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Tourism: the Mentawai Archipelago Surfing Industry Report (Assessment)

Neo-colonialism refers to contemporary manifestations of the older colonial system which saw powerful nation states in control of the affairs of less powerful, less technologically and economically advanced nations in order to exploit the resources of the less powerful nation and improve the position of the colonial power. Under neo-colonialism, former colonial powers use international laws, property rights and economic supremacy to retain economic and political influence over former dependent territories. This involves a reliance upon Western manufactured goods and services which thwarts indigenous development efforts, a deteriorisation of the terms trade for new independent countries, and a continuation of cultural Westernisation guaranteeing markets for the West elsewhere in the world. The power relationship between coloniser and colonised involved the assumption of cultural and moral superiority by the colonising power. The colonised people are generally viewed as ‘other’ by the coloniser and therefore superior. Ponting, McDonald and Wearing (2005) suggest that contemporary surfing tourism represents a form of neo-colonialism. Do you agree? If so, what are the neo colonial features of the relationship? If not, why not? When examining the case of the Mentawai archipelago and the development of the local tourism industry through the promotion of the area as a surfing venue, it can be seen that instead of developing its own tourism industry by encouraging local entrepreneurship the local government in effect gave away the capacity for local resorts to flourish in order to encourage foreign investment. This was done through legislation aimed at encouraging foreign investment through the privatization of capacity control which would see charter numbers limited, up market resorts favored with capacity linked exclusion zones, and small-scale local operations deemed unlawful (Ponting, McDonald, And Wearing 2005, p. 12). This limited capacity for local entry is similar to the case of the core and periphery system which is a predominant feature of neo-colonialism wherein the ability of former colonies to compete in the international market is hampered through their relegation into being resource suppliers instead of being end product manufacturers like their colonial power counterparts. While neo-colonialism does this through international laws, property rights and economic supremacy, in the case of the Mentawi archipelago this accomplished through local laws and legislation which was ironically pushed forth by the local government itself. Furthermore, the “dependence factor” seen in the case of neo-colonialism where former colonies are dependent on the manufactured goods of the colonial powers can similarly be seen wherein the local tourism industry is dependent on foreign companies and their chartered boat fleets, tour packages, and international promotional activities to bring tourists to the island albeit to foreign controlled resorts and establishments. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More How does the term ‘tragedy of the commons’ relate to surfing tourism? The term ‘tragedy of the commons’ applies to the Mentawai surfing industry through the exclusion of locals from being able to fully reap the benefits of their natural resources. Similar to what is seen in the case of the core and periphery system of neo-colonialism, Mentawi becomes a resource supplier instead of being an end product maker. The product in this particular instance takes the form of a locally owned tourism industry. Despite the richness and beauty of the local landscape and its ideal conditions for surfing, locals find it difficult if not impossible to sufficiently penetrate the local tourism industry due to the predominance of foreign owned resorts and establishments as well as local legislation which prevents small operations from flourishing. List what you consider to be the two most important impacts of surfing tourism upon destination regions and communities and briefly discuss potential methods or strategies for avoiding or ameliorating these impacts. Promotion of the local destination to international consumers resulting in an influx of foreign income through the purchase of local products and the hiring of local workers Development of numerous resorts resulting in more job opportunities for local construction firms and construction workers Solution: The main problem with the two factors that were listed is that while they do benefit locals they benefit the foreign owners of the resorts even more since a majority of the foreign income that comes from tourists goes directly to the resort owners. To prevent such an issue in the case of the Mentawai archipelago, limitations on foreign ownership should be implemented. This can be seen in the case of the Philippines wherein they adopted a 60/40 ownership scheme for joint ventures wherein the largest percentage of ownership would go to a local. This ensures that more foreign capital can flow into the local economy which would greatly benefit the Mentawai archipelago resulting in a better economic situation for everyone concerned instead of to just the foreign owners as seen in the current case. We will write a custom Assessment on Tourism: the Mentawai Archipelago Surfing Industry specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Reference List Ponting, J., McDonald, M. and Wearing, S. 2005, ‘Deconstructing Wonderland: Surfing Tourism in Indonesia’, Society and Leisure, vol. 28. No. 1, pp. 141 – 162.
Grand Canyon University Understanding Adult Learning Theories Questions.

