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TU Singapore Sustainability Features Energy Efficiency & Ecological Strategies Discussion

TU Singapore Sustainability Features Energy Efficiency & Ecological Strategies Discussion.

Hello I need you to create a power point presentation of at least 8 slides, explaining the sustainability features that Singapore has. Find information on the Sustainable Features, Energy Efficiency, Environmental / Ecological Strategies, Socio-cultural Strategies, and anything else that you can find on the city. It can be longer than 8 slides.I attached a word document with a little information that I found but I need you to find more and create a presentation on it with the features I listed above:Sustainable Features, Energy Efficiency, Environmental / Ecological Strategies, Socio-cultural Strategies
TU Singapore Sustainability Features Energy Efficiency & Ecological Strategies Discussion

Please respond to the following questions in a minimum of 350 words for all of the questions total (you may write much more!). You do not have to re-write the questions. In addition to your opinion and personal experiences, include concepts that were discussed in the textbook in your responses. Think about what type of content is appropriate or not in games. Many people are concerned about 1) violence and 2) representation of women or misogyny. For some examples of violence in games, please watch the 5 minute TRAILER from the documentary “Game Over: Gender, Race, and Violence in Video Games”. Game Over — Gender, Race
dance week 4. Paper details Address the following questions: On Board(hers) 1. How are these women culturally sharing, or culturally exchanging? What practices might they be using (seen or unseen)? 2. Reflecting back on last week’s segment on building community and trust, how would you bring your in-class movement experience and the materials to relate with this video? In what ways do building trust/community and sharing culture overlap and connect? “NotoriousCree” James Jones article and video 3. I share this dancer’s experience to partly bring to attention the accessibility of information that the internet brings us. Thinking of your everyday communities, without the internet, do you think you would have experienced, witnessed, or practiced James’ Native cultural sharings? 4. How could NotoriousCree’s sharings to such a wide audience be both a beautiful/valuable or dangerous thing, depending on how it may be received. Why do you feel that is? Revisiting your Movement Assignment 5. I’ve shared that a big part of my movement experience is rooted in Hip Hop culture, so it will keep showing up in different segments throughout our semester. In this case, the movement video I assigned to you is steered more towards a “workout” class than a “culture” class. Without adding too many readings or videos (I had to stop myself from assigning too much this week…), answer the same question as before in the NotoriousCree section. Knowing that Hip Hop has many facets, styles, and cultural elements, but factoring internet accessibility and reach, how can the “30-Minute Old-School Hip-Hop Grooves Workout” be seen as a valuable sharing, and how can it be dangerous to exploiting or appropriating hip hop’s history and culture? 500 words minimumdance week 4
Purdue University Jennifer Exercise Program Discussion.

A treatment plan has many components, and depending upon the setting, the specific format may vary. Nevertheless, the treatment plan should always address the major concerns that the client presents with. Read the case example of Jennifer (Activity 13.13) on page 418 of your text and think about the possible goals for treatment you might create for her.Identify three possible treatment goals for the case. Explain your rationale for each of the treatment goals being sure to incorporate the cultural considerations of the case.Discuss the confidentiality concerns for the case. Be sure to cite and explain one of the organization’s ethical guidelines of confidentiality that we have studied (ACA, APA, NAADAC).ACTIVITY 13.13 JENNIFERJennifer, a 40-year-old mother of three, comes to counseling because she is feeling “blue,” tired, and upset with her appearance. Her friends are encouraging her to take more time for herself and perhaps to join an exercise program. She thinks exercise is a good idea, but she does not see how she can fit it into her life because she works 20 hours per week and has many demands with her school-age children. She reports that she feels responsible for child care and housework when she is not at her job. Jennifer thinks that exercise would reduce her fatigue, probably raise her spirits, and help with her concerns about her appearance. She realizes that other issues are involved in her mood and self-dissatisfaction, and that finding the time for exercise will require that she delegate some of her current responsibilities. She worries that it would be selfish to take this time for herself, and she is not sure what kind of support she would get from her husband and children.Share your answers to the following questions in small groups: How ready is Jennifer to take time for herself or join an exercise program? What kinds of interventions would help Jennifer decide if she wants to begin taking time for herself or join an exercise program? What would Jennifer need to be able to do to take time for activities such as joining an exercise program?After answering these questions write the following:1.A goal (Hint: This is a broad statement about desired change.)2.An objective that would support the goal (Hint: This is a short-term, measurable, or observable goal, and Jennifer needs to be motivated to achieve this objective.)3.Interventions that would help Jennifer accomplish her objective (Hint: Jennifer is not yet ready to take time for herself or to join the exercise program. What strategies would be consistent with helping Jennifer move in this direction?)Textbook-Erford, B. T. (03/2013). Orientation to the Counseling Profession: Advocacy, Ethics, and Essential Professional Foundations.
Purdue University Jennifer Exercise Program Discussion

response paper for HEMMING FLAMES

response paper for HEMMING FLAMES.

You want to accomplish two things with the response:demonstrate you read one of the booksdevelop some well-thought out questions for the conversation on Wednesday morning. You want to have several questions prepared because you know there will be overlap and because I want you to think more deeply about things than just to come up with one question. In addition to these two purposes, there is the possibility you could have some comments about the work that you would not want to make in front of the author. You aren’t required to like every book after all. So of course you want your critique to be thoughtful and evidence-based but if you have some things you want to say about the work that is better off not said in front of our guests, the discussion board is the place to do that.
response paper for HEMMING FLAMES

Calculus for Business Question!

custom essay Calculus for Business Question!.

PriceDividend YieldKT (KT Corporation)$167%IFF (International Flavors & Fragrances)$562%QSII (Quality Systems)$802%You invested a total of $11,600 in shares of the three stocks at the given prices, and expected to earn $272 in annual dividends. If you purchased a total of 200 shares, how many shares of each stock did you purchase? 
Calculus for Business Question!

media literacy

media literacy. I need help with a Film question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

1. Find three different definitions of “media literacy.”
2. Introduce three media literacy definitions and explain which one is the best and why. Consider:
a. How are your definitions are similar to/different from the definition in the book? b. Share your personal opinions about the most important elements of media literacy. For example, What’s your personal locus? What media skills do you have that could be stronger? What are the most developed skills you have?
Use your readings as well as class screenings to justify and illustrate your points.

Specifics:1. 750-1,000 words typewritten in 12-point Times Roman font. If you are 100 words over or under the length you will be penalized. WORKS CITED PAGE IS NOT INCLUDED IN WORD COUNT.2. Double spaced, with standard one-inch margins.3. Include page numbers4. Put your name on your paper, and start your electronic document title with your name.5. Include a works cited page if you quote books and articles.6. Include a thesis statement in your paper.

media literacy

Lesson 6 The Human Environment-Written Assignment

Lesson 6 The Human Environment-Written Assignment. Paper details Written Assignment Recall the character of Norman from the film On Golden Pond that you watched for the previous lesson. Using information from this unit’s readings and study notes, write a 3-5 page paper in which you: Describe Norman’s human environment. Select one of the following three theories: Activity, Continuity, or Disengagement, and use it to describe how Norman and his human environment interact. Explain why you chose the theory you used to analyze Norman’s environment. Tell whether you feel that the theory you have used is useful and credible. Please be sure to follow APA guidelines for citing sources, and include a reference list or bibliography.Lesson 6 The Human Environment-Written Assignment

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