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Triton and the Sun God activity(about300 words)

Triton and the Sun God activity(about300 words). Need help with my Communications question – I’m studying for my class.

you will visit two sculptures on campus: the Triton and the Sun God(you can just google the information)
you will write a short description of the sculptures, including information about the relevant myths from which these characters are drawn. You will also write about the two sculptors who created the sculptures, using any information you can find about them and their work.
Triton and the Sun God activity(about300 words)

The world encountered a lot of changes between 1500 and 1850 that completely changed the way things were done and the way people lived. Indeed the world in 1850 was completely different from that of 1500. For instance America as a country never existed in 1500; there was not even a single colony in the whole of America. In 1850 U.S.A had grown as a nation becoming one of the most powerful nations in the world. The world commerce was mainly controlled by the Indians, Arabs and Chinese in 1500 but by 1850, the balance of power had shifted and the west as we know it today controlled the world commerce and its politics. In 1500 there was little travelling across the continents. Indeed the first explorers had just discovered the new world and the route to the Far East. The world therefore was still a mystery and each civilization did not know much outside their territory. This paper is going to evaluate the changes that occurred in the world between 1500 and 1850 and the overall effect they had on the world affairs and the bilateral relations between countries. Civilizations in 1500 Prior to 1492 Europeans did not know of the existence of the America. In 1492 Christopher Columbus made the first voyage discovered the Americas and opened it to European colonization (Campbell 1739). The Europeans however did not come to the new world immediately and for much of the 1500s life continued in the Americas uninterrupted by the Europeans. The Americas were inhabited by the native Indians who had thriving kingdoms there. Famous among these were the Aztec and Inca civilization (Adler
Share this: Facebook Twitter Reddit LinkedIn WhatsApp AMITA KHOWAJA All health care professionals are responsible for delivering safe, effective and ethical care to their clients. They must deal every day with the situations in which they have to resolve dilemmas caused by conflicting obligations. Resolving dilemmas require thoughtful consideration of all relevant factors, awareness of the relevant standards and legislation and use of ethical decision-making process to ensure that the best decision is made. Communication is essential aspects of issue resolution and practicing effective communicating before a situation develops will prevent or minimize the risks to clients. The below mentioned scenarios are the examples of ethical dilemmas. SCENERIO 1 VOILATED HUMAN RIGHTS According to the first scenario the following human rights of Mrs Adam has been violated: Often wearing the same clothing, bruises observed (Right to Adequate Living Standard, right to be treated with dignity and respect, the right to life, liberty, and security of the person, Freedom from Torture and Degrading Treatment, Assault), Son reads all her mail (Invasion of privacy, intentional tort), Pressuring to sign over the house to him (Right of autonomy, Right to Own Property), She appears anxious with her son (Freedom of Opinion and Information). INDICATOR AND TYPE OF ABUSE Mrs Adam poor hygiene, often wearing the same soiled clothing, bruises above left eye exhibit (physical indicator, physical abuse and neglect). Losing weight, fear, seems withdrawn, sad and anxious show (psychological indicator and psychological abuse). Controlling behavior such as isolation from friends, harassment by reading all her mails exhibit (domestic violence and abuse). INTERVENTIONS Being an ideal health care assistant following steps can be taken to deal with the situation Listen attentively and reassure her that you trust her about what she has said you. Assure her that you will do whatever you can to help her. Ensure client safety by removing her from potentially dangerous situation, explain her all possible options available including to get into long term care facility but if she decides to stay home even though it will increase intentional harm to her but still we respect her decision and wishes and provide her with emotional support. We will explain Mrs Adam about the consequences of her decisions and then involve supervisor for finding the best solution. Document findings such as victims and abuser name, age, contact number, description of abuse and neglect and then report to supervisor. Inform her about the emergency helpline number and make her aware about the availability of support services whenever needed. If possible then taking tours of assisted living or other facilities is helpful in eradicating seniors fear about institutionalization as it is a barrier to reporting abuse. Home support worker is a good source in resolving the problem as she can work especially hard to maintain good relationship with her son to rule out the cause of his bad behavior with Mrs Adam. She can be able to