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Troy University When in Disgrace with Fortune and Mens Eyes Analytical Review

Troy University When in Disgrace with Fortune and Mens Eyes Analytical Review.

Assignment: Write a short essay (1000 words) that defends a thesis you developed through a close critical reading/analysis of one (or two) literary works listed in Chapter 23 Poems For Further Reading in your Backpack Literature text starting on page 607 and supported by at least one secondary source. This essay relies mainly on textual support from the primary text but includes at least one secondary source that supports/sustains the student’s argument. Do not confuse “critical analysis” with “plot summary”; the goal is to develop, sustain, and advance a thesis based on a critique of the primary text but supported in part by at least one secondary source. What you’ll be graded upon:15% Introduction: You establish a context for the significance of your thesis in regard to the literary work as a whole. How does your argument contribute to understanding the author’s major literary/thematic concerns? What can other readers learn from your analysis? How does your analysis/critique fit in with other critical responses of the author/literary work?15% Thesis: You state your main point (or argument) in 1-2 sentences; the thesis is the culmination of your introduction.30% Organization: Your essay should follow that of typical literary critiques:Since your focus must be on analyzing some literary motif, theme, or a combination of literary elements (such as symbolism, character, setting, etc.), your essay must contain well-structured supporting paragraphs that contain a topic sentence, quotes from the primary text, at least one quote from a secondary source, an explanation/discussion of the significance of the quotes you use in relation to your thesis, and a concluding sentence or two that situates the entire paragraph in relation to the thesis. Your thesis will focus on some kind of critical analysis of the primary text, so your supporting paragraphs should contain quotes from the text that illustrate your thesis/argument; in addition, you should include at least one quote from a secondary source to support your argument. Your supporting paragraphs should be organized around each of the quotes you use, explaining the significance of the quotes and why (or how) they illustrate your main point, but you also need to make sure that your paragraphs contain strong transitions and at least six (or more) sentences.10% Conclusion: Regardless of the argument you make, you want a conclusion that avoids summarizing what you’ve just said, and please avoid writing, “In conclusion.…” Your aim in a conclusion is to place the discussion in a larger context. For example, how might your critical analysis of a literary character relate to the other characters in a work? How might your thesis be applied to other aspects of the text, say for example, setting or symbolism?15% Grammar and mechanics: Your paper avoids basic grammar mistakes, such as dropped apostrophes in possessives, subject/verb disagreement, arbitrary tense switches, etc. The paper demonstrates a commitment to proofreading by avoiding easy-to-catch typos and word mistakes (effect for affect, for example). The paper adheres to MLA formatting style for in-text and bibliographic citations.15% Presentation: Your paper meets the minimum length criteria of 1000 words, is typed with a title and your name on it. You follow your individual professor’s instructions for formatting (margins, placement of the name, etc).PreviousNext
Troy University When in Disgrace with Fortune and Mens Eyes Analytical Review

Caterpillar Inc Finance Receivables Discussion.

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Caterpillar, Inc. manufactures and sells heavy equipment used in farming, construction and other industries. Information on its finance receivables and allowance for credit losses from its 2019 Form 10-K can be found on p. 73 and 74 (pdf pages 85 and 86). The link to this annual report is (Links to an external site.). The “Recorded Investments in Finance Receivables” is the receivables before the allowance for credit losses (equivalent to allowance for doubtful accounts). “Provision for Credit Losses” is equivalent to “Bad Debt Expense.”Required:Prepare an analysis of the change in these accounts from 2018 to 2019 for Caterpillar using the framework provided below.Based on this analysis, did Caterpillar’s receivable collections improve or worsen? Discuss the basis for your answer.How do you think the shift to ASU 2016-13 will affect Caterpillar’s provision for credit losses? Will it increase or decrease?Analysis of Accounts Receivable Credit Losses ($ in millions) Dec. 31, 2019Dec. 31, 2018Dec. 31, 2017Selected reported amounts Revenues$53,800$54,722$45,462 Pre-tax income7,8127,8224,082 Ending gross finance receivablesChange in Allowance for credit losses Balance at beginning of year Provision for credit losses Write-offs Recoveries of accounts previously written off Other Balance at end of yearAnalysis Provision for credit losses as % of sales Provision for credit losses as % of ending gross receivables Provision for credit losses as % of beginning allowance Allowance as a % of ending gross receivables
Caterpillar Inc Finance Receivables Discussion

Consumer Revolution And The Colonizing Of America History Discussion Help

Consumer Revolution And The Colonizing Of America History Discussion Help.

