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Uber Company Essay

Uber Company Essay. Introduction Nowadays, the taxi industry has been considerably improved and varied. There are many interesting options on how to satisfy customers, offer appropriate services, and gain a number of financial and organizational benefits. Though there may be certain challenges and mistakes in a decision-making process, taxi companies try to solve the problems in a short period of time and make sure employees and customers are satisfied with the conditions offered. Uber is one of the well-known taxi companies around the whole globe. Its services can be offered in a number of the American cities, as well as in the European cities such as Rome, Minsk, Lisbon, Turin, etc. Uber is the company that offers a good work for drivers and high-quality services for passengers. However, like any developing or developed company, Uber can be under a threat of some financial instabilities or organizational challenges. The current paper aims at analyzing Uber’s current and potential future business issues, the factors that define the success of the company or may challenge it in different countries. In fact, the analysis of the Uber’s financial perspectives is a good chance to understand different aspects of the international market and define the most appropriate solutions. Current Business Issues Uber is a young company. It was founded in 2009 by the Americans, Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp (About Uber, 2015). However, during the last five years, the company has survived a number of conflicts, discussions, and evaluations. The current business issues are based on the experience gained from 2009 till today. Being introduced as a private taxi company, Uber expanded its services from a city to a city. In 2012, Uber became an international company and offered its services for the citizens of Paris. Nowadays, Uber is available to people in 58 countries of different continents. The citizens of more than 300 cities worldwide are able to use the Uber’s services any time they need. The company is valued at about $50 billion (Higson, 2015). These indicators may tell a lot about the current situation of the company and make some predictions about its possible development. On the one hand, it is evident that customers are satisfied with the possibilities to have more convenient as the company’s founders can open new departments in different parts of the world. On the other hand, the information that can be found online proves that Uber faces a lot of challenges with other international and local taxi companies (Cheok, 2015). For example, French and Russian representatives admitted that Uber could not offer its services to the citizens without appropriate licenses. In Germany, Belgium, and Spain, Uber has to solve many legal problems (Cheok, 2015). The Taiwan government identified the services of Uber as illegal. In fact, the current business affairs of the company under consideration are not as good and satisfactory as they are expected. As a sprawling logistics company, Uber has already achieved a lot in the taxi industry (McAlone, 2015). Despite numerous misunderstandings and the necessity to prove its appropriateness and correctness, Uber has survived. Its current situation has good prospects. Its founders admit the justification of the attempts made during the last six years. Now, they enjoy and use the benefits Uber offers. Potential Future Business Issues Sometimes, it is hard to realize what to expect from such companies like Uber that have been developed within a short period of time and become successful at the international level. The evaluation of its potential future business issues is unpredictable. Still, it is possible to offer several ideas. For example, one of its co-founders, Kalanick believes that Uber has all chances to spread its services in the way it can be more effective to be the Uber’s passenger than to own a car (Shontell, 2015). In fact, the prospects described by the owners of the company and the abilities help to realize that the future of the company can be successful. It is possible to provide people with taxi services for affordable prices around the whole world. Even the point that some people want to travel without drivers does not create a problem for the company. Kalanick thinks about the possibility to provide people with taxi services without chauffeurs (Shontell, 2015). It is expected that people learn more about Uber and want to have such services available in their towns. It is possible for the company to think about the possibility to offer its services in small towns. The access to the Internet is possible in villages nowadays. That is why it should not cause a problem for a person to register and become a passenger of Uber within a short period of time. Still, the business issues that can be developed in the nearest future are connected with the possibility to have more countries and towns being involved. It is also possible to have more benefits due to the possibility to offer diverse services of various qualities. Passengers with various incomes can use Uber. Another potential issue is the cooperation with huge international companies. The question of comfortable and appropriate transportation rises in a number of companies. Business people want to be sure in the services they order. That is why Uber can offer taxi for people as well as cargo transportation around the whole world. Factors for Uber’s Success in International Markets The concepts of international marketing help to understand what skills should be developed, clarify what knowledge is necessary to work effectively, and make the decisions that can define the success of companies under analysis (DooleUber Company Essay

