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Two paragraph

Two paragraph.

Assignment Goals:To choose and summarize one idea covered in class over the last weekTo make a meaningful connection between the class idea and some element of your prior understanding and experienceRequirementsTwo paragraphs (approx. 250-500 words)Standard written English with appropriate tone for academic writingNo style (e.g. APA/AMA/CMOS/MLA) required for this assignmentInstructionsChoose one concept that we covered in class. It can from lecture, in-class discussion, assigned readings, or your small group discussions.In your first paragraph, present a summary of the concept as you understand it. Your goal is to demonstrate that you understand the concept you chose.In your second paragraph, make some meaningful connection between your chosen concept and another idea. This second idea may be some element of your prior knowledge or experience, another concept from this class, or something you learned from another class. Your goal here is to connect what you’re learning in this class to other elements of knowledge and experience.Upload your composition into the appropriate Blackboard drop box.For your first paragraph, please choose something we’ve covered in class since your last TWIL.Note: I will attach two documents of power point so maybe it is gonna help By the way I am Muslim but I have to take this course
Two paragraph

Statistics homework help

Statistics homework help. What is the importance of understanding the minimal data set needed to achieve the purpose of the report? How do health care organizations determine if reporting needs to be static or ad hoc? What are the challenges if data does not exist in an extractable format?,What is the importance of understanding the minimal data set,Firstly, What is the importance of understanding the minimal data set needed to achieve the purpose of the report?,Secondly, How do health care organizations determine if reporting needs to be ,static, or ad hoc?,Thirdly, What are the challenges if data does not exist in an extractable format?,Furthermore, Describe the requirements for a reporting tool that would facilitate the tracking of a merit-based incentive payment system (MIPS) quality performance in an emergency department environment (e.g., clinical dashboard).,In your responses to peers, discuss at a high level how MIPS quality measure performance is determine for one or more quality measures that may be used by an emergency department., ,More details;,Ad hoc reporting is the creation of dynamic, real-time reports by users on an as-needed basis. Since empowering end users with ad hoc reporting functionality enables them to answer business questions at the moment they occur, users move from static reporting to dynamic queries, asking and answering questions about their data.,But first, it’s time for a Latin lesson. “Ad hoc” literally means “for this.” But for Business Intelligence (BI), a better way to say it is “when necessary.” It’s an action done for a specific purpose. Facilis!,What is Ad Hoc Reporting,Ad hoc reporting is a business intelligence process. It is dynamic, real-time data reports are create by the user on an as-needed basis. They are purpose is to answer a specific business question, usually in response to an event. When the solution can’t be retrieve in your traditional, static reports, users create an ad hoc report using the data sets most relevant to the problem., , Statistics homework help

University of South Florida Lecture 1 Effective Public Speaking Analysis Paper

online homework help University of South Florida Lecture 1 Effective Public Speaking Analysis Paper.

The video is designed to be comedic in nature, but contains a wealth of communication principles found in Lecture #1 (Chapter 1). First, view the short video. Prepare a four paragraph narrative focusing on the embattled voice-over son. Look for elements of communication taken from Lecture #1. How does the son internalize these messages? What about his family? Are they listening to his concerns? What application can be made regarding the son and communication versus public speaking? Identify an over-riding communication theme taken from this video clip. Use in-text citations. In-text citations can look like the following: (Lucas, 2020, para. 4) stated or (Lucas, 2020, p.54). The textbook can be formatted as following for your Works Cited or Bibliography (copy/paste at conclusion of posting. Lucas,S.E. (2020).The art of public speaking. (13th edition). New York: McGraw-Hill Higher Education.
University of South Florida Lecture 1 Effective Public Speaking Analysis Paper

SOC 420 UF Religion Conflict Resolution and Social Construction Essay

SOC 420 UF Religion Conflict Resolution and Social Construction Essay.

WILL PROVIDE THE ESSAY THAT WAS SUBMITTED AND THE KEY POINTS NEEDED TO IMPROVENEED TO DO: Clearing the misunderstanding on format report essay, revise and improve. There’s really good background on
the first part of the paper, but usually, what works best is blending in observations from your interviews in that first part. Transcript (interview questions) is seen, but analysis from that transcript will work best. Interview observations needed to be integrated in.ORIGINAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR REPORT ESSAY ASSIGNMENT:- First, focus on two
religious groups of interest.-
Second, interview a believer from each group—I highly suggest focusing
on the concepts we’re reading and discussing in our assignments in your
questions.. take notes of their answers. – Third, attend at least one meeting (social or worship—worship services are NOT required).
There are online broadcasting of religious services sponsored by each group and take
notes.- Finally, write a paper of at least (1,000 words) that shows what you have learned AND applies your observations to at least 3
key concepts (social construction, conversion, media, gender/sexuality,
fundamentalism, conflict, politics, class and power, and perhaps most
notably of all, socialization—more on than in STS 494). The better you apply
the concepts, the better chance you have of full credit. You may use your interviews and
observations in this exercise to help you answer any of the questions
given in the assignments.
IMPORTANT: Please do NOT simply give a mere transcript of what your
interviewees said to you OR a “research paper” about one or two
religions that doesn’t show you actually talked to anyone. Instead, insightfully report what you observed and
learned from your meetings and interviews in terms of the concepts we’ve
been discussing in this class.*Your report must be factual and analytical as well as focused on relevant class concepts. Your interview question should be referenced in the report, in how they tie in to your concepts.* Do not use other sources then the ones that will be given.
SOC 420 UF Religion Conflict Resolution and Social Construction Essay

