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Top Technologists

Be sure to include their responses to the questions about (1) why we have high incarceration rates/whether there is a technological element to achieve transformation in the CJ system, (2) specific types of technologies that can aid in the CJ/court system; and (3) the ways in which CJ entities as well as individuals may incorporate digital platforms. Do you think they were correct in their responses to these questions? Why or why not? Be sure you are clear and concise with your explanation and support it with information that learned thus far in this course.Your completed assignment should be at least two pages in length, not including the title and references pages. An abstract is not necessary.Article: Top Technologists

Thomas Mann’s Doctor Faustus, any claim

Thomas Mann’s Doctor Faustus, any claim.

Thomas Mann’s Doctor Faustus, any claim

The topic of this paper is entirely open ended. i.e. you can make any claim about Mann’s Faust. I think a comparison with Christopher Marlowe’s Faust and Goethe’s Faust would be interesting. Those were both also covered in class.

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Medication review by clinical pharmacist

Top Technologists Medication review by clinical pharmacist.

Medication review by clinical pharmacist 

Write about the most recent and up-to-date evidence that supports implementing medication reviews done by pharmacists in primary care in the UK, also about deprescribing.

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Attached in the module is the report template: “Exp #2_Naming Compounds (Dry Lab) _ Last Name_ First name section number

Attached in the module is the report template: “Exp #2_Naming Compounds (Dry Lab) _ Last Name_ First name section number Report Template.docx” Experiment 2 Instructions. 1. This is a dry lab on the naming of compounds. The report template includes page 1 (abstract page for you to fill out), Data Analysis (Is the dry lab assignment), and conclusion page. 2. There is a practice sheet you can fill out 1st before writing up your report. 3. Read all four reading assignments 4. Be sure to cite all three links viewed for the video lessons. 5. Finish up with your conclusion. How well did this help you reinforce what you have covered in the class?

Architects of change

Architects of change.

 Directions. APA not required. Name on paper for credit. Candidate will write a thoughtful narrative with examples in response to the following questions: This assignment has two parts. Respond to the specific questions listed below. Type each question in bold. Your response to each question will be a minimum two-three paragraphs. Respond to Question 3–page 29. What you don’t know? Question What you do not know? Not one of us has a complete knowledge of the early care and education field. What are some of the most critical gaps in your knowledge base? Identify one or two key questions of interest and track down the relevant information. Of course, you can begin with online search, but don’t forget that the men and women with whom you work can be wellsprings of information and experience-they may have just the knowledge you’re looking for. Professionals are perennial learners.

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Logistic Regression

ObjectiveThe goal of this homework is to give you exposure to the practice of training and testing machine-learning models. In particular, you need to build a logistic regression classifier. The performance of those classifiers should be measured by accuracy. The task is to classify patients into high medical spending and low medical spending. The primary goal of the assignment is for you to learn to experiment with feature engineering, and to review some concepts we’ve covered in class.
DataThe data (a1_data.csv) for this assignment was prepared for you. The data preprocessing steps explained in the linear algorithms notebook (week 4), including combining CHBMIX42 and BMINDX53, removing outliers, and creating dummy variables, were applied. You should use this file as a data source.
What to doThis is a fairly open-ended assignment, but I would recommend applying three different feature engineering methods. The first two of them are introduced in the section about common mistakes in linear regression.
LinearityAlthough linear regression and logistic regression assume a linear relationship between dependent and independent variables, the actual data distribution might not follow linearity. If this is the case, you may apply polynomial terms. Please see p.10 in the week 4 slides.

MulticollinearityAlthough linear regression and logistic regression assume no or little multicollinearity between independent variables, it might not be true in your data. If you find multicollinearity between independent variables, then you can multiply them. Please see p.11 to p.13 in the week 4 slides.

Noisy featureIn most cases, having more independent variables (i.e., features) helps to build a better model. However, if there is only a random pattern between an independent variable and a dependent variable, then it might be better to drop the independent variable.

