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Turabian (Chicago) citation style, U.S History by open stax,one detailed paragraph, word times new roman

Turabian (Chicago) citation style, U.S History by open stax,one detailed paragraph, word times new roman.

Attached is the specific instruction on how the work should look like; format, show of critical thinking & citation is key. No other sources allowed only the ones provided and the textbook ,chapter 22, should be the main point of references.Prompt: The United States had three choices in deciding how to control a territory in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. In some cases they colonized outright, in others they brought the area into the United States as a territory, and in some instances they set up hegemonic controls over an area. What do you think accounts for these different responses? Give specific examples to back up your reasonin
Turabian (Chicago) citation style, U.S History by open stax,one detailed paragraph, word times new roman

Medicare. Paper details In an essay, compare and contrast Medicare and Medicaid Insurance programs, those whom are beneficiaries of and the reimbursement process to providers (hospitals, doctors, etc.). Essay format: double-spaced, 12- font, in MLA or APA format and placed through SafeAssign. Supporting references required, one of which must be the textbook. textbook : Morrisey, Michael, Health Insurance, 3rd ed., Health Administrative Press Medicare
Microsoft PowerPoint Program is a presentation software programme that can be used effectively in academic sector (Bartsch and Cobern, 2003). PowerPoint was developed as a business software tool, but its inherent capabilities led to its adoption in education, and this has been the subject of ongoing research. PowerPoint is an easy-to-use software application (Holzl, 1997) and can be used to give dynamic and engaging presentations in the visual mode. Some of the features of the PowerPoint are helpful for lecturers, for example, to highlight key points, and to show assignment information. Additional features such as clipart and cartoons can add interest to presentations (Sammons, 1997). Several researchers have analysed the effects of PowerPoint on student performance and student preferences towards Power Point. These studies have used different methodologies and there are a range of empirical results. These are described in the following sections, where each study’s merits and demerits of using Power Point are presented, followed by analysis and conclusions. It is one of the most useful things to know about the secondary school perspective on styles of teaching, and how this impact on the student’s future. In olden days, it was very difficult for the school teachers to make use of technology in classroom teaching. One of the main reasons is lack of training and equipment. The use of electronic media in school laboratories, classrooms are being increased and are being used in science and technology lessons by teachers who are confident in the usage of modern technology in the classroom (Ofested, 2002). Nowadays, it is also common for the school teachers to give lectures through modern packages and PowerPoint, particular during practical classes. In spite of availability of technologies, still delivery the lecture through chalk and talk approach is dominant one (Dudley and Timothy 2006). Nowadays, in developed countries, the use of PowerPoint in education has become widespread. However in some schools in Saudi Arabia, its usage is not ubiquitous but restricted to some important lessons and topics. This may in part be due to teachers’ limited knowledge of how to use PowerPoint, so broadening their knowledge might give benefits and make it easier for students to learn. However, in most schools, the classrooms are simply not equipped for PowerPoint presentations – a single classroom in the whole school may be the only one equipped for PowerPoint. In addition to that, there may be resistance by some teachers to alter, while others are still hesitant, given the debate over the extent of any positive influence of PowerPoint on the educational performance of students. Past studies are inconclusive about PowerPoint, with contradictory views. However in Saudi Arabia, some studies supported the usage of such technology in Saudi schools for the benefit of learners (Al-Sharhan, 2006). In general, the discussion about the use of PowerPoint in teaching practice has two important problematic issues: How effective is the technology at improving the quality of teaching received by learners. How consistent is PowerPoint’s use – have teachers the required skills and enthusiasm for its use The first issue can be manifested in the level of satisfaction that may be inspired by the technology. For some researchers, the simplicity of the technology removes more of the teaching professional load and leads to a non-stimulating delivery of content (Pauw, 2002). The second issue tells about the inconsistency within the educational setting due to absence of suitable training and opposition in implementing the technology by someone. This may have negative effects on learners, who were given the different modes of approach in delivering the PowerPoint presentations within the same discipline. Therefore, it is more important in selecting the technology to ensure that it is compatible with the aims of training in order to bring the successful implementation. Purpose of the Study This present study evaluates the use of PowerPoint for teaching in schools. The factors involved in implementing PowerPoint in schools are also explored. Based on this study, it has been found that computer technology and multimedia presentations have no guaranteed effect on quality of learning. On the other hand, It has also been found that the use of such technology motivate the students for positive learning. Moreover, it has been proposed that use of technology is in harmony with the adoption and familiarity of learners of such technology, and so connects prevailing learner and educational cultures. The present study also addressed the factors to implement the way of effective adoption of technology, proper deployment of PowerPoint, training and development, models of teaching practice in mixed formats. At the same time, it is also important for the teachers to keep update the technology and technological changes. Then only, the content delivery and driving force for learning will be maintained. Though, PowerPoint is in greater use among teachers and researchers, but the best format to deliver materials based on learner assimilation needs to be found (Heines, 2000). Research Questions How does the use of PowerPoint presentations in educational institutions compared to traditional presentation, including the use of overhead projectors and handwritten blackboard notes? Does the use of PowerPoint increase the student performance? What are the advantage and disadvantage of use of PowerPoint in teaching? What are the factors affecting the use of PowerPoint presentations effectively? What are the benefits of existing debate on the use of PowerPoint presentations in the classroom setting? What are the opinions of the students in PowerPoint presentations regarding lighting, use of colours, backgrounds, images, and sound, and the way of delivering the lecturers through of slides? Literature review INTRODUCTION Several researchers have made an attempt to analyse the student performance and preferences based on the effects of PowerPoint. In their attempts, different methodologies were used and based on that a range of empirical results have also been proposed. These were discussed based on the use of PowerPoint and its merits and demerits were also presented in the following sections. There has been a lot more discussion over different methods to deliver lecture to the students. In particular, many lecturers use written material delivered on a chalkboard, whiteboard, or by transparent sheet on an overhead projector, and, in last fifteen years or so, the method of presenting the visual information directly from a computer onto a screen. These types of computers and projection technology devices can be seen in the classrooms. This gives the facility to engage the learners through graphics and multimedia presentations. Many faculty members and administrators felt that PowerPoint was initially considered as a cutting edge technology for use in the classroom. Later students felt that the PowerPoint should not be used more often because it is too passive. For example, Creed (1997) argues that the use of computer-based presentations makes the teacher to be too focused. Kask (n.d.) and Parks (1999) suggested that the computer-based presentations make the students to take a nap in larger auditoriums, where the some of the lights in the auditorium have to be dimmed. Prior to lecture, if the lecture notes are provided to the students, students may show less interest in attending the class. Others feel that the PowerPoint offers the ability to provide more concentration to the students. For example, Stone (1999) argues that the discussion in the classroom is improved by the use of computer-based presentations. In the part of the presentation, the discussed questions can be displayed on the screen. Based on the student’s interaction and response, the students’ names and comments can also be projected in the presentation. Finally, these interactions and responses can then be printed or given to all students. He also discusses how the exercise and experiments given to the students can be facilitated by incorporating them in the presentations. It can also be argued that the students take less time for taking their notes, whereas the PowerPoint allows more time for interactive activities. Based on the controversy about PowerPoint and its usage, some studies have attempted to measure the impact of computer generated presentations on student performance. Overall, the results have been mixed. A Very few said that the PowerPoint presentations did not have an effect on the student performance, while others said that PowerPoint presentations enhances the student performance. Educational Technology The one of the oldest and most common forms of educational technology is chalkboard. Through chalkboard a current topic of discussion, points to be discussed, points to be noted, end result of the discussion, important issues to be remembered up to certain period of time, summaries of discussion and lines of reasoning. In olden days, the major medium of communication followed by professor to take lecture was chalk and blackboard (Frost
MDC Cultural & Technological Achievements of the Tang and Song Eras Discussion.