Deliverable 7

Deliverable 7. I’m studying for my Accounting class and need an explanation.

Please see below the sceneraio…. I had submit it see attachments and my teacher said these things in red were not correct. Can you please fix and send me both things.
This the professor said I did wrong
Please note that the following calculations were included in your work however they were incorrect. Please revise your calculations for the following:
Expected Profit for Pipeline
Variance for Pipeline
Quantified Risk for Pipeline
Expected Profit for Alternative Investment
Variance for Alt. Investment
Quantified Risk for Alt. Investment
Cross Price Elasticity
You can find a rubric below that highlights your grade.

Scenario below:

Understand economic terminology and economic definitions pertaining to decisions made by managers.
Explain and demonstrate knowledge of concepts including the supply/demand relationship, price ceilings and floors, and market surpluses and shortages.
Elasticity, consumer choice, utility, productivity, and nature of costs.
Demonstrate how economic theory contributes to strategic managerial decision-making.
Understand various market structures and impacts upon firms, consumers, and government policies.
Calculate profits and profit maximization in order to determine the optimal price and output at which firms should produce.

Course Scenario below.
Oil Company X is a large oil refinery which has been expanding and taking on new investment projects. Recently, they have considered building a pipeline that stretches across the United States, from Canada to New Orleans.
As a cost analyst at Oil Company X, submit a proposal to the board of the company critiquing the costs and benefits of building a new oil pipeline that stands to generate copious amounts of revenue. Include in your report the following: expected changes to supply and demand, a cost analysis of the project, the cross-price elasticity of an alternative energy source, cost curves, the new expected profit-maximizing quantity and price of oil after completion, a risk assessment evaluating liabilities from potential environmental damage, and a final recommendation.
Use the Excel document below to complete the assignment, and submit it to the Drop Box when finished. Student Excel Spreadsheet
As an economic analyst at your firm, you are being asked to evaluate this investment opportunity and submit a 5-page proposal as a Word document.
You must include an explanation of expected changes to supply and/or demand from economic shocks such as natural disasters and recessions, as well as the anticipated effect of substitute goods (alternative energy sources) flooding the oil market. Be sure to include the expected impact on equilibrium quantity and price in your regional market from these potential changes.
Another team member in the Cost Analysis Department has compiled the necessary data in the attached spreadsheet below.The total upfront cost of this project is $1.72 million in fixed costs. Be sure to include in your proposal any relevant curves graphed from the data in the spreadsheet. Your Excel spreadsheet needs to include the following columns in addition to what has been given to you:


Assume that your firm will hold market power as a supplier of oil in your region, due to extensive trade restrictions the government has agreed to put in place after completion of the pipeline. Define the new market structure, and give new pricing strategies the firm can use to maximize profits for this particular market structure.
You will also include graphs to show new expected profit-maximizing quantity and price of oil after completion. After determining the profit-maximizing price and quantity, as well as the corresponding average variable cost, determine the expected total profit for the 15-year duration the pipeline will be in operation.
Be sure to also include a calculation of the cross-price elasticity of the alternative energy source and oil. Assume the current price of oil is $50/gallon of crude oil. If the price increases to the profit-maximizing price, the quantity demanded of the alternative energy source increases by 20%. Explain if these goods are complementary goods, substitute goods, or non-related goods. If there is a relationship, indicate whether the relationship is weak or strong. Justify your answer with an explanation based on the elasticity figure.
Assume there is a 10% probability of the pipeline leaking, with an expected liability of $3.2 billion which will be deducted from total profit. There is a 90% probability the pipeline will not leak. Determine the expected return on this investment, as well as the variance.
The firm also has an alternative investment which will yield $1.6 billion over the course of the same 15-year period, with a probability of 80%, or $1.15 billion with a probability of 20%. Calculate the expected return, as well as the variance. The risk should be expressed as the standard deviation.
Perform a marginal analysis to determine if the firm should build the pipeline, considering currently available investments and opportunity costs.
Format your proposal to include a title page, introduction, conclusion, and references. Include all relevant graphs, equations, and calculations. Show your work on calculations to ensure you receive partial credit for incorrect answers. No credit will be given if your work is not shown. Remember to cite your sources using correct APA format, and also use correct grammar, spelling, and formatting

Deliverable 7