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Type your essay on a word.doc(x) or pdf file ONLY. The paper should be 7-8 pages long (double interval, Essay

Type your essay on a word.doc(x) or pdf file ONLY.
The paper should be 7-8 pages long (double interval, Times New Roman).
The paper should demonstrate your knowledge of the historical context
The paper has to show your understanding of human diversity through a critical lens, and examine the systems of structural inequality that shape the human experiences of the members of Soviet/Russian society.
The paper has to demonstrate your understanding of cinematic language and film-editing techniques, and persuasively argue, for your critical interpretation of film through its textual and contextual semiotic analysis.
You have to use the correct cinema vocabulary.
Quotations and references must follow the MLA style.
You have to use at least 4 academic sources of information (other than/in addition to those you read for class).
Where to find academic sources? Jstor / Project Muse / MLA /

1) In the Introduction provide some general information about the film (1 page maximum):

– title;

– release date;

– writer;

– director;

– main actors;

– when and where the film was set;

– any other interesting information (for example, film company, film budget for a blockbuster, awards, etc.).

Provide historical contextualization regarding the film, and present it with an emphasis on one or several topics related to the nationality, ethnicity, issues of race, age, language, gender, political affiliation, social class, socio-economic status, immigration status, intellectual and physical abilities, etc.

2) Provide a brief synopsis of the film (1 page maximum). If you mention characters, include the actor’s real name in brackets […]. Please, include the real name of the actor/actress only once.

3) Analyze the film (3.5 – 5.5. pages). Present the main theme and idea of the film. Keeping the theme in mind, take at least 3 screenshots that best reflect it and include them in the essay. For each screenshot, using filmic language (mise-en-scène, setting, props, costumes, lighting, acting style, color, composition), write a 150 words (minimum) paragraph explaining your choice and describing how the theme is reflected.

While analyzing the film, clearly express your thesis (argument) and support it by reasons which rest upon evidence and examples. Emphasize the formal and technical aspects of the film (the way it is filmed), by analyzing the editing, cinematography and the sound.

During the analysis, answer the following questions:

What objects or images are repeated throughout the film and what is their function?
How does the director associate a character with small signs, such as certain colors, clothing, food, or language use?
4) Make a conclusion (0.5 pages maximum). The conclusion has to sum up the material presented, address the theses, and give the essay a sentence of completeness.

Students will identify the ways in which race, ethnicity, gender, religion, social class, ability/disability, sexual orientation, nationality, and /or immigration status are socially constructed.
Students will explain how social and cultural systems develop out of adaptation to environmental and historical contexts.
Students will analyze how discriminatory attitudes, practices, and systems can create barriers for some and opportunities for others.

Creativity and Aesthetics

Students will demonstrate an understanding of the conventions of an artistic form.
Students will apply the elements of an artistic form.

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