By mixing these three strategies, try to beat the baseline classifier with an accuracy of 0.63 and show your work.
What to submitIt might be hard to improve the performance of logistic regression classifiers. Therefore, it is important to explain what you did and how they worked. Taking into consideration everything you tried and whether or not it worked, provide a discussion of your overall results. Did you notice any method that particularly worked or not? Do you have any ideas for why these happened? What did you learn? To demonstrate your work, you need to write a report (a .docx file). Please include your best accuracy for A1 in your report and what method you applied.
Please attach a .ipynb file where you include the feature engineering enabled your best classifier. Please note that you should not include all methods you tried. Only the best method and coding for that need to be submitted in the notebook. Please use the a1.ipynb file distributed together.
In short, you need submit a report (.docx) as well as a notebook (.ipynb).
Grading CriteriaThe performance will be counted as 40% of the grade for assignment 1. Your efforts you made, logic to build the best classifier, and reflection on methods you applied will be counted as 60% of the grade.
RubricReflection Paper
Reflection Paper
CriteriaRatingsPtsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeContentWhether to summarize, synthesize, and apply critical thinking
50 ptsFull Marks
Interprets topic in accurate and insightful ways. Uses information thoughtfully, in a way that are factually relevant and accurate. Composition demonstrates analysis and might offer alternative thoughts or creative viewpoints based on concrete evidence.
37.5 ptsProficient
Accurately interprets topic; uses main points of information from assigned texts. May repeat the ideas of theorists but attempts to offer new insight; but does not provoke significant new thinking or further consideration.
25 ptsNeeds Work
Makes errors in interpreting topic. Opinion based and superficial commentary only.
50 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeIntegration of external resources/referencesProper in-text citations from readings, and textbook
30 ptsFull Marks
External resources/references are used to support the context very well.
15 ptsProficient
Some external resources/references are used to support the context, but more references should be used.
0 ptsNo Marks
No external resources/references are used to support the context.
30 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeStructureWriting, Grammar, APA style
20 ptsFull Marks
The following writing instructions are kept very well: 400-600 words, (12-point font, double-spaced), APA 7th edition style, 4 to 5 paragraphs, introduction, two or three paragraphs about what you learn, and conclusion.
10.67 ptsProficient
Some following writing instructions are kept kept but there are still some mistakes: 400-600 words, (12-point font, double-spaced), APA 7th edition style, 4 to 5 paragraphs, introduction, two or three paragraphs about what you learn, and conclusion.
0 ptsNo Marks
The following writing instructions are not kept: 400-600 words, (12-point font, double-spaced), APA 7th edition style, 4 to 5 paragraphs, introduction, two or three paragraphs about what you learn, and conclusion.
20 ptsTotal Points: 100

your code should be submitted in a separate Python program file…

One more time for Student Average!…why do I keep going back to Student Average?…because working with something you are familiar with with help you to focus on the new tasks…familiarity should work to your advantage…but after this week…
Your assignment for this week is to add error handling and functions to your Student Average Program…specifically:
Add a loop to allow someone to enter as many students as they want…
Add some kind of error handling for EVERY input in your program…
Create and use at least TWO functions in your code (error handling is a great place for functions!)…
Add/display proper messages to the person running the program (me!) so that I know how to utilize the new program…
Update your flowchart to include the loops, the functions and the error handling…
What you will be submitting this week is an UPDATED Checklist, an UPDATED Flowchart and an UPDATED working program…your code should be submitted in a separate Python program file…

Race Presentations on TV

Race Presentations on TV.

This week we explore issues of race and ethnicity on TV. More specifically, we look at people of non-white ethnicities and how representations of them have changed on TV during the past 10 years. Are these representations changing for the better? If these representations aren’t entirely positive, are they a step in the right direction? What even is“the right direction” for representations of a variety of ethnicities? Some ideas to consider: In his article Thakore talks a lot about hyphenated-American identities on TV. Are such characters a stepping-stone for TV representations of people of non-white ethnicities, as New Yorker article suggests about Fresh Off the Boat (in its last line of the article)? Why or why not? Should “stepping-stone” characters be forgiven what they lack (nuance, etc.) since they create exposure for non-white ethnicities — why or why not? Should Eva Longoria and other people who lean into stereotypes of their ethnicities as TV characters (and in real life, in Longoria’s case) be faulted for doing so? Why or why not? What stereotypes does Master of None’s “Indians on TV” reinforce? What stereotypes does it challenge? How does the presentation of stereotypes (or the breaking of stereotypes) influence viewers? In the America’s Next Top Model clip, how would you describe Tyra and Jay’s treatment of Hawaiian history and of the races “assigned” to the models? Can skin color be worn like any other fashion costume? How might you modify the shoot if you were in charge?

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Roe Vs Wade Court Case

Roe Vs Wade Court Case.

Roe Vs Wade Court Case

A pro-abortion stance on Roe Vs Wade. Use sources from articles on the internet.