monitor what is positive and negative changes going on inside home during her visit and if Mrs Adam decide to leave the house she can contact the supervisor about her decision. Many seniors don’t report abuse because they are fearful from the abuser and think that if they report then no one else will take care of them or they don’t want their children to get into trouble with the law. Support worker taught Mrs Adam that According to Ontario’s residents bill of right it’s her legal right to be protected from abuse so, she can speak up to at least one person a friend or another family member whom she can trust to report about abuse and neglect she is receiving from her son. Identify about caregiver stress and burnouts. Caregiving can be extremely demanding with physical impairment elder and if caregiver have disturbed sleep, can’t take a break, substance abuse, unemployment or experiencing health problems then there is a greater risk of increase elder abuse. HCA collaborate with Mrs Adam’s doctor to make sure that the elderly is connected with medical services to prevent her end up in depression, grief, dementia, or other medical problems. HCA respect Mrs Adam right of autonomy while at the same time he/she look for legal guardianship appointed by court if no appropriate family member is available to make sure that the care should not be compromised. To effectively deal with ethical situation support workers keep their skills and knowledge updated by participating in educational programs. SCENERIO 2 Communication with confused client hold specific challenge for all health care professionals in delivering care. Identifying and learning essential communication skills in caring elderly may help provider to develop more sustaining relationships with elderly and they become even more skilled at managing their care. When I was a student nurse doing, my clinical I have encounter many situations in which I witness nurses ignoring or not noticing confused clients, especially with cognitive impaired clients. They considered these clients as a “difficult patients” they did not make any effort to show support or understanding towards them. Stockwell (1972) wrote in the book “The Unpopular Patient” Nurse patient interaction with cognitive impaired client is not always satisfactory especially dealing with unpopular patient. Support workers and nurses might become ignorant towards the fact that ageing or cognitive impairment cause deficit in cognitive functioning and cause behavioral changes for instance irritability, anger, frustration, tired, loss of interest and become insensitive. Mr Bains has moderately severe dementia and unable to speak clearly So, nursing team were ignorant towards his speaking difficulty and consider it irritating for staff to keep repeating themselves. In this way, they might have considered Mr Bains and other clients like him as an unpopular patient. This kind of health professional’s behavior is unethical and unjust, they should be concerned for the client regardless of their condition. Furthermore, the behavior exists because when confused client call for help and then not able to tell why they called out can be tiring and lead to frustration for health workers. They thought that if they went or listen to the client every time when behave inappropriately to get attention then they wouldn’t be able to get anything else done. Most of the staff pretend not to notice confused clients because they have made presumption about client’s behavior that they are irritable because of their diseases, they have an issue that may not be known, some become irritable because they don’t want to be there. Thus, when they know that the client repeat the behavior all the time staff simply thought there is nothing to do about it and in this way, they are not giving equal care and attention that every client deserves from their support worker. According to Davis, C. (2008) studies show that staff are less likely to interact with confused client and their interaction solely task oriented. LACK OF COMMUNICATION AND MENTAL HEALTH Communication with someone having mental illness is the key factor in interaction. Support worker need to be mindful so that they won’t lack empathy and sensitivity during interaction otherwise they can unknowingly hurt the feelings of individual having mental illness. The NMC Code (2008) clearly states that health personals should be sensitive towards clients having distress and must listen, respond them to their concerns and preferences because this can have a cumulative effect on their wellbeing. According to Heyward and Ramsdale, (2008) If nurse is not listening to her patient then the patient lose faith in the services nurse provide. Reflecting to the scenario Mr Bains frustration and grabbing arm as someone go by to get attention is his nonverbal communication and indicator of emotional abuse. MR Bains behavior clearly shows that he was distrustful and aggressive towards staff member as they are constantly rejecting him and fail to listen and respond to his concerns. Moreover, when resident voice is not heard by doctors, psychiatrist and authorities then they are not upholding resident’s principle of justice and this has a very real effect on their lives and mental health. Client may feel depressed, rejected, likely to have low self-esteem, low confidence level, they likely to feel unsecure, unsafe from their surroundings, being aggressive or violent or displaying inappropriate actions. Besides, continuous confusion, frustration, unable to cope with stressful situation leads to catastrophic reactions. HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATED According to human right acts article 14(Every person should be treated equally without any discrimination)I believed that section of act broken when Mr Bain was discriminated because of her condition and illness as he was not given the same time and energy that was given to other patients. Not treating Mr Bains same way as to others and hurting his feelings(Freedom from Torture and Degrading Treatment, We Are All Born Free
