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Tok Comment on History university essay help Nicomachean Ethics

The only thing we learn from history is that we learn nothing from history G. W. F. Hegel, 1770-1831. History of the world Is the memory of the past experiences that certain people have had. These experiences have been preserved so that people In the future could study and read about them and what they had done.

Historians recover the knowledge of the events that happened in the past. In these places writing was not existent and also drawings. Such history could have been produced in many ways. This quotes by G. W. F. Hegel ‘The only thing we learn from history is that we learn nothing from history.

The reason for this quote is that us as human if we do not know what has happened in the past how would we know how to continue it. For example, the American Revolution. The British considered the Thirteenth Colonies nothing more than another territory of theirs but this territory was already covered by America. King George of Britain wanted the bigger half of the countries wealth. The American people had had enough and when 8 of their volunteers who were eddy to go to war If a soldier had been killed were killed, so America declared war.One year later, at a congress signing Benjamin Franklin said that ‘now, gentlemen, if we don’t hang together, well hang separately. ” With the aid of George Washington they won the war.

If the American Revolution never happened then there would be no America which in turn would mean that the whole entire world would have suffered in politics, economics and also social speaking. The taxes that were in America at the time, brought a great sensation of unkindness to the British. If the evolution had not happened then the American people would have more conflict between them and Britain.The main reason/ significance for this American Revolution Is that It led to other revolutions such as the Haitian Revolution and also the French Revolution. In conclusion, this quote by a great man is reliable because as the American Revolution happened it brought no new perspective to how we should live our lives. This truly means that we have learned nothing history. There might be some people in the world who have learned not to do the bad things that happened but certain people Just continue it.

Like the First World War, it was a bad thing as it also led too Second World War. The American Revolution might have been a good thing in some sense because the people fought for their freedom but in the other sense they also dead for it which is bad. I my personal opinion, I think that the American Revolution was both good and bad; good because they fought for their freedom but bad because people had to die for it and this gave ‘Inspiration’ to other nations to start a revolution. Thus we have learned nothing from history.Took Comment on History By Ship-owners 1 History of the world is the memory of the past experiences that certain people have had. These experiences have been preserved so that people in the future could study ready to go to war if a soldier had been killed were killed, so America declared war. We don’t hang together, we’ll hang separately.

Meta-Analysis of Relational Satisfaction Among Open and Polyamorous Couples

Meta-Analysis of Relational Satisfaction Among Open and Polyamorous Couples.

Hello! Paper Help has taken me through my entire dissertation process. As it stands, I am almost done with it entirely! However, there are a few things my professor wants to be expanded upon in the paper. Here they are: 1. At the end of the results section, restate which hypotheses are supported and which are not, or what is failed and what is retained. 2. Conceptualize “relational satisfaction.” How did the various studies define it? Please indicate this towards the beginning. 3. How does the literature from the review explain the results? Add into the results/discussion section. 4. Bring data on the decline in marriage and the divorce rate into the discussion section. 5. Page 34. “However, her study has made a distinction between the male and female level of satisfaction, which has shown a…” Specify there whether it is heterosexual males or heterosexual females, or what it is. 6. Page 34. “However, the last two studies are somewhat specific.” “…provides insight regarding the pre-requisites as to why situations develop in such a way.” These statements are too vague. Please clarify in paper. 7. Page 35. “This result may have been fraudulent, as the figures are…” Saying that something is fraudulent is a legal term. Please take that out and find another way to describe this. I want to publish this research and saying something is fraudulent could be a potential problem. 8. Page 36. “…with the mean age of their samples within the approximation of the 1998 study.” Please explain this; my professor didn’t think it made sense. Clarify. 9. Page 36. “…inaccuracies in calculations and a highly doubtful result.” This is the Gusarova study. Please explain why and how this conclusion was made. Specify clearly why this study was omitted. Explain why it had to be, and that it is not publication bias. Please be explicit, as my professors are under the impression that this is publication bias and the study should have been included. 10. Page 39. “…domain must be studied.” Clarify why. 11. Please clarify the strengths of the meta-analysis first, then the limitations. Currently, it is the other way around. Lead with strengths, 12. Page 46. Generational differences. Please talk about friends with benefits, bootycall, and swinger generation of the 1970s. 13. Page 47. “…most essential to the examination of intimate relationships…” Please clarify what you mean by this. 14. Page 47. “…lesser stressors.” Be specific. 15. Page 48. “…seem to create ab equalizing of gender inequality.” How? Say more. 16. In the Implications for Practice section, please discuss clinical bias versus polyamory. Mention that people in this field should seek training so they understand the nature of polyamory and what it is, because some people actually have no idea about these types of relationships. Also mention cultural and religious biases as it relates to clinical bias from practitioners. 17. Implications for Practice. “…ascribe their relationship issues to the nature of their relationship…” What does this mean? 18. Implications for Practice. “…persons are mostly autonomous…” Cite sources. 19. Implications for Practice. “…instead of imposing monogamy on the couple.” Please reword this sentence 20. Implications for Practice. “…attributes of the issues…” Explain which issues. 21. Implications for Research. “The findings of this meta-analysis……” erase the rest of this sentence and say what the study said. 22. Implications for Research. Discuss Generation X clients and Nature vs. Nurture argument. This is what my professor wrote down: “Overall, currently- the results and discussion section are a bit too vague and confusing. Be more precise in the descriptions, and be sure to use the research literature to back up the conclusions. Explore bigger questions and suggestions in these sections, such as perhaps the idea that monogamy is not biologically natural for humans. This is a meta-analysis that should read more quantitatively and it was wrote in a qualitative manner. Be more quantitative and use clear, concise, precise, numerical language with the research backing up what you say in the results and discussion section. Tie it all in.” I hope all of this makes sense. Please let me know if you have any questions, or if you need additional pages to get this done. Thank you so much.

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