As an instructional coach, it is important to understand various adult learning theories in order to implement useful learning strategies for positive instruction. Pedagogical instructional strategies are not always as effective in instructional coaching as andragogical strategies. Implementing teaching strategies appropriate for the adult learner offers multiple opportunities to meet the varied needs of the instructional staff and increases the effectiveness of the instructional coach.
For this assignment, create a visual (matrix, graphic organizer) for other instructional coaches that will guide their understanding of Malcolm Knowles’ principles of andragogy.
Your visual should include:

How the principles apply to instructional coaching.
Teaching strategies that would be appropriate for coaching the adult learner.
Identification of the differences between andragogy and pedagogy and the significance each has on adult education.
Two andragogical strategies to engage adult learners during instructional coaching. 

Briefly summarize your findings in 500-750 words. Your summary should succinctly explain Malcolm Knowles’ principles of andragogy and how they apply to continued adult education.
Grand Canyon University Understanding Adult Learning Theories Questions

Walden University School Counselors and Comprehensive Counseling Programs Analysis

Walden University School Counselors and Comprehensive Counseling Programs Analysis.

Part 2: Case StudySubmit a 3- to 5-page response to the case study that corresponds to your school of choice. For each case study, provide the following:Your roles from the perspective of:Leader – How will you support the applicable challenges with the people and resources at your disposal?Advocate – How will your effort help the student, students, or the school population/environment?Collaborator – How can you utilize the individuals who work in your school and in RAMP City?Consultant – How will you rely on the professional knowledge of other professionals, and how will you communicate your efforts with parents or guardians?How your CSCP would respond to the challenge presented in the case study through an initiative that addresses prevention, intervention, school safety, response services, or addressing an achievement gap.Support your statements with evidence from the Learning Resources, media, and other research.
Walden University School Counselors and Comprehensive Counseling Programs Analysis

Milan Institute Visalia Basis of The Modern Cryptography Questions

programming assignment help Milan Institute Visalia Basis of The Modern Cryptography Questions.

Q1. (4 pts) Businesses are motivated to use cryptography to protect information because information is the most difficult asset to protect information is the asset with the greatest organizational valueinformation is the easiest thing to protectnetworks and systems are very difficult to protect adequately Reason: – Q2. (4 pts) Which of the following is an example of a comprehensive security strategy? ______ We already use encryption, so we are safe.We can detect intrusions with our intrusion detection software and have a firewall. These are supplemented by our use of cryptography.. We have security software and hardware, an information security officer, a security budget, employee training, and a disaster recovery system in place. Reason: – Q3. (4 pts) What is the basis of the modern cryptography? _________________ manipulation of datamathematical principles creating disguises for information none of the above Reason: Q4 (4 pts) Buffer overflow can lead to___________ Lead to unauthorized accessDenial of ServiceTrojan horses-Password cracking What are the consequences? Q5. (4 pts) The Man in the Middle attack be thwarted by By using emailSending message in two partsBy encrypting the messageBy making it boring Reason and reference: – Q6. (4 pts) Which of the following are properties of information? It has evolved from data and is processed data.It has identity.It can be mathematically manipulatedA and BA and CA, B and C No Reason required Q7 (4 pts) The denial of service is considered as Intrusion threatSession hijacking threatNetwork threatOperating system threat Reason: – Q8 (4 pts) Which of the following choices is not part of a suggested information security plan? protection of the information itself at the core hardening of our resources (systems and networks)authentication of those accessing the informationSharing strong passwords Reason: – Q9 (4 pts) The best trust model for e commerce is _______ Public Key Certificates and Certificate AuthoritiesKerberosPGP Web of TrustA, B, and CNone.complexas many as neededdivisionalone to onemultiplication and factoringexponentiation and Logarithmsconfusion and diffusionperplexion and reflection Reason and reference: – Q10(4 pts) Hardening of DES cannot be accomplished by encrypting twice by two different keys: True or False Reason: Q11 (5 pts) (APA format, Time New Roman 12 pts type double spaced, 200-250 words) Compare CAIN and CIA. Could you suggest any improvement in them? Q12 (5 pts) (APA format, Time New Roman 12 pts type double spaced, [50-100 words] Justify your answer. It is necessary to keep cryptographic algorithms private. True or False A good hash function creates _________ mapping between the source string and the output string. Reason why is it considered good? Claude Shannon presented the encryption design principles of _________________.To create a digital signature, a sender needs the plain text, the asymmetrical encryption algorithm, and ___________.his/her public keythe receiver’s public keyhis/her private keythe receiver’s private keyA number is relatively prime to another if they _____________.have only each other as factorshave no prime factors in commononly have one prime factor in commonare both divisible by 7Repudiation meansFaking one’s identityUproot Deny ownershipPlant clues in the text(25 pts) The following is a ciphertext: What kind of cipher text is this? Mono- or Poly alphabetic; {Hint: assume one and when that does not work look for the other} {2 points}Describe your cryptanalysis process. List all the steps you went through to decrypt the message. The steps should be in sufficient details so that a reader would be able to decrypt the encrypted text without needing any help from you. State the plain text message in readable form i.e. separating words if requiredList features of the cipher- text that hindered and helped your decryption process. mention of helpful and hindering features {3 pts} Reason: how and why those principles guide the encryption? Reason How each one is used? Reason: Reason: Why it is important? JWAFMWD EKBHMGUKAHIB WLTL MIT ORTA MIAM HIGMGFL (HAKMOESTL GY SOUIM) IAXT A ROKTEMOGFAS GKOTFMAMOGF. LTFRTKL AFR KTETOXTKL WMOSONT HGSAKONTKL MG EGFMKGS CIOEI ROKTEMOGF GY HIGMGF OL MKAFLDOMMTR. OM MAQTL ARXAFMAUT GY ITOLTFZTKU’L WFETKMAOFMB HKOFEOHST MIAM ALLTKML MIAM CITF GFT DTALWKTL GFT EIAKAEMTKOLMOE GY A HAKMOEST, OM IAL AF TYYTEM GF MIT GMITK HAKMOEST EIAKAEMTKOLMOEL (LHTTR, SGEAMOGF, AFR OF MIOL EALT GKOTFMAMOGF). MITKTYGKT, AFB TAXTLRKGHHOFU GK MADHTKOFU EAF ZT RTMTEMTR. Hint start with the frequency analysis. If you find solution online or use online tools please give reference. However, you should describe each step and show how the cryptographic text is changing as if you are working without the tool. You decided one the crypto-letter L1 is one of the plain text letter P1. I would like to see the encrypted text in which L1 is replaced by P1 the same for remaining letters [If you list partial steps you will get partial credit} {18points} {the solution worked without the help from online tools will be given full credit} {2 pts} Note: Only a decrypted message even if it is correct one without the methodology and the detailed description of the self-explanatory steps used to decrypt, would not get points.
Milan Institute Visalia Basis of The Modern Cryptography Questions

