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Two topics to research and discuss- Discuss both: 1. The National Recovery Audit Program ( is one of the

Two topics to research and discuss- Discuss both:

1. The National Recovery Audit Program ( is one of the CMS programs to prevent improper payments. RACs review claim issues that have known vulnerabilities. The vulnerabilities must be approved and are published on their website. Go to the Medicare Fee for Service Recovery Audit Program website and explore the Approved RAC Topics (menu on the top left of the page). Choose one of the topics and share with your classmates the name, the claim type, when it was approved, and the descriiption. Choose a topic that is different from the ones already posted.
2. Review the ICD-10-CM Official Guidelines for Coding and Reporting – FY 2021 which are published on the NCHS site for ICD-10-CM. There are changes in the guidelines that are highlighted in the narrative in bold text – not the bold titles and heading – but in the text descriiptions. Scroll through the guidelines and identify one coding Chapter change for the upcoming year. Describe the change is your discussion post. Hint: there are several coding changes you can find in Chapter 1: Certain Infectious and Parasitic Diseases (A00-B99), U07.1

Freedom of speech on college campuses

Freedom of speech on college campuses.

 Freedom of speech on college campuses has become a topic of much discussion in recent times. Conservative students feel unfairly treated or that their opinions are not allowed to be shared, essentially that their freedom of speech has been violated. Donald Trump has recently signed an executive order that links freedom of speech on public campuses to public funding (see In this Case Study, you are the president of a public university that is designated as a Hispanic Serving Institute (HSI – ). Your office has been approached by a student group who requests a speaker for an event they are hosting. The speaker is known for anti-immigration rhetoric and will be speaking on “How third world immigrants harm the American way of life.” Some of your faculty and staff, and several other student groups have approached you about banning the speaker citing that the speech is inflammatory and negatively impacts the student population. However, the student group that requests the speaker, claims that a ban will impede their first amendment right. As a public manager, please provide a short (no more than 3 pages double-spaced, reference/title pages not included) memo to the school as a whole on why you have decided to allow or ban (your choice) the speaker. Remember to use the at least 4 sources from the reading materials I upload, to make an argument and defend your stance. You can use more sources from other websites if you need, but I need at least 4 sources from the reading materials.

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Contextual Family Therapy Mode

Two topics to research and discuss- Discuss both: 1. The National Recovery Audit Program ( is one of the Contextual Family Therapy Mode.

DO NOT INCLUDE TITLE PAGE For this assignment, write a reflection paper that includes a summary of the constructs from the Contextual Family Therapy Model and an application of those concepts to your own (or another person’s if this is too difficult) family of origin. Include the following in the model summary: Identify the major assumptions for change in the contextual approach. Use your own words to identify, define, and describe the major concepts of the contextual approach. Address what makes this approach different from some of the other MFT approaches you have studied. Address what makes it a systems-based approach to treatment. Include the following in your application of this model to your family of origin: The important family legacies that are a part of your family of origin. The intergenerational transmission of the family culture. The invisible loyalties that exist in your family of origin. How justice has been applied in your family of origin. How these have influenced your development and that of any siblings, including how you/they exited (grew up) the family of origin. How these concepts, if at all, influence your current life. Support your assignment with at least three scholarly resources. In addition to these specified resources, other appropriate scholarly resources, including older articles, may be included.

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millstone 2 UART2ECHO

OverviewIn this lab, you will use TI Code Composer Studio (CCS) to program the TC CC3220x LAUNCHXL to control an LED from the serial port using a state machine. This work will build on the concepts you learned during your activities in the zyBook this week.
During this milestone you will use CCS to edit, compile, and load code into the CC32xx board. You will then proceed to use it for debugging. Throughout this process, you explore the components of a CCS project and the CCS code generator (system config). You will also be able to learn more about the UART and GPIO drivers.
Goal: Your objective is to control the red LEDs in the lower right corner of the board (the corner opposite the USB connector). Use this to design a state machine to turn on an LED when a user types ON into the console and to turn off the LED when a user types OFF, using only one byte of RAM. Remember, you receive only one character at a time from the UART and it is not buffered. Then you will code the state machine you created.
PromptBegin your work by accessing the Milestone Two UART GPIO Lab Guide PDF document. While this document was written for a Windows interface, the tools can be used on Mac or Linux as well. Note that to accomplish the work outlined in the guide, you will need the following:
TI Code Composer Studio (installed)
USB connection between the PC and board
Specifically, you must address the following rubric criteria:
Develop code for all of the specified functionality. The goal of this criterion is for the code to result in the expected functionality (note how this is different from the state machine functionality). Both ON and OFF should operate as expected. In your video, show the terminal window and LED to make this clear.
Create code that reads characters from the UART. This must use only one byte at a time with no multi-byte buffering of the serial input. The characters are encoded back.
Create code that controls the LED on and off from the state machine. Note that this involves use of the GPIO peripheral. Partial credit may be awarded if the code does not work but you are able to successfully determine how to turn the LED on and off, then include it in the comments.
Implement (in code) the state machine functionality described by your documentation. The goal of this criterion is for the code to accurately reflect the state machine documentation, rather than for it to have perfect functionality.
Create state machine documentation to describe the operation that matches the technical specifications. This should be completed as a file and saved as a PDF.
Discuss the questions from the lab. Address all the questions thoroughly and thoughtfully, with supporting evidence from your work.
Apply coding best practices in formatting, commenting, and functional logic.
Guidelines for SubmissionYou will have four different file submissions for this milestone. Once you have completed your lab work, first zip your workspace and submit the zipped file for grading. Second, submit a 10-second video of the LEDs blinking on your board. If you encounter any difficulties filming the lights on your hardware component, reach out to your instructor. Third, submit a document containing your answers to the questions from the Milestone Two UART GPIO Lab Guide. Finally, submit a state machine diagram completed using and exported in PDF format.

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