Rather, it is designed merely to reflect what a successful policy document might look like in any given workplace. Do not restrict yourself to this exact format, but do utilize a cohesive format and create a document that is easy to follow. You will see in that document that I simply tried to explain more about what the Project should include by using a format that may help you understand how to organize your paper, and understand what features this governance document should include.
UC Harassment and Bullying Policy in the SANN&N Trading Company Discussion

Leadership and Nursing Care Management Essay. Abstract To perform efficiently, it is imperative for organizations to be led by a powerful, focused team. Unlike managers, leaders are able to challenge the status quo and to urge members of an organization on to greater performance. Considering the differences that exist between leaders and managers, it does not automatically follow that a good leader is at the same time a good manager or vice versa. Introduction Generally, people tend to believe that when one is in a management position, he or she is automatically a leader. However, not every manager is a leader. To a great extent, leadership is carried out by men and women not in management positions. Despite the similarities between management and leadership, the two can not be used interchangeably (Lunenburg, 2011). Both leadership and management can be characterized by a set of functions that completely separate them. Despite the differences, the contributions of leadership and those of management greatly complement each other. Differences between Management and Leadership Generally, managers tend to be problem solvers and are mostly consumed with controlling others to ensure that they work toward set goals. The manager worries about problems to be solved and rallies his or her team to come up with strategies for effective performance (Bass, 2010). A manager, in his or her capacity as a leader is usually seen as a person provides direction to team members in the organization. A manager needs to be a focused and very hard working individual and one who can comfortably manage multiple tasks. On the other hand, leaders use their power to influence others so as to get them to move in a certain direction. While managers can not operate solely, leaders can work in solitude, a quality that enables them to easily control others. Ostensibly, the development of great leaders may be affected by is needed to ensure a great team of work groups. Unlike for leaders, goals for managers often result from what leaders expect to happen. A leader provides the position of the organization going into the future while a manager is charged with the responsibility of ensuring that what has been agreed upon by the leaders is realized. To managers, work appears to be an important process that brings together individuals with different strengths to accomplish a common task. By facilitating healthy associations, managers create an environment where different people come together to devise winning strategies. They plan, organize, staff and control operations on behalf of the organization. Part of what is done by managers is to deal with conflicts that may arise from time to time and to ensure that every individual contributes to the overall growth of the organization (Kotter, 1990). While working toward the achievement of his or her goal, a manager may fro time to time, be required to reward or punish other staff within the organization. As mentioned earlier, managers are unlike leaders who prefer to work alone. Managers often work hard to engage every single individual in the affairs of the organization. Conclusion Despite the differences that exist between management and leadership roles, there are a number of similarities as well. As noted in this paper, leadership and management complement each in various ways. Strong leadership and strong management are critical requirements that can ensure effective perform across the organization. References Bass, B. (2010). The Bass Handbook of Leadership: Theory, Research, and Managerial Applications. New York, NY: SimonLeadership and Nursing Care Management Essay

BBA 2401 CSU Unemployment Inflation and Labor Force Participation Rate for US PPT

BBA 2401 CSU Unemployment Inflation and Labor Force Participation Rate for US PPT.

Continue with the industry you selected in Unit II. You will create a PowerPoint presentation in which you will be looking at historical, current, and forecasted measures of the unemployment rate, inflation rate, and labor force participation rate for the United States as a whole. You must utilize the Notes or Audio Narration feature of PowerPoint to explain each slide in detail. Please address the following in your presentation. Provide a minimum of a 3-year history of the following: unemployment rate in the United States, inflation rate in the United States, and labor force participation rate in the United States. Indicate how these historical measures impacted your selected industry. Provide a current evaluation of the status of the following: unemployment rate in the United States, inflation rate in the United States, and labor force participation rate in the United States. Indicate how the current status of these economic indicators are impacting your selected industry. Provide a forecast (projecting at least 3 years into the future) of the following: unemployment rate in the United States, inflation rate in the United States, and labor force participation rate in the United States. Indicate how the forecast of these economic indicators will impact your selected industry if the forecast is correct. Your PowerPoint presentation must be a minimum of 15 slides in length (including the title slide and reference slide). Please present your content using the following format. Slide 1: Title slide Slide 2: Introduction Slide 3: A 3-year history (minimum) of the U.S. unemployment rate Slide 4: A 3-year history (minimum) of the U.S. inflation rate Slide 5: A 3-year history (minimum) of the U.S. labor force participation rate Slide 6: How the historical measures impacted your selected industry Slide 7: Current status of the U.S. unemployment rate Slide 8: Current status of the U.S. inflation rate Slide 9: Current status of the U.S. labor force participation rate Slide 10: How the current status of the economic indicators are impacting your selected industry Slide 11: Forecast (3-year minimum) of the U.S. unemployment rate Slide 12: Forecast (3-year minimum) of the U.S. inflation rate Slide 13: Forecast (3-year minimum) of the U.S. labor force participation rate Slide 14: How the forecasts of the economic indicators are going to impact your selected industry. Slide 15: References Ensure that the presentation you create is your own authentic work. Adhere to APA Style when creating citations and references for this assignment. APA formatting, however, is not necessary. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics website is helpful for finding data for this assignment. If you wish to review how to create a PowerPoint presentation, view this Success Center tutorial PowerPoint Basics. For additional guidance concerning narrating PowerPoint slides, access Adding Audio to a PowerPoint Presentation.
BBA 2401 CSU Unemployment Inflation and Labor Force Participation Rate for US PPT