Topic 1:1) Compare and contrast hunting- versus agricultural-based tribes. How did each respond to European incursions on their lands? Using specific details, which group was better suited to sustain this significant change? (See map on page 9 of HIST 4).2)Read John Winthrop’s “A Model of Christian Charity.” John Winthrop Defines the Puritan Ideal of Community, as well Dewar’s article on England’s joint stock companies. Discuss the motivations for English colonization of America. Identify a particular group or colony and discuss the political, economic, or social reasons behind their coming to the New World. Explain.Topic 2:3)There is a belief that the United States is a “Christian Nation.” Based on the founding documents and the prevalent Enlightenment ideals of the 18th century, how could this argument be supported or opposed?4)How did the Great Awakening challenge the authority of the established churches? What role did this play in planting the seeds for the Revolution? How did the challenging of religious authority lead to the challenging of political authority?Topic 3: 5) There was much debate over the ratification of the Constitution. Choose either the Federalist or anti-Federalist position and argue the legitimacy of the Constitution and its provisions. Include a discussion of how the Constitution addressed the weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation.6) How were civil rights of all Americans initially impacted by the implementation of the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments? How were they circumvented and by whom? Finally, how did the civil rights guaranteed by the aforementioned laws become a reality to all of America?Topic 4:7) Based upon the circumstances at the time, were Rockefeller’s business practices justified? How did other captains of industry (Carnegie, Morgan, Vanderbilt, etc.) conduct business in the late 19th century? What were the negative consequences of their actions? How did government and labor respond?Use these additional resources to help you complete the discussion question:Infinitely ruthless, infinitely charitable The American Industrial Revolution Read Samuel Gompers testimony before Congress regarding the AFL and the original platform of the Knights of Labor from the links below. What issues did labor unions attempt to resolve in the early 1900s? How successful were they at resolving these issues? Why was there such a struggle between business and labor, why was it so difficult for them to come together. Why were strikes so violent? (Not being recognized, the issues they were trying to resolve, etc.) How did labor unions improve the working conditions for American workers? 5: 9) Read the following articles from the Topic 5 Readings:”The Banality of Gilding: Innocuous Materiality and Transatlantic Consumption in the Gilded Age,” “Thorstein Veblen: Conspicuous Consumption, 1902,” and “America’s Gilded Age” and then answer the discussion question that follows:During the Victorian Age, the upper class became very wealthy in part by exploiting the lower classes. For America to become a great and wealthy nation, was the exuberance and disparity of the Victorian age justified? Explain why.10) Why was the New Deal initiated? What problems did it address? What were some possible unintended consequences of the New Deal? Did the New Deal solve the problems it was designed to solve? Do you believe the legacy of the New Deal is a positive or negative? Explain.Topic 6:11) Discuss the ideals and goals of the Abolition movement, including the key players and events. How did their Christian faith affect their views on the abolition of slavery? Did all Christians promote abolition? Explain.12) Read about Horace Mann, John Dewey, the “Northwest Ordinance of 1787,” the “Morrill Land Grant College Act of 1862,” “Brown vs. Board of Education” decision, and “President Lyndon B. Johnson’s Commencement Address at Howard University, June 1965.” What actions has the federal government taken throughout the nation’s history to ensure that all citizens have an opportunity to obtain an education? Explain how each of the documents expands educational opportunities.Topic 7:13) How did the Civil War affect the home front? What was the connection between the home front and battlefront for both North and South? How did the strategy of total war affect the outcome and legacy of the war?14) The Second World War affected the foreign policies of the United States in the postwar world. How did the strained allied relationships, particularly those of the United States and the U.S.S.R. contribute to initiating the Cold War? Discuss the key events that occurred from the Berlin Airlift to the Cuban Missile Crisis and their impact on the United States.ANSWER EACH QUESTION IN THE EXACT FORMAT IT IS CURRENTLY IN. THIS IS NOT A ESSAY.PLEASE INCLUDE REFERENCES
Consumer Revolution And The Colonizing Of America History Discussion Help

