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Total Supply Net Work of Coca Cola Report (Assessment)

Table of Contents Introduction The Supply Network of the Coca Cola Company Factors Affecting Coca Cola out Sourcing Decisions How Coca Cola Company Has Planned for Location of its Capacity Reference Introduction A supply network refers to interrelated business processes whose main aim is successful delivery of products or services of an organization to its end users or consumers. The aim of this task is to identify and describe the total supply net work of the Coca Cola Corporation and to identify factors that have influenced its determination of the parts of business to outsource or keep in-house. The Supply Network of the Coca Cola Company Coca Cola Company is one of the biggest multinational companies in the world, with business operations in virtually all independent nations. Busa and Wright (2007, p. 92) states that Coca Cola Corporation has for over a century been manufacturing and selling bottled beverages. They further add that the actual manufacturing and bottling of its beverages is carried out by its world wide system of business partners. The Company has local bottling branches in various countries world over where its products are made and packaged for markets in the immediate environs. In reality, success of the production network of a company like Coca Cola which acts globally relies mainly on how well the logistics collaboration between partners is working Stangford-Smith, et al. (2002, p. 640). These authors argues that the Coca Cola Company maximizes the possible saving possibilities within the European food processing sector through an enhanced collaboration in production systems Stanford-Smith et al. (2002, p. 640). With respect to the supply section the company has automated order taking processes especially in the developed countries. For instance, in USA its sales agents does this by entering sales on transportable terminals while out in the field which are in turn transferred automatically to the companies main database Scott (1986, p. 33).This enables the company to maintain a superior customer service and satisfaction. Factors Affecting Coca Cola out Sourcing Decisions Business out sourcing process refers to situation whereby an organization’s part of its business is done by another partner as opposed to its actual employees. For example, a company can seek I.T services for its business from another organization specializing in provision of services in that field. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More An organization’s decisions regarding business process out sourcing is influenced by many factors which can be economic, social, and political in nature. Russell and Taylor(2005, p. 245) for instance argues that the Coca Cola Company can not in its endeavors to out source reveal its formula to another partner even under circumstances where secrecy is guaranteed. Most of the factors that have influenced Coca cola Corporation decisions on what parts of its business to out source and which to keep in-house are socioeconomic in nature in that most of the services outsourced are geared towards cutting the cost of operating and enhancing a superior customer service that guarantees satisfaction. The company for instance aims at reducing its labour and distribution costs through partnership with companies that specialize in certain kind of business processes like distribution. Government policies also play a critical role in determining how Coca Cola Company makes its decisions regarding business out sourcing process. How Coca Cola Company Has Planned for Location of its Capacity Coca Cola Company capacity is largely hinged on its ever expanding global market floor space and other competitive strategies such as purchasing of own premises like warehouses in its operational bases. In addition to expanding, the company partners with other organizations whose business activities impacts directly upon its activities. United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America for instance points out that various companies in the food and beverage sectors have been breaking into new markets by either competing or partnering with MNCs like Coca Cola UNECLA 2008, p. 67). Reference Busa, R. and Wright. N. (2007) Total Supply Chain Management. London: Butterworth-Heinemann. Russell, R. S., Taylor, B. W. (2005) Operations management: quality and competitiveness in a global environment. New York: John Wiley. We will write a custom Assessment on Total Supply Net Work of Coca Cola specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Scott, K. (1986) Data to go: Portables a profusion of portables permeate the market place, Net work World. Vol. 3, No. 23, p.33 Stanford-Smith, B., Chiozza, E. and Edin, M. (2002) Challenges and achievements in E-business and E-work. New York: IOS Press. United Nations Publications, United Nations: Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (UNECLA) (2008) Foreign Investment in Latin America and the Caribbean 2007. New York: United Nations Publications.

Starting a new company

Starting a new company.

PLEASE READ THE informations CORRECTLY AND DO NOT WASTE THE TIME IF YOU CANNOT DO IT THANKS AND FOR SURE NO plagiarism AT ALLYou are an entrepreneur on the verge of starting a new company. Describe the company you are planning to start. Is it a service or a manufacturing company? What will be your main source of operating revenue? What expenses are you anticipating? Categorize your anticipated costs as period or product costs and identify whether each is an indirect or a direct cost. Identify your direct materials, direct labor, and manufacturing overhead costs.Remember, the information you gather in this assignment will contribute to your final project due in Module 5.Be sure to cite any sources using APA style. Assignment 2 Grading CriteriaMaximum PointsInitial Response20Discussion Participation20Writing Craftsmanship and Ethical Scholarship10Total:50
Starting a new company

Kennesaw State University Unit 10 Women Rights in American Society Paper

order essay cheap Kennesaw State University Unit 10 Women Rights in American Society Paper.

