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Tristan and Quest of the Holy Grail devry tutorcom essay help Medicine and Health

A comparative essay analyzing two medieval stories, “Tristan” and “Quest for the Holy Grail”.

A paper which presents a detailed comparison between “Quest of the Holy Grail” by F. Locke and “Tristan of Thomas”. The writer of this paper presents the two stories and then analyzes where they are similar and where they differ. The paper shows that one of the main differences between the two papers is that in “Tristan” there is an important element of love for human, while in “Quest of the Holy Grail” there is an element of spiritual love and willingness to go wherever that love took them.
“The magical experiences found in each story have much to do with the era of their existence. Loving a woman so much that one is willing to give up the ways of a knight was extremely rare in those times. Loving the hunt for the grail enough to give up all sense of a normal existence was also rare. It is the very rarity that each story depicts that make the stories similar in their foundational natures. The reader can read them both and come away with a sense of fulfillment and a desire to choose a quest of their own and follow their hearts to fulfill that quest.”

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