Should the United States Stop Immigrants? Essay

essay writing help The United States of America considers illegal immigration as one of the national issues that need immediate concern. In his article, ‘‘Kidding Ourselves about Immigration’’, Michael Kinsley argues that the immigration process is not as easy as it was some 50 years ago (Kinsley 12). This is because the American government is very strict on offering immigration permits to foreigners. The author believes that the Americans should clarify the meaning of their opposition towards illegal immigration. Most American politicians argue that they support immigration but oppose illegal immigration. The point of concern is whether the law is right or not. According to Michael, in contrast to the political perspective, Americans are not actually bothered by the legitimacy of the immigration but the immigration itself (Kinsley 12). If the concern is about illegal immigration and not legal migration, then legal immigration should be increased or even doubled. The republicans perceived the issue of immigration as cultural, while the Democratic-led opposition believed that the issue was predominantly economical. Immigrants renew the national identity of the Americans but do not destroy it. Critics of the registration process in the United States are of the opinion that if a large number of immigrants are invited into the country and assume permanent citizenship, the process will steer a fading of social cohesion. They argue that this may lead to the immigrants being more intertwined into the United States fabric. If United States can offer opportunities for the rising mobility of immigrants, it can strengthen what the nation requires for its identity. They worry that the newcomers may destroy their identity as Americans (Kinsley 12). In his article, ‘The next Americans’, Tomas argues that some eugenicists felt that Southern Europe Immigrants who were dark-skinned would infect the gene pool of the Americans. The concern was also politically motivated, as there was worry that the population power of the immigrants would grant the Pope the guts to seek leadership in the country, as most of the immigrants were Catholics. They were worried that immigrant anarchists would destroy the American democracy. This did not occur as the pope does not have any authority over the American political affairs and the American gene pool is still good. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More This clearly indicates that the immigrants of the European origin as well as their descendants effectively incorporated into a monolith of an American society. There is substantial evidence that the immigrants are playing an important role in significantly redefining the American identify. There is evidence that the immigrants especially the children born of immigrant parents in the US are adopting the American way of life and thus changing the American identity. For example, there is a rapid growth increase in the population of non-English speakers in the United States. In particular, the number of Latinos and Hispanics is on the rise. Even in some American states with a large number of foreigners (such as Los Angeles with a foreign population of more than 36%) English remains a strong language. All the immigrants’ children born in the United States speak in English (Jimenez 251). The immigrants as well as their children have become very different from the ones in their ethnic motherland. The immigrants of today keep in touch with their relatives in their home countries and support them financially. The availability of the recent technology, which is affordable such as emails and telecommunication, helps them to communicate constantly and since they have dual citizenship, they can contribute to their countries’ political affairs from abroad. Back to their home countries, the recognition of Americanism in the immigrants is evident because families and friends easily recognize their American accents, new American ways of life and the detachment from their culture. In American identity, the immigrants have caused some changes. For example, holiday traditions, entertainment, food and language. However, these changes are not an important social factor among the Americans. United states believe that their identity is a land of opportunity. This easily ensures that children born of immigrant parents are able to revive their American dream. It is important to provide them with better public schools and inexpensive college education. In the United States 14th Amendment, all persons are citizens of the United States provided they have legally obtained American citizenship. In the article ‘Anchor Babies’, Reynolds Holding argues that the controversy occurs where children are born to illegal immigrants but in the United States. These are referred to as ‘Anchor Babies’ (Reynolds 232). Any child with as legal American citizenship, regardless of ethnicity or background, should have a gross salary of not less than 125 percent higher than the poverty threshold in order to file for his or her parents’ visa. Thus, the illegal immigrants must illegally remain in the United States since they have children in United States .Those who oppose birthright citizenship claim that there is no need for amendment. This is because it may keep illegal workers in a country making them take the jobs that could otherwise benefit the legal citizens. An estimation of 7 million illegal foreign workers have taken most of the jobs thus causing unemployment and low paying jobs to millions of children born in America We will write a custom Essay on Should the United States Stop Immigrants? specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The best way to fight illegal immigration is by making it difficult for illegal immigrants to work in the United States. This can be achieved by fixing the E-Verify system that allows the employer to verify that job seekers are in the States legally. About 30 million Americans are not well educated, most of whom are immigrants. In addition, these immigrants are jobless. These people are actually disadvantaged by anything that does not quicken the process of illegal workers returning to their homeland, as they cannot get jobs (Jimenez 251). However, the United States should not stop immigration; rather it should regulate it by allowing only the legal immigrants. Works Cited Jimenez, Tomaz. “The Next Americans.” Time. 29 May. 2007: 251-254. Print Kinsley, Michael. “Kidding Ourselves about Immigration.” Time. 6 Dec. 2007: 12-13. Print Reynolds, Holding. “Anchor Babies.’ Time. 1Feb. 2011: 232-234. Print.

