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U.S Law Enforcement

The paper should have 8-10 pages of content, not including the title page, abstract, and reference page. Please identify the issue, provide examples and statistics to demonstrate the extent of the issue, and provide solutions and implementation strategies.Topic ideas include: recruiting women and minorities into law enforcement, recruiting and retaining Millennials, implementing body-worn cameras, improving hiring practices and processes, reducing unethical conduct by officers, combating the opioid epidemic, improving community relations, implementing community-oriented policing, addressing increasing rates of suicide among officers, etc.Note that references used for your research need to be government documents and/or websites, weekly course material, and peer-reviewed/scholarly journals. These journals typically have the following characteristics:1. articles are reviewed by a panel of experts before they are accepted for publication;2. articles are written by a scholar or specialist in the field;3. articles report on original research or experimentation;4. are often published by professional associations;5. utilize terminology associated with the discipline.

Discussion on Free market or Government Medicine

Discussion on Free market or Government Medicine.

 John Stossel – Free Market or Government Medicine: What Will Be The New Way? (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. Answer the following questions: List at least three things you learned from “Free Market Medicine” that you were not aware of before? Given the present changes in our healthcare system and the Affordable Care Act, what do you think would have been the best options/changes for our health care system? Support your position with sound and logical arguments and references to reliable public information. The references you use must be listed.

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Impact of Major Venous Trauma in Traumatic Abdominal Vascular Injuries in Europe

U.S Law Enforcement Impact of Major Venous Trauma in Traumatic Abdominal Vascular Injuries in Europe.

Presentation Patterns and Impact of Major Venous Trauma in Traumatic Abdominal Vascular Injuries in Europe- Assessment of the TraumaRegister DGU®. I uploaded the manuscript which I started to write. other than introduction, other parts are copied from relevant or similar papers for you to have an idea how it should look like. The statistical results are on German! if you need help, I can translate it for you. I also adde a sample paper to give you an orientation how it should look like.

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Op-Ed (opinion-editorial)

Op-Ed (opinion-editorial).


Write an Op-Ed (opinion-editorial) that allows you to demonstrate an understanding of how issues relating to the dignity of the human person and the realization of the common good may be addressed by you in your professional practice now and in the future. (You need to select one issue from the list below that relates to the degree program you are studying and write a concise but persuasive opinion piece on this issue relating to the dignity of the human person and the realization of the common good that relates to your professional practice now and in the future.) – the stigma attached to mental health (or other related health issues) – violence directed towards, or threats “on the job” to, paramedics, teachers, nurses, social workers etc. – failure to provide a “living wage” for low income Australian families – lack of equal and equitable educational opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander people – social media and “social discord” (the role of the arts, humanities, sciences, education etc) – “doping” in sports – unethical behaviour by the banks/ financial institutions – treating refugees or asylum seekers like “common criminals” – challenges faced by rural and remote communities (the role of the arts, humanities, sciences, education etc) – “Gaslighting” – Unfair or unethical pricing (margins) 10 General Instructions: • Create an evocative and engaging Op-Ed that applies insights to an issue or problem relating to the dignity of the human person and the realization of the common good that relates to your professional practice now and in the future (i.e., the degree program you are studying). Commerce • The Op-Ed should clearly explain to readers what the issue or problem is (inorder to achieve a pass grade or better, you must choose an issue from the list above) and how your understanding of the knowledge you have acquired in the unit addresses the issue or problem and relates to the discipline area you are studying in. • Please note that you do not have to come up with the ‘definitive solution’ but provide a wellargued view in order to move forward on the issue. • The Op-Ed is 700 words long. • The idea is to express your thoughts clearly and concisely and make your argument as directly as you can – just like a journalist or writer. Do not assume that this assignment is easy given the word length

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Vitamins & Minerals

Vitamins & Minerals.

To view specific foods that contain vitamins and minerals and to see specific food amounts,visit Type in any any food source and see extensive vitamin or mineral listings with amounts. Choose one food and prepare a report about the vitamins and minerals it contains of the food source (at least a combined 8 minerals and vitamins). Explain the uses and or functions of most of the vitamins and minerals.

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Cost Accounting

Unlike other weekly assignments, this assignment does not have a standard template. Complete the balanced score card in presentation format to present to management your findings and recommendations. The presentation should contain all information required and thoroughly explain and support your reasoning for your balanced score card. You can use PowerPoint, Word or Excel to present your plan.Also, include a video within the presentation.
Refer to the Writing Assignment Grading Guidelines below for assignment requirements in content, organization, writing style, grammar and APA 6.0 format.
Writing Assignment Requirements
Response demonstrates a clear understanding of the key elements of assignment questions.
Response thoroughly covers the elements in a substantive manner.
Response demonstrates critical thinking and analysis.
Content is complete and accurate.
Introduction and conclusion provide adequate information on the given topic.
Paper structure is clear and easy to follow.
Ideas flow in a logical sequence.
Introduction provides a sound introduction to the topic and previews major points.
Paragraph transitions are logical and support the flow of thought throughout the paper.
The conclusion thoroughly reviews the major points.