Today’s society is always on the go, with hectic work schedules and other responsibilities that limit the amount of time spent paying attention to eating habits. America’s society has become accustom to eating on the go, which has led to people relying on fast food. Fast food however is not necessarily a healthy alternative to a healthy well-balanced home cooked meal. A healthy diet improves one’s health because proper nourishment allows the body to heal from illness and disease. Choosing to eat a healthy diet rather than a diet high in saturated fats will make an improvement in one’s health. Various studies have proven a well balanced diet is to include a variety of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, healthy fats and oils, and regular exercise is better for the body. Paying attention to the types of nutrients the body needs to function in a healthy way will make a difference in one’s health. A healthy diet needs to consist of a variation of foods rich in vitamins, minerals, and a regular exercise regimen. Raw fruits and vegetables contain a high quantity of the essential nutrients that bodies need to be healthy. Without proper nourishment, our bodies are more susceptible to illness and diseases. For example, type two diabetes and heart disease to name just a few of the health complications that are associated with poor diet choices. The possibilities of other health problems are possible when diets are high in bad fats and cholesterol. By caring for our bodies with a balanced diet there will be a lessened chance for developing various illnesses and diseases. The body is like a machine that requires proper fuel and maintenance to continue running at its best performance levels. A well balanced diet would include whole grains such as oatmeal, whole wheat bread, and brown rice. The body is able to use the good carbohydrates from this type of grain. Good carbohydrates supply our bodies with the energy that we need to be active and help control blood sugar and insulin levels from rising and falling too quickly. Healthy fats and oils are also an important part of a healthy diet. Healthy fats and oils include olive, canola, sunflower, and corn oils are good to include in a balanced diet. A variety of fruits and vegetables eaten raw or cooked has several benefits. However, fruits and vegetables retain more nutrients when consumed in a raw state. There should be a significant source of protein, fiber, and minerals included in a balanced diet. Proteins, fibers and other valuable minerals exist in nuts and beans such as garbanzo or navy beans, walnuts, and pistachios. A well balanced diet will include fish for the omega-3 and chicken or turkey as a source of protein. When planning a healthy diet there needs to be a source of vitamin D, this can come from dairy products such as low fat milk or cheese or in the form of a supplement. At last red meat and butter, this is what our bodies need the least. Red meat contains high amounts of saturated fats with little to no nutritional value. The other foods that should be consumed sparingly include white bread, rice, pasta, potatoes, and other sugary foods, these foods are high in the carbohydrates our bodies do not need (Harvard School of Public Health, 2005). A healthy diet nourishes the body so we can perform at optimal levels. When consuming the vitamins and minerals needed, there will be an increased energy level. The benefits of a healthy diet will include a lower risk of colon problems, heart disease, and diabetes. A properly nourished body can resist germs and bacteria better than a body that is relying on an unhealthy diet regimen. This is difficult to do when going out to eat at the average restaurants on a regular basis. Although there are restaurants that serve healthy menus and are conscious of the fact that some people choose to eat healthier low fat foods. The menu items offered at many restaurants often include foods deep-fried or smothered with condiments that include unnecessary fats, and cholesterol. Even though many popular fast food restaurants are improving, the menus to include low fat alternatives to the traditional menu items there are better choices. These fast food menu items can be prepared at home in a much healthier manner. Cooking at home allows more choices in low fat and leaner options. For example, home cooked meals provider more control over making choices like choosing skinless chicken over beef and fat free dressings for salads versus full calories dressings. The food society consumes plays a significant role