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The lights danced before my eyes in an array of color, like whimsical fairies. Introduction music blared as people craned their necks to see what was happening onstage. I couldn’t believe I was seeing Tori Amos. She opened with “Precious Things.” Power swirled around her as she banged on the piano. “These precious things, let them bleed, let them wash away,” she taunted. Sitting in the Performing Arts Center in Providence, Rhode Island, she spoke the words in the hearts of everyone that night. My favorite part of the night was “quiet time.” The band left the stage, leaving Tori alone, the girl with the piano, just as it had been before her fame. All day I had been babbling about how I hoped Tori would play “Baker Baker” during this time. When I heard the first strains of music I could not believe my ears. Tori was playing “Baker Baker.” A tornado could have crashed through the room and I wouldn’t have noticed. It was a fantastic and memorable night for all who attended.I strongly advise people to see Tori Amos. She combines modern rock with the classics of yesterday and adds her own original twists. Her shows are quirky, touching and phenomenal. I personally can’t wait to see her again.

FOOD system

FOOD system.

 Your writing must be clear and representative of university level written discourse. This means it must be sufficiently well written to convey your points and arguments to others. The writing should represent your views and reactions to the material covered in the readings, backed by evidence. You are expected to use Standard English in your written assignments, avoid slang, profanity, texting abbreviations, etc.  Double-spaced o Times Roman or Arial size 10-12 font o One-inch margin on all sides o Title of assignment centered on first page o Use a running header containing student name at left side and original due date on right side o Documentation for all references and quotations using APA – 6th Edition style ** o Accurate spelling and grammar *In the event of an emergency, notify the instructor BEFORE or within 24 hours of the assignment deadline. **Example: Shi, D. E. (2001). The simple life: Plain living and high thinking in American culture: University of Georgia Press. Auger, P., Burke, P., Devinney, T. M., & Louviere, J. J. (2003) Read two cases “Farm Subsidies” and “What about Plants?” Choose one article to discuss the ethics issues as indicated below. Alternative A: Farm Subsidies Comment on whether it is ethical to keep giving so much taxpayer money to these established U.S. farmers. Give reasons for, or against. Other topics you can address: • The possibility that our food system, that is set up to use subsidies, can change • What an ideal food system would look like, with regard to the existence of subsidies (or not) • Whether it is better for the U.S. to sell its surplus crops to poor countries, or not to sell them at all, and why • Whether the government should to pay farmers to grow food, why or why not, and if so under what circumstances You don’t have to address all of the suggested issues above. Alternative B: Eating Plants vs. Eating Animals Evaluate the ethics of eating plants vs. eating animals. You may discuss the morality of raising animals specifically for food as well as treating animals as resources that we need to manage. You may also consider the similarities and differences between plants and animals, as well as the similarities and differences among different types of animals, including insects and humans. You don’t have to address all of the suggested issues above. Specifications • Write complete sentences and organize your sentences into paragraphs. • Structure your writing as a cohesive essay. In other words, the assignment should hang together as one thing, not be a disjointed series of ideas. • Give reasons for your positions. Don NOT rely only on your feelings. • Better papers will refer to ethical theories from Rachels. Better papers will also discuss opposing views.

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