TL4030 Principles & Practices of Tourism, Hospitality & Events

TL4030 Principles & Practices of Tourism, Hospitality & Events.

Critically analyse two emergent Tourism, Hospitality or Events global industry trends, focusing on the strategic importance of these emergent global trends to one Tourism or Hospitality or Events organisation of your choice which operates in an international environment

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How does being in a foster care have a psychosocial effect in development compared to being in a normal family setting?

How does being in a foster care have a psychosocial effect in development compared to being in a normal family setting?.

The research proposal has been proofread by 2 classmates, you only have to make changes as you need to the original proposal and include more resources to the proposal.

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Canadian Mental Health Association

Canadian Mental Health Association.

Description Instructions In this phase of the project, your group will review the information that you have discovered in the research phase and arrange it to explain how your organization views its structure and how that structure supports its values and contributes to meeting its objectives. In Part 2, you reported the sources you have gathered and how each explains the issues of organizational design. In this part, you will organize your research around the issues in order to explain how they help (or fail to help) your organization to be successful. In the analysis phase, assemble the data that you found around the organization theory and design issues that you identified as important for your organization. Discuss the actions taken by your organizations to ensure that the elements of design support organizational needs and objectives. For example, an organization might choose to manage its interdependencies with supplier organizations by setting up a common inventory system so that suppliers can deliver appropriate goods on a just-in-time basis. Your report for Part 3 will describe these actions, the organizational design issues involved, and their impact, hopefully positive, on the organization. Submit a paper of 2000-2500 words, double spaced, 12-point font, excluding title page and references, that reports the analysis of the research data you have collected. Evaluation Project Part 3: Analyzing the Data will be marked in its entirety out of 100. The following rubric indicates the criteria students are to adhere to and their relative weights in the assignment overall. Activity/Competencies Demonstrated 5% of Final Grade 1. Content (60%) a. Discussed the course organizational design issues that emerged from the research into the selected organization /20 c. Referenced academic as well as non-academic sources. /10 d. Discussed how the analysis explains the organization’s design and structure. /20 2. Communication (25%) a. Uses language clearly and effectively /10 b. Information organized intelligently and holistically (i.e., not simply answers to questions) /20 c. Proper introduction and conclusion to paper /5 3. Attention to Detail (15%) a. APA Formatting (title, headings, and references) /10 b. Spelling and grammar /5

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PHYS 1100 – 01: Essentials of Physics

Hello, I attached the directions for the assignment below.
The “INITIAL POST” is due by TOMORROW NIGHT (1/28) at 11:59 P.M (Mountain Time).
The “REPLY INSTRUCTIONS” is due by SUNDAY NIGHT (1/30) at 11:59 P.M (Mountain Time).
Below I have attached 3 pictures.
Two of them are labeled “Initial Post 1” and “Initial Post 2”.
You can use one for reference or an example. And use the other picture for a post to respond to for “REPLY INSTRUCTIONS” assignment.
Lastly, I attached a picture or screenshot labeled, “Reply Example”.
This is to give you an example of how we’re supposed to reply an “Initial Post”.

———————————————————————————————————————————————————————Describe the motion of an object in your real life experience using the quantities in kinematics (position, displacement, velocity, acceleration, time).
Initial Post Instructions
Post initial discussion by Friday 01/28 at 11:59 pm, MST.
Reply Instructions
Provide meaningful feedback on the areas identified by your classmates.
Reply by Sunday 01/30 at 11:59 pm, MST.
Grading Criteria
Your forum posts will be evaluated based on detail and elevation of the discussion. Posts that do not elevate the discussion will not receive credit (eg. “I agree/disagree”, “That was my favorite part too” without advancing the discussion or adding new insights.) You will receive a score out of 15 (5 pts for your initial post, and 5 pts for each reply.)
Checkbox: The box will be checked after you have made your initial post and replied to at least two of your colleagues.

Leading Lean Enterprises Through Change

Leading Lean Enterprises Through Change.

Assignment Content Resource: Leading Lean Enterprises Through Change Grading Guide Identify at least two non-standardized processes within your own organization or one with which you are familiar. Create a 1,050- to 1,400-word analysis of methods that can be used to reduce resistance to process change that addresses the following: Describe the two non-standardized processes selected. Explain why each non-standardized process should be standardized to help reduce variation. If you believe that a non-standardized process should be used, explain why and how you will control variations in the application of this process. Evaluate challenges/barriers that the selected organization may face in the implementation of the identified lean enterprise improvements. Recommend strategies that your selected organization could use to reduce resistance to change. Explain how management can help organizations facilitate change by empowering employees and getting everyone involved in process improvement.


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