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Stabbing the manager with a knife was the least thing everybody knew

Stabbing the manager with a knife was the least thing everybody knew she could do. Of course gender violation should be handled with a lot of seriousness and sensitivity. People should stop pretending like they care so much while talking about it yet they sit back and do nothing while mothers and daughters are suffering in silence. Although for decades, the community has made significant progress towards achieving gender equality both in employment and education. However, there still exist gender disparities. Female stakeholders not receiving the same treatment as their male counterparts is a challenge being faced everywhere.

Crisis happening in work place is a fact of life and creating a work environment that enables people to thrive in all situations is a task entrusted to the manager. Sometimes conflict is unfortunately inevitable as people interpret while responding differently to situations. Differences between people are not a bad thing, however, it is the attitude that arises and makes a situation a negative one. Although having a competitive attitude in the business combining both male and female stakeholders can reduce cases of conflict happening in a work environment.

Angela was facing harassments from the manager. Asking for sex favors so that she could receive discounts and bonuses on the goods purchased from the company. Not realizing she was facing the same treatment from her boss in the store she was working in. The pressure and stress she was undergoing caused her psychological stress. Caught in the middle of the two bosses, and having to make a decision whether to agree to their terms or lose the job, she was psychologically disturbed and this inflicted anger and suffering in her life.

Female clients continue to face sexual harassment and other forms of discrimination in the environments they work in. Many of them suffer silently in fear of losing their jobs. Others have to provide sexual favors in order to secure job chances and this has been on rise according to recent researches.

For instance, in many professions women earn little pay than men and this makes them less likely to advance in their careers. To attain real gender equality in a business working environment, each and every employee should be treated with respect and have access to and enjoy the same opportunities, resources and rewards regardless whether is male or female. Managers and senior officers should acknowledge respecting stakeholder’s dignity towards attaining gender equality and provide an environment which is barrier free to allow full participation of both male and female clients.

Theories about workplace sexual harassment

Angela felt sexually harassed and the psychological stress she was undergoing made her get physical and stabbed the boss. Laws protecting workers and clients from sexual assaults reflect different theories of sexual harassment. They treat sexual harassment as a form of discrimination based on sex, as issue of health and safety and also an offense against dignity in any work environment. In many states, it is seen as an offence against dignity resulting to criminal punishment.

There are three conceptions of sexual harassment. It is an offense against dignity, form of discrimination, and a violation of safety. Some laws characterizes sexual assault as a form of sexual discrimination and a work place violation of dignity and the conduct prohibited do not have to be necessarily gender related.

These theories which have been associated with violation of dignity of women through sexual harassment, perpetuation of stereotypes related to gender and economic power assertion over women serve to make women be viewed as subordinates to men, the role many countries have recognized sexual assault as a form of sex discrimination against women.

Over time, remedies and legal standards applied to cases concerning sexual harassment have not reflected such theories which gave rise to sexual harassment laws. However, literature concerning sexual assault now includes other theories related to sexual harassment focusing on the men and women dignity in a working environment. His theories have contributed to development of gender neutral legal frameworks meant to evaluate sexual harassment claims.

Angel’s job experiences were traumatizing. People getting physical at work places and even going to an event of killing other people is on rise nowadays. Employees against an employee or an employee against his or her boss has been increasingly reported but a question must be raised on how to deal with such instances as they arise or what should be done to prevent such events. People undergoing situations should seek counseling immediately.

Women go through trauma which is associated with their work environments. Therefore an effort should be made to eliminate all forms of gender discrimination and sexual harassment. The achievement of gender equality in a work environment is not only fair and right but also very important for both the business and its clients. Companies which treat its stake holders with respect and uphold their dignity tend to perform better than those businesses which are faced with challenges of women harassment cases.

Whether the victim is a man or woman, work related sexual harassment outcomes are often dissociation, violence, distrust, flashbacks, low self esteem, phobias and panic attacks. It is the high time for all stake holders in any business related environment and the entire community at large to combine forces and say no to all forms of gender discrimination. It is a challenge to be faced by all.

At times, the unexpected traumatic event can happen in a work place. People may have experience of such situations having witnessed and others are caught unaware without any clue of what they should do next after an event has occurred. Angela was a well known client, and a best friend to everybody in the company. Never knowing she was silently suffering from stress. Only she and she knew what was eating her inside. Workers in the company could not understand, yes they knew nothing about what she was going through. That day her experience in company was a rough one. That’s why she had to do something no one could believe she was capable of doing.