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tourism, countries cultures

tourism, countries cultures. I’m studying for my English class and need an explanation.

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Among the Toraja people of Sulawesi, Indonesia, not all was going well with tourism. In fact, resentment became so great over the way in which sacred funeral ceremonies were being adapted to meet tourists’ needs that in the late 1980s, a number of Toraja communities simply refused to accept tourists. The result is that host communities find culture and traditions under threat from the purchasing power of the tourism industry. Neither are tourists better off from the cultural viewpoint. Instead of getting rich and authentic cultural insights and experiences, tourists get staged authenticity; instead of getting exotic culture, they get kitsch. Question: Within the context of the narrative presented above, discuss 4 cultural differences (Scollon and Scollon, 1995) that may have prompted the Toraja communities to resist the threats posed by tourism. Your answer must be a minimum of 700 words and maximum of 1000 words.Thank you

tourism, countries cultures

Moorpark College Conceptualization of White from Nguyen Perspective Essay.

Evaluation Essay: Compose a 2-3 PAGE EVALUATION of Viet Thanh Nguyen’s “In President Trump’s Vision of White America, Immigrants Should Be Grateful and Servile”Compose a 2-3 page evaluation of Viet Thanh Nguyen’s “In President Trump’s Vision of White America, Immigrants Should Be Grateful and Servile,” which can be found at the following (Links to an external site.)Identify and form an opinion about Nguyen’s argument structures in his definitions of “white”, his rhetorical devices, and his use of language. Although you may initially have a strong response to Nguyen’s position, try to put those aside, at least to start. The assignment does not ask whether you agree or disagree with Nguyen. It asks you to evaluate his argument structures, his use of definition, his language, and his rhetorical devices. Correctly cite according to MLA Style 8th edition in text and in Works Cited any sources from which you draw any supporting evidence as well as Nguyen’s article.
Moorpark College Conceptualization of White from Nguyen Perspective Essay

Amanda’s Ballroom Reception is a newly established wedding reception venue business that caters for couples of ALL ages, nationalities and traditions who wish to engage in the beautiful sacrament of marriage. The sole owner of the business, Ms. Amanda Abboud, will take full responsibility for any debts incurred in the business, and receiving no profits during the establishment phase of the business, making it a Sole Trading Business, that is, an unincorporated business with unlimited liability. The establishment and growth phase of Amanda’s Ballroom Reception will definitely face obstacles at times, but with greater advertising, a lot more awareness of the business, and consumer loyalty, the business is sure to become successful and profitable, and satisfies all customers. Although the business consists of one owner, employees are needed to assist the running of the business including a manager, receptionist, caterers/cooks, waiters, a host and cleaners. The business needs to ensure that all employees abide by all legislations, including OH

Texas Climate Change Fox News Adverse Weather Conditions Article Discussion

Texas Climate Change Fox News Adverse Weather Conditions Article Discussion.

1) Don’t use any quoted material in your assignments. Describe the articles contents in your own words2) Please follow the formatting instructions EXACTLY AS WRITTEN.
Single space, Times New Roman, 12pt, follow the 3 paragraph format,
include the hyperlink to the article and list the news source3)
Only use a mainstream media outlet as the source. This is any news
source or outlet that reports on GENERAL or MAINSTREAM news. This means
do not use: National Geographic, Sierra Club newsletters, ScienceDaily,
any type of blog. You can use ANY NEWS SOURCE – big names are fine –
BBC, San Diego Tribune, LA Times, Fox News, CBC/NBC/ABC, but I read some
from small or less commonly used sources like The Morning Call (from
Pennsylvania), Deutche Welle (Germany), and another local news source
from Michigan. Love it!4) Try to pick a very current article (but anything within the last 6 months is ok). Requirements: 300-400 words
Texas Climate Change Fox News Adverse Weather Conditions Article Discussion

SPMT 413 American Military Week 6 Contemporary Sports Marketing Issues Essay

custom writing service SPMT 413 American Military Week 6 Contemporary Sports Marketing Issues Essay.

InstructionsIt is important for each of us to be aware of and understand the sport marketing related events that are happening locally, nationally, and globally. This assignment consists of researching sources pertaining to local, national, or international content related to sport marketing. Articles can be found in credible journals, newspapers, magazines or broadcast news media sources. The online APUS Library databases contain excellent resources related to sports management. The assignment should be completed in Microsoft Word and include a minimum of three (3) resources cited in APA format. This includes the use of a title and reference page.The purpose of this assignment is to:Increase your ability to research current issues in sport marketing.To increase your understanding of a particular area (of your choosing) in sport marketing.To be able to critically evaluate news articles regarding contemporary issues in sport marketing.At a minimum, your article should include the following sections:Topic SummaryIn your own words, please provide the name of the article, the publication source, and summarize the content of the article.Topic AnalysisHow does the article relate to sport marketing?What are the positions held by the people mentioned in the article?How do you feel about this event/issue?How does or how could this event affect you?Can you detect any author bias within the article? In other words, does it appear the author has an agenda? Please explain and use quotes if necessary.ImpactWhy is this event of significance? Why should you or I care?Could this event be part of a larger issue? Explain how it fits.
SPMT 413 American Military Week 6 Contemporary Sports Marketing Issues Essay

CMIT 425 UMUC Week 2 Integrity Models Technology Briefing Discussion

CMIT 425 UMUC Week 2 Integrity Models Technology Briefing Discussion.

After reading this week’s materials, please respond to one or more of the following questions.Describe the difference between the Biba Integrity Model and the Clark-Wilson Integrity Model. Give an overview of the Bell LaPadula Confidentiality.In your own words, describe the concept of ring protection. What is the difference between Layering and data hiding?Describe the different components addressed within the Common Criteria used for evaluation of the security elements within a system. What is the difference between certification and accreditation of a system?.Define cloud computing and describe the differences between Software as as Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Define parallel computing and describe bit-level parallelism, instruction-level parallelism, task-level parallelism, and data parallelismPlease respond to questions 1 and two
CMIT 425 UMUC Week 2 Integrity Models Technology Briefing Discussion

Groundwater Contamination Using 3D GIS Techniques Proposal

Groundwater Contamination Using 3D GIS Techniques Proposal. Introduction Currently, the most important source of water for human consumption and industrial use is groundwater. Hence, it is imperative to manage groundwater resources effectively and guarantee its future presence. This requires proper identification and management of possible threats to groundwater resources. Previous cases of groundwater and surface water pollution have been globally. Today, however, the major cause of concern among environmentalists and other concerned bodies is possible pollution that may emanate from toxic chemicals used in fracking. In Western Australia, for instance, the Conservation Council of Western Australia released a map (see figure 1) to depict that fracking could possibly contaminate groundwater resources and affect the state’s drinking water reserves. The map highlights more than 35 water resources, including groundwater aquifers and surface water resources used to provide water for human consumption, are at risk of gas fracking pollution. In addition, it could affect nearby water resources such as Margaret River to Geraldton and other coastal areas. Rapid population growth has put much pressure on limited water resources. Consequently, studies in feasibility of groundwater are vital to meet the global water demands because the surface water is increasingly becoming unreliable, unsafe and unsustainable as extreme weather patterns, pathogens and microorganism cause adverse effects (Bashir, Yusoff,Groundwater Contamination Using 3D GIS Techniques Proposal

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