in the body’s ability to prevent and recover from illness and disease. When someone’s body is healthy because of eating properly and getting regular exercise there is a decreased risk of illness. Although a person is less likely to become sick when healthy, diet exists. It is probable that everyone will catch a cold or virus at some time in life. Fortunately, some foods can help treat the symptoms. Some research has shown that there is truth to chicken soup being good for treating the symptoms of a cold. Boiling chicken releases amino acids into the water turning the water to a broth that has many healthy elements that improve the symptoms of a cold. When this broth is inhaled, the steam will thin mucus and relieve inflammation making it easier to breathe (Rutecki, 2009). Garlic has shown to have an effect on cancer cells. Allyl sulfate along with other compounds in garlic have shown to damage cancer cells in a greater way than normal cells (National Cancer Institute, 2008). The effect that garlic has on cancer cells is being researched to learn more about how this information can be applied to help treat and prevent cancer. At the World Diabetes Congress conference, researchers reported a diet rich in pulses and nuts have an effect on glycemic levels in patients with type two diabetes. The effect was comparable to taking prescription medications (Johnson, 2009). Early studies show that there is a chance a low fat vegan diet can improve or even reverse the diabetes disease (Nicholson, 2008). Changing the diet to control diabetes would allow a person to rely less on medications. If diabetics could rely less on medications is would improve the quality of life for these people. The websites discussed in this section are easily accessible providing the public with information about how to eat healthy. Sites exist with examples of healthy foods, how to prepare these foods in a variety ways and ideas for daily exercise routines. One site that provides an abundance of information is the Harvard School of Public Health. The Harvard School of Public Health is available to the public to provide information about healthy eating. The site is full of information and suggestion to teach people about why and how to eat healthy. The Healthy Eating Pyramid developed at the Harvard School of Public Health’s Department of Nutrition determined that the foundation for a healthy diet is regular exercise and balanced nutrition. This pyramid is an easy to follow example of a healthy diet. The diagram is colorful and designed to be easy to use as a guide to develop healthy eating habits. The pyramid shows picture examples of the optimal food choices in each category. Using this pyramid to structure a balanced diet is a resourceful tool in learning how to eat healthy (Harvard School of Public Health, 2007). The United States Government has taken action to help protect and educate the public by appointing an independent agency known as the Food Standard Agency to protect the public. This agency is to conduct research related to setting food standards for the American people. The Food Standard Agency decides what is safe for people to consume and how foods are stored and handled in a variety of settings. The other responsibility of the agency is to determine what is healthy to consume and in what amounts. This agency offers a wide array of resources to provide information relevant to a healthy diet. The website also provides information that describes in what manner the research is conducted and the results of the research. These two sites are educational sources of information meant to inform the public about the best way to make healthy diet choices. Anyway, one looks at it a healthy diet improves the body’s health because proper nourishment allows the body to heal from illness and disease. Some changes in eating habits like eating home cooked meals more often, choosing healthier menu items when eating out, and utilizing information that is available to make healthier diet choices are all examples of what can improve one’s health. Any positive change in a person’s diet will make an improvement in someone’s health. References Johnson, K. (2009, Nov. 15). Dietary nuts and pulses beneficial in diabetes.(ENDOCRINOLOGY)(Report). Internal Medicine News, 42.20, p.36(1). Retrieved from the University of Phoenix Library Gale PowerSearch National Cancer Institute, (2008). “Garlic and cancer prevention: fact sheet.” Pamphlet by: National Cancer Institute. Retrieved from the University of Phoenix Library Gale PowerSearch database. Nicholson, A. (2005). Diabetes: Can a Vegan Diet Reverse Diabetes? Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. Retrieved From The Nutrition Source, (2007) Staying Active Every Body’s Path to Better Health, Reaping the Benefits of Exercise. Harvard School of Public Health, para. 3. Retrieved from The Nutrition Source, (2005) Food Pyramids: What Should You Really Eat. Harvard School of Public Health. Retrieved from Rutecki, G.(May 2009). Does mother always know best? What the evidence shows: bundle up, drink chicken soup, get plenty of sleep–are these motherly maxims supported by clinical data?(Top Papers Of The Month: Articles You Don’t Want To Miss). Consultant, 49.5,p.e13.Retrieved from the University of Phoenix Library Gale PowerSearch database.