Instructional Design Model for Adult Education Research Paper

cheap assignment writing service Table of Contents Introduction The Adult Education Model for Instructional Design Model’s Congruence with ISD Principles Strengths and Weaknesses of the Model Conclusion Reference List Introduction Instructional systems design solves problems and makes decision making easier in the course of training. Instructional design models are based on theories of learning with each model designed through the analysis of the requirements of training, design of the program to meet the needs of learning, development of the model, actual implementation of the design model and evaluation of the model to measure the success or failure of the program. The process of designing materials for instruction is creatively done in order to synthesize practice, theory and research into the learning process. Adult education has increased with the need of adults for career advancement, promotion, training on the job among other advanced learning. This paper acknowledges that the increased need for adult education requires a similar use of strategy of instructional models that allows adults to adequately benefit from the learning process as well as address their needs. The Adult Education Model for Instructional Design There are many models of adult education which are based on the characteristics of adult learners. They differ in their theories which include cognitive and behavioral theories among others as well as in their implementation. This study focuses on the adult education model suggested by Dean (1994). The Adult Education Model for Instructional Design is an instructional design model for adult learning. The model is aimed at helping adult educators in the process of developing the instructional activities that best suit the adult learners and make it engaging to them. The model consists of needs assessment through gathering of information, designing of the necessary instruction and the assessment or evaluation of the instructional plan process. The gathering of information requires that the educator assesses his/her knowledge and skills and the content development by evaluating the content that is to be learnt to ensure that the educator has comprehensive knowledge of the same. It entails getting to know the adult learner which involves getting to know their ages, careers, interests in the course to be learnt, expectations from the learning as well as their level of knowledge of the content that is to be learnt. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More It also involves understanding the context within which learning is to take place, for example, the context in the training of nurses and that of the business-oriented fields are bound to be different and hence the educator has to be able to adequately apply the content to the context appropriately (Dean, 1994). The next phase of the model involves designing the instruction which consists of the goals and objectives of the learning process, the activities the learner is going to engage in and the mode of assessing the learners to establish their gain from the process of learning (Seels

SPIN Questions

SPIN Questions.

OKay have the new 5 questions.And this is related to the same assignment, so write a response to buyer’s objections for each.You will need to write a response to 5 buyer objections. Your responses to these objections:1. You are convinced that the product is unhealthy. You believe it has too much salt and artificial preservatives2. You are willing to switch but would like a 75” Samsung QLED TV as a gift for giving Hormel the business. In fact, you would like 3 of them for the café. Well, 2 for the café, but one for you to put up at home.3. You are willing to go with the Always Tender product but want a written guarantee of exclusivity. You do not want anyone else in a 15-mile radius using the product.4.You feel that Sysco is charging too much for all of their services. You are considering switching to Martin Brothers Food Services.5. You just do not know how to prepare creative, fanciful and profitable dishes with pork. It is not a protein that you have much experience using.I need it in 30 mins if you cannot do it let me know now
SPIN Questions

Sy’s Fish Company: Business Process Improvement Term Paper

Introduction Sy’s Fish Company faces several significant problems, which have a robust impact on performance. The central challenge is the fact that most of the work is done manually whether it is recordkeeping or processing orders. Still, even though it affects company’s performance slowing down business processes, there is another problem, which should be addressed. It is the very approach to fulfilling customers’ orders. The major advantage of the company is exceptional quality of provided fish. However, Sy’s Fish does not guarantee that customers receive requested products because according to the established purchasing system, employees buy available fish every morning. Although it is helpful for assuring freshness of the sold products, sometimes different fish is bought instead of that demanded. It means that Sy’s Fish employees modify customers’ orders, thus increasing risks of customer dissatisfaction and financial challenges due to the peculiarities of the refund process. Main Body From this perspective, it is essential to focus on improving the process of carrying out orders. The recommendation for Sy’s Fish is to seek cooperation with suppliers or fishermen outside the local tier in order to guarantee that all stated assortment is available. In order to provide customers with the freshest products, it is more advisable to work with fishermen rather than larger suppliers. However, in case of unavailability of the demanded products, e.g. some exotic species of fish, collaboration with deliverers is justifiable if freshness requirements are met. The improvement of this business process offers several potential benefits for bettering company’s performance and brand image. First and foremost, the firm might cope with the problem of modifying orders in case of unavailability of the demanded products. In this case, it is critical to keep in mind that in case of order modification, there is no guarantee that customers are interested in buying other than ordered fish. It means that the company would face the necessity of selling these products to other clients or sustain losses. So, this improvement is likely to result in a constant assortment of offered fish. Moreover, this change might lead to higher customer satisfaction, as they are guaranteed that all of their orders are fulfilled. At the same time, it is a beneficial option for assuring that Sy’s Fish would not lose customers. Finally, it might decrease the risks of refunds, especially based on orders modifications and receiving fish other than requested. Based on the abovementioned descriptions of business process improvement and its potential benefits, there are three metrics, which can be applied to assessing effectiveness of the recommendations. The first one is the quantity of modified orders, i.e. estimating the number of cases when customers were asked to pay for other than ordered fish. Another advisable metric is the sum of refunds, which result from modifying order. Because each customer reporting problems with delivered fish is guaranteed refunds, it is essential to estimate their number. Finally, it is critical to analyze the customer base because clients are likely to seek cooperation with other suppliers in case if Sy’s Fish fails to provide ordered products. Conclusion To sum up, in order to measure effectiveness of the recommended business process improvement, it is vital to conduct a thorough analysis of current numbers of order modifications, related refunds, and customers. That said, in case if these figures decrease and the customer base remains unchanged or increases once the purchasing system is altered, it is possible to state that the proposed change is successful and benefits the company.

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