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I would ask myself to ensure that I used critical thinking in my research and analysis of the problem. A. How extensive and what are the similarities of the illnesses in the community between both children and adults? B. Exactly when was the onset of the illnesses? C. How were the illnesses contracted? D. Is everyone suffering from the same symptoms? E.

Has everyone suffering from the symptoms visited the same location? II. Strategies I would apply if investigating the problem. A. I would interview each of the adults and children affected with the illnesses to determine the following for my research of trying to determine the illnesses and their source: 1. What was the onset of the illness and how did it start out for each person? 2. What are the symptoms of the illnesses and determine if each person is infected with the same symptoms? 3. How extensive are the illnesses and what are the types of illnesses?

Has everyone suffering from the symptoms visited the same location? 5. Are the ages of the adults and children similar? 6. Are the adults and children related or are the families acquaintances? 7. Is there a connection between the families such as do the adults work together or the children attend the same school? III. With the gathering of the above information, I would conduct a research and start an investigation to try and determinate whether these illnesses have a name or if it is a new illness.

I would use the Internet, contact a disease expert, and the Center for Controlled Diseases as sources to try and determine the nature of the illnesses. IV. I would investigate the company to try to determine the following: A. Are there logs and documents to show that the company used safety measures and practices during the development of the community for cleaning up waste materials? B. I would consult with families from other communities developed by the company to determine if there were similar illnesses. C.

I would consult with the company’s employees and past employees to obtain their experiences of working for the company in relation to waste containers, labeling and scheduling or waste collection. V. Assumptions I would need to be aware of to ensure that they do not interfere with my critical analysis of the situation are: A. The assumption that each of the families (adults and children) would agree to an interview B. The assumption that I will be able to label the diseases with the help of the Internet, disease expert and the Center for Controlled Diseases .

The assumption that current and past employees will agree to an interview. D. The assumption that the company would agree to an examination of their waste-disposal logs and documents. VI. Fallacies I encountered during my research are the following: A. The misleading notion that the chemical company was doing timely disposal of chemical waste-materials. B. The misconception that if contaminated areas were located and linked to the chemical company, that the company would expedite the clean-up of these contaminated areas and pay the medical bills of the families affected by these areas of the community.

Enslaved families in the 19th century

Enslaved families in the 19th century.

 Enslaved families in the 19th century


Paper details:

analyze what the sources tell you about the enslaved families in the 19th century.

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