Who can help edit my work?

Who can help edit my work?.

Edit my work for puncuation, spelling errors and revise! My work is below. Please return as soon as possible. Thanks SummaryDaniel was a three year old boy when his parents were brutally killed by the Prayer, an evil alien. At the age of 15, Daniel decides to be a protector of the Earth. In Portland, Daniel deafeats number 19 on the List of the Alien Outlaws. Orkng Jllfgna had been successfully defeated by Daniel X. He works hard to one day kill The Prayer, the one who murdered his parents. Daniel has the powers to manipulate any object and to create any human being he wishes to. He travels to Los Angeles in search of Ergent Seth. Daniel continously dreams of the Prayer warning him to not go after Ergent Seth; number six on his list. Daniel has never been to his new school and is ready to start his journey. While he is heading to go home, he meets a girl named, Phoebe Cook. They start to share their interests with eachother. Phoebe explains how her sister was abducted. Daniel suspects that Seth has taken her away. They plot to go to Malibu to investigate the criminal act of Phoebe’s missing sister, Allison. Daniel had been assisting Phoebe to find her missing sister. He did his best to help and he knew that it would feel harsh if his sister was gone. The next day, Daniel notices that Phoebe had dissapeared. He searches and continues to look for her, it felt like she teleported to another planet. Daniel finds Phoebe near his school, and she transforms, revealing herself as Ergent Seth. Phoebe had been in disguise. She shoots Daniel and puts him into a ship to transport him far away from Earth. He was now welcomed to Aplar Nok, his home planet. Daniel escapes from his cell and Ergent Seth is looking for him. A battle continues to happen between Daniel and an evil alien. Daniel turns into a tick inside Seth’s ear. He later transforms into an elephant inside Seth’s head, instantly killing him.His journey outcomed in a succesful way. Daniel returns back to Earth and retiring as an alien hunter. He had acheived to kill the Prayer, the one who murdered his parents and oher cruel aliens. 
Who can help edit my work?

Linear Regression problem set with using Programming R.

Linear Regression problem set with using Programming R..

This is the Linear Regression problem set with using Programming R.In problem set, there are 5 problems, which are solving with r problems and ordinary problems about linear regression.Problem 2 3 and 4 need a date set so I attached file. hw4 problem set2txt is for problem2 and 3 4 and so on.The due date is 11/22/ 10pm in est time.I prefer to get the solution before the dead line so plz do your work and give me the solution asap.Also, can you write specific question number and solution below.for example, question 2 has 7 small questions. can you write the each number in solution?Thank you.
Linear Regression problem set with using Programming R.