CHM 3430 California State Polytechnic Pomona Solid Phase Microextraction Lab Report

CHM 3430 California State Polytechnic Pomona Solid Phase Microextraction Lab Report.

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Multi-elemental speciation analysis of organometallic compounds of mercury, lead and tin in two natural waters samples were carried out by headspace-solid phase microextraction followed by GC MS. Read the attached literature (CHM 3430L Lab Unit 3 Assignment 2 Literature.pdf) and watch the instructional videos carefully, and answer the following questions:What is SPME? How is the SPME performed? (4 pts)A buffer with pH 5.3 was prepared by using 0.2 M acetic acid and 0.2 M acetate. How many mL of acetic acid and sodium acetate are required to prepare 100.0 mL of such a buffer. The pKa for acetic acid is 4.76. Show your work. Hint: you will need to set the volume of each as x and y. (8 pts)What fibers were used in SPME? (4 pts)What is the stationary phase for HP-5MS column used in this experiment? Is it polar or nonpolar? (4 pts)Was GC injection a split or splitless one? (2 pts)Was an isothermal program or temperature programming used in GC? Why? (4 pts)What was the mobile phase used? What was the flow rate of the mobile phase? (4 pts)Spike recovery test is an important way to determine if the response to the analysis is decreased or increased by something else in the sample. How was the recovery experiment performed in this literature? (4 pts)What type of method was used in the literature to enhance the extraction efficiency (4 pts)If the organometallic compound has a concentration of 0.5%, what type of injection techniques should be used? (2 pts)
CHM 3430 California State Polytechnic Pomona Solid Phase Microextraction Lab Report

