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Living in a small community has many benefits. You may become more aware of the benefits it has once a tragedy strikes. I wake up, April 18, 2011, and put on my old work clothes. This is the day the students of Ridge View and surrounding schools would be let out of school to help the tornado victims of Early and Nemaha. Many homes and fields were destroyed by the tornadoes that had hit Just one week earlier. I was happy to not only get out of school for the day, but to also show my love and support for the community as well.

My group and I were first assigned to clean up in and along a river that was full of wood, tin, and trash. I crawled down into the river right along with my classmates, cooperating and working together, to get the Job done. I’d lend a hand to somebody to reach deeper into the river, and theyd do the same for me. We fgured out ways to make the cleaning easy and fun. As lunch time rolled around we made our way to the Nemaha fire station to eat. I was really surprised when I saw so many volunteers and the amount of food that they had repared.

I had forgotten that not only did we need helpers cleaning up the tornado destruction, but we also needed them for the food, driving, and organizing the event as well. When we finished lunch and got back to work, we were assigned a new duty. I was to help pick up all the large twigs and create one giant pile to eventually burn. After we had done that, we were to rake the destroyed yard. At this point I felt dirty and tired. All I could think about was going home, showering, and taking a long nap in my comfortable bed.

It was then that I took a moment to look at the place and people around me. These people didn’t even have their whole house still standing, and here I am dreaming about getting home to all my luxuries. I knew that if my family were in their position, I would want help from others too. This motivated me to want to work harder until our Job was done. While dragging a twig to the pile, I stopped to talk to the owner of the place we were cleaning. She was a very bright, friendly lady who was so appreciative of our services to her. l want to thank you for verything you guys are doing, big or small, it means the world to my husband and l,” quoted the homeowner. I’ll never forget her saying this to me. It meant so much to have that thank you on a personal level, even though I had never met her before this moment. My experience with the tornado and cleaning up the aftermath really showed me how lucky I truly am to live in a small community where we have such loving and appreciative people who are willing to lend a helping hand at anytime, especially when tragedy strikes. Tornado By Heatherhansen

A Summary of the History of Judea from the Fall of Jerusalem (587 BCE) to the Destruction of the Temple (68 CE)

A Summary of the History of Judea from the Fall of Jerusalem (587 BCE) to the Destruction of the Temple (68 CE).

Write an essay summarizing the history of Judea from the Fall of Jerusalem to the Destruction of the Temple. Utilize the film, “The Bible’s Buried Secrets” for a perspective on the importance of the period of the Babylonian Exile. Emphasize the important and distinctive turning points in the exile, the Persian Period, the Hellenistic Period, and the Roman Era. Use the Elephantine Papyri, the Nippur tablets, and the document from “The Bible’s Buried Secrets” to describe the Jewish Diaspora. Show how the Hellenistic era promoted elements of diversity within Judaism, and brought on a quest for a true Israel. Describe the history of Judea that became a background for the Dead Sea Scrolls. When were the scrolls found? Who were the scroll writers, and what did the community believe? When were the scrolls put in the caves?

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