It is 1848, and you are attending the Seneca Falls Convention. You believe women deserve more rights in American society. Write a speech of at least 900 words that explains why women deserve more rights, including the right to vote. Your speech must consider the arguments of women who oppose female empowerment because they fear losing their “special” privileges and/or defend the demands of black women who want to be accepted as equals within the women’s rights movement. Support your position with citations from the textbook and assigned documents. The essay should include:
1,100-1200 wordsan introduction,
an underlined thesis statement that identifies your position on the topic,
and paragraphs with clear topic sentences, relevant historical information, and source citations that explain the women’s rights movement.
Citations: Paragraphs must include enough citations to fully support your essay. Citations should be provided for all direct quotes and paraphrases. Citations should be placed directly after relevant sentences. Essays with excessively long quotations will be penalized. (In other words, use citations to support your argument, not be your argument.)
The essay must include:
at least four (4) citations from Eric Foner’s Give Me Liberty, Vol. 2,chapter 7 (253-256, 261-279, 282-286) chapters 9 and 12 (441-451, 464-474).
Citation style: (Foner, page number)

at least three (3) citations from lecture presentations, power points attached below
Citation style: (Carroll, lecture title)

and at least one (1) citation from at least three (3) different supplemental sources posted on D2L.
Citation style: (Author last name, page number)…………

No works cited page required.

Length: Most students can usually write an effective paper in 1,000 to 1,200 words. However, I do not penalize if you go longer. Write what you feel is necessary to get your point across.

Prohibited: The use of non-course materials is prohibited because I am assessing your effectiveness in using assigned course materials to craft a well-contextualized argument. Papers that cite or plagiarize from outside sources will receive zeroes. The TurnItIn plagiarism checker will be used.

Mechanical Requirements: Upload your paper to D2L as a Word .doc or pdf by clicking add file. Assignments should be double-spaced in 11- or 12-point Arial or Calibri font with standard margins. Do not submit your paper as a comment, as Apple .pages, or as any form of image (jpeg, tiff, etc.).
Criteria: This assessment is worth 100 points and counts as 22.5 percent of the final grade. (Please see full rubric attached to assessment on D2L.)
Content (25 points)
□ Does the essay adequately summarize events, ideas, and/or actions relevant to the topic?□ Is historical information provided to support the argument as it develops?□ Is the cited historical information relevant to the argument?
Critical Thinking (25 points)
□ Is the essay’s overall argument logically developed paragraph-by-paragraph and well supported by historical information?
Citations (25 points)
□ Does this essay cite Foner’s Give Me Liberty at least four (4) times?□ Does this essay cite lecture presentations at least three (3) times?□ Does this essay cite at least three (3) different primary sources uploaded to D2L?□ Do the citations advance the essay with new information?
Clarity (25 points)
□ Is the thesis statement underlined and does it state a clear position?□ Does each paragraph have a topic sentence that identifies what the paragraph is about?□ Is the essay spell-checked?□ Are proper nouns capitalized and spelled correctly? □ Is each sentence a complete with a clear subject and verb?
Kennesaw State University Unit 10 Women Rights in American Society Paper

Social Work homework help

Social Work homework help. Thinking about your team projects, what have you learned about teaming that can help you in your business life? Share at least 1 example to illustrate your findings.,Thinking about your team projects, what have you learned about teaming that can help you in your business life?,1. Thinking about your team projects, what have you learned about teaming that can help you in your business life? Share at least 1 example to illustrate your findings.,2. As you research opportunities in ,stakeholder, capitalism, how has your perspective on the purpose of a business changed since Class 1 (if at all)?,link:,More details;,What Are the Benefits of Teamwork in Business?,Teamwork involves different people and different groups across your business working together to maximize their efficiency and reach a common goal. There are many ways of organizing teams – some teams are organized around a particular product that is being developed, while others are organized around a process, such as manufacturing or research. In addition to providing team members with experience, benefits of teamwork include increased efficiency, financial savings, innovation and morale.,Tip,Teamwork fosters creativity and innovation, blends complementary strengths, improves morale and provides greater flexibility in the workplace.,Improves Morale By Promoting a Sense of Ownership,Teamwork allows employees to take greater responsibility for decision making and also allows team members to control more of the work process. This can lead to improved morale as employees gain more authority and ownership over the projects they are working on. The extra responsibility can lead to a more rewarding work environment and lower turnover. Working on a team also gives employees a greater sense of belonging and of recognition, which helps them take more pride in their work, and their company.,Builds Trust and Enhances Relationships,In workplaces where teamwork isn’t consistent, establishing groups helps build stronger relationships between employees and lets individuals learn to work through a disagreement. Establishing teams, even when they aren’t necessary, creates an environment where workers continue to take pride in independent accomplishments while also celebrating the contributions of coworkers.,When a dispute arises, the team must settle the issue and resolve conflicting ideas instead of a manager interceding. This type of give and take often spills over into day-to-day operations and communications.,Attachments,Click Here To Download,Social Work homework help

Examine case study radicalization

Examine case study radicalization Paper details Examine Clarion Project. (2019, March 5). The radicalization of Tania Joya – The psychology of terrorism part 1 [Video file]. Retrieved from Then respond to these prompts: Discuss the indicators that were part of the radicalization process of an individual. How could these indicators also relate to any potential criminal activity outside of terrorism? Discuss the importance of the community to help detect, deter, and prevent the radicalization of an individual. What is law enforcement’s role in establishing trust with the community? How could the radicalization have been prevented or deterred? This case study must be at least two pages in length not counting the title and reference pages. You must reference at least the video you have chosen and this unit’s required reading for a minimum of three references. Adhere to APA style when creating citations and references for this assignment. APA formatting, however, is not necessary.Examine case study radicalization

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