Good sources to find what to write about… ASSIGNMENT: During Modules 4 and 5, identify an individual

Good sources to find what to write about… ASSIGNMENT: During Modules 4 and 5, identify an individual working in an organization where tough ethical decisions were made. (I am a school district superintendent(Suggestion: You might want to choose someone whose work or whose organization would be relevant to your dissertation or capstone research, such as working in online education or with community organizations.) Ask this individual about a difficult ethical decision he or she has made and how it was made. (NOTE: You may choose to use one of the ethical decision-making frameworks presented in the Module 3 Readings to guide your work.) In your final paper, write up 2 to 3 pages (not including the title or references pages) describing the interview and the context of the organization. In your discussion/ concluding section, relate your findings to your readings and resources?

Economics homework help

assignment writing services Economics homework help. Chapter Two and Three Problems1. Issuance of stock Prepare journal entries to record the issuance of 100,000 shares of common stock at $20 per share for each of the following independent cases:Jackson Corporation has common stock with a par value of $1 per share.Royal Corporation has no-par common with a stated value of $5 per share.French Corporation has no-par common; no stated value has been assigned2. Analysis of stockholders’ equity Star Corporation issued both common and preferred stock during 20X6. The stockholders’ equity sections of the company’s balance sheets at the end of 20X6 and 20X5 follow.ÿ20X6 20X5 Preferred stock, $100 par value, 10%$580,000$500,000Common stock, $10 par value2,350,0001,750,000ÿÿÿPaid-in capital in excess of par valueÿÿPreferred24,000?Common4,620,0003,600,000Retained earnings8,470,0006,920,000Total stockholders’ equity$16,044,000$12,770,000Compute the number of preferred shares that were issued during 20X6.Calculate the average issue price of the common stock sold in 20X6.By what amount did the company’s paid-in capital increase during 20X6?Did Star’s total legal capital increase or decrease during 20X6? By what amount?3. Bond computations: Straight-line amortizationSouthlake Corporation issued $900,000 of 8% bonds on March 1, 20X1. The bonds pay interest on March 1 and September 1 and mature in 10 years. Assume the independent cases that follow.Case A?The bonds are issued at 100.Case B?The bonds are issued at 96.Case C?The bonds are issued at 105.Southlake uses the straight-line method of amortization.Instructions: Complete the following table:ÿÿÿÿCase ACase BCase CCash inflow on the issuance date_____________________Total cash outflow through maturity_____________________Total borrowing cost over the life of the bond issue_____________________Interest expense for the year ended December 31, 20X1_____________________Amortization for the year ended December 31, 20X1_____________________Unamortized premium as of December 31, 20X1_____________________Unamortized discount as of December 31, 20X1_____________________Bond carrying value as of December 31, 20X1_____________________4. Product costs and period costs The costs that follow were extracted from the accounting records of several different manufacturers:Weekly wages of an equipment maintenance workerMarketing costs of a soft drink bottlerCost of sheet metal in a Honda automobileCost of president’s subscription to Fortune magazine Monthly operating costs of pollution control equipment used in a steel millWeekly wages of a seamstress employed by a jeans makerCost of compact discs (CDs) for newly recorded releases of Rush, Billy Joel, and Bryan AdamsDetermine which of these costs are product costs and which are period costs.For the product costs only, determine those that are easily traced to the finished product and those that are not.5. Definitions of manufacturing concepts Interstate Manufacturing produces brass fasteners and incurred the following costs for the year just ended:Materials and supplies usedBrass $75,000Repair parts 16,000Machine lubricants 9,000Wages and salaries Machine operators 128,000Production supervisors 64,000Maintenance personnel 41,000Other factory overhead Variable 35,000Fixed 46,000Sales commissions 20,000Compute:Total direct materials consumedTotal direct laborTotal prime costTotal conversion cost6. Schedule of cost of goods manufactured, income statement The following information was taken from the ledger of Jefferson Industries, Inc.:Direct labor$85,000ÿAdministrative expenses$59,000Selling expenses34,000ÿWork in. processÿSales300,000ÿJan. 129,000Finished goodsÿÿDec. 3121,000Jan. 1115,000ÿDirect material purchases88,000Dec. 31131,000ÿDepreciation: factory18,000Raw (direct) materials on handIndirect materials used10,000Jan. 131,000ÿIndirect labor24,000Dec. 3140,000ÿFactory taxes8,000ÿÿÿFactory utilities11,000Prepare the following: A schedule of cost of goods manufactured for the year ended December 31.An income statement for the year ended December 31.7. Manufacturing statements and cost behaviorTampa Foundry began operations during the current year, manufacturing various products for industrial use. One such product is light-gauge aluminum, which the company sells for $36 per roll. Cost information for the year just ended follows.Per Unit Variable Cost Fixed Cost Direct materials$4.50$ ?Direct labor6.5?Factory overhead950,000Selling?70,000Administrative?135,000Production and sales totaled 20,000 rolls and 17,000 rolls, respectively There is no work in process. Tampa carries its finished goods inventory at the average unit cost of production.Instructions: Determine the cost of the finished goods inventory of light-gauge aluminum.Prepare an income statement for the current year ended December 31On the basis of the information presented:Does it appear that the company pays commissions to its sales staff? Explain.What is the likely effect on the $4.50 unit cost of direct materials if next year’s production increases? Why?Economics homework help