Subcultural Theories And Critiques

Introduction In this assignment, I have been asked to evaluate the main points of subcultural theories and critiques of them. In order to answer this question put to me, I will go on to describing exactly what a subculture is, I will then go on to state the different theorists who have given theories as to what subculture is, why it happens and how they may evaluate and apprehend it, showing their opinions throughout. I will then evaluate each theory and show the strengths and weaknesses of each, and throughout my evaluation I will be using plenty of references throughout to back up any points made, and finally go on to a concluding summary. Firstly we must state what exactly culture is before we can delve in to any explanations of what exactly a subculture is. Williams suggests that there are many ways in which culture has been described and defined throughout history although the best way to define culture is that of ‘particular way of life which expressed certain meanings and values not only in art and learning, but also in institutions and ordinary behaviour’ (Williams 1961:pg 57). There can be said to be many different ways in which a selection of society can be seen as a subculture, the first is that of reactive subcultures in which people feel a direct oppression from mainstream society and react against all that is seen as the typical ‘norm’. There are also independent subcultures which are said to have complete separate, and that of their own, norms, values and beliefs than that of mainstream society. Brake also suggests that the best way to define a subculture is to suggest that it is like a ‘culture inside of a culture'(Brake 1985). Further into his book he then goes on to suggest that ‘Subcultures exist where there is some form of organised and recognised constellation of values, behaviour and actions which responded to as differing from the prevailing set of norms.’ (Brake 1985:pg 8). In some circumstances the norms and values we share in day to day life with all of society are followed but not in the same way by all, therefore creating these subcultures. From the day we are born, we are already surrounded by a subculture lead by class and the particular ways of life in which a working class family may have may be in complete comparison to that of an upper class family. We are all brought up with complete different values of life and some people may see it more as tradition within their family, which is to be followed religiously. One example of this can be seen with the subculture of gypsies, where it is tradition to get married mainly by the age of 16, they live in caravans, statics, shallays and it is tradition for gypsies to attend the Appleby fair every year and even though this is not seen as the norms and values of everyone, it is to them. You could say that there are so many subcultures out there that it is impossible to state every one. An example of this could be that of what type of person you see yourself as and you religiously wear certain clothes to ‘fit in’ with a particular group i.e. Chavs, Hippys, Goths, Emos, Punks, Geeks, Popular, Tom Boys etc the list goes on. Another way in which people could suggest to support different values are that of homosexuality and the religions which oppose it as a sin of God. Longhurst et al argues that subcultures also arose from hegemony and quotes Clarke et al’s statement that ‘hegemony refers to the moment when a ruling class is able, not only to coerce a subordinate class to conform to its interests, but to exert a hegemony or total social authority over subordinate classes.’ (Longhurst et al 2008:pg244). As this was due to the fact that after the second world war a lot of reconstruction of the country as well as the economy was going on and the government, who mainly consist of white middle and upper class men, where changing the ways in which the working class lived their lives, and they took into account Cohens view that labour was being polarised and this meant that the wealthy were getting ‘specialised, high tech, well paid jobs’ and the poor were being forced to stay poor as they were only able to secure themselves ‘dead-end, unskilled labour.’ (Longhurst et al 2008:pg 243). These quotes show and tell us that the wealthy could see their jobs as a job and a career, however the poorer people could only see themselves as labourers, which in some cases me be used as a more generous term for skivvy, lackey, slave etc where they earn less money for doing a ‘hard days graft’ as you will, but yet the highly paid jobs are more than likely to be quite an easy job to do. Society in those days needed hard workers to do the labour jobs as those were the areas which needed upkeep however the areas the wealthy seemed to have jobs in would more than likely have no effect on society if it were to keep going or stop all together and therefore many are meaningless jobs but they are getting more money to do them. This is the kind of subjects in which set off the rebellions and therefore there was the creations of these subcultures in other areas than just class, but against governmental choices and the decisions they may have made which had an adverse affect on one class as it did on another, causing further friction between classes and we still see this going on today. One of the main theorists to evaluate subculture was that of Albert Cohen and he mainly shows his theory of the subculture functionalist through his book called Delinquent Boys : The culture of the gang. In this book, his main points are that it is the clashing between that of the middle class and the ‘delinquents’ which was a harsh term produced by middle classes to describe the poor in order to portray them as being non educated with no intelligence and no drive to have goals in their lives. His view was linked to that of Mertons Strain Theory and Cohen, as well as Merton, argue that everyone has the same goals in life however the working classes never get the opourtunity to actually go forward and achieve these goals. However where the two theorists differ, is how this revulsion of middle class culture leads to crime and law breaking behaviour. Merton has the view that because the working class do not get the chance to succeed in life, this then leads most down the path of crime and this is the main result of no success, suggesting that they have no choice in the matter, and that in order to survive they must turn to crim. Cohen on the other hand suggests that because the working class cannot have success in reaching goals in life, this then leads them to make up their own goals which involve crime and aggressive, law breaking behaviour (Cohen 1955 cite). Suggesting that they choose to break the law and commit crime and they see this as a way of life, and see nothing wrong with this. This subculture is reflected by Cohen to be the delinquent subculture with their own norms and values and their goals being to commit crime and it is seen as a positive thing to do, as if they reach their targets and goals by committing crime. The main goal for this subculture which Cohen suggests is to gain that of status by any means necessary, whether that be good or bad publicity and they don’t care which way they are portrayed by the media and other sources, as long as they are publicised and he suggests that these peoples key features are ‘malice’, ‘negativistic’behaviourand ‘non-utilitarian’ behaviour (Cohen 1955 cite). ‘Malicious behaviours are committed out of spite….bullying of non delinquents….Negativistic by believing that their behaviour is right precisely because it is wrong according to the norms of society….Non-utilitarian as their activities do not produce a direct economic benefit.’ (Regoli et al 2009:pg192).He also suggests that they have traits such as being very ‘versatile’, ‘hedonists’ and having great ‘group loyalty and autonomy’ never betraying one of the groups rules. ‘Versitility is shown in their tendancy to dabble in many delinquent activities – stealing, vandalism, trespassing, truancy and so on….Hedonism as delinquents are often impatient and impulsive…out for fun and don’t take kindly to rules, scheduals or organization, nor do they plan ahead, study or practice. Future gains and goals are of no importance to them….Group autonomy as they are close to other members of gang but hostile to outsiders.’ (Regoli et al 2009:pg192-193). This delinquent subculture was also separated not only from middle class society through social exclusion from the norm, but they were separated by sex as Cohen states in his book that ‘male delinquency is at least four times as common as female delinquency.’ (Cohen 1955:pg45). He also suggests that even though there is this subculture group which is apparent in order to try to gain a voice within the middle class society and to stand up for what they believe in and their rights as an English Citizen, there still never seems to be no resolution and that this battle will go on forever more ‘some groups, which may sometimes be counted excessive, sub-cultural solutions may not emerge, or particular individuals may not participate in them, Nonetheless, the problems of adjustment may be sufficiently intense and persistent that they still press for some kind of change.’ (Cohen 1955:pg 71).

Grantham University Six Rights of the Consumer Paper

term paper help Grantham University Six Rights of the Consumer Paper.