Tang and Song ErasWatch these videos and explore the link below. The Invention of Writing, Paper and PrintIf you cannot see this video, click here: The invention of Writing, Paper, and Print! l HISTORY OF CHINADiscovering China – The Song DynastyIf you cannot see this video, click here: Discovering China – The Song DynastyDiscovering China – The SongClick on the link below and explore the site. Ancient Chinese InventionsRespond in writing to the following question after watching the videos and exploring the site above.What are some of the major cultural and technological achievements of the Tang and Song eras? Discuss at least three.
MDC Cultural & Technological Achievements of the Tang and Song Eras Discussion

Read the CNN summary of the five cultural components of working at Amazon (at,

Read the CNN summary of the five cultural components of working at Amazon (at,. I’m stuck on a Computer Science question and need an explanation.

August 16, 2015: An article about Amazon’s internal corporate culture appeared on many news broadcasts this week. Read the CNN summary of the five cultural components of working at Amazon (at, and answer the following:
(1) If these allegations are true, how would you describe how you would feel working at Amazon?
(2) If they are true, how does Amazon seem to use incentive or reward systems to promote performance?
(3) Do you think it is likely that anyone would continue working at Amazon if the allegations are true? Why would they stay, or, stated another way, why would they hesitate to leave Amazon?

The paper should be APA format
The paper should be zero plagarism
Read the CNN summary of the five cultural components of working at Amazon (at,

Assessment 1-Dimensions of Health

essay writing help Assessment 1-Dimensions of Health. Need help with my English question – I’m studying for my class.

Assessment 1-Dimensions of HealthThis assignment is part of the module
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Completion PrerequisitesThe following requirements need to be completed before this page will be unlocked:

Week 2 – Sat. Feb. 1. through Fri. Feb 7 (11 pm)

Chapter 1: Introduction to Health (1.8-1.9)must view the page
Chapter 1: Introduction to Health (1.10-1.11)must view the page
Chapter 1: Introduction to Health (1.12)must view the page
Assessment 1-Dimensions of Healthmust view the page

Assessment 1-Dimensions of Health

MUA Short People Stable Irony Stable in Different Directions Discussion

MUA Short People Stable Irony Stable in Different Directions Discussion. watch both videos answer the question at each break put the answer on the site. George Carlin – Euphemisms To do 00:01Open-ended04:16Open-ended08:59Open-ended On Political Correctness and Clear Thinking | Stephen Fry | COMEDY | Rubin To do 03:35Open-ended07:58Open-ended11:19Open-ended watch Bill Burr’s Paper Tiger on Netflix and read Stanley Fish’s attached to Answer questions According to Stanley Fish, what is Booth’s notion of “stable irony”? Explain fully. Why does Fish believe that intention ruins the possibility of stable irony? Where does the title of Fish’s essay come from and why might this be surprising to readers in ‘hypersensitive, snowflake’ 2020? Which bit from Bill Burr’s Paper Tiger connects most closely to the points from Fish’s essay and why? Offer 8-10 sentences that detail your answer specifically.
MUA Short People Stable Irony Stable in Different Directions Discussion

Chapter 12 Information Management Nursing Practice Questions

Chapter 12 Information Management Nursing Practice Questions.

After reading Chapter 12 and reviewing the lecture powerpoint (located in lectures tab), please answer the following questions. Each question must have at least 3 paragraphs and you must use at 3 least references (APA) included in your post.1. What is your role as a nurse in protecting patient healthcare information?2. Describe the role of information management nursing practice.3. Research what types of technologies and service such as free internet exist in South Florida for underserved populations. Describe what they are and how does the underserved population gain access to them.
Chapter 12 Information Management Nursing Practice Questions