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Second part is a review of Total Quality Management literatures. Every aspect of the company connected with TQM shall be discussed. Third part is purely company condition where TQM program put into action. Fourth part consists of chapter four of final result of this thesis; from analyzing some points that affected company performance in delivering service. Fifth part is the philosophy of the three gurus presented in gaining more understanding with TQM, and some questionnaires that the researchers used to research situation in the working place where the main object is drawn on ‘service quality’.

Seeing TQM as a fashion always adopts changing situation in world globalization and company structure, is a very good reason as a tool, which the company can use for making quality in meeting customers’ expectations. Background of the Study Restaurants are in the business of serving food to their customers. In other words, they are providing a product and a service. The quality of the food and service is defined as meeting or exceeding the expectations of the customer as if.

This will also help them to equip with knowledge, experience, skills and abilities in this field. 2. Community This study will benefit the community in terms of knowing the importance of total quality management. 3. Government This study will benefit the government as this will give insight in providing programs that will help schools implement better teaching techniques that will teach HRM students about total quality management. . This will also help the government to lay the foundation for the innovation, economic growth, and social improvement of the quality of life that Filipinos have come to expect.

And it promote & recommend national innovation and industrial competitiveness by advancing measurement science, standards (particularly ISO), quality concepts, and technology in ways that enhance economic security and stability, and improve the quality of life. C. Scope and Limitation of the Study This study will cover all about the perception of respondents on the application of total quality management in terms of services of selected fast food chain in Market-Market Ayala Malls namely: Tokyo-Tokyo, Goldilocks and Mc Donald’s.

This study is limited to 100 respondents who are employees and staff of the five selected fast food chains, ages 19-40 years old. D. Hypothesis or Assumption The null hypothesis tested is: H1 There is no significant relationship between the age of respondents and the study about total quality management. H2 There is no significant relationship between the gender of respondents and the study about total quality management. H3 There is no significant relationship between the civil status of respondents and the study about total quality management.

The above concept of total quality management is also reinforced in other studies. In their study on TQM in the Hospitality Industry, Saunders and Graham (2008) the concept has achieved a great deal of success in the hospitality industry. Total Quality Management (TQM) is however sometimes difficult to implement in hospitality industry owing to the difficult in identifying some of the most appropriate quality measures. This study identified the need to use the quality triangle in hospitality industry including focus on customers, teamwork approach to unify goals and use of scientific approach in decision making.

Through comparing TQM in manufacturing and hospitality industry, the study gives important review on how hospitality industry can use the TQM concept to improve their services. This study is important since it shows how organization in the hospitality industry can actually use TQM concept to enhance quality in their products and services. It is important to understand that TQM is wholesome approach which doesn’t only look at one aspect of quality management but concentrate on quality in all aspects. HACCP is one of the most important aspects in TQM that efines quality. HACCP defines the important points at which quality should be ensured. Through understanding the important points in the process of food production or offering of service where quality can be enhanced, it become easier to enhance quality. In her study on HACCP for the hospitality industry: History in the making, Eunice (2008) notes that while HACCP is an important factor in quality enhancement process which has been used in large food manufacturers, it has been slowly employed in the small business especially in the hospitality industry.

Implementation of HIT System

Implementation of HIT System.

You have received approval from the Chief Information Officer (CIO) to proceed with the implementation of your HIT system. However, the CIO has requested a brief 2- to 3-page executive summary of the implementation plan to be presented to the board of trustees. This week, create a 2- to 3-page executive summary on the evaluation and implementation plan for the selected HIT by including information from Weeks 1–3 in a summarized, condensed version. A successful executive summary disseminates the most essential points and leaves the reader with a clear understanding of the topic. Your executive summary should: Present a clear and succinct portrayal of your evaluation. Summarize the recommendation. Present the solution to the problem. Use graphics to illustrate key points. Support your responses with examples. 

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