Six Rights of the ConsumerResearch and describe the six rights of the consumer. Provide a detailed analysis of each right and illustrate the importance.
The requirements below must be met for your paper to be accepted and graded:Write between 750 – 1,250 words (approximately 3 – 5 pages) using Microsoft Word in APA style, see example below.Use font size 12 and 1” margins.Include cover page and reference page.At least 80% of your paper must be original content/writing.No more than 20% of your content/information may come from references.Use at least three references from outside the course material, one reference must be from EBSCOhost. Text book, lectures, and other materials in the course may be used, but are not counted toward the three reference requirement.Cite all reference material (data, dates, graphs, quotes, paraphrased words, values, etc.) in the paper and list on a reference page in APA style.References must come from sources such as, scholarly journals found in EBSCOhost, CNN, online newspapers such as, The Wall Street Journal, government websites, etc. Sources such as, Wikis, Yahoo Answers, eHow, blogs, etc. are not acceptable for academic writing. A detailed explanation of how to cite a source using APA can be found here (link).
Grantham University Six Rights of the Consumer Paper

Improvement, Integration and Innovation Essay

Table of Contents Continuous Improvement Integration Importance of Innovation Conclusion References The current economic crisis is forcing companies to streamline their operations. It means high unemployment rate and the creation of a negative economic climate. The lack of commitment from investors to pour money into the economy helps explain why a financial crisis is also called a depression. Nevertheless, it is imperative that government and business people must develop strategies to end the economic recession. It is therefore essential for companies to continually think about improvement, integration and innovation. These concepts would enable organisations to counteract the effect of recession. Although it is important to focus on the core issues that plague a company. It is no longer enough to focus on internal problems and develop solutions that are designed to remedy only the challenges faced by the company. In the 21st century it is essential to think globally. A company CEO with limited vision cannot survive in a business climate that is severely affected by outsourcing and price wars as a direct result of competitive forces. Without a doubt the supply chain management strategies have been transformed dramatically in the past few decades. The rapid interconnections brought about by radical changes in telecommunication and transportation technology has increased interconnections between continents. As a result even Third World countries can greatly impact the economic climate of highly industrialised nations. There is now a high level of interdependence never before seen since the advent of the modern era. Companies that were established in the UK, US and Europe can play the outsourcing game. These companies can also build factories in China or. But for companies that do not have the capital required to branch out overseas there is no other course of action except to find a way to improve, integrate and innovate. Continuous Improvement An organisation that has aversion to change will soon find itself irrelevant and obsolete. Consider for instance the companies that sold typewriters, steam engines, beepers, and transistor radios. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More There was a time when these gadgets were indispensable. There are still companies that still manufacture or sell these equipment but unless they have established a relationship with select group of customers then there is no way that they can make a profit. In the age of computers and the Internet it is safe to say that this planet has become obsessed with technological breakthroughs on a regular basis. There is no sign that this trend can be reversed. It is a new way of doing things; an economic phenomenon that has to be understood by all. According to one commentary: Just when managers think they have developed a strategy for future success, a new technology, process, competitor or customer behavioural pattern emerges. While a sharp focus and “sticking to the knitting” are sometimes the key to success in more stable conditions, the turbulent knowledge-driven markets of today require dynamic new strategic management approaches and tools (Leibold, Probst,

Health Information Technology (IT) Department

Health Information Technology (IT) Department. I need help with a Law question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

Directions: Access the Getting Started folder in this module for the assigned readings for the week. After you complete the readings, complete this assignment.
It is very importance to have a careful and thorough analysis of an institution’s specific needs and goals before beginning the search for a healthcare information system. Evaluate the need for the strategic vision and plan of an institution’s health information technology (IT) department to match the organization’s overall objectives and vision. Discuss the key questions that an organization member must ask, discuss, and answer before beginning the selection process for a new or updated health IT system.
Requirements of the paper:

APA format
Cover sheet
2-3 pages (excluding the cover sheet and reference page) typed on the subject.
Reference Page: with a minimum of 3 cited references published in the last 5 years.

Click here to view your assignment rubric.
Health Information Technology (IT) Department