The Entrepreneurial Network In Entrepreneurial Process Business Essay

The Entrepreneurial Network In Entrepreneurial Process Business Essay. With the deepening of globalization, many of the research show that network become an important element for the company which want to entry into new marketing, bring a great profit. Many kinds of network are found by the researchers. Explore network is a major work for the entrepreneurs. During the entrepreneurial process, networks could be change in the different process; entrepreneurs changed the network with aim of developing the company. Base on these 3 cases, in this thesis we focus on this main question: How to change the role of entrepreneurial network during the different entrepreneurial processes and what kind of impacts will impact on the entrepreneurial process? In the first chapter, we decide to introduce background about entrepreneurial network and talk about main idea of this topic. Then find some theories to support this topic, In searching the model of entrepreneurial network, we find out that a model made by Nancy J. Miller, Terry L. Besser and Sandra Sattler Weber (2010) is suitable for our analyze. After then, based on the three cases, give some opinions to analyses these cases, and put forward some discussion about what kind of entrepreneurial network during the different entrepreneurial process, and to explain why this phenomenon would be exist? Finally, we can draw conclusion, different contexts of the entrepreneurial process, the company has to establish different networks. INTRODUCTION In this part, we provide background information and which field is this paper study in. In addition, it concludes what we want to answer and which method we want to use. By reading all three cases, there comes an essential idea to show that entrepreneurial network is helpful for an entrepreneur. It helps entrepreneur start them enterprise and help him to produce successful products. And entrepreneurial network is kind of special channels which new venture enterprises obtain information, resources and social support. Researcher shows that entrepreneurial network have influence the growth of the new enterprise, as well as found that is the causal relationships between entrepreneurial network and the phase of growing enterprise (DonckelThe Entrepreneurial Network In Entrepreneurial Process Business Essay

BIO 220 Grand Canyon Significant Ecosystems Within the Aquatic Biome Discussion

BIO 220 Grand Canyon Significant Ecosystems Within the Aquatic Biome Discussion.

Pick a biome and ecosystem and create a 500-700 word essay addressing the following:Refer to the infographic provided and chose a biome to describe with an example ecosystem. Provide one example of a keystone species found in the biome/ecosystem. Why is this keystone species important to the biome/ecosystem? What defines it as a keystone species?Provide an example of an invasive species found in the biome/ecosystem. What are some of the negative impacts this invasive species has on the ecosystem? What is being done to mitigate impacts?Provide one example of an endangered species found in the biome/ecosystem. Briefly discuss the causes of the decline in the species and what is being done to help. Please include at least 3 academic sources and make sure all sources are cited in your essay. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center.This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.
BIO 220 Grand Canyon Significant Ecosystems Within the Aquatic Biome Discussion

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