Child Labor in Philippine

Child Labor in Philippine. All people were born with rights. Children are people as well; so, children also have theirs. Their right have been violated from child labor. Child labor is defined as, “the employment of a child in a business or industry especially in violation of state or federal statutes prohibiting the employment of children under a specified age.” Obviously, child labor has been a big social problem from over the world, mainly the third wrodl countries or developing country such as Philippines. This paper will argue the cases of child laborers, specifically in the city and in provinces of the Philippines. The social problem in Philippines, the government has ways to manage and improve it or not or even made it disappeared or not. It is a known fact that the disadvantages outnumber the advantages of child labor. There are three points, so that it is easier to view the advantages and the disadvantages of the said problem. Having a history background of Philippines which will have understand what is going on better. The purpose of this argument paper is to present the increasing amount of child labor in Philippines and how they were harm. Another would be to discuss the effects of child labor to the family, economy, and to the self. Lastly, the paper will suggest ways to stop or reduce child labor. In the pass industrial background of child labor first appeared with the development of the developing country’s system. In this type of business a dealer bought raw materials to be “put out” to the homes of worker to be spun, woven, sewn, or handled in some other materials. This allows a division of labor and a level of specialization among different types of people. Products are paid by pieces, and children were commonly used at whatever task they could perform. In England and North America, this system was important from the sixteenth to the eighteenth century and is still being seen up to the present in some industries and, in some country including Philippines. (Labor) The kids were forced to beg on the streets and help making money for the professional beggars. The children that are prostitute help trading with the tourist. The girls were used as a servant in a private home and being treated no better than slave. Many children were brought from the dumpsites and put on the street to make money. Children are being use as a runner helping distribute illegal drugs in to the city. The nubile girl working as a striper and night and teenage exposing their skin than necessary on the theater screen. Truly, child labor has many faces. Children performed these can either endangers their health or safety, interferes with their education or prevent them from playing other activities that are important to their development. The children can not really survive. (Heineman, 2001) Most of the children must be kept inside so that they could not be seen by the public. They would mostly be working in factories at night or as prostitutes at night. Cloth factory in Philippine uses child labor to produce goods and export the goods to the United States. (Deshpande, 2008) The reason the number of child labor is increasing because they were taken from other province and were promised with good live. Another is that they were forced to work due to poverty. Since industrious works are more suitable for children than compared to other people who are in the right age to work. Child slave labor is to use the illegal working children below 18 years of age in danger job. Underage children are being forced to do physical labor to help their families mainly due to poverty. About 2.06 million all around the Philippines are forced to do labor, such as in crop plantations, mining caves, rock mining, and factories. Due to the poverty problems that are not being help from the government, the number of child labor will continue increasing. (Deshpande, 2008)Child labor has many health effects in children who are supposed to be in the environment of a classroom rather than walking on the streets and risking every chance, over and over again, to earn money. Although most do get the privilege of education, most end up being dropouts and repeaters because they are not able to focus on their studies. Because of child labor, children suffer from starvation, the ability to grow, and improper health development. (Deshpande, 2008)The problems of child laboring continue to grow, so the economics of the country will drop rapidly. People with proper education will not get job due to higher salary payment compare to illegal child labor. The cost of child labor is incredibly low comparing to workers with high education. Philippines is a young nation with high percentage number of young people in its overall population. There are up to 22.4 million children ages between five and seventeen. Sixteen percent of the overall population represent working children ages between five and seven, which means that one of every six children work. In the last twelve months, 3.7 million children ages five to seventeen worked. Children from rural area make up 67.1 percent of this number and almost half are between the ages of five and fourteen. These working children are mostly all boys, who account for 65 percent. As far as the locations where these children work, 60 percent perform unpaid family work in their own households, 17.2 percent work in their own homes and 53 percent work in family farms. (Group, 2002) The impact of the children’s health is a big problem for some country. The illness and death of family income head family means that the children has to go out and find money. A child that has health problem maybe judge unfairly and their work most of the time affect with their education. Child that believes to be clean from disease maybe put on the street as a prostitute. There is very few information available about the reason of disability on child labor – research is deeply needed in this area. However, there is evidence of children being intentionally disabled for use such as begging. Furthermore, it is noticeable that disability can lead to poverty. (Group, 2002) By disabled children can weaken the poverty organization and there are higher risk of treating people unfairly. Anecdotal evidence believed that like women, disabled children are less likely to get equal pay for equal work. Most of the work for children is and dangerous job that require the risk of their health daily. If children are disabled from doing work, they would not be getting reward or very less, however their live may have been ruined forever and damage to their life and future. This is why there are increasing risk of people treating unfairly and poverty. The same is true for those who have HIV/AIDS or STIs or are raped at work. Sexually oppressed children is the mainly risk here. Child labor continues to live throughout the world. Children have to work because their survival and that of their families depend on it, and in some cases, because dishonest adults take advantage of their weakness. Child labor is caused from weaknesses in education systems and is deeply rooted in cultural and social attitudes and traditions. The problem is more by the fact that child labor is kept away from public view, making the problem seem less of an important. What can be done about child labor? 1. Prioritize education. It is a fact that the countries with a lot of child labor are worst at education than those that spend more primary education. Primary education should be free, made it important, well-resourced, and located everywhere. It is much easier to keep track on school attendance that to check on factories and workshops. It might make us feel good, but it only helps educate one child, isolating them from others in their community. (Group, 2002)2. Give the jobs of child workers to the adult that is capable of working. This way, the family does not suffer, and indeed should be better off, as adult wages are generally much higher than child wages. (Group, 2002) All in all, child labor can be widely spread in Philippine, but that are more disadvantage of using child labor than advantage. Government has to come in to help set law more stricty. Children labor are get harm both my mental and psychical. They are not able to live in a normal society because of their difference, both from accident or harm to make people feel sorry. All these things can be help if the government gives more attention to education and give jobs to the people that are allegeable to do work and band all the factories or any organization that use child under age. Child Labor in Philippine